Ed McMahon’s house saved by Donald Trump (Hurray!)

August 15th, 2008 // 31 Comments

Ed McMahon’s house was on the verge of foreclosure until a lone toupee-d knight swooped in and saved him. The Donald is feeling benevolent these days and worked out a deal to buy Ed’s house and lease it right back to him. People reports:

Trump, who does not know McMahon personally, said it “would be an honor” to help out the man who spent three decades as Johnny Carson’s sidekick on The Tonight Show. “When I was at the Wharton School of Business I’d watch him every night.”
McMahon, 85, bought the six-bedroom house in January 1990. Down from a peak price of $7 million, the property was listed at a bargain $4.6 million last weekend, according to the Los AngelesTimes.

Damn, that’s some heartwarming stuff. In the midst of a nationwide housing crisis, I couldn’t help but worry that Ed McMahon wouldn’t get to die in a giant mansion. But now, thanks to Donald Trump and his triumph of the human spirit, Ed won’t have to spend his remaining years in some crummy luxury condo overlooking the coast. If that’s not the feel good story of the year, folks, I don’t know what is.


  1. Tara

    FIRST you simpering cunts

  2. I doubt Donald Trump has done this out of compassion. There is no such thing as helping others when it comes to Donald Trump. He likes to make it look that way, but his purpose is not to help others, he only helps himself. If he decided to buy out Ed McMahon’s house, it’s because he could see hidden value and an undeniable return on investment. Ed McMahon may be in more trouble than he was before, but he doesn’t realize it.

  3. Uncle Eccoli

    Angie’s right. Trump figures it’ll take about the same amount of time for the real estate market to recover as it will for old Ed to kick it.

  4. Ted from LA

    This is the biggest philanthropic move in the history of the planet. It’s HUGE. I have never had a drink or done a drug in my life. This is going to be the biggest deal in the history of home buying in the entire world. It’s HUGE.

  5. rough daddy

    there must be some way his making money out of this…first the publicity then comes the money…

  6. Not That Guy

    Fuck Ed McMahon. If he was smart he would have kept a couple of those giant checks he hauled around. Then one day he could walk in to the bank and yell “You’re all winners, you pasty mother fuckers!” and slam down a big check.

    And while I am at it, fuck Jay Leno too. I hope he gets crushed under one of his shitty collectible cars. Then dogs eat his horribly large chin right off od his goddamn face. Prick.

    And fuck the rest of you too. Fuckers.

  7. Crazy Old Bitch

    Let’s go burn that motherfucker to the ground!

    I’m Crazy Old Bitch, and I approve of this message.

  8. Ted from LA

    While we’re talking about outstanding human beings, be sure to tune in to Oprah today. It appears she has discovered that there are people living in poverty in America. She’s shocked. Perhaps if she didn’t have over a billion dollars all hogged to herself, some other people might have enough money to actually feed their kids. Gayle is in on this episode too. I think it ends with Oprah eating Gayle’s pussy while rolling on her bed with hundred dollar bills as far as the eye can see. Rated R for sexual content.

  9. Crystal

    Is it really that big of a deal to be first? Apparently…YES! I don’t get it?

  10. Uncle Eccoli

    @9 Only to simpering cunts. There’s nothing to get.

  11. mrs.t

    It seems McMahon blew his wad on awesomely giant bifocals and dentures.

  12. There has just GOT to be a way to blame this on someone darkie somehow…..

    I’m hungry….. AGAIN!!!

  13. venomhed

    I hate Americans. We worship and praise the already wealthy and successful, and treat the poor and uneducated like garbage.

    The LAST person on this planet to need help is Ed McMahon for living beyond his means.

    Screw him. Donald Trump is an asshole and Ed for accepting his money while not giving it to someone that doesn’t even have a home.

  14. raqs

    is he julian mcmahon’s dad?

  15. NY Ted

    Trump: O.K. Ed you fucking drunk loser…I now own your fucking useless
    soul. You can live here until you die…but then you are

    Ed: Hrmmph….You are correct SIR…!

  16. juicy

    Wouldn’t it have been more compassionate for Trump to help those poor people in this country who are living in poverty and who can’t feed their kids? How is bailing out some old fuck who had millions and didn’t know how to manage his money an act of compassion? This makes me sick. The rich helping the rich. Fuck them all.

  17. Big Joe

    While I agree that ‘Ol Ed should have helped himself, there are plenty of social programs in this country to help out the poor. When are you fucking whiny liberals gonna realize that this country is made up of “have’s” and “have-nots”? You’re supposed to work for the things you want/need. Yes, there are those that can not physically work, but the majority of people living below poverty level are victims/recipients of multi-generational social/welfare programs. This is a capitalist society and if you’re loaded asshole, like Trump, you don’t have to help a goddamned soul besides yourself. There is no Constitutional law that states “if you’re richer then God himself, you have to help those that want to sponge off the government.”

  18. lloyd johnson

    big joe, you seem to forget about all of those people serving you food, sweeping floors, stocking shelves, etc. everyday to feed their families. they aren’t “lazy” or “asking for handouts”, They’re simply poor americans. They make up the majority of the people under the poverty level. It amazing how transparent poor people are.

  19. farty_mcshitface

    don’t worry big joe, if the great obama (our messiah) has his way, he will stick it to those evil bastards like trump. he will strip them of their wealth and redistribute it through government hands and then there will be no more poor people and everyone will be happy.
    of course limousine liberals like most entertainers will manage to cozy up to him to see THEIR wealth isn’t affected but, those damn business jerks– those fuckers are gonna pay!!

  20. fuck you ed

    Ed McMahon can felch the peanut out of my rectum. Fuck him and his whinebag “oh poor me”. He can add my $50k debt, $4k in savings, and $16k in retirment to his pathetic life. I’m doing it.

  21. roop

    You’d think with all the “friends” he has in Hollywood that someone would have helped him out.

    It’s nice that Trump helped him out although perhaps it’d be a more genuine gesture had it been made personally instead of publicly.

  22. Big Joe

    @ Lloyd Johson-tis not true what you speak of…when was the last time you were in a McD’s? Ever notice that the majority are high school kids and/or Mexicans? H.S. kids more then likely live at home w/ their parents…Mexicans simply live 40 deep in an apartment and send money home to Mexico to their families. And the people that are working and still not making ends meet, my hat goes off to them for not sitting on their ass, but they still have free clinics, free health care for their kids. Nobody told them not to go to college. There are more minority scholarships available to Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, Native Americans, etc, then their are for the majority of whites. This country gives every individual the right to make their own way. It may not be easy, nothing ever is (except for gov’t handouts), but those that keep pushing get ahead. Now, Lloyd, go give half your paycheck to the bum on the corner that needs some pot and liquor…it’s only fair you share your hourly wage job paycheck w/ him….me, I just traded stock on E-trade in Beijing….how cool is that.

  23. venomhed

    Obama, hahahaa.

    I really hope Obama does win. That way all those whiny n!ggers can finally see that corruption, lying, stealing, deceit and politics are colorless. This time a n!gger will lead us down the wrong path.

    Next up? A woman president. Ohhhh, wow, can’t wait to see where the cUntry goes with that one….

  24. drew

    Wow~~This guy was once a vip member of Richromances.com. It is said he is interested in dating supermodels over there

  25. Horible debt for college (morons must die)

    Ummm college puts the poor in massive debt. Big Joe did you finish high school. You don’t sound very bright.

  26. donald trump’s own words: FUCK THE MINORITIES!!

  27. gabán de tercera

    aha no mames.

  28. necesitamos ser mas sustanciuales en nuestros comentarios

  29. Cheech & Chong

    Viva la Puta!!!!



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