Elin Woods is still out there and other news

January 6th, 2010 // 30 Comments

- Marion Cotillard is still hot as hell. [Lainey Gossip]

- Evan Rachel Wood might be engaged to Marilyn Manson because apparently getting back together with him wasn’t a horrible enough decision. [PopEater]

- Kim Kardashian does her best to hide her gut. But I thought QuickTrim melted it away… [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Rihanna and Matt Kemp reenact their favorite scenes from I Love New York. [Bossip]

- Britney Spears is training to be a masseuse. Why not? [Celebslam]

- Vanessa Hudgens in a see-through shirt is still not enough to make Zac Efron like girls. But good effort. [Just Jared]

- Amanda Bynes understands the true meaning of Twitter. [The Blemish]

- Ashley Greene hits the beach to hawk Sobe. [PopSugar]

- Christina Aguilera does Marie Claire. [Socialite Life]

- Tiger Woods has been hiding out in New York City. Which is smart once you discount the 800 billion people who could recognize him there. [ICYDK]

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  1. Justin

    1st WTFs this site have such invasive and hijacking ads for all of a sudden?????

  2. Losing a reader


  3. juniper

    if she stays with the tigerman she deserves all the shit she gets.

  4. juniper

    if she stays with the tigerman she deserves all the shit she gets.

  5. juniper

    if she stays with the tigerman she deserves all the shit she gets.

  6. Predict This

    BREAKING NEWS: Katy Perry is engaged to Russell Brand. PUKE!!!!

  7. where will she go by car??click my name for more

  8. JamesToselandisGay

    I am James Toseland and I am gay.

  9. Tiger's a moron

    Tiger woods has got to be the world’s stupidest man. He has that hot piece of swedish ass at home, and he goes out looking for skank pussy? What a moron.

    AND, woods home, PLEASE FUCK OFF AND DIE. No one cares about your stupid fag website. PLEASE CATCH AIDS OR HERPES…

  10. Grazie mille! Questo articolo, me lo faccia sapere un sacco di cose che prima non ho capito!

  11. Grazie mille! Questo articolo, me lo faccia sapere un sacco di cose che prima non ho capito!

  12. Is she going to give divorce to Tiger or not? whats the status?

  13. Rough: shooting from the lip

    Looks like the hills are starting to look alive again with 300 million in a new account…

  14. Bill

    Amanda Bynes, holy shyt man… I had no idea.

  15. tc

    If she gave head / took it in the ass, she would probably still have a husband.

  16. i pretty like this sweater it;s beautiful and looks worm lol

  17. who dat

    Cut vadge hudgens a break, bearding is hard work.

  18. Jade

    It is truly amazing to see what people will sacrifice — their families, their friends, their careers, their reputations — just for some sex.

  19. Northern Limits

    Can you imagine being that beautiful and having to kiss an ape like Woods on the mouth? God I wonder what he said to get him to go out with her? She wouldn’t at first and he had to “persuade” her ($$$$)!
    Ellen take his money and give him back his ugly kids and go back to Sweden to mate with you own kind.

  20. Tom D

    Statistically speaking, if tiger had unprotected sex with all of his alleged mistresses, he probably has multiple STDs at this point. I am hoping he caught anal warts.

  21. canuckchick

    if you were having an argument with your spouse (lets say about cheating) and all of a sudden he/she came at you and beat the shit out of you with a golf club would you still want to be together? Have any desire to be intimate with them?

  22. Delgo

    I bet Matt Kemp/Rihanna’s sex is as kinky as her hair

  23. Vinnie the Chin

    She sounded like a smart intelligent girl and Tiger doesn’t appear to be so suave so what made her want to marry and have kids with the cheater?

  24. Dick

    This whole affair sets up perfectly for an interesting porn movie. LIke, “Tigers Pussy Cats”, or “In the Woods with Tiger”, or, or, or, the mind spins! Finding enough “actresses” to play the 14? or so (sounds like) roles may be problematic.

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