Eddie Cibrian is a fish. Or something.

Eddie Cibrian is having a hard time after his wife publicly left him over allegations he had an affair with LeAnn Rimes. People reports:

Now, Cibrian, 36, who was seen spending time with Rimes, 26, last month, is speaking out about his personal drama.
“I don’t know how people perceive me,” he tells Entertainment Tonight in an interview airing Tuesday. “What I do know is when you reach a certain point in your career you’re placed in this unfair fishbowl.”

“Unfair fishbowl?” I don’t get. Is LeAnn Rimes’ vagina the fish food? Or is someone going to flush Eddie Cibrian down a toilet? Also, at what point do my parents buy a new fish thinking I won’t notice, but instead I grow up with trust issues that leave me incapable of having anything but shallow, sex-based relationships with women? I’ve said too much. Or just enough…

Photo: Getty