The Duggars Try to Hide Their Sin Baby

There is a theory that one of the girls who grew up in the baby-makin’ Jesus cult of Duggar was kept out of the family’s Thanksgiving picture on account of her sinful, premarital dickin’ (their words, not mine). Joy-Anna Duggar, who was forced into a shotgun wedding back in May, is pregnant with a baby that seems to be way further along than their marriage timeline warrants. People are noticing that she’s no longer showing off her belly on social media, a long-standing family tradition, because the internet knows it’s shit about baby bumps and called her out. Science be damned!

“When the new bride told fans she felt the baby kicking this fall, people were quick to do the math and speculate she was having sex way before her intended October wedding.

Since then, she’s been careful not to show off her stomach in fear of arousing more suspicion. In fact, Joy-Anna was completely left out of the Duggars’ recent Thanksgiving family portrait. The photo did include both her reformed sex addict brother Josh Duggar and controversial brother-in-law Derick Dillard, but Joy remained suspiciously absent.” (from Celebuzz!)

If you’re a moon-faced child molester who frequently disappeared during online pussy benders, say a couple Hail Mary’s and you’re all good to be in the family portrait, but Jim Bob Duggar will be God damned if some gawdless jezebel with a bastard baby is going to taint the purity of his family’s Instagram feed with her heathen ways.

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