BREAKING: Child services investigating Elin Woods for beating Tiger with golf club

December 14th, 2009 // 89 Comments

In case anyone doubts Elin Woods tried to open Tiger Woods’ skull with a pitching wedge, the Florida Department of Children and Families has officially launched an investigation after receiving a complaint last week. RadarOnline reports: has exclusively obtained a police document that provides proof and details of the investigation and DCF’s attempt to make an in-home visit to the Woods’ residence just days ago.
The document – police dispatch notes – details that the investigation centers on possible domestic violence between Tiger and his wife taking place in front of their young children. Using police code, it also spells out that a unknown weapon may have been involved. A source close to the situation told that the weapon is a golf club.

I can’t imagine why the kids would be awake at 2 a.m. unless Elin Woods knows something I don’t know about babies being a kickass battle axe. Ha! Nordics.

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  1. LPB

    “What were the children doing up at that hour?” Well, they were awakened by their brawling parents, what do you think?

    I mean, what was it like at your house when you were a kid?

  2. Ellen is the Problem

    Perhaps she was not giving him sex because she is beautiful and he is ugly? Let’s face it, she married the fug for his money and now she has to lay in bed and fuck the ugly mongrel. She most likely would tell him to hurry up just to get it over with.
    Tiger is the problem for not realizing he is ugly and he should have married someone that looked more like himself – a genetically confused average at best looking fug.

  3. Fred Garvin

    Elin is fuggin hot. Tiger is not.

    Their marriage is over, their kids will be on E in 20 years, and will be richer than all of us combined.

    Good for tiger gettin some strange pussy

  4. The police cannot touch them….Tiget doesn’t have to visit the station, by law…it was an accident and too much time has passed for them to ask him to submit to a sobriety test, I also doubt that this couple will admit to domestic violence. It is a privatte matter, if it is even a matter at all and the fabricated stories put aloft by another freaking tabloid rag….move on….

  5. elizakiss

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  6. It’s hard to believe something so sweet looking can ever be abusive, but if she can swing a club anything like her hubby I would be scared for my life. Any updates on how this investigation is going?

  7. Really asshole?

    @48, exactly. @45, I love how you think she beat the crap out of him….I for one would like to think if I used a golf club on my cheating husband, he would have more than a couple scratches. I like how you think he should get the kids. The funniest part about that is that you assume he WANTS them. Have you read anything about this scandal? All he has said to his bazillion girlfriends is that he wasn’t ready for a family. But you go, social worker. Give him sole custody. That will teach Elin…and be quite the wake-up call for him. I hope you’re in bed by now. High school starts early. Kidding, of course…your comments are meant to show everyone that you are some douche finishing his first semester of law school. Good luck. It gets much more difficult!

  8. letsgoclubbing


    har yippity har dar har la har har

  9. luvu

    @13 – No need for racism. I understand your rage but it is not the world’s fault that you are a walking, talking piece of shit.

  10. fare

    “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so many people are interested in an interracial relationship. ”

    Why are so many people interested in other people’s relationships…and think they have the right to pass judgment on them?

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  14. Narcissist

    I’d give her three tries with the club if I got to fuck her later.

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  16. Hugh Hefner

    Tiger Woods stole my gig!!! :[[[[[[[[[

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  18. dsfsdfddsfsds

    Men crying about abuse from a woman are a joke. Men are stronger than women, that’s why it’s a more serious issue. If some man LETS a woman beat his ass that’s his problem…

  19. Oh please

    People are so naive – WTH makes people think Elin is different than the other women he was involved with – He probably met her the way he met theothers. Prove me wrong!

  20. lilu

    A question to all you saying she has no right to go after him with a golf club because that is PHYSICAL abuse: What is she just found out he gave her some type of wicked stripper/porn star STD? Would that qualify as PHYSICAL abuse in tandem with EMOTIONAL abuse? Let’s say she got a raging case of syphilis from Tiger. Do you know how much physical damage something like that could cause – especially in a woman? Would she have been justified knocking him over the head then?

    I’ll be frank. If my husband was banging nasty skanks behind my back, I’d be singing Shit, Damn, Motherfucker the second I found out. “I’m ’bout to get my nine…”

  21. Tiger is crazy. Elin is da bomb.

  22. ham

    @71 She is different. She’s the wife for a reason. She’s relatively classy, and presentable. I have yet to see her talking trash on tv, or trading private stories for cash, posing for completely skanky photos etc. So yes, I have proved you wrong. Also, just because they met the same way doesn’t automatically mean they’re the same grade of women.

  23. Josh

    72. So would it be alright for a man to hit a woman if he caught an STD?

    Thought not. Idiot.

  24. Isabel

    She crossed a line for sure. I read (obviously don’t know if it’s true) that the reason Woods wouldn’t talk to the police initially is that one of his teeth was knocked out by the cellphone she threw at him. Seems like an accident, kinda, but she’d have been better off just destroying the china and vestibule and not him, too. At this point the best thing for everyone seems to be to walk away from eachother.

    And @58: why’d you just write “Tiger Woods”? Tell me more in Chinese!

  25. Wang Chung


    translation: l?o h? w? z? ji?ng y?ng yu?n sh?n x? w? de y?n j?ng!

  26. venom666



    Tiger Woods cheats, what an animal right ladies?

    Well, what about ALL THOSE WOMEN THAT KNEW HE WAS MARRIED AND HAS KIDS! What about those home wrecker whores?

    Neither is good, but America is so FEMALE DOMINATED!

    This country sucks in SO many ways, STARTING WITH THE WOMEN!

  27. Isabel

    @Wang Chung: hahahaha! Me too :) And you even picked an appropriate id (except for the self-inflicted poverty part), very impressive.

  28. Dr. Strangelove

    Ok maybe its not so good to beat up the husband (if that even happend he isnt that injured after all), but when it comes to be a good parent it seems to me Elin is doing a greater job than Tiger right now.

    While Tiger seems to be hiding somewhere Elin is taking care of the children and tries to keep things as normal as possible for them.

    This is not a normal case of cheating, the man spent huge amount of money and hired people to run the company “Tiger Woods Love Affairs Co” and when things started to leak out he run off hiding and left the rest of his family alone to deal with all the commotion.

    To me it seems that a good struck over Tigers head would probably do more good than bad for him.

  29. Peaches

    Ok she threw his cell phone at him busting one of his teeth (Thats why he hasn’t resurfaced yet) then she grabbed a golf club and chased him around the house to bash his skull in, he escaped to his car and was so terrified he lost control and crashed into tree. NOW did he deserve it >>PROBABLY SO<< but one of you posters tell me something if it was reversed if he had done this to Elin where would Tiger be right now??? In JAIL!! Now she wants half his money and full custody?? I don’t know he’s a serial cheater and she’s just violent and crazy so who would make a better parent?


    Women are cunts. Guys should stick to their own kind for getting off and fuck a women when and if he decides to have a family. See how unbalanced the scales are. At lease t with a guy, you know what you are getting, you get off, no guilt, none of the hysterical bullshit baggage that women bring to a relationship. Women, ugh who needs ‘em.

  31. Sandy

    Yes Elin should go to jail for Assualt! Yes Tiger you were being a Male Whore as wrong as it may be…… “its not against the law”, but domestic violence is Elin…. and comments from number 13 you people never fail to rear your ugly, ignorant heads……people like you should be band from the world…so full of hate your commit has nothing to do with Tigers actions…you just want to voice your “racist ” views of people of color as a whole….what a coward, lowlife…go find the nearest cliff and jump or closest lake and drown…the world would be a better place without people like u in it!

  32. dennis b.

    first of all.its a shame that two young whores tiger and his wife are the problem why the children will suffer for all this happening.its very sad for the sure that tiger is wrong in his behavior but there needs to be more mentioned about the behavior of that gold digger wife he has.she is far from an angel in her behavior.she attempted to harm tiger when they were fighting,domestic violence by chasing him with a golf club.two wrongs never make a right.also keep in mind that tigers life has always been that he is attracted to whit blonde whores so dont you think thats how he was attracted to his gold digger wife.she was nothing but a labeled model whore when he met her.shes like all the women in tigers life that he has dated.the only thing different is that she will end up as the most expensive whore he has ever been with.

  33. Barbara

    Everyone needs to stop passing judgement on this family just because they are known and have money. To do this is plain jealousy. The fact is that they are human and can make mistakes. They also can feel pain, humiliation, and anger. The only difference is that their marital problems are sent around the world by the media.

    At some point Elin found out about Tiger’s extramarital “hobbies” and reacted like any other wife. I am sure that there probably were some rather loud words exchanged that night and the kids woke up. In the heat of the moment, she grabbed something handy (that happened to be a golf club…poetic justice?) to beat the crap out of him for doing this to her. She never actually hit him though, only beat up his vehicle. I dont approve any spousal abuse but I dont think she should be arrested due to this incident. (Hell, I chased after my ex with a baseball bat a couple of times for a lot less. I never hit him but I chased after him and it got his attention better than any words I could have said.)

    Ok so the accident was probably due to Tiger trying to escape the extremely angry wife branishing a golf club and chasing after him. But Tiger didnt press charges against her. BTW…the fact that human services are involved means nothing. They are just doing their jobs by conducting an investigation because of the possibility of domestic violence.

    Tiger has always been rather private about his personal life and he deserves this respect even more now. The family needs time to work things out, decide what is best for them, and what their next steps should be in this situation.

  34. wow tiger cheated on that

  35. I think Tiger should have never got married in the first place. To carry on like that through out their marriage is insane.

  36. Never heard of her before

  37. Tiger just apologized. Do you believe him?

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