Eddie Cibrian already cheating on LeAnn Rimes

November 4th, 2009 // 112 Comments

Apparently Eddie Cibrian gets immediately bored with one vagina and is already cheating on his mistress-turned-girlfriend LeAnn Rimes with a previous mistress Scheana Maria Jancan, according to Life & Style:

“Eddie has recently started seeing Scheana again,” an insider tells Life & Style exclusively, noting that they were together on Oct. 21 around 1 a.m. “He told her he’s only with LeAnn for the publicity and that he plans to end things with her soon.”
“He has a friend drop him off at Scheana’s apartment, where he’ll usually spend about two hours,” the insider reveals. “Then a friend picks him up. He never spends the night at Scheana’s because he’s afraid LeAnn will catch on. But he’s made it clear to Scheana that he wants to continue seeing her.”

Wait. If you’re going to cheat, why do it with someone you’ve already cheated with before? That practically makes it a relationship which just defeats the whole purpose of cheating in the first place. Call me old-fashioned, but I always thought the point of adultery was to stick your penis in as many things as possible even if it’s a pan of muffins cooling on a window sill. (And for the last time, grandma, maybe you shouldn’t have baked them to look so sexy.)

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  1. cbme

    What I said was that the ex lived with him BEFORE she married (according to her); I don’t see any difference with him being with LeAnn and living with the ex before he married her. Living with LeAnn will not mean much to her kids when they are older, but her status before she married might make a difference to her kids. Anything is accepted now so nothing you do seems to matter to some. I wish LeAnn and Eddie the best, because I just cant respect a woman who lives off someone else and does not take care or support herself. That is your everyday working woman’s outlook. A sponge really soaks up what liquid it can until all the moisture is gone; some women rely on a man to support them and when he moves on, they are suprised. My motto is take care of yourself since you don’t know what is in the future.

  2. ny2la

    So are you saying that because EC’s wife is not working outside of the home to stay home with her children that you don’t really respect her? Live off someone else??? Are you smoking your shorts??? Couples work it out like that aaaall the time. Remember, it’s a marriage. He made enough income so that she can stay home and raise the kids, which is probably what HE wanted her to do. Why should she bust her hump to make spending money so that a nanny can take care of her two little kids? She’s a model not a neurosurgeon!!! You wish him and Leann the best?? Wow, talk about throwing EC’s wife under the bus!! I don’t know her(the ex) and she may not even be a nice person but I think that you are overlycritical of her. She wasn’t the one playing EC dirty. What did she do? I don’t really understand your rant about EC living with LR vs his wife before he married her. Yes, it will make a difference to those kids and living with a girlfriend when you are single and childless is a different thing than shacking up with your mistress while your kids are exposed to hearing about her, seeing her, or even running into her in the neighborhood.
    Just because Leann is a singer and has money in the bank you respect her? Wow! It’s not integrity that matters but whether or not you get a paycheck. That’s what counts for you at the end of the day, right??? Well, you know what I had some fun gossip for you but I’ll keep it to myself from now on. Later.

  3. cbme

    I AM NOT SAYING ANYTHING LIKE YOU ARE INSINUATING!!!!! You know what I am saying – if you can’t depend on yourself, you are likely to wind up exactly like the ex has. DO YOU GET THAT? Today’s women usually know this. If Eddie was a major, major actor, he is likely to go down hill at times and not be employed. I am not saying she shouldn’t stay at home with her kids, but you can now see where that hasn’t helped her at all. CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT? I know that Gwen authored that las post – Gwen, you couldn’t be as dumb as you act. Don’t say LeAnn could pay this ex’s bills – LeAnn is not held accountable for the ex’s livelihood. Yes, I respect LeAnn because she has made the money and has it – why shouldn’t I? Is it wrong to be independent? The ex not making a paycheck is VERY important to the ex now. Of course, she deserves something besides child support from Eddie for a time set by the court, but she doesn’t deserve to be a stone around his neck for the rest of his life!!!! PS: Couples working it out like this all the time didn’t work this time for her, did it? If you are living with some man supporting you, BEWARE!!

  4. ny2la

    Who’s Gwen and which post are you speaking of?
    Listen, you are truly oversimplifying this situation. The ex will be paid out child support/alimony because those kids will be HIS kids for the rest of their lives. She won’t be out in the streets, homeless, because she chose to stay home with the kids and furthermore she shouldn’t feel regretful of her decision just because EC chose to end his marriage. You respect Leann because she has had two hit songs and lives off of her royalties??? You also respect her because she chose to be a sperm receptacle for Eddie Cibrian while violating her own marriage as well as his. You are too funny with the BEWARE!!! How cynical of you to assume that those of us who are home with the kids will be screwed in the future. YES..I am one of them and believe me I’m not afraid of working hard! Staying at home was a big sacrifice for me CB because I didn’t just have a job, I had a career. So, you see CB, part of growing up is sacrificing for your children. Something’s gotta give whether you work or stay home…you can’t have it all like you 20 something working, single gals seem to think you can. It’s a huge juggle working and raising kids at the same time. Don’t devalue Brandi Glanville because she’s isn’t some fierce working woman with a briefcase and a suit on.

  5. cbme

    I am not simplifying anything! I am stating a fact – the life you say you are living, being at home, etc., is a great thing if things continue in the norm – BUT THEY DON’T ALWAYS DO THAT – do they? LeAnn has had a great career since she was a child so don’t put it down with “2 songs.” Well, guess what, I have a career also. Does that mean we are special? We all sacrifice for our children – what’s new? I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world with my job – you aren’t the only person living who has had opportunities. I am not single, my husband also has a career, and I have children!! What I am saying now and what I have said before isn’t criticism – it is a FACT! A WOMAN SHOULD THINK AHEAD AND ACT to take care of herself and her kids AND her interests. Is that an affront to you? I have not devalued anyone – tell me something that I have said that isn’t true – that’s why you are upset. If I am wrong, tell me what you disagree with.

  6. cbme

    ny2la – Will you please tell me what you think about my last post? I was left alone while I was still in college with a small child and I know how hard it is to raise a child on your own. I have been very persistent about telling other females to do not get caught in the same situation.

  7. cbme

    What would the rest of you posters tell your daughters if you were talking with them about their future? I would be interested in knowing. I have told my own daughter exactly what I have said above and I don’t believe I was wrong for giving her this advice.

  8. cbme

    I either put some thought into some with my last 2 posts or made them uncomfortable – sorry about that. I am a LeAnn and Eddie supporter and I wish them the best. Guess I am easier to ignore because of the way I feel on both subjects.

  9. So are you saying that because EC’s wife is not working outside of the home to stay home with her children that you don’t really respect her?

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