Elin Nordegren’s Dating Her Billionaire Neighbor Now

March 13th, 2013 // 36 Comments
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It’s no secret that Elin Nordegren‘s type is rich as fuck, and now she’s taken it to a level most of us can relate to: Banging whatever’s closest and available. On that note, if this guy turns out to be a tube of Grands cinnamon buns, I’m going to be officially freaked out. Page Six reports:

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, is quietly dating her older Florida neighbor, billionaire coal magnate Chris Cline, sources exclusively tell us. Nordegren, 33, the Swedish former model, and Cline, 53, both have mansions in the exclusive North Palm Beach oceanfront community of Seminole Landing, where Nordegren had her home bulldozed and rebuilt after splitting with Woods. “Elin and Chris have been dating since the holidays,” a source tells Page Six. Cline, a West Virginia native worth a reported $1.2 billion.

Barring marrying into Saudi royalty, I will never know what it’s like to have sex with Elin Nordegren’s vagina, so can someone please explain to me what it does differently that makes these guys literally risk millions of dollars over it. It has to be more than just some hole to stick your penis into even though every impulse in my body is screaming, “Do whatever it takes to make that stuff you just said happen. The penis in a hole stuff. Do that.”

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  1. Elin Nordegren, the Patron Saint of Gold Digging Whores.

    • The real strip mine gold digging didn’t start until she found her man was banging rotten ass and perkin’s waitresses across the globe. I still think the champion gold digger is that one legged pirate hooker heather mills.

      • Heather Mills got $50 million, Elin got at least twice that. The numbers don’t lie. Plus Elin has targeted and dated two billionaires since her divorce while Heather Mills has not. Elin wins, all day everyday.

      • Effort goes a long way, even if the payout wasn’t as large. Tiger sold off his mineral rights to be mined when he was banging rotten pornstars. As far as I know, McCartney just got boned by a one-legged hooker who even the divorce court judge called a one legged hooker.

        The chasing billionaire business does make a convincing case for Nordgren being the bigger digger tho.

      • LMAO. I think there is only one way this can be settled, a Celebrity Deathmatch between Elin and Heather Mills.

      • I’d watch that. Especially if Nordgren’s top was not adequately secured and Mills’ stump was pixelated on PPV.

      • “Hey, Gang, let’s have a Fuck-Off!”

  2. Elin Woods Bikini Nordegren Tiger Ex
    Buddy The Elf
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  3. Cock Dr

    Rich people may think that by only dating other rich people they can avoid those looking to make money from the arrangement.
    IMO rich people are the greediest around.

    • Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft, where we are hard, cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand.

  4. Maria

    wtf happened to her face? She’s gone majorly downhill. Must be a desperate billionaire…

  5. Gary Grant

    I guess the bulge in the pants that gets her attention is the wallet.

  6. Christ Cline is just looking to improve his golf game. When Tiger was married to her, he was the top golfer for many years. Since the divorce and $200 million poorer, he’s like number 5. Tiger is obviously still banging whores so the only difference is him not banging Elin. Why else is he also trying to get back with Elin, he’s trying to get back to the top of the golf world.

  7. Elin Woods Bikini Nordegren Tiger Ex
    Inner Retard
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    I know for every beautiful woman a million guys want to bang there is one guy tired of actually banging her but damn Tiger, what the hell is wrong with you?!

  8. What a gold digging whore.

  9. For that kind of money, you’d almost expect her vagina to be home to tiny magical blowjob-giving unicorns with no gag reflex.

  10. Elin Woods Bikini Nordegren Tiger Ex
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    I am pretty sure I could have some nasty fun with that; If she would let me of course.

  11. JC

    What jumped out at me: “…Seminole Landing, where Nordegren had her home bulldozed and rebuilt after splitting with Woods.”

    Lust her or hate her, that’s some funny shit. You know you’re hardcore about your divorce when you destroy the house you shared and build a new one on top of it. It’s probably safe to assume that some of Tiger’s stuff was still in it when she unleashed the bulldozers.

    • Cock Dr

      I wish there was a video of the homestead’s final destruction.

    • Jesus Christ…

      She did not demolish their family home, she bought a new existing home and tore it down to build a brand new home. This was all over the news for weeks, how the hell did you miss that?

  12. Where's Dildo

    I’m think her exact words were “It cost Tiger $110 million to watch me flick my bean. Whatyou got?” But sounding more like the swedish chef. Bjordi Bjordi Bjork Bjork Bjork

  13. Her face is average, but that body is ridiculous. Instead of a divorce, if she really wanted revenge, she would have pulled a tiger and let us average folks have a chance with her. We all win…except Tiger.

  14. Deacon Jones


    Answer me something here. if you were 33 years old, just got a 100 million in a divorce settlement, and had a mansion in Miami…..would YOU be dating someone who was 53 years old??

    • Fiscally she is a moron, she blew 25% of what she got from Tiger on a stupid fucking house. She is accustomed to living a billionaire’s lifestyle but now she is only worth 10% of that and now she is realizing she cannot afford private jets, yachts and multiple multi-million dollar mansions on that. She is 33 years old with 2 young interracial children and a very high profile ex-husband, she is not going to get many young billionaires with that.

      There is a reason she is going after 53 year old billionaires.

    • cc

      You would if you were, too all intents and purposes, a very high priced call girl. You should visit Toronto, there’s quite a few of them.

  15. Elin Woods Bikini Nordegren Tiger Ex
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    I want to think she’s hot, but then I imagine her talking like the Swedish chef from the Muppet show.

  16. anonym

    This fuckin bitch just won’t stop going after gold.

  17. anonym

    hope the billionaire protects his assets while pounding that pussy

  18. Carmen

    I hope Elin never go back to Tiger Woods who is a serial cheater, arrogant, self-centered, poor imitation of a human being!!! Elin deserves better than that after the horrid betrayal and humiliation Tiger inflicted on her!!! I hope it is true that she is now dating Chris Cline, a billionaire!!!This seems to be a man of substance that will provide Elin with stability and security which is much more than what Tiger did!!! Go, Elin, go! Sweet revenge is living well!!!

  19. hibby

    “I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger
    but she don’t hang with any broke niggers”

  20. After the very, very, VERY public humiliation Tiger put her through, which their children will eventually hear about from the other kids (who heard it from their own mommies and daddies) if they haven’t already,) I’d be voiding prenups and demanding half of everything he owned, too.

  21. Elin Woods Bikini Nordegren Tiger Ex
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    Beautiful, perfect body.

  22. right

    No super rich guy will marry this ho. They understand she is only in it for the next big divorce payday.

  23. Elin Woods Bikini Nordegren Tiger Ex
    max hole
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    perfect, healthy, athletic figure.

  24. Dr. J

    You feckin’ guys, I swear to christ. The vitriol. Jeeeesus. I speak for all women when I pound on the hood of your man cab (in other words, a New York taxi cab that stands for all men) and say, “I’m walkin’ heah! I’m WALKIN heah!” Y’jerks. So rude, the things you say.

  25. Elin Woods Bikini Nordegren Tiger Ex
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    Proof one again for every good looking girl, there’s a guy who’s tired of her _____.

  26. Elin Woods Bikini Nordegren Tiger Ex
    some black guy
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  27. Elin Woods Bikini Nordegren Tiger Ex
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    she is a beautiful woman!

  28. Elin Woods Bikini Nordegren Tiger Ex
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    Love her body! such a pretty face too

  29. Elin Woods Bikini Nordegren Tiger Ex
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  30. Elin Woods Bikini Nordegren Tiger Ex
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    She’s most likely a dead starfish.
    Hence the pornstars.

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