Eddie Cibrian already cheating on LeAnn Rimes

Apparently Eddie Cibrian gets immediately bored with one vagina and is already cheating on his mistress-turned-girlfriend LeAnn Rimes with a previous mistress Scheana Maria Jancan, according to Life & Style:

“Eddie has recently started seeing Scheana again,” an insider tells Life & Style exclusively, noting that they were together on Oct. 21 around 1 a.m. “He told her he’s only with LeAnn for the publicity and that he plans to end things with her soon.”
“He has a friend drop him off at Scheana’s apartment, where he’ll usually spend about two hours,” the insider reveals. “Then a friend picks him up. He never spends the night at Scheana’s because he’s afraid LeAnn will catch on. But he’s made it clear to Scheana that he wants to continue seeing her.”

Wait. If you’re going to cheat, why do it with someone you’ve already cheated with before? That practically makes it a relationship which just defeats the whole purpose of cheating in the first place. Call me old-fashioned, but I always thought the point of adultery was to stick your penis in as many things as possible even if it’s a pan of muffins cooling on a window sill. (And for the last time, grandma, maybe you shouldn’t have baked them to look so sexy.)

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