Elin Woods hired a divorce lawyer right after crash

May 14th, 2010 // 57 Comments

Apparently Elin Woods wasn’t having any bullshit and retained the services of London divorce attorney Walter H. White back in January, according to TMZ:

In an email to his staff dated January 12, 2010, White wrote, “I am writing to advise you that we have been asked by Ms. Nordegren to assist her in better understanding her legal circumstances.” White goes on: “The firm has assigned a dedicated team to work closely and confidentially with Elin and Josefin in order to fulfill this mandate.”

I can’t even imagine what the support payments for a billion dollar golfer who had 800 affairs will look like, but I’m going to assume Elin Woods owns Florida now and will rename it “Fuckyoutigerfornia.” Or just buy a bunch of shoes.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Taz

    I feel bad for the kids

  2. Rhialto

    Hm,i guess she isn’t as naive and silly as she does look like.

  3. FrankNfrtr

    Naw, her LAWYERS will own Florida, & Elin will get a nice section of Sweden to raise her kids on Tiger’s $$.
    How much moola she collects exactly we mortals shall never know, but if Elin shows up at the Smithsonian wanting to buy the Hope diamond that would be a *clue*.

  4. Jess

    Good riddance.

    Tiger can find another one babe, younger and hotter. She cashes out, he moves on.


  5. attorneyssuck

    “dedicated team to work closely and CONFIDENTIALLY”

    Effing lawyers.

  6. So, is she kicking the monkey to the curb, or not?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Alien Hand

    How does hiring a lawyer in January = right after the crash?

  8. missywissy

    boring news is good news. Hopefully it means people are doing screwed up things. or they’re just not getting caught.

  9. WhiskeyDust


    Bravo, Superficial.

    First time I laughed on here in a while.

    Cradit where credit is due.


  10. Walter White … as in the guy that cooks meth on AMC? HEISENBERG??!?!

  11. Maybe she an get a stylist or something with all that money she’s gonna get.
    She should shut the F* up and laugh her way to the bank.

  12. chupacabra

    even not made up, she’s hot as hell!

  13. Good guy wins

    Tiger is looking old and is getting old even though he is young. Bad knee, neck, rotten cock, wife leaving him, etc. Sure he can afford all kinds of whores, but his credibility (with decent folks, certainly not the slimeballs that adore him because he is a fucking gold prodigy – how useful!) is shot.
    Elin will now be able to find a man of her own type rather than some ugly rich piece of shit like this asshole.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha to all his lemming fans!

  14. DontStandByYourManIfHesAnAss

    #10 WhiskeyDust, you took the words right out of my keyboard fingers. Brilliant.
    Bill Clinton’s pimping himself out to pay Hillary’s debts, maybe he and Tiger should go on the road.

  15. Sport

    damn she looks great

  16. morga

    Walter White? Uh-oh, someone’s gonna take an acid bath…

  17. chris

    if my wife found out i had sex with 12+ other women, the divorce would be so fast, Elin, what are you waiting on, kick this guy out for treating you and the kids that way………..

  18. Lila

    Yes, we women will stay at home, barefoot and pregnant, cooking in the kitchen..but when YOU FUCK UP, you will end up in a fetal position with your pockets emptied….Take him for all he’s got Elin! AND for #5, “somebody younger and hotter” and hopefully she is an idiot too. Elin is still hot, she will be hot for a long ass time, then she will become a cougar who will then spit on insects like yourself.

  19. petpeeve

    Her arms are getting quite toned with the swings of the golf club on that cheating d*ck.

  20. Stecv

    White win. Glad Elin is not going to be with that black man. She will take over half his money and we white people win.
    She probably hired the lawyer because she thought she was going to jail after she beat that monkey down. He didn’t tell nobody so she is clear now.
    White rule.

  21. sunshine

    #10 WhiskeyDust and #15 DontStandByYourManIfHesAnAss – ditto.

  22. I wonder why should we marry a monkey (I’ve seen this word used twice on this board) unless she’s a monkey as well. I guess together they have 2 monkey kids too.

  23. Harry

    He pays her whatever the prenup says, makes up the difference in a year’s worth of Nike money, and opens up his front door for his pick of the new Elin – of which there will be an endless supply.

    Elin can go home to Sweden and be proud how she turned a nanny gig into bagging the richest sports star ever.

    They both have a nice future ahead of them. Each play their sport perfectly – Tiger, the champion golfer, and Elin, the sports wife who was willing to accept a marriage that allowed the husband road groupies ( all sports wives know this) but only so long as it is kept on the down low. Tiger bogied the down low part, so she had an out.

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  25. Anonymous

    She might as well get a divorce. She won’t have to deal with cheating ass, and by the looks of things he’ll never be the same golfer again so this is the opportune time to a lot of his money before the rest of his sponsors drop him.

  26. Cartman

    I hope she takes that cheetah for every dime he ever makes.

    That hotty gave him two kids and he tried to give her herpes.. what a sweet guy. He deserves to be on the receiving end now.

  27. kneegrow

    If she had sucked Tiger off a little better he might not have cheated. Women should know their roles.

  28. based on these pics, she is moving on with her life by battling the Terminator

  29. Heidi Fan

    In the end She’ll be the one to pay.

    1. He still got her to have two black children – not gonna see many serious white men lining up any time soon.

    2.She’s going to raise those children alone in a mostly super white country.

    3.Children who don’t have a daddy around from a very young age (esp. girls) grow up dysfunctional

    4.She acted like she was better than him (doubt she seriously loved him) all through out the relationship, HOWEVER she was sleeping around in the golf circuit for years with white men who wouldn’t bat-an-eye for her back when. She was even secretly sleeping with the man she nannied for before Tiger and that and his wife PAWNED her off on Tiger when she was starting to get desperate.

    *Remember Elin when golfers wives used you as a head-ache night’s option and now those same people pretend to be on your side against the only man that made you a wife.

    I trully believe Tiger cheated b/c “it” wasn’t available to him, but he only got beat when he said he was leaving.

    Well ELIN your stock hasn’t risen and I don’t see any of those rich, white, golfers coming to marry you AFTER this.

  30. mfbinc

    walter white? HEISENBERG!!!!!

  31. HOWEVER she was sleeping around in the golf circuit for years with white men who wouldn’t bat-an-eye for her back when.

  32. Divorce is not a solution to any problem. She must talk to her husband and try to remove her misunderstanding.

  33. Erica

    #29 LMAO

  34. i love lindsay lohan i think her look is amazin!i was told today i look like her couple years back i was over the moon any one got any tips on looking like the party and red hair, frackes, beautiful clothes e.i rocker chic, classy,green eyes,pretty smile, and have style.

  35. captain america

    ……..the swedish chef of the “Muppet-Show”, folks?

  36. turd da third

    in that first pict she actually looks like a white Michael Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Marcus

    So much money !!

  38. She must talk to her husband and try to remove her misunderstanding.

  39. beaitful girl

  40. who ever wrote that article is a dumbazz. they are together working things out, so how is she getting revenge? (because she hired a lawyer back then, and now they are working things out?) to even think of the state of FUtigerornia, the writer sounds like he or she has issues worse than tiger.

  41. MrAveragedancer

    You stray, you pay.

  42. SMH

    If the reports are true then Tiger should get the divorce over with as soon as possible,so they can both move on with their lives.He was unfaithful in a major way,and he tried to work it out with his wife,and if she doesn`t want to work it out then he need to tell her to kick rocks,and move on.Guys like him seem to never learn that when you are rich and famous you should never get married at a young age you just shouldn`t,because it never works.You should wait until you are alot older and got all of the partying and sleeping around out of your system.These guys fall for marriage every single time,when they know that they stand a great chance of losing half of everything they worked for if they slip up one time.Once the divorce is final he shouldn`t care who like or dislike him,he should do what he want to do and say to hell with what everyone thinks,especially the media.

  43. Seriously??

    Oookk……looking at these pictures I can see exactly why he was cheating. She’s as skinny as a bean pole. Go eat a burger or something…he just may look at you then.

  44. stephanie breen

    She is way out of his league. So much more elegant than he could ever dream to be. He actually did her a favor.

  45. JBM

    There should have been a pre-nup with a cheating clause in there before they were married.

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