Elin Woods re-enters the Tiger

March 4th, 2010 // 53 Comments

Because diamonds don’t come out faucets – at least in the guest house – Elin Woods is moving back in with Tiger Woods. RadarOnline reports:

On Wednesday, Elin and Tiger spent approximately three hours together at the house where they will once again live together. They were in the backyard, and a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com exclusively that at one point Tiger kissed Elin on the cheek three times and they hugged.
That shows how far the couple has come from Thanksgiving, when Elin discovered he was having an affair with Rachel Uchitel. That discovery let to an argument, with Tiger leaving the house in the early morning and crashing his vehicle into a fire hydrant and a tree.

I’m sure this had to be a difficult decision for Elin. Going back to the man who humiliated her in front of the entire world or living in a house that doesn’t have heated tile floors? It’s like something out of a Lifetime movie about overcoming impossible odds. Or pies. I honestly have no idea what any of them are about.

Photos: Splash News

  1. LALA


  2. Stu Gavin

    She only married him for his money in the first place, how would anyone ever feel sorry for her?

  3. Paver

    If you are a frigging nanny, with no life skills other than cleaning a baby’s ass, you’ll hang on to dear life to Tiger or any other sugar daddy you can find.

    She’s a gold digger. And Tiger ain’t no broke gentlemen.

    Just because she very pretty, someone people think she’s an angel. She’s as bad as Tiger – driven by selfish motives.

  4. Brooklyn's Rough'est

    Hope she makes him beg, on his knees. Nothing like make up schooping…


    My guess is she married him for a few reasons: money, love, infatuation & everything else that goes along with being rich & famous, but I’m guessing this is not going to be easy for either one of them. Tiger is not magically cured of everything he’s ever known. Sorry. That doesn’t happen in a month’s time. He is going to go through hell’s temptation when he gets back on tour! And she is going to struggle to trust him. I wish them the best, but it’s going to be ROUGH!

  6. Jaime

    I was hoping to see one woman stand up to these cheating losers. I guess being a whore works for her.

  7. MrHyde!

    She Take My Money, well I’m in need. Yeah she’s a triflin friend indeed.

  8. ledzepchick91@yahoo.com

    Hope she at least makes him get a blood test.

  9. Richard McBeef

    He should have let her go. He’s never gonna get laid again until the divorce comes in 4 years. Split his riches in half and he’s still doing alright. Nike could give a shit about him being a family man, they just want to see the goddamn ball go into the goddamn hole.

  10. hmna

    Shouldn’t that be the Tiger re-enters Elin? XD

  11. guest

    maybe they should go on THE MARRIAGE REF TONIGHT on NBC!!! (10, 9 Central!)

  12. mer

    The Marriage Ref is an awful show. Shame on you for promoting it.

  13. Well I don’t really see the problem here.

    Women have always wanted a guy who has status and/or money. This guy has both.

    Mind you, she could have had a good divorce settlement, no problem. I give her credit for going back to him – they have children together, right?

    Good luck to them.


  14. Alex

    Did I just read a fucking commercial for Jerry Seinfelds new show?

    So ad’s are being disguised as posts now?

    They better be paying you a shitload of cash because it was a WTF moment for me…

  15. Keith

    Tiger must have a great prenup. He got to bang all those hot dirty sluts, and still has Elin eating out of his hand. Awesome. A Man’s dream.

    Well played Tiger! You are a hero to all men!!! Nothing like a good prenup to level the playing field.


    They’re perfect for each other. They use each other to fulfill a need.

    She’s his pretty white trophy white, who at least used to do all sorts of depraved things in the bedroom & kitchen.

    He provides the security ($$$) that she never had, even from daddy.

    These 2 miserable wretches deserve each other.

    RPG, over & out

  17. Brooklyn' Rough'est

    Did she get a call to report to Charlie?

  18. Dirty Sanchiz

    USA! USA! USA!

  19. Rachel's Uterus

    just leave those giant sunglasses on honey…. whew, dodged that one… these two belong together on a purely aesthetic level. Who are they kidding?

  20. Name

    The title should read: Tiger re-enters Woods

  21. areadcad

    Just how big is that Caddy anyway? She looks like a dwarf next to it.

  22. Looks like they had the caddy repaired

  23. California Red

    I fail to see how she is automatically a gold digging whore because she will try to salvage her marriage. With the children involved, I wouldn’t fault her for doing whatever she personally felt was best. You people are idiots. These are real people with real problems. Stupid Superficial posters think they know it all.

  24. WOW


  25. Kascal

    You should all be ashamed calling her names. She certainly wasn’t poor. She married him because she loved him. They have two children. What they do and how they work it out,is their business, no one elses. He was the cheater, he’s lucky she even speaks to him, much less be willing to try and work it out. It’s certainly not about money, sh’d have plenty if she did leave. Mind your own business!

  26. Women will do anything for true love.

    Yeah, hahahahaha

  27. bmose

    Fuck you @25. If he had to get second rate trim THAT much, he wasn’t getting anything at all at home. Whores actually put out–she on the other hand-wont be with any broke n—er.

  28. He’s above the hyper-publicity and is in a happy relationship.

  29. imnotfromaroundhere

    I agree with comment 24. How freaking huge is that car? Man…either that or she’s really short!…The grill is almost up to her shoulders!

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  31. Bob

    She looks sexy

  32. Nero

    That’s a good and obedient wifey.

  33. He is going to go through hell’s temptation when he gets back on tour! And she is going to struggle to trust him.

  34. Darth

    “Git me sum more ktfc imediat.” *Wiggles with her tail*

  35. Boogeyman King Dong

    She’d look quite disciplined.

  36. I like Elin. She’s Swedish.

  37. There must be some strong reason behind this.

  38. All about that money

    Ape faced Woods obviously bought her love. Look at those two and how ugly and strange looking the little girl turned out. She is being paid to stay there. I feel sorry for her having to have sex with that ugly fucker.
    This what the modern world has become, some ape swings a gold club and makes more money than several hundred scientists and engineers.
    No wonder this world is so fucked up.

  39. captain america

    …………….is General Motors paying her?

  40. She jogs to the Cadillac for fitness and good health.

  41. yyy

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  42. White lies

    You white men are one angry bunch.

  43. Gymo

    @ #38/All about the money

    Sounds like you’re about to commit suicide for being such a loser in life.
    You know when you are a loser, when you hide in you filth filled hovel and complain about other people who don’t even care that you exist and could buy and sell you for pocket change.

    Tiger is what the American dream is about, if you have talent and you don’t waste you time hating people you can be successful in the good old USA.

  44. Tiger must have a great prenup.

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  46. vj

    If you think TW is a hero to all men, something is seriously wrong with you and hopefully no woman ever gets stuck with you. She could have left Tiger and got half his fortune. The inane drivel on this site further proves you ppl know absolutely nothing when it comes to matters like this. I am a law student and believe me, she could have dragged his ass in court. How does her trying to save her marriage make her a gold digging whore? Do you have any idea how much money she stood to get from this man? There are kids involve, so if they won’t to try and make it work, that is their business. You ppl need to find something better to do than sit on the internet judging ppl you don’t know a damn thing about like y’all asses are so perfect. Thank God for the internet, right? Some ppl need to find a way to compensate for their shortcomings in life and sitting on the computer all day being internet bullies seems to be the way to do it.

  47. lullybully

    Please, this woman lawyer(s) would have ate that prenup up. It would not have mattered, she would have gotten PAID. If any of you nitwits came close to knowing what the hell you were talking about or even bothered to read any of his interviews, you would know he said he had to chase her. She knew the kind of attention she would get being with him and didn’t want any part of it. He say he had to woo her. Why bother to do research about something when it is so much easier to sit on the internet and talk out you ass. HUH? Just because you dirt bags and hags can’t find anyone to deal with you for more than a sec, doesn’t mean you have to sit on the internet and post stupid, rude and sexiest comments.

  48. lullybully

    And, I don’t know who it was that said NIKE doesn’t care about his image but, hate to break it to you, they do care. They won’t have somebody the public hates endorsing their products. The whole point is to get people to buy their ugly shit. SMH. I swear, you should be required to at least have the IQ of a house plant before owning a computer.

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