Elin Woods Just Got $100 Million

July 2nd, 2010 // 166 Comments

Hopefully a virtual mountain of porn star vagina was worth it because Tiger Woods is reportedly facing a $100 million divorce settlement to Elin Nordegren Woods and child support, according to TMZ:

As one source with direct knowledge of the terms of the divorce tells TMZ, “She’ll be getting close to $100,000,000.”
There have been reports Elin would score $750 million, but we have confirmed that figure is wrong. Indeed, as we first reported, Tiger is not even worth $750 million. We’re told his net worth is somewhere between $500 and $600 million.
The $100 million is way more than Elin would have received under the prenup.
Sources say Elin will receive child support, but we do not know the specific amount.

If there’s any women out there wondering how much men actually think/crave/contemplate lighting a house on fire for sex, this whole story should prove that we’d willingly fork over $100 million just to bang a cocktail waitress without a rubber. No, really, we’re that one-tracked. To put things in perspective, I write my pin number on my penis in hopes of getting oral sex. It’s true. I’m despicable.

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  1. Michelle

    i’d hit it … and pay for it … first!

  2. Marry a rich man, withold sex then get rich.

  3. nicky p


  4. LJ

    I don’t get why you would want to bang some slezy (and btw much less attractive) stripper when you have that at home.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Because she is fun to Fuck. It does not matter what a women looks like if she does not like to fuck, Give me a Hot 7 over a Cold 9-10 every time.
      Like Randal said, this Whore sucked Tiger in, popped out a kid, and cut him off.

      • Jill

        I call BULLSHIT. Even if she is fun to fuck, men get BORED. That’s it- BORED and INCONSIDERATE, like little babies. :)

      • MM

        Haha you know NOTHING about Tiger Wood’s then. He met Ellin and BEGGED to date her, she turned him down SEVERAL times until she finally agreed to go out with him. SO yeah she LURED him in and then set up all of the strippers so she can make 100 million dolllars…….

      • Zarcastic

        This girl was a … ah hem … ‘swimsuit’ model … I know people where she got married and this girl was a super bitch to ‘everyone’ and so it goes … leopards do not change their spots overnight. Tiger is a piece of work and needs help and his parents to be in hell for the way they brought him up! Read the current article in Vanity Fair and judge for yourself.
        Remember the old adage … it’s only a matter of ‘how’ much money will get the girl.
        And for JILL: Poor baby! Speak for yourself … my marriage is hotter than ever after 40 years and counting … some people just try something and move on … try sticking and staying and really developing a whole relationship.

      • Dsh


        Umm, that’s part of the game. You think Elin Woods, who was basically a washed up model and was working as a nanny, is so egotistical that Tiger Woods wasn’t even worth a single date?

        You make the guy beg and itch for it, and you become a prize to be valued and kept. Not just another easy lay where the guy forgets who you are the next day.

  5. shokroklove

    i’d take that money over that piece of douchbag golfer any day.

  6. Chris
    Commented on this photo:

    yuh, more like $750m

    Commented on this photo:

    “No Comments Yet” WTF that’s the FIRST time i’ve ever seen that.

  8. And so the storybook tale of a beautiful blonde babe & the top pro golfer goes into the final banal chapter of child support & visitation squabbles.
    Tiger, don’t you EVER get married again.

  9. If a hundred mil is what it takes to send this frigid bitch back to the crap country she came from, it’s a damn bargain. Swimsuit models are a dime a dozen.

  10. Chris
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    I bet this sweed can be real bitch

  11. B456

    It was 750 MILLION!!! Not 100 million!

  12. jim x
    Commented on this photo:

    HOly bejeezus, is she the hotness or what.

    But, to paraphrase the late great Bill Hicks, “It takes a very special woman. Or, a lot of average ones.”

  13. What a sucker. I got rid my of last one by agreeing to give her the cat and some Chik-Fil-A coupons.

  14. ErinN

    Yes $750mil for sure.

  15. melysa martinez

    I just don’t understand why these men bang unattractive skanks, and why these women marry men like Tiger Woods. Most men cheat, what makes women think that because these men are celebrities they would be the exception? On the contrary, they have a bigger selection and greater chances to get away with it. Also, why didn’t Tiger get a pre-nup, or did he? I’m neither a man, famous or wealthy, but should I ever tie the knot, I most certainly plan to protect my assets with a pre-nup that isn’t going to give anyone else but me access to the money made from my own hard efforts.

    Additionally, people keep saying, “why would he fuck a skank when you have a wife as hot as that?” Um, just ’cause someone is hot doesn’t mean they put out, and it especially doesn’t mean she puts out well. That being said, that’s why I think it’s imperative that we be true to our sexual desires and preferences and pair up with someone who matches those so that we remain satisfied. We need to stop marrying purely for love or because someone sounds good on paper. If a man loves me but tells me he doesn’t like giving oral, I don’t care if he makes millions, PASS! Similarly, I don’t care if a man’s girl is hot, if she’s not putting out, he should not marry her, regardless how much he loves her. Love does *not* conquer all. Sexual interaction is engrained in our DNA, especially for the average man. Who wants to marry a woman who’s not going to put out? Dude probably likes his ass licked, and Erin doesn’t strike me as the type of girl to do that, although looks can be deceiving. My only qualm is that these so-called “skanks” are, well, that, skanks. Couldn’t he hire a beautiful escort to lick his crack, and not some chick who looks like she has every STD in the book and may have dabbed in meth or crack (of the drug variety, not ass)?

    Am I right, or am I right?


    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Mostly correct. The women that have all come forward look like Hot Sluts, and some men like that kind of woman. I do.

      • melysa martinez

        I’m happy you admit that. No shame in that, except this: if that’s what a person likes, then embrace it. Tiger Woods probably liked that for years, but worried what people would say about him if he married a girl that looks “skanky,” so he married Barbie instead, because she’s an acceptable women to “bring home to mom” so to speak.

        My mother pressures me to date and marry a doctor or lawyer. Not gonna happen. I like weird art boys who like fucked up sex. I have told my mom she can quit holding her breath, because it’s never going to happen. I’d rather be true to myself than satisfy the ideals of someone who isn’t going to be forever tied to my partner. I want someone that satisfies me, not the world.


    • A woman who works and has her own assets? Maybe you could go teach Erin how to be self sufficiant.
      I agree with everything you said but must point out that most women cheat also and sexual interaction is just as engrained into women.

      Well not the frigid Sweedish ones.

      • melysa martinez

        Haha. I’m way ahead of you. I have a sex-positive blog. I think sex is a topic we fail to discuss because we’re afraid to admit what freaks we really are. And, I’m going to add to that, that sometimes “not being a freak” can classify one as a “freak”.

      • libertine

        @ Anon: Did you mean “Elin”, not “Erin”? And ingrained? Not “engrained”?

    • Cock Dr

      Mel, I don’t think anyone on this site has the attention span to get thru more than a few lines of text at a time.
      Tiger had a pre-nup, but when you set off a nuclear infidelity bomb of that nature apparently the pre-nup is destroyed at ground zero.

      • melysa martinez

        Haha. Except you read at least the beginning. Caught you! ;)

        I think she deserves some compensation for the humiliation, because he knew he wasn’t going to be faithful. However, she does *not* deserve to get $100 million. He’s been working towards his goal since he was a little boy. It’s abuse to give her that much just for fucking him and bearing him a child. Most of the time relationships crumble, that doesn’t entitle someone to take someone else earnings. It’s yet another example of why you have to work to protect your future and not depend on someone else’s income.

    • To

      “Most men cheat, what makes women think that because these men are celebrities they would be the exception?”

      Actually, women cheat as much, if not more than men. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

      • libertine

        Also, @melysa martinez…. Tiger Woods was the first billion dollar athlete… You think $100million is any skin off his back? You’re a terrible excuse for a woman if you think it’s actually “abuse” to award her that much money since her disproportionately rich husband cheated on her and dragged her into the public humiliation limelight. Don’t worry, poor little Tiger can afford it. And maybe he’ll learn to treat his next woman with a little more respect.

        And @To… is it 1 in 3 marriages that end in divorce now? Or 1 in 4? What a mockery marriage has become. Pity.

      • @ To: Exactly where did I say that women don’t cheat? Because I don’t find that anywhere in where I wrote. Don’t assume I think something because I didn’t write it down. If you’re going to argue for the sake of arguing and point a finger at what I wrote, at least make sure I *actually* wrote it.

        And @ Libertine: Whether or not $100 million “is any skin off his back” is not the issue. It’s whether she deserves it. Your entitled to your opinion, but there is no need to be hostile merely because you disagree. Chill out.

  16. eatme
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    i heard $750 million too.
    Shit, it was prol all her fault. She prol made him go all blue-balls the second they got married just so this would happen. Tiger, if you are reading this, by all means do me in the ass every night from here to eternity and all I ask in return is that you keep the fridge stocked with beers and a new xbox game every so often.

  17. melysa martinez

    I’m happy you admit that. No shame in that, except this: if that’s what a person likes, then embrace it. Tiger Woods probably liked that for years, but worried what people would say about him if he married a girl that looks “skanky,” so he married Barbie instead, because she’s an acceptable women to “bring home to mom” so to speak.

    My mother pressures me to date and marry a doctor or lawyer. Not gonna happen. I like weird art boys who like fucked up sex. I have told my mom she can quit holding her breath, because it’s never going to happen. I’d rather be true to myself than satisfy the ideals of someone who isn’t going to be forever tied to my partner. I want someone that satisfies me, not the world.


  18. Jill

    You couldn’t pay me enough to sleep with that negro!

  19. Nameless

    Not a bad payday for a chick who didn’t do anything since 2004 but marry Tiger and have a couple kids.

    • Cock Dr

      Well, there was that little issue of exposure to potentially deadly STDs, not to mention a very public & prolonged humiliation scene in the public arena.
      But, yes, all in all a very decent payday indeed.

  20. Picachu

    $100 Million AND CHILD SUPPORT?

    Get the fuck out of here… Mommy gets $100 million, there sure as fuck doesn’t need to be much more support. Bitch throw a million in a trust and stop being greedy….

    And there is NO DOUBT that even if Tiger was a sex addict, Elen stopped putting out and likely never gave him anything he wanted (head, anal, anything other than dead fish sex).

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      If you can’t make that buck, shut up. Stop counting someone else’s money. It’s up to him to decide and whine.

  21. Not nearly enough

    Bearing some asshole’s children and having to raise them until 18 is worth WAY more than 100 mil. Don’t care what anyone says, even with all the high priced nannies money can buy, and with Tiger visiting on weekends, Elin is stuck with the brunt of the parenthood burden.

    • Picachu

      Bullshit you angry manhating money grubbing whore…

      I can say first hand that raising children WITHOUT $100 Million is far harder than with. If you think for two seconds her life will be hard because she has a commitment to raising her kids, you are a fucking moron. She has nothing but free time since she will NEVER have to work in her life. Kids go to school and then even more free time. She has money for maids and nannies to keep the house clean. What fucking “brunt of parenthood burden” are you referring to? I can tell you if I were in her shoes it would be wonderful days. She is living a dream life regardless of the emotional trauma. Most of us have to work AND commit to raising our families…

      He may be an asshole but she knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she got knocked up… Much life the majority of you money grubbing whores who use your pussy for “man control”.

      So FUCK YOU!!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Well if you don’t like the reality of it, go play for the same team, WOMEN HATER HOMO

    • Stuck with the burden of trying to get him to continue to pay for the nannies so she doesn’t have to dip into her own (sorry his) money.

      I actually think $100 mill is ok considering how much he has but why would you need more than $20mil?

    • absinthe

      How much money do you have? The vast majority of the world’s population has much less than $100. Give me a break..

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Gold Digger

    • Fuckston

      Spoken like a true gold-digging whore.

      Elin won’t have to lift one fucking finger if she doesn’t want to. Nannies will raise the kids; maids will clean the mansion; chefs will cook the meals. She was an utter failure at everything she did before snagging Tiger’s dumb ass. She gave up nothing to be with him and got to enjoy the massive fortune, for many years, that HE accumulated.

      Elin should be happy to get a goddamn handshake and some child support checks out of that divorce, let alone $100 million, which is FUCKING OBSCENE.

    • OMG!

      she doesn’t have to take the kids does she? Oh yeah they are worth more money$$$$

  22. Picachu

    PS. When a man is worth a billion dollars… You sure better fuck/suck him good… cuz if you won’t? Yep… Someone else will….

    Tiger was a moron for ever marrying anyway….

  23. libertine

    It’s a little unfair to assume that she stopped “putting out”.
    Perhaps she became a “cold fish” to a husband who no longer showed her any affection either? I can’t imagine wanting to sleep with someone who obviously doesn’t care about myself or our children anymore…

    And if I were Tiger Woods and had that beautiful woman waiting at home for me, I would MAKE it work. The man obviously had no idea what he had.

    • melysa martinez

      I’ll agree to the “cold fish” comment. A woman is sexual hunger has a lot to do with the mind, and if a man doesn’t pay you attention or you can’t feel the love, you’re not going to want to put out and at that point, it’s not her fault, it’s his. Good call!

    • Picachu

      Well… he knew he had a billion dollars and license to fuck….

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Not True. She was a Gold Digger.

      • libertine

        Or… Maybe at one point they both wanted to fulfill their instincts to raise a family together and create a happy and nurturing environment for their children. Not her fault he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      libertine she sucked him in, popped out a kid or two and cut him off.
      She was a hot swim suit model, then became a boring mom. I know because I have seen it happen 99 times out of 100.
      Sorry to warn men about women like you.

    • Kat

      I agree.

      There’s this assumption that if a man cheats, the woman was depriving him sex. Maybe this is the case sometimes, but sometimes people just…cheat. It’s a deeper emotional issue.

      A friend of mine got cheated on and she is gorgeous and WAS ‘putting out’ regularly. The other girl he cheated with is actually sort of rough and boyish looking and didn’t even do anything freaky for the guy. He just fucked her. Regular old sex that he could have gotten at home.

      Some people just can’t help themselves. Maybe it’s a compulsion.

  24. Danny

    why would any man marry a woman anyway. get a maid, a chef and a hooker you will come out a lot cheaper. women are tools , not dogs (trainable)

  25. Tim

    Black men don’t show affection. They just fuck.

  26. Puke
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s all???? How in the world we she survive!!!!!! That certainly isn’t enough to support her for the rest of her life, poor Elin! :(

  27. Puke
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow I need to lay off the sauce! Should of read “How in the world will she survive”….. LOL!

    Happy 4th everybody!!!!

  28. absinthe
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    Pic #3 would actually be perfect for the new banner girl

  29. barroom hero

    Headline should read:

    Elin Woods is Still Just a Whore

    s l a g.

    • Mr. Nice Guy


    • libertine

      Or, alternatively, “Tiger Woods is Still Just a Man-Whore”.

      Good for her for putting up with this nonsense from such a piece of shit husband.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        Most of us are Whore Men. We need to Pick Women with the same sex drive we have, and leave if women lied or changed.
        Otherwise we will cheat because we like to Fuck.
        Men get Prenups and don’t have kids.

  30. Anna
    Commented on this photo:

    She use to have a great body but ever since shes been with Tiger she seems to have jumped on the anorexic train….

  31. Dee

    I dislike them both, but It’s unfair to put the blame solely on Elin. I’m not 100% sure about the ‘she didn’t put out’ thing; sure she’s probably a gold digger, and I’m sure they weren’t bumping uglies every night– she knew what she was doing getting knocked up– but wasn’t he cheating on the woman he was cheating with? Oh yeah, I looked it up and he’s had 11 alleged mistresses since 2003; you can’t tell me he didn’t overlap those women at all. That spells less ‘Elin is a frigid cow’ and more ‘Tiger has a little problem’. I just, personally think he’s addicted to sex, and that’s part of why he was sloppy and got caught– when you need it so badly that you’re doing it so recklessly you just know it’s going to come crashing down around you… but you can’t help yourself and do it anyway, because it’s stronger than you, and therefore you have a problem. Not that I would know. *cough*

    That said, I mean, they both suck. One of the mistresses (who was a gold digger) said he was stingy, and that he wouldn’t give her money to help pay her rent once. So, I can’t imagine how losing 100M must feel to him. Ouch. But the better question is; why is it acceptable that he has billions of dollars anyway? For being really really good at hitting a tiny ball in a tiny hole. Yay. So, I’m not really sympathetic he lost a tiny portion of his millions. I guess he’ll have to wait on that 2nd Ferrari. Poor dear.

  32. captain america

    …….quite more than other prostitutes!!

  33. reggie

    Elin got too much out of this divorce…….I thought she was good in the way she handled herself all through out the tough times but then her claim makes me think she is sick…..a superficial Elin who may have felt in love for the money….did not offer Tiger better sex and a lot of it so Tiger can go for the skanks then file for a divorce and claim all of Tigers fortune….what a same Elin…just turn to drugs and screw yourself slut!!

    • To

      As far as I’m concerned, he got off light. She should have gotten half of their income since they’ve cohabited, plus child support.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        Had she stayed a Model/Babysitter she would be worth $25 bucks today. Seems closer to what she is worth.

    • MM

      Everyone here is fucking CRAZY, no one can assume that they were not having sex, who knows. If they were then that’s sickening and if they weren’t it does not give you the RIGHT to fuck like 15 whores when you have KIDS and a WIFE. The problem with people these days is that they do NOT communicate. If you are having marriage problems, you should talk about it, not fuck another girl. And EVERY person here that says she is a gold digger, think about when YOU were in a relationship and got FUCKED OVER do not tell me you wouldn’t want to ruin that persons life. Also, she is accustomed to a lifestyle that is so luxurious, and now that Tiger’s exploits are a known fact she needs to make sure she has security for her and her kids. She is used to being with a 500 million dollar man so what is she supposed to do now? Go live in the suburbs of Florida next to your average joe while EVERYONE knows who she is and what has happened to her? You people here are pathetic, all you do is point the finger when you VERY well know that if you were in her shoes 100 million dollars is justified.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        MM you are crazy. Of course I have been fuck over by an Ex. I left and never cared to ruin that persons life. I left.
        But I learned. If a women in not giving up sex leave or cheat. Do not accept it.
        She is a Gold Digger and you are crazy if you think this Model/Baby Sitter should have more than the $5 million in the Prenup.

      • MM

        Her taking 100 million is not ruining his life, now he is free to stick his dick in anything he wants without getting shit for it. Let me guess, are you single? Because an arrogant prick like you is sure as hell not with any woman worth looking at. He ruined his kids lives, he did not care about his CHILDREN. They are growing up knowing that while he was missing from their life for extended periods of time he was out taking pills and screwing sluts. How the hell do you know she wasn’t giving him sex, it’s people like you that make me sick. Let’s say she wasn’t putting out to make you happy, you can DIVORCE her. You can go talk to her about it, don’t fuck 30 thousand women. You only see it as… cheat or leave. Cheating is fucking stupid, if you have desires with someone that is not your wife then you should divorce them not ruin your life, your wife life and his children’s life. He is now fucked because he made himself look like a total jackass. If he just acted like a mature responsible adult he could have divorced her under the OLD prenup and be single. Now he is hated by the entire country, sucking in golf, and never going to see his kids on a daily basis. That amount of money is insane, i’m not stupid. But Elin is not out on the cover of PEOPLE selling her story, giving interviews to anyone who asks. She is keeping to herself because she doesn’t wanna deal with this shit. She isn’t like the rest of Hollywood. For Tiger, 100 million is pocket money.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Totally agree with MM!!!
        Mr Nice Guy is screwed. And I don’t mean it in a good way ;-)

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        MM, I agree he should have left after he cheated the first time. Once you cheat the first time on a women, you are more that likely to do it again.
        I do not think All Americans hate him, Even women at the Masters said he needed to say he was sorry and then move on.
        I do not hate him. I think he was dumb to get married so young (a mistake I made) and then not leave when he figured out they were not sexually compatible (a mistake I did not make), Leave and find someone who you are happy with.
        As far as having Doc support you, it is Mental, Ugly and Rejected. Pity it.

  34. anonym

    elin WANTED $750 million.

    looks like she didn’t get that.

    now why the fuck would she want so much? yeah, gold digger.
    There should be a stipulation that she gets ‘GOLD DIGGER’ tattooed on her forehead. Make that shit permanent like Inglourious Basterds.

    She’s not even worth a fraction of that money. she didn’t earn shit, and couldn’t have earned shit even if she tried. She was a nanny before marrying Tiger.

    • To

      If she had asked 100 million, she would have gotten less, that’s why.

    • Cock Dr

      You call it gold digging, while some of us might call it REVENGE. HIt him right where it hurts the most…..in the bank account.
      Just another perspective.
      The nanny can now hire nannies for the little moppets. And now Tiger can do whatever he likes free of the matrimonial shackles.
      “Didja learn anything?”.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      What do you earn, loser?

  35. Rhialto

    The sexual drive of the black man that’s his achilles’ heel.That’s nothing new to many women.

  36. Nero

    It did sound too good to be true; black man married to Swedish blonde.

  37. Commented on this photo:

    what a FOOL!!!

  38. Mr. Nice Guy

    What Red State are you from? Asshole.

    • MM

      Suck my cock you LIBERAL.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      MM – If not being a Racist makes me a Liberal in your eyes happy to be a Liberal. After all I spent time defending your right to say such Bull Shit.
      BTW, the difference between us is I have women suck my cock, where you ask men to suck yours. Let me guess, its so small and you are so fat women can’t find it.

  39. Darth

    *Shakes piggy bank* Is that more than what’s inside my piggy bank!?

  40. legaljustice
    Commented on this photo:

    TMZ got soooooo much shit to report, entertainment lawyers running the site with legal office selling client documents and information!

  41. Momar
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d let her shit on my chest just so I could see her asshole work…great bod Elin.

  42. hmmmmmmmm
    Commented on this photo:

    doesnt even look like her

  43. RoughRomantico

    I have yet to see, meat, or heard of a pussy that’s worth that much…Some guys do pay much more than others. Now she can go out and get the guy she really wanted, GIRL POWER! I fully support thou…

  44. RoughRomantico

    Furthermore, (forget the gay’s plight) I’ll get marry when an accomplished woman, from Harvard brings down the presidency instead of an intern or call girl…

  45. Ms Whiplash

    I’m on Elin’s side in this situation. She should divorce this entitled prick and get on with her life. However, she should get what was agreed to in their pre-nup, nothing more or less. Otherwise, why bother having one in the first place? She should also receive a generous amount of child support for the kids, since we know she’ll be the one responsible for their upbringing. It’s going to be win-win for everybody. Elin and the kids can move on to something/someone better, and Tiger can have all the strange pussy he wants, with nobody getting hurt. Whee!

  46. this is really hard for you guys

    There is no evidence that she “didn’t put out”, or that she is a gold digger. The facts are that he cheated on her with 11 or so women and she beat him up with a golf club. Stick to that, you irrational morons.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      There is plenty for the Court of Men to judge her on. The way see dresses, acts in public, other women who do the same BS.
      She is a Gold Digger who sucked him in, Popped out a couple of kids, cut off sex and then is taking him for all she can. Worst kind of Hooker, a tricky one.
      Women will go on and on but Men be warned, get a prenup, don’t have kids for at least the first five years of marriage and when you do have them check to make sure they are yours. Many Women Lie and are Evil. Read what some of these Bitches have written.

  47. Doc Schweinstrudel


    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Understand Doc is Mental, Ugly and Rejected. Pity her.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        You know you blame this woman for fucks sake that she didn’t let this disgusting excuse of a human being to bed her in STDs, she didn’t give him bj (one thought of it makes me want to puke) and all the other horrible and disgusting things that men do when they are empty and soulless inside that are meant to degrade women. Perceiving sex as an acrobatic event and fucking like robot – now that’s the ultimate achievement in life!!! As long as you know what hole where and where the g spot is – the sex should be awesome. So please continue to read all this shit propaganda about mechanics of sex and use pills or crack to stimulate or haze if it feels like something’s missing!
        So if they (women) don’t want to do all sorts of horrible SHIT they are like “not good in bed” and “bitches” and “are in for the money not the fun as they don’t care about the man and to please him”.
        And all the sluts here who have been raised hell knows what environment find it in themselves to brag about how far they can get to please some worthless individual. And to badmouth the woman- clearly a victim- instead of expressing at least a bit of sympathy and solidarity in sisterhood.
        So Elin was supposed to sink as low as he did if she were a good wife. If it wasn’t about sex he were deranged in, if he were an alcoholic – she should have been an alcoholic too.
        Fucking hell. If that’s the sanity to you I don’t want to be sane!!!
        Some months ago you Mr Nice guy said here how you bought a hotel room and a vacation for some woman to have sex with her. It sure does sound schizophrenic to me that you change your ideas so to polar opposite

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        WTF, Doc is Mental. What the hell did I buy who for what?
        Nut Job pissed off the we are warning guys about Gold Diggers..

  48. RoughRomantico

    I will, the day I seek your approval…

  49. RoughRomantico

    And is it my fault you’ve never come close to meat a woman?

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      LOL I prefer men, dear. Losers like you are not included in that category.
      I wouldn’t “meat” that skankinpants Tiger for no money!!! He is no man for me either. He is pear shaped and not desirable. If I were Erin, I’d go for Ronaldo. Or the whole football team…yup! Which I guess she would do now on!
      Golf is boring and for pentioners! (In my opinion). Besides I don’t thik it is even golf he got the fortune from – I believe it is all his posing in commercials and wearing Rolex.
      And most importantly for NO MONEY I EVER WOULD RISK MY HEALTH
      I mean I don’t want to get AIDS , syphilis, hepatitis C and risk my babies get some because I guess spouses are accostomed to unprotected sex most of the time!
      There are things in life which are irrevokable. And that is one’s life time. Erin will NEVER be young and beautiful again as she was when she met him. That time of hers is indeed more PRECIOUS than 100 mio and that he wasted.

      • RoughRomantico

        Very impressive! As a CARING man and an expert speller, did you ever think of joining the field of teaching to school children? I think you’re one of those people Obama was talking about, I’m certain you can make a difference.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        So you know. A. I’m not a man. B. I am not an American. But as a CARING person…. So I have nothing to do with Obama. In my opinion you Americans elected Obama solely for his good looks and now are playing house with cool new well tanned Ken doll. You are that superficial!!! The other candidate sucked even more! But who knows even though Mr McCaine was depicted as war monger – Mr Obama opened a new front in Pakistan -huge country with nukes. Time to bring on the libertarian party folks. I am not interested in moving in your bankrupt country either (had a few opportunities) but I love this site. I think it is embarassing though that some of you cannot spell in your native language. Of course again comparing to Aussies you are doing quiet well still.
        People who call the woman above a gold digger have never been in Sweden and have not experienced the lifestyle there. It is better for average folk and the environment is very clean. It is a beautiful country just to visit.

      • Cock Dr

        Since you took the time…….
        It’s “Elin” not “Erin”.
        Many of us voted for Obama not for his looks but because Joe Biden rocks.
        And Michelle Obama has turned out to be a pretty good first lady.
        And the other guy really did suck.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        “Many of us voted for Obama because Biden rocks” – can’t imagine a more idiotic comment (with correct spelling though).

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        Once Again, Doc is Mental, Ugly and Rejected. Pity her.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        You know I totally agree. In your world for somebody with your mindset I AM mental, ugly and rejected. You forgot to mention that I am also an alumini digger
        (hopeful gold digger)

      • Cock Dr

        Doc, you should get a sense of humor.
        It helps get ya thru life without so much anger.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Hating you makes me warm inside, Cockso

  50. jimmieproof
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s been said…no matter how hot she is eventually you’re gonna get tired of fucking her.

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