Elin Woods has left the Tiger

December 7th, 2009 // 105 Comments

And The Tiger Woods Tumbling Whore Circus has taken its inevitable toll. Elin Nordegren Woods has moved out, according to RadarOnline:

Elin Nordegren had enough and moved out of the $2.6 million Windermere home, neighbors and other sources close to Tiger, told RadarOnline.com exclusively. Sources tell RadarOnline.com that Elin is living nearby in another house.

Of course, this could all be a misunderstanding and Elin Woods is simply at the neighbors’ house so she can get a good running start with the Hummer. You really need the right amount of speed launch it into a mansion and land on the sleeping body of a “bald whore-fucking golf-ass.”

Or, okay, she should could’ve seriously moved out. But personally, I prefer to think of Elin as a woman of poise, elegance and such unpredictable rage that you don’t even know what the fuck.

More Pics of Elin Nordegren Woods in a Bikini

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  1. Crusty

    She’s mad and out on the market. If turnaround is fair play, where’s the sign-up sheet to have a go with her?

  2. kingofbeer

    shocker! /s

  3. Parker

    It’s about time. Call me Elin. Don’t worry, the offer for all anal all the time is still on the table. Bring me some Tiger money, honey. And some KY.

  4. SATAN

    did she really call him that? cuz he is indeed balding… hard.

  5. Tiger Woods

    I’m still worth $980 million after you leave with your $20 million, bitch.

  6. Bridge Troll

    She can stay with me in the basement at my parents house if she needs a place to crash.

  7. spicy

    good for her. shes way too hot for him.

  8. Bridge Troll

    She can stay with me in the basement at my parents house if she needs a place to crash.

  9. Phil Morris

    I think there is a lesson here……and a couple trends to be noticed here. First, she is a white woman married to a rich black man. She will receive little sympathy from whites because she IS married to a black man. She will receive little sympathy from blacks because…….she is a honkey white bitch married to a rich black athlete obviously mostly fo’ duh bling and duh money. I think this was entirely predictable. I’m just hope it won’t end up like another gorgeous white woman married to a morally destitute black athlete…….Nicole Brown Simpson.

  10. Phil Mickelson

    Sounds like after the 9th whore spoke up about banging Tiger, she told him “You’re out out of mulligans. I’m leaving.”

  11. Turd da Third

    Now that the bitch is gone Tiger can have some real pussy at home.. Blowhan, Simpson and Spears need not apply…

  12. Anonymous

    This divorce settlement is going to be worse than Kobe Bryant’s. NEVER get married, guys. Keep your money. They aren’t worth it.

  13. The Angry Thumb

    I have an available room! She’d have to share it with me, but hell, it’s available!

  14. Dan Montana

    Hmmm weird usually the nigga moves!

  15. Randall

    God, she was a nanny when he met here. Let that be a lesson to him for marrying the help. Millionaires should only marry millionaires!

  16. Mal Carne

    I have to say, pic #2 is pretty amazing.

  17. Bonerman

    Guys, just stay in shape, and you will be able to bang as much pussy as you want, as long as you don’t get married. It helps to be wealthy too.

  18. keh

    new nike girl $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  19. havoc

    I would be happy to console her. And by console her I mean an anal creampie…..


  20. It's Me Fuckers

    I personally think she has made the right decision. I don’t give a shit what other people say, he fucked around. Leave the bastard. He thinks he can buy people’s silence, well that is coming back and biting him in the ass. I feel people who fuck around on their spouses should be locked up in a room and fuckin gassed. If you had enough love and respect to marry them, have enough respect for them as a human being to leave before you fuck around.

  21. Jibbly Biggins

    Good for her!

    What kind of guy fucks around with 6 different women behind his wife’s back, including when she’s pregnant and raising his children? Could have spread STDs, not to mention just how damn dishonest it is to do that to the mother of one’s kids.

  22. Finally one of these women grows a pair and leaves great example.

  23. Rough's wood never sinned!

    If they had a long courtship and it was’nt for the money, its possible for Tiger to charm her back, either with social skills (learned after years on the dating scene) or a hefty pay off rewritten in the pre-nup…Doesnt he know how utter one single word that would get Elin weak in the knees

  24. Dank24

    Jesus Fish, your typing is so bad you’re leaving out whole words. Read that sentence about launching a hummer again.

  25. Chuck

    I haven’t stopped to think about if this whole scenario was reversed from the get go…lets say it was Elin Woods who was sleeping around and Tiger was the one who went bobby brown on her ass before she crashed an escalade. I guarantee Tiger would be behind bars by now after a media frenzy 10x greater than what is going on right now. Black sports star+domestic violence+2 kids+blonde hair, blue eyed beauty=Elin on the View for an entire week and Tiger paying child support and alimony from prison. Double standard? Nooo…

  26. Tim

    kinda fat.

  27. Taz

    I’d make her very happy

  28. Russian Kunt

    God finally…there’s plenty of hot Nordic men out there that are MORE than endowed than that Black Asian of yours.

  29. who dat

    Why renegotiate the pre nup now. The damage has been done.

  30. Ouch Tiger. Ouch.

  31. M

    Oh, Tiger, way to go. Dibs on Elin! :D

  32. Jakeypoo

    When did Superfish get funny again? All the entries on the front page are laugh-out-loud hilarious. Who ever the new contributor is, pay him more.

  33. WOW

    Yeah she was a freaking nanny…..Elin and Tiger could not have been having sex with each other with as many women on the side as Tiger was having sex with.

  34. cc

    Me first M @31…you bastard.

    I figure the porn star was the last straw.

    She’d be a fool not to go. Seriously, she can easily find someone new with her looks…and $500 million or so.

    Too late to move your money offshore Tiger…you are a fucking moron. The King of the Fucking Morons actually. He makes every other fucking moron look like a calculus professor.

  35. cc

    “The Tiger Woods Tumbling Whore Circus”

    Possibly the funniest thing you’ve written…

  36. Nameless

    Wait! What?!? Why would she leave him? Is he cheating on her with another woman…or 9? LOL

    She is going to get paid and the man who will reap the most benefits is the dude she ends up with next.

  37. Foreign Guy

    I want a Swedish wife too :’(
    I got no millions, but I won’t cheat on her.

  38. jte

    maybe after having that God-awful whoring husband of hers – she’ll just throw up her hands and start “batting for the other team”?

    “Pssttt – hey Elin – baby (cocking my hand in the shape of a phone and pressing it to my ear) – ‘call me…’”

    “i will wear you out…”

  39. kimk

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :o)

  40. M

    @ 34 …I’m a bitch, not a bastard :)

  41. Good for her. It has to be awful to have your personal pain become the subject of comedians’ jokes.

  42. Jealous

    Tiger is living every man’s dream. Even Hugh Hefner is jealous of Tiger Woods.

  43. laughing

    How many strokes does it take Tiger to get it in the ho?

    Does Tiger prefer to play the lie in the rough or on the smooth green?

    Who cleans Tiger’s balls after he’s finished?

    Does he have any cute covers for his woodies?

  44. Realist

    She’s hot, but i’d cheat on her after 5 years too. Gotta get some strange now and then.

  45. Sheva

    Dig her even with the prenup. I can move in to her new house with the rugrats and she’ll do just fine with the child support payments. The limited prenup doesn’t matter. She got $5 million transferred to her account in the negotiation to up the prenup.

    But the last whores were maybe too much. Some of them were like versions of her, whorish versions but still that hit too close to Stockholm.

  46. ada

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  47. Kobe's neck grip

    Any unknown Tiger cubs out there getting ready to get sprung?

  48. Fammi sapere come leggere questo articolo, un sacco di cose che prima non sapevo

  49. Fammi sapere come leggere questo articolo, un sacco di cose che prima non sapevo

  50. Ljutefisk

    Tiger is the next OJ.

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