And Now Elin Nordegren In Yoga Pants

August 21st, 2013 // 23 Comments

Some might say I provide little to no value to society as a whole and only foster a morally deteriorating environment that promotes unhealthy body images and actually perpetuates celebrity worship even while attempting to criticize it. Except here’s Elin Nordegren‘s awesome Swedish ass that every woman’s should look like in yoga pants which you wouldn’t be seeing unless I subscribed to the photo agency that the paparazzi who took these sold them to. You may now tremble and kneel before me for truly I am a powerful and vengeful God who lights the path to righteousness.

Photos: Fame/Flynet


  1. This almost makes amends for all of those JNL pictures.

  2. If I had a million dollars…still wouldn’t be enough for me to get a chance to hit that ass :-(

  3. yeah! old pics of a 40 something year old gold digging divorced mother of 2 who won’t even look at any guy that’s not a billionaire. But yeah, she’s got a smoking hot ass. Maybe I’ll get my monacle and top hat out & see if I can trick her into anal.

  4. Elin Nordegren Butt Yoga Pants
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    Technically, those aren’t yoga pants – they’re running crops. Made specifically for running. If she does yoga in them.

  5. Elin Nordegren Butt Yoga Pants
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    Did either of you fuck Tiger?


  6. Tiger Woods is a fucking idiot.

  7. Maybe i’m spoiled – but her ass looks a little flat. She could definitely benefit from a good squat routine.

  8. “…only foster a morally deteriorating environment…”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  9. Elin Nordegren Butt Yoga Pants
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    Wow Fish you tease. Not one direct in your face butt picture. Wow a women of the common ppl as those 2 look pretty fucken plain.
    Tigerlogic,” Yes fucking 12 fugly Hoes’ or porn stars = to one night with my Swedish Wife?” Must enjoy STDs

  10. Elin Nordegren Butt Yoga Pants
    Paully Boston Baby!
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    I’ll play the back 9…

  11. Elin Nordegren Butt Yoga Pants
    Little Tongue
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    So, Elin finally seems to have figured out this injection thing. The pout is less trouty. She could use a little lipo on that saddlebag, though.

  12. LMAO at idiots that say Tiger is an idiot. He was banging like 30 chicks at the same time. What makes this fucking gold digger princess so special, she is white and blonde?

  13. anonym

    I’m jealous of this bitch. Fuckload millions of dollars, and didn’t do shit to deserve it.

    Now she’s living it up for the next 60 years.

    I would love to live the life of a rich man

  14. Elin Nordegren Butt Yoga Pants
    Al Sharpton
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    It’s alright. …For a white chick.

  15. Elin Nordegren Butt Yoga Pants
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    that ass is missing :(

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