Lindsey Vonn Hid In Tiger Woods’ Car For An Hour Because She’s Terrified of Elin Nordegren

March 19th, 2013 // 15 Comments
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Yesterday, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn made the odd choice of announcing they’re dating on Facebook, complete with weird, forced Olan Mills couples portraits, which they actually thought would earn them some privacy. Instead, they were photographed at Tiger’s daughter’s baseball game last night where Lindsey sat in the car for an hour because Elin Nordegren was there. Which was a smart move considering we’re talking about a vengeful Swede whose main methods of showing anger are beating your ass with a 9-iron and bulldozing the mansion you raised your kids in because it smells like whore now. Something Lindsey probably should’ve thought about before blasting pics of her new boyfriend all over Facebook. Even better, Tiger’s daughter Sam got in the car later, so nothing like seeing “new mommy” not give a shit about your game. I see that working out for everybody.


“Elin, what are you doing here?”
“Our daughter wants to be a stripper because your whore never watched her games.”
“Foolish mortal. None shall escape MJOLNIR!” *smash, crash, THUNDER*

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  1. Never forget this pearl of wisdom:

    No matter how hot she is, somewhere someone is tired of putting up with her bullshit.

  2. Tiggles

    There’s not a lot of women who can stand next to Elin Nordegren and win the comparison. If this had been at the beach, Lindsey would have rather stayed under the car rather than go up against Nordegren in a bikini.

  3. I think it’s pretty obvious from the Tiger/Elin thing that Elin might be wife material, but she probably won’t let you feed a 3 wood up her ass. Or if she does, you have to go grip first rather than club head first like you can do with a rotten pornstar.

    I think the moral of the story is Lindsay Vonn is a filthy woman.

  4. Inner Retard

    Lindsey’s dumb as fuck. You don’t go to a place a 3 iron wielding ex will likely be and if you have a car go somewhere until the game’s over instead of sitting in it. Might save the car some dents in the process.

  5. Lindsey Vonn Hiding From Elin Nordegren Tiger Woods Car
    Commented on this photo:

    She wasn’t afraid of Elin. She’s afraid of Suri in the front row, Thetan Spawn!

  6. What we probably didn’t see was Tiger hiding another girlfriend in the trunk so that she didn’t have to see he was with Vonn.

  7. Lindsey Vonn Hiding From Elin Nordegren Tiger Woods Car
    Commented on this photo:

    Um, isn’t the bigger story here that Jerry Sandusky is at a children’s baseball game?!

  8. Bringing Lindsey Vonn to his daughter’s ballgame was nothing more than a “fuck you” to his ex, not to mention a total distraction from what he’s really doing, which is trying to fuck every other woman he lays his eyes on. He doesn’t even like Lindsey. She’s hired help.

  9. terdboy

    Or, you know, the LEG she destroyed a month ago makes it hard to get in and out of the car.

  10. Those poor kids, I mean I know they are growing up in mansions and wanting for nothing, but still, that is one fucked up family to be in.

  11. oldfool

    You’re supposed to roll the window down when you lock up your bitch in the car on a hot day. Bad Tiger!

  12. Fucking love Elin Nordegren, bitch has Viking blood & spirit.

  13. this always plays in my head while I read about her whooping golfer ass & bulldozing buildings:

  14. Lindsay number one fan

    lost all respect for lindsay vonn. die bitch. tiger woods needs his balls and cock cut off!

  15. Lindsey Vonn Hiding From Elin Nordegren Tiger Woods Car
    Commented on this photo:

    Why in the world is his girlfriend hiding in his car. He is divorced and it nobodies concern who he is dating. That is just wrong!!! They don’t need to sneak around his children. His children probably already know any way. If his Ex Wife don’t like it then she has a big problem!! Your both single, can date anyone you want to and your old enought not to sneak around trying to hide the other persons girl or boy friend. That is just so STUPID. Just Get over it and move on.

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