Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice get serious

September 15th, 2006 // 60 Comments

Eddie Murphy brought Scary Spice and her 7-year-old daughter to his annual family vacation with his five kids in Hawaii last month, suggesting the two are getting very serious about their relationship.

During the weeklong trip in late August, the party of eight bonded while lounging poolside in private cabanas and dining out together at the island’s branch of Spago. Says one onlooker: “There was a lot of togetherness between the families.” At a Fourth of July BBQ Murphy hosted at his Beverly Hills home, the pair “were very loving and cute together,” says a source. And Murphy recently escorted Brown to his favorite haunt, L.A.’s Laugh Factory, where “they were very cozy,” says a witness. The British singer is spending more time at her L.A. house to be close to the actor. “(Eddie) seems very happy with her, and that’s what’s important to me,” says Murphy’s big brother Charlie. “He’s in a good place. If she does that (for him), then that’s great.”

It’s hard to go anywhere but up after being caught picking up a transvestite hooker but it seems Eddie Murphy has still somehow managed to screw that up. If you want to quash rumors you’re into women with penises you don’t go out and hook up with Scary Spice. That’s like trying to convince your friends you don’t like doing it with porcupines and then introducing them to your new hedgehog girlfriend. Or some other analogy that doesn’t involve having sex with small rodents.


  1. trampstar

    Wow.. I totally forgot Scary Spice existed.

  2. tits_on_snack

    I can’t think of anything remotely interesting or even funny to say about this. Next.

  3. Larry

    Does Scary Spice have enormous man-feet?

  4. jrzmommy

    “Scary” is an apropos moniker. Enormous Spice would work, too.

  5. hmm.. maybe she agreed to make a bunch more frankenstein babies with him? sounds like he likes to pop em out and truth be known, most tranny’s can’t accomodate that wish.. scary was the next best thing to being there..

  6. tits_on_snack

    What a shitty moniker to have as your stage name anyway. “Scary”. Scary “Spice”. She was never even scary. Except sometimes she’d make a ‘tough’-face, and go “rahh”.

  7. jrzmommy

    Wow, Larry, #4–Enormous seems to be the word that pops into mind, huh?

  8. jrzmommy

    WOW–and #7 Moniker…..am I getting my brain waves crossed with other people today?

  9. punkrocky

    eddie murphey has 5 KIDS? shit son, i didnt even know he could get lucky that many times.

  10. okay....

    blech—who cares?

  11. Italian Stallion

    Looks like the bitch just ate a lemonhead………

  12. When did Eddie Murphy get a perm? And who is that other guy?


  13. Italian Stallion

    When you comment fifty fucking times on each story, sooner or later someone is going to say the same thing. Nothing to do with brain waves. Oh, and you need a brain in order for waves to cross………..

  14. Angry Ferret Jones

    It’s like they are having a “Buckwheat-Off”, and Scary was the winner.


  15. RichPort

    Both of those pictures were taken right each was asked whether Mr. Murphy was straight.

  16. rolson

    About a month ago I created ‘rolson’ to log onto SF and I made a comment. I wanted someone to respond but bobody did. I bet a coworker that I could get people to respond to me at some point and started to make pointed comments. The last few days have been AWESOME! Not only did I get a lot of comments but we had everyone making references. jrzmommy, RichPort, biatcho and everyone else who got into it…I want to apologize for every bad thing I said to you and wish you all the best. I don’t care if you blast celebs or not. It was just a game for me and you will either love it or hate it…either way, I don’t care and am going to stop the game. I will continue to look at comments but will not respond – at least not as ‘rolson’. I didn’t say this earlier but someone stole my name and posted some ‘I’ll leave now’ comment. I wanted to see if he or she would continue but I didn’t see any more posts by that person. Anyway, that is why I am going to change my login – but please feel free to keep blasting me (or others). Rest assured, I will be reading the comments.

  17. Angry Ferret Jones


  18. rolson

    Ohhh…I forgot something. My ultimate goal was to get kicked off the comment list. That’s why I started swearing (f word and the c word) – however, the SF guy never kicked me out!

  19. Larry

    Seriously, does she have big dogs? Even weirder than the fact that Eddie picked up a trannie is that he picked up the trannie to play with his/her size 12 feet ….

    Oh, and a few months after that encounter, the trannie was found dead. So better re-up your life insurance, Scary! You don’t want Baby Spice to be left with nothing.

  20. i still think it’s funny the black spice girl is named “scary”


  21. jane's eyre

    Who’s “Bobody”?

    Seriously, that is about the lamest thing I’ve heard anyone admit to.

    “The last few days have been AWESOME! Not only did I get a lot of comments but we had everyone making references.”

    Hard up for attention, are you? Well whatever floats your boat dude.

  22. Angry Ferret Jones

    Wow Rolson, you really fooled us all with your covert operation. Amazing. Really, that was some serious Navy Seal shit.

    What a sad fucking life you have. It must be a blast to be your co-worker. You must have all sorts of shenanigans over there at the tampon factory, working in quality control.

    Ass hat.

  23. I’ve not seen a single flattering photo of Scary Spice… am I just not looking hard enough?

  24. RichPort

    #17 – It’s great when medication actually does what it’s intended to do, but I don’t think you can technically refer to the other patients at the funny farm as ‘coworkers’.

  25. bigponie

    #17- “…but please feel free to keep blasting me…”

    as you wish

    You are a motherfucking ass hat to a guy named bruce that you jack off and drink his cum with a bottle of tabasco sauce all the while being married to a 300 pound samoan fire dancer that pounds your ass with a serated dildo that you custom made out of kevlar, on top of visiting the local mortuary to eat your daily meal of vitamin guts, brain and fingernails all the while shoving your cock in a decomposed cunt and sticking the rotten cock in you ass.

    whoa!!! where the hell did that come from.

  26. It’s touching when a couple of has-beens find each other. My guess is her attraction to him is the money he’s amassed over the years. His attraction to her is that she looks like a Hollywood Blvd. tranny.

  27. chubbs

    #23 you are so right.

    rolson change your name, do what you have to do, but while your serving your boss coffee, i am the boss being served the coffee. You cursed on here to get kicked off? what a dope. go reinvent yourself since you obviously cant handle the heat, and your riff with Jane.

  28. RichPort

    #27 – Lovely stuff. I think I shed a tear.

  29. pluto nash was the worst movie ever


  30. Angry Ferret Jones

    #27 – That was angrier that a pitbull with AIDS fucking a rabid three-legged crocodile.

    And I loved every delicious word of it.

    Keep that shit up my friend, and you will go places!

  31. RichPort

    #31 – I disagree. I’d rather have my eyelids sliced off with rusty razor blades slice off my eyelids and force we to watch a Pluto Nash-a-thon than have to ever sit through Spice World.

  32. Fugurself

    #17, I am confused. Are you the same rolson who used to always post “first, bitches?” That rolson never used to construct full sentences. If you are the same person, I think the medication is wearing off becos you are now actually writing complete sentences.

    In case you forgot, I used to call you Ballson becos I always thought you had balls for brains.

  33. BarbadoSlim

    From the looks of her it looks like Eddie’s going out with Cow-Spice.

    Of course, it’s a step up from his usual Cock-Spice.

  34. EDDDIEEEE, what have you done for us lately?

    Looks like he really meant no marriage for him… worried about HALF from a Goonie Goo Goo!


  35. Madrid Marriott

    My girl wants to party all the time,
    party all the time,
    party all the ti-ime.

    My girl wants to party all the time,
    party all the time,
    party all the ti-ime.

    My girl wants to potty all the time,
    potty all the time,
    potty all the ti-ime.

  36. rolson

    #22.. “bobody” was supposed to be “blow buddies”,
    as I’m setting in this cyber gay bar, reminiscing.

  37. Hey, man, Scary Spice has been looking kind of good lately.

    Yeah, the hair has always been crazy, but that body, man! Surf the web for recent pics of her in a bathing suit and you’ll know…


  38. Sheva

    Eddie should be scared of her plans for his wallet.
    But she’ll put on his favorite tranny gear and he’ll be happy.

    Until she nails him in divorce court.

    Eddie youz iz not az smartz as yuz use to be.
    That’s Eddie ebonics to the rest of ya.

  39. danielle


    You had to go there, didn’t you?

  40. jane's eyre

    @37 Thanks a lot, now I’m going to had that stupid song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

  41. Mr Robinsons Neighborhood

    James Browns Celebrity Hot Tub

    Awaiting.. Awaiting.. Awaiting

  42. Oh, American Music, I wept for you on the day this song was released….

    Step aside my friend
    I been doing it for years
    I say, sit on down, open your eyes
    And open up your ears
    Say, put a tree in your butt
    Put a bumblebee in your butt
    Put a clock in your butt
    Put a big rock in your butt
    Say, put some fleas in your butt
    Say, start to sneeze in your butt
    Say, put a tin can in your butt
    Put a little tiny man in your butt
    Say, put a light in your butt
    Say, make it right in your butt
    Say, put a TV in your butt
    Say, put me in your butt

    Damn you Murphy. You should have stuck to the stand up.

  43. tallcoolone

    Calling Scary Spice a ‘singer’ is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

  44. Angry Ferret Jones

    Does Charlie Murphy date Scary Spice’s younger, less talented sister?

    I’m Charlie Murphy, Bitch!

  45. I don’t believe it. They do not look right together. Maybe the media jumped to false conclusions and got it all wrong. Maybe they were simply together on a business meeting. Or something.

  46. BarbadoSlim

    This week on James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub:

    Burt Reynolds, Bea Arthur..James Caan!!! and Dr. Joyce Brothers!!

  47. I’m Gumby DAMN IT !!!

  48. Fatty_McButterpants

    Well good for Eddie. I for one am glad that he’s getting out there and tapping, er dating scene after his messy F’d up marriage. She’ll definetely bang him unconscience with that scary spice vagina of hers. :D

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