Eddie Murphy is officially the father

June 22nd, 2007 // 89 Comments

A rep for Scary Spice aka Melanie Brown has confirmed that a DNA test shows Eddie Murphy is officially the father of her 2-month-old daughter. A source close to Brown says, “He’s the baby’s father, it’s official. The baby is undoubtedly, 110 percent his. There was no doubt in people’s minds anyways, least of all hers. It wasn’t a surprise to her. She knew all along.”

Well sucks for Eddie. Not only does he officially have a daughter he doesn’t want, but the entire world now knows he had sex with this thing. Pictures could surface of him making out with a horse and it’d be less shameful.


  1. Donkey


    Fugly Bitch.

  2. Wanky

    what is the extra 10% for?

  3. child support bitches

  4. no1justminda

    Sucker!! Ha!

  5. Awww, why did those two split up? They were such a cute couple. A donkey and an ogar. Wait, wasn’t there a movie about that?

  6. veggi

    I sooo coulda been, like, first, but I was still at the Lindsay thread, then I saw Harrison and I had to stop and stare for 12 minutes. And then I licked my screen.

  7. Binky

    I think I saw him in this role already.
    As I recall the flic was called ‘Beverly Hills Dad’

  8. Jen

    The first thing is really lame. At least she is better looking than Posh *Eat a Sandwich* Spice


    I knew that bastard was the father! You can’t run away from the truth bitch! I hate fucking men, that isn’t fucking men! They’re stuck inside a man’s body, but really hasn’t matured enough! Bitch, got you!

  10. jen

    paparazzi really know how to nail a shot, don’t they? too funny. oh eddie. i wonder if he did that laugh when he found out?

  11. Lodi Dodi

    Ok, the editor that writes this shit, must be gay! Because he thinks that all pregnat women look like horses, No my friend…That is just how your mother looked when she was pregant with you bitch ass!

  12. citizenstrange

    She is his type. Tranny looking that is.

  13. yolatengo


    funny shit. I so knew that fucking transvestite-feet-licking moron was the father. cha-ching

  14. Lodi Dodi


  15. Tracy Sanders

    well…he does have a thing for Transexual hookers…

  16. Donkey


    He seems to be destined to live out his own comedy routine.

  17. Dodi Lodi

    Either that, Lodi, or you are just mad because you do in fact look like a horse, are pregnant, and are secretly wishing that it was you who had Eddie’s baby…

    Oh, and, 14th!

  18. mm…horsemeat.

  19. aprilmax

    Baw-haw-haw…that’s effing hilarious! He went on and on in the media that the kid is not his blah, blah, blah. Eddie is a hilarious comedian, but isn’t he supposed to be a real dick-wad? Those two deserve eachother, maybe the baby will bring them together. Guys always marry the chicks they knock up right?

  20. maeby

    I think this now brings the unofficial Eddies kids count to somewhere around 18.

  21. theoriginalmilf

    Eddie must have been fucking her to get new material for his next round of comedy tours.

  22. katers

    asshole, she’s beautiful….she’s just PREGNANT in this picture. you douchefuck.

  23. ssdd

    Well, … kudos to who gave her the name “Scary” Spice……other than Beast I really don’t think anything else would have been appropriate.

  24. billie jean

    yeah, nut breath, she’s pregnant! Where the fuck did you think that you came from! I know that you saw how much of a cow, your mom looked like when she showed you her pregnancy pictures!

  25. nagger please

    How could guys like fat asses? It must be a politically correct thing.

  26. Wally'sPinkWoodenHorse

    Eddie is officially 110% brave man.

  27. Dan

    “Pictures could surface of him making out with a horse and it’d be less shameful.”

    Or, let’s not forget, a transsexual prostitute.

  28. poorlycutpaperdoll

    gud one ;)

  29. zachary

    Apparently you forgot about the Transvestite…..

    or is that him?

  30. She’s Rick James, bitch!

  31. I thought rich black men only fucked hot white chicks? Whats wrong with Eddie?

  32. Judy Greer


    (By that I mean the men who write garbage on this site and MOST OF ALL this site’s owner)

    Eddie is an asshole too, like ALL OF YOU!

    Melanie Brown will get her figure back, has been vindicated and has more class than ALL of you put together!

  33. I suspect foul play here. Maybe this is a Virgin pregnancy (and due birth) but with Eddie Murphy having been subjected to a death threat from the AntiChrist to ‘play’ the father. Who knows? Better Mel B than any of the other Spice Girls though (I am referring to her personality here).

  34. Mama Bear

    I’ll take a pregnant Scary Spice wearing her baby belly out infront of her -any day- over Posh Spice and that body of hers that could easily pass for that of a 12 year old boy.

    Well, except for her grapefruity implants. 12 year old boys don’t typically have those.

  35. miss oblivious

    Eddie is such a freakin bastard. His poor baby. And anyways, I thought he got caught w/ a tranny before;isn’t he gay or something? I could be mistaken. But I don’t see why the fish and so many other people constantly bash this Melanie chic; she’s not ugly. She’s not hot either (and who is at like 8 months preggers?) but she’s just average looking, bordering on kinda cute.

  36. Fredrik


  37. krazihotkelli

    ze can ztill walk
    pik up
    a broom
    and zwepe a litle

  38. Mama

    She’s 110% nasty.

  39. krazihotkelly

    duhhh… firzst. uhhhh. iz beze krazi. iz goz nozing elze tooze dooze thanz beeze a fuckin idiot on this site. krazi hot kelli should get a life and stop posting dumb shit.

  40. MURPHY'S LAW..If The Child's "Yours"..PAY UP MURPHY!!!

    Too many men out there..(Celebs Included)..sleepin’ around..gettin’ their freaks on..reproducing..and NOT trying to be responsible/ADULT/pay child support.

    PAYBACK..is (a bitch..literally) procreating with money hungry “Gold-Diggers”. Just because they can!

    Hey Eddie Murphy!..ever heard of a condom?
    Not only does it keep you SAFE (STDs)..it protects your ASSets retard.

    SUCKS TO BE YOU!!!!!

  41. rebecca

    what a scary couple…dayummmmn she looks haggard.

  42. Lindsay

    Well, that’s her extremely pregnant and gross. What’s she REALLY look like?

  43. Superfish

    just looking at mel b gives me a boner. not ’cause she’s fine as hell (not that she is…) but becuz i just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico…oh yea, the swimsuit model before this was hot too so…mel b doesn’t really contribute to my boner…my nightmares maybe…

  44. Superfish

    …unless of course you count 10 years ago when i stopped dating white women because i saw her in “Spice World.” she wasn’t all that scary then…just a little bootylicious! oh…how childbirth can fuck you up

  45. Tiffany

    Come on now….

    She’s a beautiful woman. Why doesn’t anyone respect a pregnant woman’s body? Breasts grow, the ass grows, and wait a minute, oh, I think the belly grows too!!!! Noooo… It’s like what the hell do think, people?

  46. monster

    how come no one remembers this?

    On May 2, 1997, around 4:45am, Eddie Murphy picked up pre-op transexual prostitute Atisone Seiuli aka Shalimar on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. This area was to be inside a “prostitution abatement zone” designated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Deputies pulled over Murphy’s Toyota Land Cruiser, arrested his passenger for outstanding warrants, and released Murphy.


  47. Kamiki

    He’s such an ugly twat, Lord I hate Eddie Murphy – the worlds most unfunny man and on top of that a complete ass for claiming the kid wasn’t his, way to go you ugly piece of unfunny crap, I hope she screws him for MILLIONS in Child Support.

  48. Blaker Girl

    I had my ipod on while I was sleeping and I was listening to blake’s version of this love. So I dreamt that I was at the american idol concert and blake was singing to me and when he was about to kiss me the song ended and i woke up. well he kinda got to kiss me before i woke up.

  49. Melanie is a beautiful person. So whaat she was pregnant in the pic without her hair really done, my bet is she puts all of you to shame who are talking mess about her. Let’s see some of you mickey fickeys post your pics! LOL

    As far as Eddie being an ass about being the father..haa haa (Nelson laugh)Pay your child support Eddie and get involved in your childs life!

  50. theoriginalmilf

    #43- Geico…that’s hilarious.

    Bring back the Delirious days, Eddie–you were the shit back then.

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