Eddie Cibrian already cheating on LeAnn Rimes

November 4th, 2009 // 112 Comments

Apparently Eddie Cibrian gets immediately bored with one vagina and is already cheating on his mistress-turned-girlfriend LeAnn Rimes with a previous mistress Scheana Maria Jancan, according to Life & Style:

“Eddie has recently started seeing Scheana again,” an insider tells Life & Style exclusively, noting that they were together on Oct. 21 around 1 a.m. “He told her he’s only with LeAnn for the publicity and that he plans to end things with her soon.”
“He has a friend drop him off at Scheana’s apartment, where he’ll usually spend about two hours,” the insider reveals. “Then a friend picks him up. He never spends the night at Scheana’s because he’s afraid LeAnn will catch on. But he’s made it clear to Scheana that he wants to continue seeing her.”

Wait. If you’re going to cheat, why do it with someone you’ve already cheated with before? That practically makes it a relationship which just defeats the whole purpose of cheating in the first place. Call me old-fashioned, but I always thought the point of adultery was to stick your penis in as many things as possible even if it’s a pan of muffins cooling on a window sill. (And for the last time, grandma, maybe you shouldn’t have baked them to look so sexy.)

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  4. I’m sure there’ll be a single about this soon.

  5. tylean210

    what goes around comes around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tit for tat!!!!!! she cheated on her husband he cheated on his wife!!!!!!!!!! he did it to his wife what made her think he wouldnt do it to her!!!!!!!! shes getting her just desserts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. tylean210

    what goes around comes around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tit for tat!!!!!! she cheated on her husband he cheated on his wife!!!!!!!!!! he did it to his wife what made her think he wouldnt do it to her!!!!!!!! shes getting her just desserts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bob

    Damn right. Bitch deserves it.

  8. Rancid

    Someone earlier pointed out that this chick looks exactly like that flying dog creature in the “Never Ending Story”.

    One of the funniest lines I’ve read here (and that is saying a lot).

  9. Leann is FUGLY

    How does a chick like this steal anyone’s man away in the first place. She’s ugly as hell! What do you guys that say you’d eat her ass and f-that see in her? Just out of curiosity.

  10. CATHY

    I could not believe it when I heard Eddie C. was with HER! Total mismatch! All I could figure out was that he was looking for a Sugar Momma because LeAnn probably does have loads of money since she has had hit songs since she was a young girl. (Personally don’t like her voice but that’s subjective.) Unfortunately, Leann was naive enough to believe she was hot enough to keep Eddie just because she got skinny. She’s simply not very pretty and Eddie is very hot and would have many beautiful women throwing themselves at him. Too bad she wrecked her marriage over this fling. Very sad for her.

    I believe Eddie is simply a cheater and probably was cheating with several others but this is the one he got caught with. He had a gorgeous wife but that won’t keep a man from being unfaithful. You know what they say, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”.

  11. How does a chick like this steal anyone’s man away in the first place. She’s ugly as hell! What do you guys that say you’d eat her ass and f-that see in her? Just out of curiosity.

  12. downlover

    YIPEE!! She is getting EXATLY what she deserves. That homewrecking piece of trash needs to crawl back under the rock she came from and quit making me Blue! The only thing that scares me is the mutation of whatever nastys these pieces of trash carry and must transmit onto others! Neither him nor her deserve the air they breathe. Their x-spouses should be thanking God they chose to take their trash elsewhere and sparing them more wasted time on what is a waste of people. LEANN RIMES SUCKS!

  13. cbme

    Jerry: I am sure that I have been called a bitch many times but not a celebrity bitch – may be that too, who knows? I believe that LeAnn’s problem in falling for this “man” is that she was just looking for someone to love. That process can be painful too, I am sure. She is still pretty young and will learn – sometimes the hard way. Has anyone heard if she has gone her own way or is she still living with EC? Some posters say she is ugly; some say she is nasty; she is a young person who has not found out how ugly even those around you,who don’t know you, can be. Show business life is different to the way most of us know life – it can give you a totally different outlook, I guess. This EC cannot be a very bright person – even if he doesn’t love her he is giving up a tremendous fortune with a lot of privileges and chances for success to be with a woman who can offer him – WHAT?
    I think EC is the one with the problems – who would want to be with someone who is willing to sell your secrets to a tabloid? That is one of the things that makes me doubt most of this story – but I am sure someone else would come along in the future to serve his purpose. I just can’t believe that a 36 year old man wouldn’t have better sense than to pull this sort of crap to hurt himself by throwing away all the chances that could be provided by LeAnn. Someone explain all this to me.

  14. cbme

    I wanted to add something that I left out of my last post. Does anyone have a guess as to whether or not EC will stand up like a man and make a remark about anything that has been reported? He seems to always “take the high road” on things. Is it because he has nothing to say or can’t make a sensible comment about anything? Looks don’t count for much if you don’t have brains to go along with them. Sometimes, you get the feeling that the man is an overaged teenager instead of a 36 year old man.

  15. Jerry

    Now be careful you don’t change your tune. Stay loyal. I’ve read where you have bad mouthed Brandi, encouraged Rimes in this afair, and referred to their new love as so wonderful. Now you are turning on LeAnn one true and authentic love. What’s Eddie going to say? Probably the same thing he said after Rimes shoved his fingers down her throat…”it’s just a publicity stunt”….”it’s not true”!!!! Any denial will be laughable and it’s been very quiet because Eddie knows his other mistress has pictures. The tabs are just waiting for him to say something studpid and deny it. I was so looking forward to seeing Eddie at the CMA awards and wearing his good pants. LOL

  16. Jerry

    For crying out loud cbme, do you even read your own posts. You asked, “Who would want to be with someone who sells your secrets to the tabloids”. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT RIMES DID WHEN SHE EXPOSED THEIR RELATIONSIP IN THE BEGINING, WHEN SHE BROUGHT THE PAP TO THE BASKETBALL GAME, WHEN THEY WENT TO MEXICO. Christ, cbme you are so turned around trying to defend Rimes your postings have become idiotic. Tell Michaela hello for me.

  17. cbme

    Read your own stuff and then tell me mine is stupid! LeAnn must face her peers on 11 Nov at the CMA. Are you dumb enough to think she wants to stand on that stage with everyone looking at her knowing that she has been cheated on? If she wanted to expose their relationship why did she not do it when she was asked about it in the beginning? You may call yourself Jerry here but we both know who you are, don’t we? LeAnn has never, in all of her years in entertainment, had one spot against her rep until now. Can the others involved say that? She is little more than a kid. I know you know what idiotic means after all the mixed up stuff you have written in these posts. I don’t care whether you believe it or not, but I am not Miachaela. I have always said in these posts that I hope EC loves her and I hope he does. I just don’t like the fact that he will probablyhurt her. Repeat: she is little more than a kid. I seriously doubt that “his other mistress” has pictures on him on 21 Oct – she was very specific about that date – wonder why? Do you think it might be possible that this woman who is so anxious to get her picture in the paper might be making it up? I know about the “friend” dropping him off, etc., some friends this guy has that are always trying to tell everything he does.

  18. cbme

    Did anyone see an article stating that Eddie Cibrian is going to sue a mag for publishing the cheating story about him and Sheana? Says it isn’t true and has hurt LeAnn. I know – I don’t care who believes what I just want to know if you saw the article or heard about it. The poster said it would be in Extra mag. Don’t know if that is even true. Please advise if you have heard this.

  19. cbme

    I just read the article from Extra stating that Eddie will sue Life & Style for the cheating story that they printed about him. As I said before, I don’t care whether you believe it or not it gives me admiration for him. I know that he is doing this for himself and LeAnn – I admire him for trying to protect his career and give LeAnn confidence that he cares about her feelings. NO, I don’t really care if it is the truth or not. I want to believe him because he is standing up and speaking out for a change- not taking the “high road” and I know it will make LeAnn feel better. God bless them both. I might have just turned into a new Eddie Cibrian fan.

  20. Jerry

    I agree with you that if the story is false Eddie has to sue but if it is true, he’s just going to prolong the mess. I no longer think Rimes planted the story but its still possible. The way she flaunts herself without embarassment is incredible. I don’t like the way Eddie’s rep worded the statement. “Lies” and “Inaccuracies” can mean anything. Why not choose one of these:
    1. “I HAVE NOT been in sexual physical contact with Sheana after June 1, 2009.”
    2. “I HAVE been in sexual physical contact with Sheana after June 1, 2009.”
    Pick what ever date you want but this makes it all “black and white”. Eddie, the truth shall set you free or it will bury you!

  21. Jerry

    I just wanted to say that there is little chance of an actual lawsuit because the magazine only reported what they were told. There is no libel if the mag believed what they were printing was true. Eddie has to sue the sources. I’ll be interested to see if a suit is actually filed in an attempt to get the mag to withdraw the story or will the mag say “We stand by our story”. This mess will continue for some time. It is what happens when three people (LeAnn, Eddie, Sheana) of very similiar character get involved.

  22. cbme

    Jerry: Many stars win lawsuits when their name is defamed. You can sue anyone for defemation of character – I don’t care if they print what they thinks is the truth or not. I even knew that this show that Eddie is in is filmed in LA; it is the rag’s responsibility to find out the truth and not say it is filmed in Miami or just print anything about a person but consider who is telling the story. I have a cousin who is a judge , and he would tell you in a minute that you are held responsible for falsehoods and defemation. It could be settled out of court or, as you say, not even filed but it is a step forward for Eddie. I could imagine that LeAnn would be happy to support a case that really hurt her. I say they should make these irresponsible people consider what they are printing about anyone.

  23. Jerry

    I think Eddie got caught and that is why LeAnn cancelled her concert. Eddie’s “lawsuit” will never happen and its just damage control. LeAnn sent Scheana a message by sucking face with Eddie at the Encore strip club after she poled danced for him. The story went right to People Mag. Classy gal. If the tabloid set-up Eddie for his denial and they release pics next week of him at Scheana’s place perhaps your defense of Eddie will not be so passionate LOL.

  24. cbme

    My defense of anyone is passionate – nobody is as stupid as you folk make them out to be. If LeAnn knows he is guilty, she would not be supporting this suit against the mag!! Hello – wake up! Whether the lawsuit happens or not, I believe that LeAnn loves him. Does anyone love you enough to stand behing you like she is for Eddie? Why is it so important to you to create misery? Whether or not she pole danced doesn’t hurt you or make her less classy. Would you believe the pictures that this Scheana person presented? I wouldn’t. She is being paid pretty good by someone I know that your name isn’t Jerry and you know that we all recognize who you are. Don’t give me an LOL – I would feel dirty with anything provided by you.

  25. Jerry

    I appreciate your passion but I think it is conflict with your values and that is why I question your motivation. Your comment that LeAnn “loves” Eddie requires the term to be defined because her “love” does not seem to hold the conventional meaning. Has LeAnn made a value determination in “loving” Eddie? I think not. Eddie seems to have no values but then neither does LeAnn. Whatever their “love” is, it is certainly not based on character that is reflected in their behavior of honesty, openness, sensitivity, empathy, respect, and compassion and I doubt either Eddie or LeAnn have any of these traits. You and I assume LeAnn’s values would not allow her to stay with a man who has sex with other women but we may very well be wrong. Perhaps LeAnn and Eddie’s values consider sex as merely a pleasurable experience and they both wish to have an open relationship with other people.

  26. cbme

    Jerry (or whoever you are): YOU ARE A LIAR!!!! In one of your posts you said that you read posts where I condemned the ex! NOT SO-! Name one of those posts. You not only make up lies about people who don’t answer back (like LeAnn and Eddie), but you lie right in the face of another poster. I am not criticizing Eddie; I said if he is guilty of what he is accused of then he is not good for LeAnn. Don’t say I said something that I did not say! I am happy for LeAnn and Eddie if they care about each other; I certainly hope they love each other even though they have the same frailties as everyone of us. You cannot condemn a person for love – whether you approve of the type of love or not.

  27. Jerry

    You accuse me of having your and LeAnn’s frailties. I have never commited adultery or lied to my partner. I do not hurt innocent people intentionally and then gloat about it. I do not deceive or manipulate people and I do not use children to better my image. You and LeAnn may have such qualities but don’t accuse the rest of us.

  28. cbme

    My, my, all the things you haven’t done! Now, how about the things that I mentioned that you have done. Don’t tell me you haven’t – I know you have this uncanny ability to judge the entire human race; following that, you have the ability to condemn those people that you judge. Your angelic soul should be elevated – you are already lecturing the rest of us!! I do not cheat either, but I do other things that could be determined as sinful – condemning, judging, and making ugly statement that I don’t know to be true. Sound familiar. Your family must be extremely proud of you with all your goodness – have they read your posts? That could possibly change their opinion of you. Good luck, Jason (or whoever)

  29. cbme

    Did you say that you have never lied to your “partner?” You aren’t just living with someone are you? Are you doing what you criticize LeAnn for ? HA HA HA HA. ” Never lied to my partner.” What a hoot and what a lie!! When you tell ‘em, you tell ‘em good, don’t you? HA HA Please forgive me: I should have known about your sainthood. You might not use kids to better your image (really – that’s what you do when you bring them up in your posts, isn’t it?) You lied which must have put a mark on your angel wings. I am bowing to the east in your honor. You are just like the rest of us – you do some good things and a w-h-o-l-e lot that aren’t so good.

  30. Love can’t be happen like this, I don’t know why people do this.

  31. ny2la

    Eddie just moved into my neighborhood in Calabasas. I saw LeAnn’s car in the driveway once. Remember, LeAnn’s in her mid twenties. It’s when you are making your mistakes, using bad judgement, and getting your heart ripped out. Eddie is sexy even though he’s a douche bag. I would bang him good and kick him to the curb, myself. From what I see, each time I drive by, he’s living their alone. She visits , though.

  32. cbme

    I believe that sometimes people, magazines, etc., just put anything in print that comes to mind. We read that LeAnn and Eddie live together; we read that Eddie lives in an apartment but spends most of the nights with LeAnn. The last poster didn’t really say one way or the other, but I guess it really doesn’t matter. They don’t have to justify it one way or another. It is really confusing trying to make sense of some of the things that are published.

  33. ny2la

    I live in a guard gated community and Eddie is renting a house there. I doubt that he bought it. I haven’t seen her car in his driveway for weeks. I doubt that they are living together. Why would he tie himself down, again, before the ink dries on his divorce papers.

  34. cbme

    All the tabloids and articles you read indicates that the reason for the divorces was for LeAnn and Eddie to be together. Maybe, he lives with her. Hard to say when everything says something different.

  35. ny2la

    She doesn’t live with him.

  36. cbme

    I guess you know something that other sources don’t, but those close to them say that he goes home for clothes, etc., but spends most nights with her. Do you know something different other than to just say she doesn’t live with him?

  37. cbme

    You wouldn’t be the ex, would you? That is a pretty close watch to be sure they don’t live together. What would you say is in the future for them? You seem to think you know or watch them pretty closely.

  38. ny2la

    Not the ex. Like I said before we live in the same gated community. I drive past his house a lot as I’m coming and going. I saw him in the grocery store today, alone. Not that it means anything. My first time seeing his face up close, too. Handsome. I’ll let y’all know if there are any LeAnn sitings LOL!!!

  39. cbme

    In the newest video that I saw today, she appeared to be driving a Porsche – I could be wrong. Doesn’t Eddie have a Porsche?

  40. ny2la

    Okay…he has a silver porsche and a brown truck. she has a black audi. I saw her audi in his driveway on the way out , today, and 20 min later, on the way back in, it was gone. So maybe she was driving his car around, today. I haven’t seen her in the neighborhood, yet, but I’ll let you know if I do..tehe. Maybe they are reading these comments and trying to mix it up with the cars, too. As a sidenote I recently watched that Northern Lights tv movie that they did on the Mac during one of my bouts with insomnia.

  41. cbme

    I liked the movie, Northern Lights – thought they both did a good job. I lived in Alaska (Fairbanks) for two years. A new video was out today with her having lunch out – she looks great.

  42. ny2la

    where do you see these videos?

  43. cbme

    I don’t believe that there is one single thing that they do that isn’t reported by the media. The tabs have reported several times that she was driving Eddie’s car. Must be terrible to be watched all the time. I don’t remember where I saw the video but it is new today.

  44. ny2la

    Seems like you and I are the only ones who cares about them….LOL!

  45. cbme

    No, there is world of posters on this subject. Keep the info coming. I believe the video is at X17.

  46. ny2la

    Okay…don’t really know how you are connected to these two but I saw that x17 video and she was at The Commons getting into a porsche but it’s not his. He has a suv one. The one thing that I was thinking is why are they residing in the soon to be ex’s neighborhood??? Why take the chance of running into one another? I find it extremely tacky and in poor taste. If I was LeAnn I’d move a couple of towns over so I wouldn’t see wifey at Rite Aid while I’m hanging out with her husband and banging him at night, just a few miles away from her and her kids. I was twenty something once and had my share of morally bankrupt experiences but COME ON!!!

  47. cbme

    I am not connected at all to LeAnn and Eddie, but I guess I am a romantic at heart – I write fiction as a hobby. I believe LeAnn is new to all this and fell very hard for this good looking guy. We do strange things when we are in our 20s. I think she wanted to be close to Eddie is why she moved there. You said you hadn’t seen her there for a while, so maybe she isn’t “banging” him at night – or any other time. I have never heard that she had a Porsche. When I saw her getting in this car before, posters said she was driving his car – don’t know. You can read one story a hundred different ways if you read that many tabloids. Have you seen her there lately? If you pull this story up anywhere, you will see how much interest is shown in this situation – good and bad.

  48. ny2la

    That car in the video is not the Porsche he drives. It might be hers or a friend’s. I do think that they are “dating” but not living in the same residence, since he gets his kids dropped off on some weekends and from what I’ve read the ex doesn’t want the kids in the same room with Leann(don’t blame her). That being said, I was thinking how Leann is going to reflect on this period in her life, some years from now, and wonder, “what the hell was I thinking?” I just can’t figure out how these papz get a hold of these two. Do they follow them in their cars? Or lurk in parking lots waiting for them to go to Ralphs or something??? I feel bad for them. It’s nice being famous but it’s better to be able to go to the store and not have these douches taking your picture and trying to ask you personal shit while you’re walking to your car. I haven’t seen her in person, yet, but I’ll tell you what, if I do I’ll just keep walking and minding my own business like I did when I saw him in the grocery store. After all he is my neighbor, now.

  49. cbme

    The ex might not want LeAnn around her kids, but when Eddie has them, the mother will have no say-so. When he is paying child support, she can’t prevent it. I guess people in show business put themselves in a place where they are going to attract the paps so they have to pay the piper. If the mother lived with EC before she married, I don’t see much difference in that and what LeAnn is doing. You will probably disagree with that, but, really, what is the difference? LeAnn is taking all the blame, but EC started this same thing with another girl 3 years ago. I am sure that when someone does anything that might be worth telling, the paps hang around neighborhood where they might find any well- known face. Wouldn’t be my thing ! Keep me posted.

  50. ny2la

    I’m not saying EC isn’t to blame. I’m saying that Leann could try and be a bit less tacky, unless those rumors of her moving to Hidden Hills are false. EC’s wife n kids live there. In case you are not familiar Hidden Hills is a gated city. I don’t see the similarity with the wife living with EC vs Leann. Whole different ball game. Besides the bigger shit was Brad Pitt and that vapid Angelina Jolie. Brad Shitt began the affair with Fangelina, denied it at first, then did this crazy magazine spread depicting them as a married couple with 6 kids, THEN went on to adopt her kids AND spawn some more biological kids with her, UGGH! That to me is much worse in some ways than the EC LR saga. Why? I dunno! It just is.

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