Elin Woods Just Got $100 Million

July 2nd, 2010 // 166 Comments

Hopefully a virtual mountain of porn star vagina was worth it because Tiger Woods is reportedly facing a $100 million divorce settlement to Elin Nordegren Woods and child support, according to TMZ:

As one source with direct knowledge of the terms of the divorce tells TMZ, “She’ll be getting close to $100,000,000.”
There have been reports Elin would score $750 million, but we have confirmed that figure is wrong. Indeed, as we first reported, Tiger is not even worth $750 million. We’re told his net worth is somewhere between $500 and $600 million.
The $100 million is way more than Elin would have received under the prenup.
Sources say Elin will receive child support, but we do not know the specific amount.

If there’s any women out there wondering how much men actually think/crave/contemplate lighting a house on fire for sex, this whole story should prove that we’d willingly fork over $100 million just to bang a cocktail waitress without a rubber. No, really, we’re that one-tracked. To put things in perspective, I write my pin number on my penis in hopes of getting oral sex. It’s true. I’m despicable.

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  1. A roll of duct tape, a wood chipper and a shovel cost a helluva lot less than 100 million-just sayin’

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Nice of you to mention that…if I were at Elin’s place I wouldn’t ever waste all auxilaries on the cheater. I’d push *him* down the staircase – easily.

  2. Boogeyman King Dong

    Who dat?! Phone number?

  3. Richard Throbbin
    Commented on this photo:

    HOT in these pictures, but how many kids has she pounded out? PLUS stretched by Big Black Tiger Cock. I bet she looks like a serious axe wound down there……..

    Oh, my friends call me Dick…..

  4. RoughRomantico

    Talk is cheap so is Doc Schweinstrudel.

    Listen broad. People in this country are spoiled (Wall Street in particular) and are not used to rules and regulations and that’s where Obama comes in. And Libertarians are not going anywhere as usual since they’re just sub-liberals who learned economics. You’re a wanna [There’s spelling error you can yap about] be elitist; you don’t know your ass from your elbow, have you proof read your previous paragraph? It’s filled with typos and errors, what country did you learn how to spell again? Named it, so I can make sure I avoid it, next time I go on vacation. Not to deviate from the subject at hand, any woman who is being groomed all her life to be the wife of a rich man is a gold digger. Surprisingly, I didn’t have that view of Elin until you open that loud mouth of yours. You’re doing women in general a disservice. Best to shut the eff up.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      1. “Listen broad” is this the way your father addresses your mom?
      2. No, I didn’t proof read as I don’t have anal fixations like many on these site.
      3. Russia that is. It’s nice that you refuse to come over here. There are far too many Americans living in my town already.
      4. Have you been there when she groomed herself to be a gold digger or better DO YOU KNOW HER PERSONALLY? And if you did WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE HER? Sure there are worse things in life than being material but isn’t the darkest sin pride.
      5. Thanks for that projection of yours. I don’t speak from the point of view of an eltitst. I believe firmly that English is a wonderful sonorous language (from linguistic point of view) and it’s the matter of respect (to your own country ! if not for people who read you) to learn it properly if you live in that country. It’s not exactly a rocket science It’s your own language, dammit!!
      How difficult it must be – I speak five

      • RoughRomantico

        “No, I didn’t proof read as I don’t have anal fixations like many on these site.”

        What the hell are you rambling about? Maybe you should have proof read it, before you start yapping about others mistakes, which was purely intentional. Don’t start padding yourself on the back yet, I happen to know many girls who speak 8 to 10 languages, unfortunately they’re the victims of white slavery, and ironically they’re from Russia. What’s your story loud mouth?

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        White slavery really?
        I”m not the victim and I’m sure you know MANY GIRLS who speak ten languages. Yeah, you are popular like that.
        As I am sure that you are not a fucking liar.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Other things I’m sure of …that I can bet my WHITE SLAVE life on is that you wouldn’t be able to afford to visit here. So shut the fuck up. You and other losers throwing around words like “gold digger” with NO MONEY whatsoever to begin with!

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        Doc is Mental. Pity IT, Avoid IT.

  5. wow

    Why in God’s name is Obama brought up into every single article I read (in the comments section)?

    Kim Kardashian gets a but implant….It’s Obama’s fault.
    Paris Hilton arrested…..Obama
    Tiger Woods getting a divorce? Obama, Obama!!

    It’s funny, for a group (right), bashed left-wing “Obama Zombies”, and “The Anointed One”, you right-wingers have exalted him to levels only attained by God himself!

    Jesus CHRIST.

  6. crat

    For $1000/hr, you can sleep with a porn star, model, essentially any 10.

    That’s 100,000 sexual encounters for $100 million.

    That computes to 3 hours of sex per day for 91 years.

    In conclusion, never, ever get married.

  7. anon

    Part of what makes up the high payout is her agreeing to a LIFE TIME non-disclosure agreement which essentially pevents her doing books deals, interviews etc. about her life with Tiger and any secrets or potentially (even more) damning facts about him coming out while he rebuilds his career. Like it or not, agree or not, there is a price tag on this that her lawyers would have advised (and his would have agreed), plus legal fees, etc. When any legal marriage ends and comes down to money and division of property it’s essentially like dissolving a business. Sorry but it’s true and a fact of life. Lawyers will use identified emotional issues as leverage on both sides.

  8. RoughRomantico

    You know? Some drink from the fountain of knowledge, but Doc Schweinstrudel just gargled. You think I need to be a Prince or popular to know girls in the sex trade industry? you cant possibly rely entirely on the “internets” for knowledge could you? I’m done with you. I’m sure you’re familiar with this brief expression…

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      ha ha haaaa you actually said you relate to women in sex industry. What a loser you are!
      You know the difference between normal woman and a prostitute?
      With normal woman a man must strive to be a better man.
      While with prostitute he can just be himself. Don’t have to try to be better. You pay her she comes, you tell her she leaves. Maybe that’s why some sink so low.
      Not to develop themselves. Why? You guys are perfect way it is inside and out!

  9. RoughRomantico

    You’ve been basking in my glow for how long now? And I’m a loser right. Again, let me repeat, I’m done with you. You’re no use to me anymore, why can’t you let me leave?

  10. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Ha ha ha. Leave loser! Or you need my permission really! For somebody in your glow, heh so popular you could go and chat with TONS of women who speak in many tongues of men and angels!

    I can bitch at *any* other freak here as long as I’m PMSing.

  11. RoughRomantico

    You can go and speak to any other freaks here? That’s a pretty bad trait, I would conceal it if I were you. For all I know you can be some poor soul in a wheelchair with endless time in her hands. THx for the permission…send pix next time…

  12. Doc Schweinstrudel

    “Never, never, interrupt me, okay? Not if there’s a fire, not even if you hear the sound of a thud from my home and one week later there’s a smell coming from there that can only be a decaying human body and you have to hold a hanky to your face because the stench is so thick that you think you’re going to faint. Even then, don’t come knocking. Or, if it’s election night, and you’re excited and you wanna celebrate because some fudgepacker that you date has been elected the first queer president of the United States and he’s going to have you down to Camp David, and you want someone to share the moment with. Even then, don’t knock. Not on this door. Not for ANY reason. Do you get me, sweetheart?

  13. RoughRomantico

    WOW! who is she speaking with? No wonder people refer to her as IT. She sound like a female version of Backwood Bitch. Come to think of it this site attract a lot of weirdos. Its scary almost.

  14. freber
    Commented on this photo:

    OR… he could have been faithful to his wife. (what a concept)

  15. Kaz
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    She more love me and wont me, i comeon tonight

  16. Kaz

    She love me and wont me kiss her

  17. Slig

    Ooh she want sucks her all body kkkkkk

  18. I hope this bitch gets nothin. Gold digger from day one.

    The day you get married as a rich person without a prenup, the day you fail at life.

  19. big dick rick
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  20. Nick

    if Rachel Uchitel got 10M then Elin deserves about 300M.

  21. bulldog
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    For the first time, I actually envy someone’s life!

  22. Milagros Bean

    I don’t want to admit it but I don’t think Elin is a bitch. I simply think that Elin is a stupid fool. Not only because she lied that she had no idea that Tiger was sleeping around, but also because she can’t or won’t admit that marriage to a wildly successful man is over her head.

    I don’t think Tiger respected Elin. Maybe he did but only as the mother of his children. I think Tiger lost respect for Elin almost from the beginning of the marriage–things she did and said. Tiger knew from the jump that Elin couldn’t handle it–fame, success, marriage, etc. He could not get what he needed from her so he sought what he needed in other women. Tiger was just not that into her. Elin was basically Tiger’s girlfriend and he should’ve left it at that, not marry her. Elin was a ‘lay’ and that’s all. Though I don’t excuse or condone Tiger’s behavior, I think that Elin needs to grow up.

  23. Ronaldo Christiano
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    Its like you learn my mind! You seem to grasp a lot approximately this, like you wrote the e-book in it or something. I believe that you just could do with a few percent to force the message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.

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