Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice get serious


Eddie Murphy brought Scary Spice and her 7-year-old daughter to his annual family vacation with his five kids in Hawaii last month, suggesting the two are getting very serious about their relationship.

During the weeklong trip in late August, the party of eight bonded while lounging poolside in private cabanas and dining out together at the island’s branch of Spago. Says one onlooker: “There was a lot of togetherness between the families.” At a Fourth of July BBQ Murphy hosted at his Beverly Hills home, the pair “were very loving and cute together,” says a source. And Murphy recently escorted Brown to his favorite haunt, L.A.’s Laugh Factory, where “they were very cozy,” says a witness. The British singer is spending more time at her L.A. house to be close to the actor. “(Eddie) seems very happy with her, and that’s what’s important to me,” says Murphy’s big brother Charlie. “He’s in a good place. If she does that (for him), then that’s great.”

It’s hard to go anywhere but up after being caught picking up a transvestite hooker but it seems Eddie Murphy has still somehow managed to screw that up. If you want to quash rumors you’re into women with penises you don’t go out and hook up with Scary Spice. That’s like trying to convince your friends you don’t like doing it with porcupines and then introducing them to your new hedgehog girlfriend. Or some other analogy that doesn’t involve having sex with small rodents.

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