Eddie Cibrian already cheating on LeAnn Rimes

November 4th, 2009 // 112 Comments

Apparently Eddie Cibrian gets immediately bored with one vagina and is already cheating on his mistress-turned-girlfriend LeAnn Rimes with a previous mistress Scheana Maria Jancan, according to Life & Style:

“Eddie has recently started seeing Scheana again,” an insider tells Life & Style exclusively, noting that they were together on Oct. 21 around 1 a.m. “He told her he’s only with LeAnn for the publicity and that he plans to end things with her soon.”
“He has a friend drop him off at Scheana’s apartment, where he’ll usually spend about two hours,” the insider reveals. “Then a friend picks him up. He never spends the night at Scheana’s because he’s afraid LeAnn will catch on. But he’s made it clear to Scheana that he wants to continue seeing her.”

Wait. If you’re going to cheat, why do it with someone you’ve already cheated with before? That practically makes it a relationship which just defeats the whole purpose of cheating in the first place. Call me old-fashioned, but I always thought the point of adultery was to stick your penis in as many things as possible even if it’s a pan of muffins cooling on a window sill. (And for the last time, grandma, maybe you shouldn’t have baked them to look so sexy.)

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  1. PreCream

    Time for LeeAnn to make a video of her jabbing herself, too.

  2. Bono Voce

    Ms. Rimes is blessed with an amazing voice. As for looks…

    To put this delicately: once she finds someone who seriously loves her, she should chain herself to him.

  3. joe blow

    I’d fuck the hillbilly out of that.

  4. Holy Moly

    #3, I’d fuck Leeann, too, but that wouldn’t stop me from having my buddy drive me for a two hour booty call at Scheana’s place:


  5. Not a good look for her…you can almost see the trailer park in the background.

  6. Jon Gosselin


    I’m a celebrity and currently single. When I see fine trim like you being disrespected by your man. I think I can do that too. You should call me. I’m all your gonna get after this. So get on my train and lets go for a ride.








  10. Parker

    She should have let him have the ass. Men don’t cheat on women who want all anal all the time. They’re too hard to find.

  11. say good night to the Rough guy!

    It would be so great to give fugsexy some malt shake eyes right after she take me on a shopping spree at Bergdoff Goodman…a man can dream cant he?

  12. Delgo

    She’s beat

  13. Mama Pinkus

    that gal is homely

  14. She can’t catch a break.

  15. Wow, who is this white trash hog?

  16. Mikey

    First, she married a homo.
    Let him for a playa.
    Time to switch teams, LeeAnn! Maybe itch that sweet spot for Carrie Prejean!

  17. She looks like Falcor from the Neverending Story.

  18. cbme

    Something too pat about this story – nobody is stupid enough to give up the position that he was in. Made up – I’ll betcha – wants to see him hurt . If it is true, he needs a whole lotta help. Don’t believe an actor trying to climb up would do something to hurt himself – dependability, responssibility, etc.. He could have had the first mistress if he had wanted her long before LeAnn showed up. Get real – or, if true, Eddie, get help!

  19. Pete O'file

    Axel Rose never looked so good

  20. Jerry

    This story is from LeAnn herself. She wants to keep the buzz up. Eddie can’t be so stupid as to cheat on the albino leper Rimes for a cheap tramp like Miller. There is no up side to it. Eddie is becoming grade A meat so when he dumps ground chuck Rimes it will be for a worthy trophy.

  21. Dude of Dudes

    #4 I name you the Baby Jesus for that pic link. Well done sir.

    #6 You’ve got your mode of transportation wrong. Jon drives an ATV and not a train my good man. He’s got standards to uphold…

    LeAnn is homely as hell. Must have a rockin body or let you ride the ShitChute express. Both?

  22. Jerry

    Rimes is performing in Vegas tomorrow and we all know she loves publicity. I asked the website Celebitchy 4 times if they were being compensated by Rimes for posting this story. They refused to post my question and I invited them to contact me via email but they refused. It appears that Rimes paid Celebitchy to run the story and now I wonder if she paid The Superficial as well. Celebitchy has lost all credibility with me as they now appear as just a publicity outlet for Rimes. I hope this moderator will respond.

  23. dude

    Remind me again: who is this woman and what does she do for a living?

  24. cbme

    Jerry: Is your first or middle name Gwen? No woman in the world wants to look like she has been had – why would a woman pay some mag to make herself look like a nut. LeAnn is very talented, and she is very pretty, so why do you think she would stoop to a story like this? She has had plenty of publicity over this whole thing and all of the tickets have been sold (at least most of them) for tomorrow night’s performance. Make some sense, will you?

  25. Jerry

    Hi cbme,
    I’m just telling you Celebitchy has refused to answer my questions on site or via email as to whether Rimes paid them to run this story. I agree it makes Eddie and LeAnn look bad but they are celebrities who have intentionally made themselves look bad for months. Remember Rimes called her 26th birthday party 7 year itch and that wasn’t to funny either. I think LeAnn and Eddie play games with the media constantly and this is just one of them. They love reading these posts for laughs. I have no other explanation why Celebitchy did not post my comments or for this story.

  26. pimp

    she’s turned into a homely headed bitch…having said that, I’d still eat her ass.

  27. Poke In The Eye

    She is UGLAY and all her songs SUCK

  28. Jerry

    Do us both a favor an ask Celebitchy if Rimes paid them to run this story for publicity reasons. See if they post your question. Remind them that usmag ran a shirtless Eddie photo on Sunday for Monday’s CSI and now this story. It all seems very suspicious, unless of coarse you are from Celebitchy, then you know whats going on. Nothing like hyping a story to get webpostings on your site.

  29. tube

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  30. havoc

    Karma……she’s a bitch……


  31. samk

    God don’t like ugly…that’s what happens when you go after another woman’s husband. I find her a personal affront to all women.

  32. Jerry

    Does cb stand for celebitchy? Looks like. I did enjoy you post over there. I wouldn’t believe any of this story except for one thing. Supposedly Eddie was with miller on the 21 and LeAnn performed on the 22nd but cancelled the 23rd. Did she cancell because she found out or the magazine called for a comment? It’s the only logical thing in this whole story. Miller is a dog so I can’t imagine Eddie throwing in the towel for her unless Rimes has become just too obsessive even for Eddie.

  33. Jerry

    Check out Brandi’s twitter page. I love it.

  34. Jerry

    Checkout Brandi’s twitter page. I love it!

  35. cbme

    Jerry: LeAnn will be facing a group of her peers on 11 Nov 2009 at the CMA awards. Do you think she wants to face them after this story? Publicity is one thing but I can’t see this as being good publicity. No, I am not from Celebitchy, and I would assume that most sights would like to run a picture of a shirtless, good lookin man to attract all the females. I can’t see that as doing a favor for LeAnn. I wish that LeAnn would dump him if he is going to hurt her – anyone who loved you would act like it and he doesn’t, but I still do not believe this story. From looking at their pictures together, he just looks cold. Any man just beginning to be noticed in the show business spectrum would be an idiot to pull something like this. It makes you look like you don’t have much sense. Why would a man give up all the big bucks, and a young, pretty woman for a woman who is known for her one-night stand with John M.? I would hope that he cares about LeAnn without consideration of her $’s, but if he doesn’t and just wants the funds, he would still be pretty stupid to pull this stunt. I believe this Schauna (?) was paid for this story; how else could you account for a man giving up so much for a woman who tells all she knows to anyone who will listen? Maybe I should say anyone who will pay?

  36. joe blow


    Karma indeed. Now she’ll understand what the lyrics to “Blue” actually mean.

  37. Jerry

    Very well said but unless you post the question to celebitchy as to whether or not Rimes paid them to run the story, I think you are celebitchy like in “me at cb”. Like I said, the concert cancellation is suspicious but might be just a coincidence. On the other hand, it might very well be true that Eddie is a sex addict and Rimes is in for a world of hurt. She better get use to these kinds of stories because everyone is just looking for this to happen.

  38. I’m still shocked so many women don’t realize: what he does WITH you, he will eventually do TO you. If he cheated on his wife with you, even if he leaves his wife for you, what the hell is going to stop him from cheating on you?

  39. lola

    I don’t know if I believe it, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Karma is a bitch.

  40. Turd the third

    It would look a hell of a lot better if she cut her hair and put that beard and mustache back on…..

  41. ada

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  42. IKE

    Yeah, but isn’t LeeAnn a few cards short of a deck? Wasn’t she teetering on that “Fatal Attraction” line before?
    Probably not a good move by Eddie to go poke new some poon behind the nutcase’s back…..at least not THIS soon.
    This story will continue on CNN.com in a month or so.

  43. Goodone

    You’re funny – lmao

  44. ppl

    To #17, she does resemble Falcor… that was a good catch

    • dountothers

      Yes,I think she does look like Falcor.She should realize that if a guy cheats once.he will cheat again…and that goes for the ladies….But she was a cute little girl till her face streched out.

  45. Chicken Fillet

    Don’t you just love these cheating bitches who think they found Mr.Right, only to get treated like a piece of rib-eye with a hole in it? I guess when you marry a gay guy like this twit did, you need to get da cock from somewhere. Who’s gonna touch the rancid bitch now?

  46. shes looking sexy!

  47. E

    Onces a cheater always a cheat

  48. E

    Onces a cheater always a cheat

  49. E

    Onces a cheater always a cheat

  50. Bebe

    Are we supposed to be surprised at this news Superficial? As though, Eddie Cibrian was going to be faithful with Leann after not being faithful to his wife of his sons.

    Eddie is going through an early mid-life crisis. He wants to see what is out there. He’s not settling down anytime soon for any woman!!!!

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