Goddammit, Rolling Stone

July 17th, 2013 // 179 Comments
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Because apparently Jann Wenner‘s kid is picking the covers now, Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is on the cover of Rolling Stone‘s August issue which, if you haven’t heard by now, has caused some shit. And understandably so because what the goddamn fuck?! I get that there’s an exhaustively researched piece in the issue that’s probably going to be very well-written and delves deep into how this kid grew up in Boston yet succumbed to his brother’s extremism and sought revenge for America’s military actions overseas. That’s important stuff to dig into because the fact that our bullshit war on terror is just creating more terrorists is something that needs to be talked about in more than just recaps of Homeland episodes. But that doesn’t mean you put a dreamy picture of a terrorist on your cover where it looks like he’s about to perform at The Bowery Ballroom with the Grizzly Bears. I get that there’s a “Free Jahar” movement out there – Which apparently is a lucrative magazine purchasing market? – but let’s not forget Dzhokhar Tsarnaev willingly and knowingly placed a backpack with a homemade crockpot bomb just a few feet away from an innocent little boy standing on the railing, watching the race with his dad:

Martin Richard

That poor kid is dead because Dzhokhar Tsarnaev couldn’t find a better way to shed light on American atrocities than blowing up innocent bystanders. And don’t get me wrong, I know we’re drone striking schoolkids left and right and barely anybody’s talking about it, but Christ, man, you grew up here. And if there’s one thing we preach, but hardly ever practice, it’s be better than your enemy. (Although, in fairness, I read way too many comic books.) But I’m getting off point and that’s choosing the deadly path of least resistance should probably also explode your right to be on the cover of a pop culture magazine looking like the sexy Instagram terrorist. So to Rolling Stone, I really hope the troll was worth the price of making anyone who doesn’t adopt a hard, right-wing stance on terrorism look like they want to make out with Jihadists now. Somewhere there’s a Breitbart shithead with an erection crossing “Liberal rag blatantly glamorizing terrorism” off his Christmas list, so well played.


  1. This picture looks like it belongs on the cover of Tiger Beat: Terrorist Heartthrobs special edition.

    • EricLR

      Yeah, good thing Osama Bin Laden wasn’t young and good-looking. They probably would have done a full photo spread.

  2. elephantman

    Morgue should be on the front cover not this piece of shit!

  3. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Rolling Stone Cover
    Commented on this photo:

    To be fair, the text on the cover says, “How a Popular, Promising Student Was Failed by His Family, Fell into Radical Islam and Became a Monster,” which is hardly a ringing endorsement. I’d argue that the photo selection is an interesting statement about how terrorists don’t generally have upside-down crosses tattooed on their foreheads and horns, and how otherwise “normal” people can fall so far.

    On the other hand, I probably would have gone with his mugshot or one of the hospital photos to avoid even the appearance of glamor, so there’s that.

    • Slappy Magoo

      Rolling Stone is at times so douchey that “How a Popular, Promising Student Was Failed by His Family, Fell into Radical Islam and Became a Monster” could just as easily have been the title for an article about Marilyn Manson 5 years ago.

    • FFS

      But omg! he is so cute!
      So dreamy, i wonder if he would protect me if that girl Marcia was mean to me at school!
      I bet he works out – gah so hot!!

      *not my real thoughts but the point is glamourizing him in this front cover/pin up way pretty much trivialises a very serious event. Young girls are dumb as shit and cannot be trusted with their own thoughts when it comes to ‘cute boys’ and shall we all remember the psychoteens who thought Rhianna should have shut up after Chris Brown beat the shit out of her? and blamed her? this is a whole new level of victim blaming that sensationalizes the failing of his country and what was this poor cute boy to do ? its YOUR FAULT!”

  4. tlmck

    Rolling Stone is still in business? Surely they can no longer be relevant, not that they ever were.

  5. “but let’s not forget Dzhokhar Tsarnaev placed a backpack with a homemade crockpot bomb just a few feet away from this innocent little boy hanging on the railing, waiting to see his daddy cross the finishing line:”

    Actually he was standing with his father in the crowd. Bill Richard was supposed to run but dropped out. The family was cheering on friends. (I thought a grandfather was running, but I’m not seeing anything mentioning that now.)

    “Martin’s 7-year-old sister, Jane, lost a leg in the explosion. The children’s mother, Denise, suffered a head injury and lost vision in an eye. Their father, Bill, received shrapnel wounds and burns and suffered hearing loss. The eldest child, Henry, was unharmed.”

  6. Fucking idiots. Thankfully, RS has been that magazine grandpa keeps in his bathroom for years now, so it shouldn’t do too much damage. Nice choice of picture, though. A little more airbrushing and he actually could be indistinguishable from a deer fawn.

    They either don’t get or more likely don’t care that the text does not matter. It is like that awful Teen Mom show on MTV. If it has a soundtrack and is sandwiched between “entertainment,” it becomes entertainment, and thus is glamorized. He had might as well be Bieber — the intended effect is identical.

  7. “That poor kid is dead because Dzhokhar Tsarnaev couldn’t find a better way to shed light on American atrocities than blowing up innocent bystanders.”

    Guilty until proven innocent huh?

    Sounds like your butthurt rhetoric only further proves why Rolling Stone needed to do this. Maybe if you spent more time reading the news and understanding how our court system works, instead of just going along with mainstream media pandemonium, you would know this kid was most likely framed by Craft members who were ALL OVER THE PLACE before and after the bombing.

    Let’s not forget the bombing drills that took place before the race, including bomb sniffing dogs, that were quietly left out of all news reports.

    I really enjoyed this website but now thanks to this shitty post, not so much anymore…

  8. “our bullshit war on terror is just creating more terrorists”

    Thats like saying, “Bullshit websites about the entertainment industry creates more quality entertainment.”

    I swear Fish, whenever you stray into political territory that you clearly know nothing about and away from superficial commentary about superficial people America dies just a little bit more.

  9. Scott

    So, by fighting them, we are just “creating more terrorists”, eh? Fish, you sound like the kind of weenie who, if you’d been alive during WW2, would have said fighting the Nazis “is just creating more Nazis”. It’s defeatist bulls**t.

    • Scott (also)

      First time commenting here, and it’s because you share my name, but also because what you said is clearly nonsense. The way we’ve been approach terrorism and countries that don’t like America is, in and of itself, creating more terrorism and countries that don’t like America. It could be because to them we all come off as like small-minded, blindly patriotic fools, and your comment certainly wouldn’t help that view.

      Defeatism and knowing when to change up your strategy are two different things.

      • Scott (also)

        Before we get bogged down by grammar, i meant to type “approaching”

      • Scott

        You sound like a college age know-it-all. It’s okay, I was one myself once, 20 years ago. What I said was not nonsense at all. It comes from wisdom, which comes from experience. It also comes from actually reading the Koran, which condones the most horrible violence and terrorism imaginable so long as it advances the cause of Islam. Do some research, and hopefully you will see that anyone who tells you Islam is a religion of peace is a liar or a fool.

      • Scott (also)

        Said nothing of the religion of Islam, or the Koran. What you said here, specifically about the nazi’s and defeatism, that was nonsense.

      • Take it to World Net Daily or some other crazy right-wing shithole. Superfish is a liberal. His website, his rules. Don’t like it? Please feel free to fuck off to Free Republic.

      • Scott

        Hey, jerky…I never said Fish can’t post what he wants. I just called him out for posting something stupid

      • Was it more or less stupid than your bigoted rant that tried to paint every Muslim in the world with the same broad strokes?

      • There’s no question ‘Fish leans left, but a frank and open discussion of this matter should not be discouraged. I’m guessing 25-30% of ‘Fish’s readership leans conservative based on the comments. His brand of humor and celebrity-bashing is mostly apolitical that is funny regardless of who you vote for. But once in a while he’ll get on his soapbox and announce which side is bread is buttered. I like that Scott and Scott (Also) are debating in a relatively civil manner. Keep it coming Round 3. Fight!

      • It also comes from actually reading the Koran, which condones the most horrible violence and terrorism imaginable…

        Funny how the people who make this argument never ascribe the same literalism to the Bible, which instructs the godly to stone adulterers, fortune-tellers, and people who dare touch Mount Sinai, among lots of other transgressions. Plus lots of other stuff, like condoning slavery, but you’ve probably heard it all before and I think I’ve made my point here.

      • And very nicely, too.

      • The difference Tom or Frank is that Christians evolved and hence the problem with Islam. Not evolving……….

      • Evolution is a tool of the devil.

  10. Beer for thought

    Oh people need to just fucking calm down already. Why has our society become so sensitive to stupid shit. Did people get mad about this picture being in the news? no. what’s the difference. they’re telling his story, there not just saying hey look it’s that terrorist! I’m sure lots of magazines have had pictures of worse people on the cover. Is it just because it’s Rolling Stone? If it was Time magazine I don’t think it would be an issue at all.

    • Beer for thought

      p.s. thought I may have to clear this up, I’m not trying to down play the situation at all, this little shit deserves to be raped in hell for the rest of eternity, I’m simply referring to the magazine article and photo. Even the media should have the right to write and talk about whatever the want, it’s free speach.

      • Scott (also)

        I agree here. The story should be told. People should know what made this kid do what he did even though we can never understand it fully. The fact that the picture they chose looks like one of the Jonas brothers is another thing entirely. But this is media, and it wouldn’t be the first time they made someone we should all hate appear fuckable. USA!

      • Beer for thought

        Exactly. Aren’t people the least bit curious as to what happened to this kid to make him do such a thing? It could explain how this happened and maybe we could even learn from it, who knows! Just because it is a sensitive issue doesn’t mean you should shy away from talking about it. Rolling Stone had the balls to actually talk about it and I see that as a good thing. People would rather just turn a blind eye rather than learn the real reasons behind why tragedies happen. Living is easy with eyes closed I guess.

      • Scott (also)

        I agree, and I think rolling stone is the type of outlet, like the superficial, where time can be taken from talking about purely superficial things and comment on something important – the cultural, religious or ideological influences that make people do awful things. Unfortunately, if they had picked a different picture they might have gotten less hate from the audience that most needs to think about it that way.

      • “Free speech” just means the government can’t censor you. It doesn’t make people automatically exempt from criticism, and it doesn’t make every fucktarded thought people have suddenly sacrosanct.

      • Scott (also)

        I should specify that I don’t read rolling stone nor do I personally care to know why this kid is an asshole. This argument is interesting to me though, and I’d rather be of the thinking that the article itself is more important than the picture that advertises it.

        All that said, I love this site and even when I don’t agree with the direction of a post, it’s always entertaining to read. That’s sort of the point of reading a site like this right?

      • It’s free SPEECH – not only can’t you fucking spell it, you clearly have no idea what it means. It means they have the right to say or print what they want without government interference, censorship or imprisonment – and that’s it. It doesn’t mean they’re protected from libel or immune to boycotts or criticism from the public if they feel they’re objectionable, reckless or just fucking stupid, because that criticism or boycott or whatever is their right.

        You and scott are totally missing the point. I have no problem with an article that does try to answer the “why” question (my extreme skepticism that RS is the man for the job is another issue) but if that’s your intent, don’t fucking skew things by deliberately selecting what could be a match.com photo from this POS’s FB. Because if you’re at all serious about getting your thoughts out there, way to prevent that from happening. Now, if they’d contrasted it with his mug shot I could see using it, but glamorizing terrorism and making Fuckable Muslim Wannabe-Martyrs an actual celebrity category is not a laudable goal in my book. Or are you both completely unaware that the real target audience for this photo is all the “he’s too cuuute to be guilty” idiot tweeters who got tired of importuning Chris Brown to give them a beatdown?

      • Beer for thought

        First of all, I realized that I had made a really stupid spelling error the second I posted that, you don’t need to be the asshole that points it out. I’m so sorry I compromised strangers impressions of me in a fucking celeb blog post by spelling a word wrong, what ever will I do!
        Second, no dude, your missing the point. I didn’t say people didn’t have the right to disagree, I simply said that Rolling Stone had the right to do what they did, and it’s comparable to any other news story; in newspapers, websites, on TV etc. I have seen this picture before, it didn’t fucking shock me one bit. I have not read the article but the title does not imply glamorization at all, it actually makes him sound exactly like it should.
        You do realize that there IS a group of idiots that do think that right? (that he is a martyr) This is what’s going on, we all knew about it already. It’s all part of the same story. We know what this man did, does he need to only be seen in mug shots from now on to remind you? Maybe they’re putting it out there in that fashion for a reason, or maybe they just picked a fucking picture of the dude that’s already been in the media for a while.

      • “Maybe they’re putting it out there in that fashion for a reason”.

        Gee, ya think?

        A few points: First, no one is calling for the magazine to be confiscated, for the RS office to be burned down, or its editor to be imprisoned, so wheeling up the ill-applied “free speech” (yeah, we so believe the typo excuse) bandwagon to defend this issue is a spectacularly irrelevant red herring. It’s also pretty hypocritical of you, since you’re the one here who’s using it to criticize Fish for what he chose to “write and talk” about.

        Second, regardless of the fact that the photo isn’t new, it’s certainly been repurposed here, so stop being disingenuous about that fact. RS’s use of it, along with the title, DOES attempt to piggyback of the furor his defenders and followers have generated, namely they find him adorable, cute and therefore completely innocent, or just misled by bad, old (not as handsome and therefore conveniently dead) elder brother. Yes, he was raised here, and yes, it might be somewhat interesting to know why his alienated alpha brother was able to get his weed-smoking younger sibling to follow him, but my biggest suspicion is that the article isn’t all that, and RS is counting on the furor over the photo to ensure its lack of insight goes unnoticed.

        My personal conjecture aside, if you’re seriously going to suggest that RS is utterly unaware of the image’s Teen Dream aura and just chose it by pure accident and is now shocked! shocked, I tell you! about the reaction, you’re far too naïve to be running around loose.

      • Beer for thought

        Holy shit buddy your gonna have a heart attack, deep breaths, it’s just a magazine article. You really don’t understand sarcasm either eh?

  11. Kodos

    When Rolling Stone stopped making music & the industry the focus of the magazine, and started thinking it was qualified to provide social & political commentary, it became irrelevant.

    A lesson to learn there, Fish.
    Stick to pretty celebrity trainwrecks and titties. You don’t have the brainpower to engage in much else, based upon your asnine political acumen.

  12. Smapdi

    I figured after his friends said on television how much weed Dzhokhar smoked, some weedy media outlet would do an apologia for him. Didn’t expect it would be Rolling Stone, mostly because I thought they went out of business years ago.

  13. Paully Boston Baby!

    Hey Superficial…THANKS! As a Bostonian who watched from my office these terrible events unfold, and had friends and family affected…and is also BS w this ridic mag cover. Just thanks for calling them on it.


  14. Cock Dr

    If your cover choices are Beyonce, Rihanna or the surviving accused Boston Marathon terrorist suspect……hmmm….I don’t think I can throw any stones(!) on this one.

    • elephantman

      Well put Dr.

    • Well, the cover choices look like they were Willie Nelson, Jay-Z, and Robin Thicke, but it’s all the sa—oh wait, were we cheated out of possibly having Emily Ratajkowski on the cover? Now I see why Fish is upset.

      • Cock Dr

        Thank god it wasn’t Kanye or a Kardashian cover.
        Unfortunately most pop culture rags this month have some version of a “ISN”T BABY NORTH THE MOST PHYSICALLY PERFECT CHILD EVER BORN?” blasted across their covers. Makes a woman lose her appetite while waiting to pay for her lunch salad.

  15. inkydinky

    if jann wenner’s kid had had his legs blown off or worse at the boston marathon, this wouldn’t be on the cover. this rag is a POS and has been for years.

  16. God darnit Mr. Lamarr, you use your tongue perttier than a twenty dollar whore.

  17. Why is young Bob Dylan on the cover of the RS terrorist issue?

  18. Oh Jesus Christ it is a fucking photo. That is the guy, that is what he looks like, what the fuck are they going to use? Plenty of bad people have been on the cover of magazines that they have done stories on since the beginning of magazines.

    Unless you are a fucking moron, I am sure no one is looking at this cover and going,” OMG, he is so dreamy, he must be innocent now, I am going to become just like him and also profess my love for him.”

    Unless I am wrong I don’t see anywhere that Rolling Stone called this guy innocent or endorsed what he did etc etc so this fake furor is utter BS. Just a picture, just a story.

  19. Slappy Magoo

    All the girls want to know…Who’s The Cutest Boy on Death Row?

  20. Old School

    Welcome to Fox News America – what’s today’s OUTRAGE!!!?

    grow a pair and go back to work

  21. Ben Dover

    fuck rolling stone

  22. First it was Time magazine naming Adolph Hitler “man of the year”, and now this? It’s like every 75 years american magazines do something really stupid.

  23. “That poor kid is dead because Dzhokhar Tsarnaev couldn’t find a better way to shed light on American atrocities than blowing up innocent bystanders.”

    Guilty until proven innocent huh?

  24. Me thinks any publicity is good publicity for Rolling Stones as they have been shit in terms of the music decades. It makes good toilet paper though.

  25. papastryfe

    rolling stone, you idiots. can someone remind them they’re not TIME magazine? To TIME’s credit, they put the pictures on the cover and write about it in a *wades into shark territory* analytically news appropriate fashion (leave the Left/Right politics in the barracuda tank please). If the kid was a rock-star who fell from grace, I MIGHT be inclined to give them a pass. MIGHT, because then it’d actually be remotely relevant to RS. EVEN STILL…idiots.

  26. Monty83

    I find it interesting how Fish refers to him as “Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev”

    Which court case has found him guilty of committing that crime?

    • Take that shit to InfoWars.

    • Exactly. The author of this article apparently just takes mainstream media’s word as an automatic incrimination. Also, let’s not forget that he plead “not guilty” to every charge brought up before him.

    • Yeah, I guess it was some other guy named Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who scrawled his confession on the inside of a boat where he was hiding from the police. There must be, what, 40 or 50 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s who look exactly the same in the greater Boston area, right?

    • Pat C.

      No one has been convicted of killing Nicole Simpson. Does that mean no one actually killed Nicole Simpson? Just because a fact has not been “proven” by the standards of the American judicial system doesn’t make it not a fact.

    • Pat C.

      It just occurred to me that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were never convicted in a court of law. So they should always be referred to as the “alleged Columbine High School killers”.

      • I’ve never seen proof of Columbine’s accreditation, so people need to refer to them as the “alleged Columbine High school (alleged) killers” around me, or I’ll pick nits on the internet like a motherfucker.

      • English Teacher Anni

        :) nice.

    • People Suck

      Um, if we wait for an American court, with these douchebag lawyers and stupid jurors to find someone guilty, the lunatic assholes will soon be running the asylum. Sorry, but there is not really a question that he did it, and I just have to pray that he isn’t tried in that cesspool we call Florida, or this asshat will not only walk free, but get a free “bomb-building kit” as a consolation prize.

      • People Suck

        And, yes, I know he’s being tried in Boston….just wanted to insert a FL comment, so I did. Sue me.

    • The same one that found George Zimmerman not guilty, but apparently they were wrong so………..

  27. English Teacher Anni

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Fish at his best. Nicely said.

  28. anonymous

    That’s a purdy magazine cover. They should pass it out to all the other inmates at the prison he is in.

  29. English Teacher Anni

    That made me giggle. :)

  30. WhiskeyDust

    Why is it that we get full photo and video coverage of the Aurora shooter but we get childish 3rd grade cartoon drawings of this retarded shithook in court? I WANT to see his fucked up face and injuries. I WANT to see him in the light he created for himself; not some GQ glamor shot on the cover of a magazine I once respected.

  31. Shasta

    Actually Fish, the Free Jahar loonies are just as pissed because the cover refers to Dzhokhar as “The Bomber”. Shit you not. Although I suppose it’s easier to believe now that we have some of the crazies crying about how he’s innocent in this comment section, too.

  32. Deacon Jones

    So Luthraz,

    You are questioning the charges, his confession, etc, yet you are also referring to the “mainstream media” ( I always liked how this worked, especially when Fox News repeatedly brags about how their ratings are bigger than all other cable news stations combined).

    So…what exactly, is your theory on what actually happened? Let me guess, it was our government that orchestrated the bombing, right?

    • catapostrophe

      So Deacon,

      You aren’t questioning anything.

      So what exactly is your theory on what actually happened? Let me guess–it happened exactly the way you were told it happened–right?

      • Deacon Jones

        No, not at all.

        I think the entire Boston FBI field office, US Marshals, and Boston PD were all “in” on it. You see, it was staged so we could go to war with Chechnya.

      • catapostrophe

        I think that you’re being facetious and actually do believe everything you’re told to believe. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Everything goes a lot more smoothly if everyone is on the same page.

    • I follow a few FB pages whose admins pretty much hate everything and everyone with respect to American politics (that’s what I like about them), and have followers on the far left, far right and everything in between; some of the more conspiracy minded admins/followers from both sides suggest that 9/11 and Boston were inside jobs; EVERYONE rails against the mainstream media, and considers Fox News to be just another corporate owned mainstream media outlet.

    • My theory is that he was a patsy for the Craft men who were around before and after the bombing, talking on walkie talkies to one another and even on top of buildings in the area. They called one or both of them up, told them to meet them or go somewhere, got them on random security camera, blew the explosions, hung out for a bit and tore up some bleachers looking for something, and then left.

      Let’s not forget there was a bombing drill at the start and finish of the race before anything happened. What media outlet reported that though?

      What I’d like to really see is the undeniable evidence these brothers planted the bombs. Where is the security camera that captured that?

      Also, why did Boston Police go down to Florida, act like they were questioning one of the brother’s friends and then murder the same friend the next day and get caught lying about said friend being armed?

      It’s the little details you have to pay attention to in any case like this.

      • And how come no one reported on the fact that there were all those wheelchairs already set out at the marathon finish line? Obviously they knew in advance that something was going to happen. Wheelchairs at a marathon finish line—that’s just crazy!

    • I honestly don’t have enough facts to make a theory yet. All I have is the two brothers walking by a camera with backpacks on, them running and them getting the shit kicked out of them by Police, Boston being shut down, and the only one alive finally able to talk after the fact pleading not guilty.

      • Gee, how easily you gloss over the murder of an MIT cop and a carjacking and robbery in your headlong rush to get to the “getting the shit kicked out of them by (Capital P) police” part. Funny how you’re nailed to the oh-so-non-judgmental-I-don’t-have-all-the-facts-yet cross when it comes to looking at what you’re sure is a “mainstream media” set-up slam-dunk, but somehow a gun battle with the suspects shooting in a suburban neighborhood morphs into cops “kicking the shit out of them” – along with the implication that the MBTA wasn’t successful in pulling a pre-planned Jack Ruby on both their asses.

        Crawl back under the rock, you’ve embarrassed yourself enough for one day.

      • Apparently your capacity for self-humiliation is boundless. My, what a lot of exposed ass you’re showing today.

      • catapostrophe

        I liked the part when the dastardly bomber kids started throwing bombs at the policemen. I wondered, “Wow! How many bombs did these bombers build?” A non-stop thrill ride from start to finish, and it seems everyone tuned in anxious to see what would happen next!

    • This is kind of interesting. It claims Craft agents were involved…


  33. This is not about exploring home grown terrorism. This is about making money.

  34. Frankly, the marketing people at Rolling Stone are a bunch of geniuses. This is the most press and attention that magazine has gotten in years, as they are struggling to hang on to business. They’re no longer a weekly publication and their issues are teeny tiny, so I guess glamorizing the shit out of a terrorist and causing this massive scandal is the best way they knew how to get some free press and you know what? It totally worked. Evil geniuses, but geniuses nonetheless…

  35. Well, in their defense, murder is VERY sexy. $4.99 an issue, for ten bucks we’ll throw in a Che Guevera shirt!

  36. FU

    Americans should only should read about shopping and celebrities, your brains cant process much more than that.

    • It gets tiring leading the world in countless areas.

      • catapostrophe

        Incarceration rate, prison population, oil importation, trade deficit, divorce rate, crime rate, rape rate, murder rate, obesity, teen substance abuse, health care cost, military spending, national debt …

      • Man how terrible. Why would anyone jump a fence or float on a raft to get here? Wow. I might even leave tomorrow. Just kidding, it is pretty great here.

      • catapostrophe

        You referenced how we lead the world in “countless areas”. I was merely counting a few of them. Now you go.

  37. I respectfully disagree. This is PRECISELY the photo I want…one which looks absolutely NOTHING like the stereotypical image of a terrorist. The photo strikes to the heart of the ineffectiveness of racial profiling to provide security against radical Islamists. Wonder why your grandma gets randomly searched at the airport? This photo is why. The general populace still seems to have a very limited understanding of our opponents in this war, and of Islam as a whole. If we understood the breadth of Islamic culture and reach, we would understand that the specific form of anti-American radical Islam which we are fighting has no particular race, sex, age, ethnic identity, or geographic restriction. We are at war with an ideology, not a religion, and certainly not a “look”. Know thine enemy, folks.

    • That’s a great argument – most people do think of terrorists as demonic, bearded, turbaned nutjobs, but to say a true awareness of the face of modern terrorism is why grandma is being strip-searched at the airport gives TSA far too much credit. And I think you’re doing the same for RS here. If that was really their intent, why choose a dreamy, soft-focus portrait rather than one of the other more realistic everyday photos from his, or his friends’, FB pages, so that people really could relate and get that wakeup call? If RS is claiming their only true intent was to break down that stereotype by using that photo, to say they’re being disingenuous is being far too kind.

      • Your making me a tad uncomfortable here. What’s with all the “dreamy” talk about this guys picture? I’m usually here for cleavage. Am I on the right kind of website?

    • Grandma gets searched because if we started exempting grandmas from searches, terrorists would conceivably start recruiting grandma types for their missions.

      “Auntie, you are perfect for this because they will not search you. And after you carry out your mission, you will be rewarded in paradise with 72 well-endowed men.”

      Okay, I was being serious up until that last part.

  38. me

    I get that Rolling Stone generally uses cover graphics to show how cool something or somebody is.

    But, I can’t help feeling the negative reactions to this cover are essentially, “Dammit! Don’t make me consider this man’s humanity! He is a monster! La la la. Not listening! I need something to hate, to validate my goodness!”

    • Beer for thought

      I thought the same thing. honestly this is not a “glamor shot” f you did not know who this guy was, does this picture look “cool” at all to you? Not in the least (well to me anyways). It’s a very simple picture actually, what it looks like to me is it’s just a guy, a kid, is that the problem? It’s not a mug shot so does that make him not a sick criminal? We all know what he did, so the problem must be that he’s simply just not allowed to be considered human anymore, which is not true.

  39. Uh, no. There’s a fuckload of difference between, say, a school photo and a doe-eyed Bambi soft-focus portrait. There are plenty of images that could make people consider the “humanity” of a young man and compel them to read on, without using an “I’d fuck me” photo.

    Let’s be real here – its primary purpose is for outrage and shock value, which get RS some much-needed ink. But it also guarantees that the very people who would actually benefit the most from reading the article (assuming it’s any good) are the ones who will refuse to touch it.

  40. The photo is disingenuous at best. In the same way that the rational contingent of this comment stream can accurately say Tsarnaev was clearly one of the two Boston bombers, we can agree that Rolling Stone chose this photo in particular to drum up press and sales. A casual search of Dzhokhar’s images online provide plenty of others that could have been chosen.

    For a left-leaning music mag that touts itself by its catalog of articles, past and present, as anti-establishment, this was a decidedly capitalistic move. The system always sucks until it’s working for you.

    Also, for those high-minded, pious scholars of American Law, who believe that ‘innocent until proven guilty’ affords victims and critics of criminal behavior some sort of exclusion from the ability to express what is, in the end, a non-binding and justifiable opinion, feel free to can your own farts for smelling later. A cursory look at due process will net you almost zero cases in the modern era where what the public believed affected the judgment rendered by a jury. In fact, the judicial system goes OUT OF ITS WAY to ensure fair trials, even when there are Everest-esque piles of evidence to convict the defendant, all at tax payer expense. Why? Because, as bad as you believe the justice system of America to be, it’s the best the world has to offer. Your conspiracy theories and outrage all fall against the laws on the books, not in the processing of trials. Change the laws, change the outcomes. But railing against common public opinion on a matter of 100% fact does nothing but give you that self-satisfied brain boner that you can show off to all 74 of your twitter followers.

    Finally, to bring things back around to the point of this site, I heart tits and wish I had Jon Hamm’s penis. Oh, and Mila Kunis…mmmhmmm…oh yeah.

    That is all.

  41. Outrage. Both CVS and Walgreen boycotted the distribution of this issue-> http://www.tagaly.com/tags/224 Boston mayor wrote a letter to Rolling Stones. But still, Rolling Stones stands by their decision to roll out the issues to nearby stores. Cant. Believe. It.

    • What can’t you believe, that RS didn’t know exactly what the reaction would be and is thrilled to itty-bits because they can now be defiant in the face of Walgreen’s? Get a clue. They already had their Journalistic Integrity Martyrdom flag cleaned and pressed last week – all that remains now is for them to wrap themselves (and their long-awaited “we’re relevant again!” boner) in it while chanting “we will not allow the Truth to be silenced by The Man”..

      Just hope and pray a photo of that is not what’s on the cover of the next issue.

  42. Jessica

    I am offended you are offended. I demand an apology.

  43. Jessica

    Good for RS for sticking by their freedom of the press and not folding under utterly ridiculously and horrible people threatening them.

    • Jessica, you’re a moron. “Freedom of the press” has nothing to do with this issue – read the fucking First Amendment before you start wringing your hands over the fact that citizens – NOT THE GOVERNMENT – are choosing to exercise their rights to criticize or boycott RS’s choice of Cover Boy. As long as they don’t illegally seize the publication or incite a murderous riot against RS’s offices, that’s their right – or do “rights” not cut both ways in your world?

      For you to throw that term around and liken RS using a terrorist bombing suspect’s favorite GlamourShot on its cover (and get criticized for it, boo hoo) to the NY Times printing the Pentagon Papers in the face of Nixon trying to use the Supreme Court to silence them, or the AP’s claiming it has the right to protect its sources in the face of NSA accusations of criminalization, shows just how truly ignorant you are of the concept.

      • Beer for thought

        Go home justifiable, we get it already.
        Your coming off as a prick who thinks you’re better than every one else. You’ve only commented on every single post you don’t agree with. Go have a drink or something, calm the fuck down.

      • “You’ve only commented on every single post you don’t agree with.”

        Oooh, burn. First, at the risk of appearing to “think I’m better than anyone else”, let me point out that you’re laughably wrong about that, and second, even if that were the case, so what? Just because you’ve taken pains to point out multiple times that you don’t find this such a big deal, that the shot isn’t “cool” in the least, and we should all just forget it and chill doesn’t mean that you, the apparent arbitrator of equality, are going to be instantly obeyed. I also fail to see where anyone’s told you to pack it up and go home when they dared to disagree with you – but heaven forbid that I point out that inconsistency and thus appear to think I’m better than you. You can read whatever you want into my posts, but if you don’t have an effective rebuttal to anything I’ve written, getting more pissy and petulant than a four year old who’s missed his nap is not the answer.

      • Beer for thought

        I’m pretty sure we BOTH have valid arguments, as do a lot of people you are replying to, at least I can say that, there is no right and wrong in an opinion, I had never said that I needed to be “obeyed” your BS knob must be on high. I honestly don’t think there is an “effective rebuttal” in the world that could get an answer from you that isn’t anything other than you pulling BS out of no where, taking things literally, misinterpreting sarcasm, pointing out things you already said on multiple posts, and putting words in peoples mouths that they clearly did not say just to try to further your point, oh and using the word of the day in an effort to sound smarter, or basically the same repeated argument you have been saying this whole time, and it’s to everyone not just me. This isn’t a fucking debate club, and this isn’t even about the topic anymore, it’s about you being an ass and it’s fun fucking with you. So just keep going, I know your gonna want to argue some more, you obviously have the time.

      • Yes, we do both have valid arguments and opinions, but mine don’t consist of bullshit accusations of “pulling BS out of nowhere” without further detail and getting pissed off because people “use the word of that day in an effort to sound smarter”. You appear to have a fuck of a lot of resentment about my vocabulary, and if it somehow makes you feel inferior, that’s really not my problem. I’m not going to pander to some lowest common denominator in order to keep you from getting your fee-fee’s hurt, nor am I going to submit some sort of time sheet here for your approval. If you can’t keep up, then you can either get over it, ignore me or opt out all together, but whining that I use big words and it’s not fair and this isn’t a fucking debate club will probably get you nowhere. The site is what Fish and everyone who posts here make it, and if he doesn’t like how I roll he can easily lose my posts or just hit me over the head with the blunt sarcasm stick. Go ahead and have some more of that “fun” you claim you’re having “fucking with me”, I’m happy to oblige. Anyone who has as much resentment and feelings of inadequacy as you do probably doesn’t have a lot of it.

      • catapostrophe

        Wow. I can’t tell which of you two is the awesomest.

      • Beer for thought

        LOL! I knew it! now excuse me, I have some better shit to do.

  44. Are you on crack? There is nothing appealing about the picture. They just took a standard, boring picture and put it on there.

    Is that really the type of picture and person that are considered good looking these days?

    It would be hard to imagine your point being more off the mark on that part, even if you were right about the “war on terror.”

    • Cuthbert = someone who has no understanding that people might use different standards than his to consider someone “good looking ‘these days’”, therefore anyone who holds that opinion must be on crack and off the mark.

  45. Gingerail

    Is there a center fold?

  46. What do they have against the new Jay-Z album? (Yes, I will always call them albums. I’m old-ish.)

  47. Remember when Rolling Stone put Manson on the cover? Is that more or less wrong than this cover? Less outrage for Manson because there was no internet/social media at the time, or was there outrage over that cover, too?

  48. Pat C

    I’m pretty sure I saw that same picture dozens of times before Rolling Stone used it – it just never occurred to me that all those magazines, newspapers and web sites were glamorizing him.

  49. Since terrorists are now rock stars, it’s about time they got their own show. Boom Town, the explosive new series that takes you inside the lives of American teens as they drop their bongs and strap on bombs.

  50. poopy

    Not entirely related, but does the Superficial writer seem more cynical and less funny to you? Even about posts about celebrity deaths. Kind of harsh. Oh well.

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