Dustin Diamond is still an enormous douche

At the unanimous request of cast members, Dustin Diamond was left out of People’s Saved by the Bell reunion issue. One of the reasons was his supposed tell-all book which is finally seeing the light of day after being dropped by a major publisher for being a blatantly false crock of shit. Us Magazine reports:

When it was first announced in July 2008 that Diamond would pen the memoir, publisher Gotham Books promised “sexual escapades among cast members, drug use, and hardcore partying” that occurred throughout the nearly thirteen years he was a part of the hit sitcom franchise.
But, according to The New York Observer, Gotham dropped the 32-year-old star shortly after he turned in his manuscript three months ago. Behind the Bell has since been picked up by a small Montreal-based operation called Transit Publishing.
“This book is freaking incredible!” Diamond’s literary agent, Jarred Weisfeld, has said. “Everyone that reads it loves it, and [it] is truly one of my favorites of all time.”

Yes. Because I’m going to take the word of a literary agent who describes a Saved by the Bell tell-all written by fucking Screech as one of his “favorites of all time.” So let me guess, before this Jarred Weisfeld was editing the backs of cereal boxes. “Hmm, how many E’s should I put in ‘They’re great!’? God. Literature is hard.

Photos: WENN