Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds split after two weeks

January 17th, 2008 // 88 Comments

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds were “married” in a private wedding on the island of Bora Bora on New Year’s Day. However to make the marriage legal, the couple needed a ceremony performed in the U.S. They decided to pass and are now “just friends” according to a statement issued to Reuters:

“After much consideration and discussion, we have jointly decided that we will forego having a legal ceremony as it is not necessary to define our relationship further,” the statement said.
“While the recent symbolic union in Bora Bora was representative of our deep love, friendship and respect that we have for one another on a spiritual level, we have decided to remain friends,” it added.

That’s amazing. It’s a marriage that ends after the honeymoon and isn’t legally recognized by the United States. Seriously, they should offer these on cruise ships. Or, at the very least, the strip club by the bus station. I’d love to marry a stripper for a short amount of time that won’t cost me alimony. I’d treat her good though. I’ll even make her a pillow by stuffing dollar bills and beer bottles in a trash bag. You know, so she’ll feel at home.

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  1. MoronicShitney

    Ugliest man in Hollyweird – inside and out. UGLY and EVIL – what a combo. Maybe he’ll contract AIDS and die?? Here’s hoping.

  2. EddiehasAIDS

    her tits are second only to Victoria Beckham for looking totally faked out weird!

  3. amma

    Wait….he’s gay, right? Maybe that has something to do with it.

  4. tinkerbelle

    I wish the paps would follow this brutha around snapping pix of him. It would be like seeing the inside of Pandora’s box come to life.

  5. feg

    that is a fabulous dress.

  6. Lawpunk

    I’d hit that for 2 weeks, no strings, then ditch it, too.


  7. Steam Roller

    She’s a Fake–Fake Hair, Fake Boobs, Fake Celebrity.
    He’s on the “Down Low”.


  8. 73% sane


    in the world of black , fine black women like tracy edmonds are blue ribbons. only white women are considered trophies because, supposedly, a black man has to work so hard and overcome so many societal obstacles to get one. personally, after watching judge mathis i’m convinced it doesn’t take much more than a brown bat and a doo-rag to get yourself a white lady.

  9. LL

    She woke up the day after the “wedding” and said, “Holy fuck! I’m married to Eddie Murphy? I’m hot, I could do so much better. I’m outta here.”

    My theory, anyway.

  10. imagination

    So, he gets to boink a great looking woman like that for two straight weeks in a tropical paradise, they both agree to go their separate ways, and publicly declare they’re still close friends.

    I’m trying to see the downside, but can’t. Where do I sign up for that deal?

  11. Mdiz

    The old Hump and Dump….. Ahhh classic!

  12. La Frascatana

    Melinda, you’re a sick pagan and know nothing about men.

    I can say I’ve never had a gay fantasy, and I sure as hell wouldn’t ever experiment with trannies. There is absolutely no curiosity involved, you see, because I have no vagina. If I had a vagina, I’d want a penis in it — that is natural.

    It is not natural to want a penis in your bumhole because not only is that sodomy, one of the vilest of sins, but there’s no feeling in a bumhole. People that take it up the ass are obviously self-loathing and just like the feeling of being dominated and defiled. It has nothing to do with love or anything that’s respectable.

    People like you, and the media, push this idea that if you’re a woman, you HAVE to try a black dude or else you’re a racist — if you’re a man, you HAVE to try being gay, or else you’re insensitive. Guess what? FUCK YOU.

  13. Victoria

    I hope he, at least, wore a condom this time. We don’t need anymore of Eddie Murphy’s kids running around without a father. They’re “just friends” until she turns a pregnancy test positive. Then he can’t remember if he’s even had sex with you or not. Suddenly your vagina and his right hand (with a smiley face drawn on it in purple Sharpie) look exactly the same.

  14. Shallow Val

    I think it’s pretty sad whan a black woman gets implants. She doesn’t need that shit. (sighs discontentedly)

  15. hotyute

    donkey is a fucking whore…

  16. Shallow Val

    62 I agree and I disagree with you.

    Yeah, honestly (we’re being honest right) I think the bunghole is for expelling (though I will admit to letting my boyfriend go there; it has its certain charm, but not for everyday use).

    BUT, about the “vile sin,” well that smacks of Catholicism/Christianity and religion has no place in this conversation because not all people are religious. And you also wrote “but there’s no feeling in a bumhole.” You’re wrong about that. A woman has no real sexy feeling but a man does because of his prostate. Don’t you know that? I’m a chick and even I know that.

    About the woman having to have a black dude, that does not apply in all cases either. If I happen to fall for a black guy, well, that’s love, but as for actively seeking out a man JUST because he’s black on the pretense that he has a bigger johnson, well that’s just BS. I’ve had some huge johnsons that belonged to non-black men. TMI, I know….

    Unfortunately, what’s natural ain’t always what’s so. In this imperfect world, we’ll have aberrations (ie, deviating from the usual or natural type ) and fetishes. I truly believe that some men just don’t like women.

    It’s not wrong or right, but what is he to do? How is he supposed to have a fulfilling relationship (sexual or otherwise) with another person? That’s not fair. It’s like saying a really repulsively ugly person doesn’t deserve to feel that kind of love and shit either. They have feelings too.

    Wow, what the hell’s wrong with me? I must be ovulating.

  17. D. Richards (Saint.)

    #58? You’re right and you just saved me an explaination; who wants a black trophy wife, really?

    And Judge Mathis? The people that frequent that show are, as you, the viewer, the doldrums of society. Judging the world through a television show — well, hey, that’s pretty inteligent.

  18. Antony

    #62 La Frascatana – wow, we can almost see the raging hardon you had when writing that. Hell, I got aroused just from reading it. Don’t fight the urge, sweetie. It’ll be a little tough to ease you into the scene, and very awkward right after the orgasm the first time, but I’m quite sure you’ll want to try it again soon. But please, try not to beat up the guys who make you spurt. You’re better than that.

  19. moobs

    no, not “every man wonders what it would be like to (gay)” just as “not every man sits around jerking off to porn all day” just like “not all women are gold diggers” and “not all women are bitches and whores”

    people who speak in absolute generalizations show a very uneducated and ignorant mind.

    what you do to your own mind is your business, if you have no rules and do not govern your own actions/thoughts with some sort of self inflicted “standards” then you open yourself up to all sorts of mental afflictions.. including ignorant and irresponsible thinking/actions.

  20. Van

    #64, can’t we all agree -NO- woman needs implants regardless of race?

  21. Oops!


    How embarrassing for Tracey!!!!

    I didn’t think she was THAT stupid!

    Maybe Kenny (ex)..will write her sad love songs…Awww.

    I hope Eddie (GayAss) Murphy’s dick falls off..like he said in his RAW comedy act………*ploomphf*..!

  22. steve

    In fairness, 2 weeks is pretty long for a black guy.

  23. justtheobvious

    he discovered she didn’t have a penis.

  24. KickRocks

    “Goonie goo goo”

  25. Man, they really hung in there. They should remember all the good times they had while they were married.

    @58 – It’s usually the most repulsive white lady for miles though, isn’t it? Like a manatee with hooker make-up?

  26. woodhorse

    @The Office Whore – Tom would put on his Mission Impossible black skin tight spy pants and belay down from the ceiling of Eddie’s bedroom and do sex to him Rump Ranger style. Tom “catches” Missionary style in deference to his Scientology position (I’m Clear, I’m Here).

  27. @18 – He was responsible for Coming To America — or WAS he?!

    I like Coming To America. I think Norbit was the best film of 2007.

  28. D. Richards (Sociopath.)

    #18? ‘Louse’, I believe?

    So you’re telling me that Coming to America would be just as good with out Eddie Murphy?

  29. congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Best wishes for them!!!!!!!!!!!! Nowadays we should cherish our days with our lover on seekamillionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t waste time!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. baddick

    Wow she is fuckin slamming. What’s his problem anyway.

  31. FRT

    That’s what happens when the “crack” runs out…!

  32. comm

    Mmm, I don’t think their marriage can last long. I just saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site WealthyRomance.com last week. I am wondering waht kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.

  33. MoronicShitney

    @78 American I assume? Only an American could think Coming to America was a “good” film this film is so far away from funny that it’s tragic.

  34. so upset

    a white man couldnt get a beautiful black woman anyway who wants someone boring pale with a small dick who by the time he turns 30 he looks like he is fucking 60 we all know black peolpe age gracefully while whites age not so well what black women get a face lift none they dont need it. you whites talk so bad about us but you spend hours in the sun burning yourself to to have a color like us getting skin cancer and shit dumb asses and by the way traceys hair is real

  35. so upset

    a white man couldnt get a beautiful black woman anyway who wants someone boring pale with a small dick who by the time he turns 30 he looks like he is fucking 60 we all know black peolpe age gracefully while whites age not so well what black women get a face lift none they dont need it. you whites talk so bad about us but you spend hours in the sun burning yourself to to have a color like us getting skin cancer and shit dumb asses and by the way traceys hair is real

  36. Anonymous

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  37. D. Richards (Hater.)

    #83? Agh, what the fuck do you know? You’re just trying to be different be cause everybody likes Coming to America. Why don’t you go back to whatever bullshit realm you reside in and, hell, watch Mr. Bean or something.

    And #84-5, can’t you come up with better material? That’s the stock response every black person uses to try and get under a white person’s skin. And it’s boring. So boring.

    ‘Yo’ little dick. White man can’t get..’

    It’s always with what white people can’t get. ‘They can’t get no black woman, so..’

    And if I had a dime for evertime I’ve seen black trash make fun of the size of a white male’s genitals, well, I’d have enough money to wager that, with all this secret knowledge of the size of white dicks, there’s evidently a lot of black white-dick-suckers out there. know what I mean?

    It’s funny. You were hurt by all those negative comments, You poor gal. You are what you are, and, by god, there’s no changing your body.

  38. Hemlock Queen

    ha ha #43!

    For Real! He knocked up Scary Spice and declaimed being the father, only to have that debunked (idiot). He’s funny as hell, but a complete jackass when it comes to his love life. He just needs to stay a bachelor and WEAR A FUCKING CONDOM FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!!!

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