Of Course The Duggars Took Photos Of Their Miscarried Baby And Tweeted Them

December 15th, 2011 // 161 Comments
Michelle Duggar
Baby #20 at Age 45
Michelle Duggar
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“Well, we sure as sugar wasn’t going to let film go to waste!’

As many of you have wrote in, Tweeted, carrier pigeon’d me in the dick to tell me, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar apparently took photos of their miscarried 20th child and proceeded to blast them all over the Internet along with displaying them at a memorial service. And absolutely none of this should be surprising to anyone with even a remote knowledge of Christian pro-life propaganda. TMZ reports:

The Duggars held a memorial today at their church in Arkansas, where they distributed the above photographs — containing messages like, “There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.”
The photos were first posted on Twitter by a family member — and then surfaced on a fan site.

Again, growing up in a deeply religious household, I’m not at all surprised the Duggars are waving around photos of their dead baby – especially the feet, a prominent symbol in pro-life imagery – because as everyone knows, abortion is evil except of course when God does it. He worked really hard for that scholarship, you understand.

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  1. Deeply Religious? This family is more along the lines of deeply disturbed

  2. Johnny P!

    Oh well, God willing she’ll be able to carry another child to term, so he/she can grow up to be a fine, upstanding, motherless, Christian citizen.
    “God saw fit to finally collapse all her innards when she queefed me out, but Jesus wanted me to LIVE! Praise the Lord!!!”

  3. Oogidyboogidy

    As I said, the Duggars are a cult who are exploiting the system by declaring themselves “a church” so they can be tax exempt.

    TLC needs to stop promoting these assholes, or at least locate “The Gay Duggar” (because statistically, at least one of them is) and do a reality show on him/her.

    • it had to be said

      Have you seen their kids? Yeah. There is DEFINITELY a gay Duggar or 18.

    • kimmykimkim

      TLC needs to just stop promoting everything and go away! Fuckin toddlers n tiaras n whatever other crap that I avoid. Fucking hate TLC.

    • It has to one of the younger ones. Dad’s haircut is bad enough, I hate to think that any adult or teenage gay kid would willingly let their mother run around with her hair looking like that.

    • Sizzle

      I watch the show because, like a massive blood bath of a trainwreck, I cannot look away.

      It’s Josiah. Josiah and/or Jedidiah. I’m calling it right now. Two of the most flamboyant (but otherwise lovely) kids I’ve ever seen.

  4. Sarah

    It’s not like women have miscarriages every damn day. A memorial service? Someone get me a casket for the turkey sub I’m about to throw up from seeing those photos. That sandwich wasn’t given the proper opportunity to pass its way through my digestive system. It must be honored.

    • Any Guy

      marry me? that post RULED.

    • it had to be said

      I have no problem with the memorial service. Miscarriages can cause real grief and people need outlets to deal with that.

      I have a problem with the pictures. If you really believe in the dignity of that life, why show it in such an undignified manner? At most memorial services if there is a picture of the deceased it is a good picture, not the image of them in death. If there is no good picture here, don’t have a picture.

      • Sarah

        A few of my friends have had miscarriages. It sucks but it’s a private grief. This is obscene.

      • meh

        What Sarah said!

      • angel mom

        for some people who have lost a child a picture may be all they have to remember them im part of a support group of mothers who lost children eiether frrom miscarriages or sids or a disease our picture of our angel is a memory we can cherish forever no matter of how premature they were i thought the pictures were beautiful goes to show that even at 19 weeks she was a baby not a fetus she was real

      • Blech

        Yeah, what Sarah said. I can’t imagine a miscarriage is fun for any woman. FUCK, can these retarded “celebrities” at least PRETEND to be respectful, mature adults and NOT media whores? Just once.

    • Reading is Sexy

      You rock Sarah!

      • TaT

        Then you shouldn’t look at it if it bothers you. Not everyone thinks the same. There are memorials like this all over the place. The solution for someone like you and others who want to grieve their way, is to keep moving to something that catches your fancy. Don’t tell other people what to do.

    • Snack pack

      Sarah, please post more often.

      • Reading is Sexy

        Geez, TaT, it doesn’t look like Sarah was telling others what to do at all. Yet you’re there, telling her what the proper “solution” is. Projecting much?

  5. Cock Dr

    Please shut down the fetus farm before the fetus farm falls out the Duggar cooch and onto the floor.

    • it had to be said

      Or at least teach her how to give a blowjob instead of Every Sacred Sperm headed toward the uterus.

      • Hey Hick Fuck You!

        They don’t believe in having sex with each other for pleasure. Procreation only! Therefore, her learning to give a blow job would be useless, I’m sure his buddies at the rest stop take care of that.

      • meh

        That’s disturbing! o.o No wonder they all end up gay if they’re just doing it for babies. I’m sure the Bible doesn’t forbid enjoying sex.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Yeah, if “God” made sex then it’s his fault it feels good, and since he doesn’t make mistakes, he must have intended that.

    • Daisy

      Cock Dr…..for some reason (?), I couldn’t respond to your much-appreciated understanding of my comments. Thank you for your view of my intent. I value your perspective. Wishing you all the best.

  6. it had to be said

    Does anyone else think Mama Duggar looks just a little like Wifey of porn fame? I can’t believe that Wifey hasn’t done a Duggar parody.

  7. If abortion is murder, then a miscarriage is involuntary manslaughter. Arrest that woman!

  8. Frank Burns

    Somewhere Kris Jenner is thinking “She got publicity for a miscarried fetus? Bravo, Michelle Duggar, I salute you!” Then, moments later, “Kendall, Kylie, come here, mother has an idea”.

  9. Anyone know how they retrieved the fetus? Did they have doctors fish it out, or did they wait for it to pass out of the womb naturally? C’mon, inquiring minds want to know!

    • SaintMidian

      Dudley Do-Right must have fished it out if the toilet.

    • Hey Hick Fuck You!

      The kids took turns trying to retrieve it out of the toilet with their teeth. It’s the far rights rendition of “bobbing for apples”.

    • kimmykimkim

      I personally have no idea but I do know a girl that had to birth her miscarriage. Like, everyone knew the baby was dead but it was time to push anyway. Probably has something to do with not having insurance, I don’t know, but I would hope that for the woman’s sake that they surgically remove it when they can.

    • LSharp

      Michelle was sent home to allow the miscarriage complete naturally. Same thing happened when I had my miscarriage, but I sure as hell didn’t take soft focus black and whites to share with the world. It is a private loss, a painful loss. And they are famewhores.

    • Gigos

      That woman has had 19 kids. It probably just fell out of her abyss without her even feeling it.

  10. This is Bullshit

    I think the photos are fake..how far along was she? She wasnt out of the first trimester yet was she? That “fetus´s” feet are too bold and solid.A real fetus under 16 weeks would have jelly like,transparent skin,and you would even be able to apreciate the bones,veins etc.Also,the toes would not be that well defined either and the skin (as I said before) would have a wet jelly like apearance.
    You only have to google pics of real fetuses to see that there´s something not right here.Im not saying that she´s made the whole miscarriage thing up,I certainly beleive that,but the pics looks fake to me and I dont understand why this couple would do something like that at all…what are they trying to prove with this? Lets for one minute asume that the pics ARE real…I dont get why they´d show them either.Seems a tad twisted to me.That family can keep and cherish those pics all they want,and thats fine..but tweet them?? Thats sick.

    • She was 25 weeks, so your comment is completely useless.

      • Gina

        At 25 weeks,the fetus is bigger than that..just sayin

      • Carrie

        No she was 20 weeks. They were going to get an ultrasound to find out the gender and they docs couldn;t find a heartbeat. I lost a daughter at 24 weeks and we have pictures of her. She was perfectly formed and we have multiple things with her footprints and handprints on them. I haven’t posted them online because most people don’t know what to say and don’t like looking at pictures of dead babies. I wouldn’t have put the pictures online myself, but it is probably how they have seeked closure and they are on t.v. and people are curious. I looked at the pictures myself and they aren’t morbid or anything, it’s just her hands and feet. Everyone deals with grief differently, they are super religious so they already have found peace and have dealt with it in there own way. They want to show the world there child and it’s there right to do so. I think it’s kind of sad that we push misscarriages and preterm labor to the back and act like it doesn’t happen, it’s WAY more common than anyone wants to admit… They didn’t do anything to cause the misscarriage so why should they be ashamed of it.

      • Techie2004

        Carrie- I am so sorry for your loss. Having had 3 misscarrages in the first trimester and how difficult that was I could not imagine going through what you and the Duggars have. I have a friend who lost a baby at 20 week and they also took pictures. You feel them move inside you at that point. You have names picked out. They are listening to you speak and adjusting to your schedule.
        Daisy- You must not be a mother. And before you go off on how I am a pro-lifer, I am not. I am pro-choice-no women should be forced into having a child she does not want or can not afford. If you had been a mother then you would know that they are your baby from the moment of conception. No matter what the text books say, they are your baby and you want to honor their life even if it was short and may have only been in the womb.

  11. Daisy

    Could media lead the way and use precise language to describe this event?

    There is no “baby.” A “baby” is defined by being “born.” This is a picture of a “fetus.” Period. When individuals state that a “baby” is being buried, a “baby” or a “child” is dead, that is categorically not true. Those emotional words do become part of the Christian right-wing terrorist propaganda, however.

    This miscarried fetus “may” have become a baby and then a child, however, it is like countless other miscarried fetuses that never survived the nine months it takes to grow and be born.

    Thank you for providing logic, not emotion, to the out of control passion this topic inspires. Come to think of it, “out of control” passion may have a double meaning here.

    • Crabby Old Guy

      Thank you, Merriam Webster. However, YOUR definition may not be universal – and logic (if you are truly so driven) should dictate that you check your own premise before pontificating. Being a Christian doesn’t equate to promoting right-wing terrorist propaganda any more than being non-Christian equates to left-wing.

      • Daisy

        You’re welcome, Crabby Old Guy. My premise has to do with the importance of precise language. We value precise language when it comes to laws, treaties, legal judgments, however, calling a fetus a “baby” is not questioned? Curious. And I’m not pontificating. I’m stating my opinion just as you are stating yours. Free speech is afforded to us all.

        However, journalists and the media engage controversy when they do use emotional language instead of precise language in their professional writing. For instance, there was no “war” in Iraq. Never has been. No “war” was ever legally declared. A military conflict? Yes. An invasion and occupation of a country to search for WMDs? Yes. However, “if” we are clear that there was never a war nor were there ever any WMDs, and if leaders were clear about this truth in their language, the emotion and rhetoric would have been eliminated and we could converse about the logic of spending nine years in a place and losing valuable lives on both sides while searching for WMDs and the absurdity of that mission. That clarity is the power of precise language to be able to distinguish what we are really talking about.

        This Duggar miscarriage was a miscarriage of a fetus. A beloved fetus? Yes. A potential baby? Yes. It was not, however, a “baby.”

        I accept your comment about the meaning of being a Christian in its purist sense and agree with you. I submit that too many right wing terrorists use the term “Christian” in an imprecise way leading many to confuse the merit of the name ~ “Christian.” Thank you.

    • Johnny Cochran's Tumor

      I can just read the Hallmark card now:

      “This folded, decorative piece of card-stock paper acknowledges that your fetus ceased to be viable and was rejected by the body.”

    • aprilstp

      So glad you are there to educate everyone that pregnant women are not carrying babies. And there is nothing out of control about the passion people feel for their unborn babies…sorry, fetuses. With your logic, any baby/fetus a day less than nine months gestation is a big blob of nothing.

      • Daisy

        Pregnant women are carrying “potential babies.” Of course, people feel passion for their fetuses who will be born “babies.” I don’t know how a fetus becomes a “big blog of nothing,” in your view of my comments. I do submit that the emotion of certain words and clarifications make some upset. That was not my intent. I only ask that the media state the facts using precise language to lessen controversy and enhance meaning when describing an event viewed by the potential parents (and others) as tragic. Thank you.

    • T-bag

      So are you saying, by your “definition”, that the day before my child was born (already with skin, bones, tissue, hair, muscles and heart that had already been beating for 34 weeks), she would not be worth mourning had she not not taken a breath of oxygen?

      Check your resources. Many ACTUAL definitions of “baby” include “a fetus”.

      • aprilstp

        Since procreation is all about “definitions”, the word fetus comes from the Latin meaning offspring, bringing forth children. So I wonder if that term still dehumanizes an unborn baby for this type of thinking.

      • Daisy

        I appreciate your frustration if you think that is what I stated. I did not. I said nothing about not valuing a fetus or its viability. I stated that “fetus” is the correct term to be used when referencing the unborn entity and offers separation from the event of “being born.” A baby was once a fetus and a fetus may become a baby, however, they are not interchangeable terms.

        I said nothing about whether a fetus deserves to be mourned. Therefore, please accept my congratulations that your daughter was born into your family.

    • So, people who don’t share your view on the fetus/baby definition are “Christian right-wing terrorist” Nothing emotional about that comment. Terrorist is a pretty strong word and since you think you are so expert on precise language, maybe you might want to reconsider your “terrorist” comment.
      Here’s a few words for you: Kiss my ass you arrogant snob.

      • Daisy

        What bothers you about free speech? You don’t have to share my view. Terrorist is a strong word and I chose it specifically. There are right-wing terrorists who call themselves “Christian.” I appreciate your view that I’m an arrogant snob. I’m actually about calling things as accurately as I can. What confuses you about people who are Christian right-wing terrorists, i.e., those who shoot doctors who perform abortion surgery, those who inflict abuse on children (verbal, emotional, physical, sexual) in the name of Christ? As a CASA volunteer, (Court Appointed Special Advocate for Child Abuse Victims), I know much. As a person with an MFA in writing, I know language. Why is that threatening to you? And what would Jesus say about your final offensive statement? Is that what a Christian would say? I reject your demand with delight.

    • Daisy, I wish you could follow me at work in the NICU for one day. We have many 25 week gestation BABIES there, and they are indeed babies.

      • Daisy

        I would love to follow you. Thank you. I appreciate that 25 week gestation babies are there and thriving, I’m sure, thanks to your efforts. However, nothing you state negates what I’ve said. The babies are only “babies” because they are “born.” Surely, a medical professional acknowledges the difference. I have friends whose infants were born at very early developmental stages. I understand your passion for these babies. I’m not referencing these babies. I’m referencing a miscarriage and a “baby” cannot be miscarried. A fetus can.

        Please acknowledge that a “fetus” is not a “baby” until the fetus is “born.” Then….when you read about the Duggars and their miscarried “baby,” please appreciate that this fetus in its developmental stage was not viable in the womb, let alone in a NICU.

        Thank you for the important work you do.

      • Cock Dr

        Daisy, I feel for ya. This is not the best place on the web to debate semantics.

      • Excellent point NeonatalRN. Daisy, I am a firm believer in
        Free Speech. I just happen to disagree with you and your usage of terrorist. Personally, I save it for real terrorists.
        Though these Duggar’s lifestyle is weird I’d hardly consider them terrorists. Just a side note—anytime someone finds a need to start throwing around their degrees on a website like this, well, it’s says alot about you. I don’t know what Jesus would think of my language but I’ll stand by my comment–you come across (to me and my free speech) as an arrogant snob.
        Go ahead and write me back but I will not respond to you.
        IYour tone just bugs me.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Yeah that’s right, go on and on with your pedantic semantics, Daisy. Common sense says that a fully-formed baby, ready to be born, is a BABY. But by all means, go on and on, and claim the most important thing is whether the baby has shed it’s mom-sack yet. You’re just trying to annoy people and strangely diminish the child’s value.

      • Daisy

        Thank you all for proving my point.

        Words have the power to be emotionally charged. “War” when there is no “war.” “Baby” when there is no “baby,” however, there is a potential baby.

        I’m amazed that you would have no awareness of developmental stages and the importance of stating the precise names.

        You certainly wouldn’t want a cavity to be misdiagnosed as cancer. Oh, what the heck. It’s just a word. Best wishes. And, yes. I will gladly be an arrogant snob to anyone who thinks education isn’t needed to solve today’s problems….starting with getting the words “correct.”

      • CranAppleSnapple

        The fact is Daisy, to the parents their fetus is already a baby, and you know that damn well. And there’s no good reason to harp on and on about which word to use.
        Being a robot with no soul allows you to downgrade it to its scientific wording, and act like that’s all that matters. So in that case, you have to call it a homosapien fetus. There’s probably some extra latin you should attach.
        We all already know the word fetus applies to the baby as it’s growing, you aren’t sweeping in and saving the uneducated masses. Those people were right, you truly are an arrogant jackass.

      • Daisy=dumbass

        technically, the baby was “born.” it exited her uterus. so by your imprecise definition (you imply that a fetus can only be considered a baby if it is born ALIVE), you completely contradicted yourself and should probably return your MFA. ever heard of the term “stillborn?” seriously, straighten out your rhetoric before trying to talk shit to someone that works in the NICU.

    • atheist

      Daisy, your entire post is emotional. Your liberal talking points, including the word choice of “terrorist” to describe people who define a second trimester fetus as a human being (no scientific term) is melodramatic to say the least. You are both arrogant and preachy, while pretending to be level headed.

    • Techie2004

      Daisy- You must not be a mother. And before you go off on how I am a pro-lifer, I am not. I am pro-choice-no women should be forced into having a child she does not want or can not afford. If you had been a mother then you would know that they are your baby from the moment of conception. No matter what the text books say, they are your baby and you want to honor their life even if it was short and may have only been in the womb.
      No matter if a women is religious or not those are her feelings. Any mother who tries to deny that is lying.

      • Blech

        How the hell would you know Daisy is not a mother? Because she’s nailed a medical definition? Do you know how many supposed mothers in the world today don’t even recognize that they have children?

        Birthing kids is not fantastic accomplishment. It is simply a reality for some women, and that is all. Being a mother doesn’t make you any more special or wise than anyone else.

        This is precisely why I don’t like a lot of women in the world today.

    • Blech

      Thank you, Daisy.

      • Blech

        And Daisy is not wrong at all in her use of the term “terrorist”. A terrorist induces fear out of others. Christians have done this over the course of centuries. In a way, they still do, they just can’t go out and stab people “in the name of God” anymore.

        But they sure can stab your soul by making you feel imperfect, unclean, sinful, shameful, and so forth.

  12. Cheryl

    To those of you that are offend by the pictures that the duggers shared get over it. I for one know what they are going through as I lost a baby in the second trimester, I cherish the pictures that I have. Others may think they are gross, get over it!! Don’t like it don’t look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • it had to be said

      Cheryl, you didn’t put them on Twitter, right? For many people, that’s the issue. How people handle their individual grief is not a relevant topic for the comment section, but posting them on Twitter is a game changer.

    • aprilstp

      Cheryl, don’t let anyone take that away from you. This outrage isn’t about someone like you and your baby. The Duggars’ are the the ones who are making themselves appear gross. They’ve been blessed with many many children. Maybe its time for them to think differently.

    • Rico Jones

      You are gross and mentally damaged. Unwilling to accept that you lost your child you felt the need to take pictures of the miscarriage. Totally nuts and totally disturbing. Get help.

      • Heazzsh

        Hey Rico, you’re a dick.

      • Of course she was “unwilling” to accept she lost her child, fuckwit. The loss of a child, a child-to-be or anyone else you love isn’t something you can easily accept. I lost my dad earlier this year and I’ll probably never get over it – obviously your alien overlords didn’t brief you about that part of being human.

        Years ago, my coworker’s baby died in utero at 8 months, was she “gross” for feeling the need to have a visual image of her dead infant? Ask anyone who ever gave birth to a dead child; the ones who don’t take a picture often wish they had, since that’s the only visual evidence that child was ever there. With a miscarriage, it’s sort of worse – it’s like the pregnancy itself never existed at all, so I could see where a picture might bring Cheryl some comfort.

        But all of this is usually intensely private stuff – most people aren’t so fucked as to get double the usage out of their grief process by applying it as a political cudgel.

    • atheist

      In the 19th century, pictures of dead infants and older children were common because of high rates of maternal and childhood death. Families would keep locks of hair from the deceased as mementos. Bodies of relatives were displayed in coffins in the parlor room, which Sears renamed the “living room” in the 1930s when it became unpopular to place corpses in the home.

      • Blech

        I wouldn’t call “leaking” dead infant photos on Twitter a step up in the department of Meaning.

        Back then, when babyloss moms, or anyone, kept locks of hair from the deceased (and not just from infants), it meant something. And so what about wakes and viewings?

        Frankly I prefer neither a wake/viewing nor a funeral– I want to be cremated, hold the entire unnecessarily-expensive funeral show.

  13. Soviet Snow

    A case of just the uterus giving out.

    These are the kind of people that give Chrisitanity it’s bad vibe.

  14. aprilstp

    Normal pro-lifers don’t act like these people. These folks will keep trying to have children despite the high risks to the babies. That is horrible.

    • atheist

      The Duggars are followers of the Quiverfull movement, which regard children as a blessing and scorn birth control. The Quiverfull movement has only several thousand members nationwide.

  15. Of course, these uncle fucking idiots named the fetus just like the named the rest of their children. I really think these people have went overboard. I guess being pregnant for 14 years of your life can really fuck with your head.

  16. ktulu

    How does what these two idiots did have anything to do with the Pro Life Agenda you fucking moron

    • Rico Jones

      Well it does fall in line with the belief that the unborn are equal to the born. So they took pictures and held a service.

  17. Venom

    This family is fucking sick and disturbed.

  18. help

    Rico get a grip, you are actually bagging on a woman for feeling upset she lost her baby? Photos of babies who died before they were born are common. There are photographers who do it for a living. I take it you’ve never experienced the loss of a child you were preparing to have.

  19. Pactard

    Really? Did you grow up in a religious household?

    You remind me of my friend who grew up on a farm so is now Vegetarian… It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to hear all the time about how meat is murder, the horrors of slaughterhouses and animal rights.

    It gets old. Get a grip.

  20. Donald Trump

    Out with a queef.

  21. sexpert here to explain

    This dude has a mommy fetish plain and simple. she is nearing the end of her fertility and i feel really sorry for her as he loses interest.

    • it had to be said

      Really? Because I feel sorry for the daughters. Or the sons. Dad looks a little . . . bi . . .

      • Mo

        I think they only had sex 20 times during their whole marriage, and that they find it discussing, and only do it to have more little clones of themselves. They both need to be locked up in a Mental Hospital.

      • sexpert

        they have sex daily, the guy is a sex addict. he has said women should have sex with their husbands daily.

  22. Hmm

    Are we forgetting the fact that she’s using her dead baby as an anti-choice campaign? Yes, poking fun at a woman who has recently miscarried is cruel. However, she’s parading around a miscarried baby as a means to “further” her Christian agenda. “Hey, look you evil pro-choicers, you’re baby killers! This is what it looks like!” That’s clearly not how it was worded, but that’s basically the fundamental principle of it, and as Fish has pointed out, anyone with any knowledge of heretical Christians knows very well of how far they’ll go. And because of that, it’s somewhat difficult to pity or sympathize with her. I have some… but not enough to care about whether or not Fish is being mean to her. And also, with nineteen kids… I’d bet that a few of them feel extremely neglected, that another few are favored, and that the rest just want to the cameras to GTFO. One big happy family.

  23. aim

    WTF is wrong with these people?!? having a memorial service is one thing but the pics? really?

  24. bob

    sick fucks the lot of them.

  25. People have taken pictures of dead children and relatives for well over a century. It’s definitely not as common now but it’s not new by any means. Blasting them on twitter is another thing. I’ve even seen a picture of a stillborn child in the local obits. It happens. I can understand why they’d want to have the memory of their child/fetus/20th offspring. Don’t click if you don’t want to see. No, I in no way condone their having had 19 kids. They almost lost the last one so why they thought they could attempt with a 20th is beyond me. And I won’t be surprised when she announces she’s expecting again, because I’m sure she will.

  26. Racer X

    The vagina is not a clown car!

  27. Randal(l)

    I have the strangest boner right now


  28. infinitend

    Natural selection would have taken care of morons like this had we not intervened with all our social entitlements and what not. Seriously, how much does a person need to propagate their inferior genes and dogma? I’d say they’ve done enough damage to our species already. May all their future efforts at procreation FAIL as this one did.

    • atheist

      Since demographics are destiny, it would seem that those who favor large families and a strong family unit will be successful compared to those who favor abortion, small families, and prolonged careers that disregard the potential for offspring. The Duggars are also raising their children in their own religious practices, meaning that their beliefs will continue to proliferate through the next generation. Liberalism by comparison is a demographic winter. How many liberals have three or more children per family? How many have a cultural or religious background that promotes continuity of certain ideas? How many liberals now choose their politics based on entitlements from the government, rather than conviction? How many inner city single mothers are in a cycle of dependency and sleep with intermittent sperm donors as a result of the Great Society and other mediocre social programs?

      The Duggars do not receive money from the government. They pay for their own lifestyles and their children are not involved in drugs or crime. They appear to have high standards for their own behavior. And demographically, they are doing better through their own choices than other people. So how are their genetics inferior? If superiority means genetic success, they win. If superiority means stability and self-reliance, they still win.

  29. Problem?

    there is so much creepiness in that picture I don’t even know where to begin

  30. America Feck Yeah!

    showing a nipple is bad…ftc fine bad.
    showing dead baby feet is ratings gold

  31. Michelle Duggar
    Commented on this photo:

    Follow up on this article at –CeIebur.com–

  32. forrest gump


  33. University Graduate

    I took a Sociology Class in college, and we had to watch an anti-abortion movie called “Silence Scream”, the beginning of the movie showed a hand holding little feet just like their picture. They are just trying to get more PR for their sick show about “19 Kids and Counting” who need 19 kids nowadays. They are just egomaniac freaks that want to prove how fertile they are. What a couple of Sicko Fu####s.

  34. University Graduate

    Sorry typo, the move was called “Silent Scream.” I think they stole the baby feet picture idea from it since they are too stupid to come up with this sick stuff themselves.

  35. First off,technically, she had a stillbirth not a miscarriage. Second, having gone through this,as a grandparent, 5 yearsago, itis an intensely private occurance,not to be shared with the immediate world. Knowing what our son,daughter-in-law and our entire family went through, I cannot fathom what would make someone make a spectacle of the moment. I have no respect for these people, this truly makes them medis whores.

  36. Do your reasearch

    FYI: In most states, when you are past a certain point in the pregnancy, you are required to give birth. She was 25 weeks, I believe, so there fore, she would have been required to deliver the baby.

  37. Does this mean when my father dies I can take a picture of me holding his foot up in the air out of the casket and it will not be weird at all?
    And make sure I take a picture to post on Twitter with a comment like “Better to die on ones feet than to live on one’s knees…..And Holy crap! Look at Dad’s corns!!! HAHAHAHAHA!”

    • Becky

      Your just to stupid.. that point you were trying to make doesn’t make sense.

    • atheist

      Not too long ago, you could clip and frame his hair in a locket, and display him in the living room until he started to smell, then frame a picture of his corpse on the wall (I am of course referring to the Victorians).

  38. Juaquin ingles

    That chick doesn’t look stark raving nuts at all…

  39. Katy

    I don’t understand why everyone enjoys this family so much. Just like the “Gosselin” they are seeking fame. Many will probably argue the fact that they are good Christians and was able to live debt free, blah blah blah. BUT, not everyone is realizing that this women keeps popping out babies and letting the older kids take care of her kids for her. No parent should have to schedule time with each individual kids and if you do then it means you have way to many. Secondly, you want to mourn in “private” then fine do that, instead you want to release statements to the world as though your some kind of “celebrity”. Lets face it GMA don’t go knocking on your door each week to see if your pregnant. You would have to make the call, so it’s just another ploy for them to get money. The fame is catching to them like Kate Gosselin

    • Becky

      Don’t think it’s your business who raises the kids. They are a close family who love each others. It is her body and her right to decide if she wants to have more. Your not paying their bills and if you don’t like looking at pictures of them then click off them.

  40. Michelle Duggar
    Commented on this photo:

    Christ on crackers, those can’t be the actual feet and hands of a semi-developed Duggard corpse . . .

  41. Unjudgemental

    Cannot believe the way most of you think,ive lost a BABY our son was stillborn at 41 weeks.My photos are all i have,and personally i would never put them on the internet as i know many would say horrible and hurtful things,but i have no problem if a parent wants to share there baby……..why do people feel the need to be so heartless and judgemental,unless you have been through what that person has been through you are in no position to comment. Would love to know if you would have the balls to say that face to face instead of hiding behind your computer screen…..I sure hope none of you insenstive lowlifes ever loose your baby but,your horrible thoughts and way of thinking may just see Carma come back to hit you in the face.

    • Becky

      For real!! So many dumbazzs on here thinking that what the Duggars do is their business. Grow up and get a job. At least the Duggars house is paid for, and they don’t rely on the government to take care of them.

      • nyx

        They made it our business when they became “19 and Counting”. If you make yourself a spectacle, people are going to pay attention. The grosser the spectacle, the more attention you get.

        Using your stillbirth to advertise your religious agenda is wrong. That’s the line they crossed that turned them from ‘grieving’ to ‘ridiculous’.

  42. OK, these assholes tweeted pictures of the remains of their fetus. I haven’t seen the pictures, and I fear I may have already missed the parade.

  43. eggs

    I am amazed to see everyone bagging on Daisy up there. I mean, she’s not wrong- but Daisy, if you haven’t been chased away, people are ultimately driven by emotions, not logic. Logic is not natural- like mathematics, it is a skill that must be acquired. You sound young, and probably think about changing people’s minds, but you can’t do it by logic. You can’t- they’re not going to be reasoned out of a position they haven’t reasoned themselves into. I’m afraid your words have mostly fallen on deaf ears. Perhaps it’s the internet- I’m sure you’re warm in real life- but you’re too intellectual for most. It’s easy to be threatened by something you don’t understand and contradicts your beliefs, however logical. Even in ivory towers, speaking like this will bring you nothing but grief in the long run.

    • Oscar

      Very good point… and I liked Daisy’s posts quite a bit, but this is not necessarily the best forum for getting people to think and question logically. That being said, Daisy, it is refreshing to see someone post here who is eloquent and well spoken.

      • eggs

        Oscar, thank you. But I have to say, justifiable, Venom, TomFrank, Frank Burns, Bianca, McBeef et al. are clearly well-educated and it shows in their posts. Eloquence isn’t that rare on this site.

    • atheist

      I don’t know what you mean; her posts are both preachy and emotional. The term “baby” is by no means a scientific one, and her intense desire to consign a five-month-old fetus to a blob of tissue is bizarre, as is her use of the word “terrorist” for those who disagree with her.

      • eggs

        atheist, you’re putting words in her mouth. As the philosophical statement goes, we see things not as they are, but as we are. You’re not exactly unbiased, or even trying to be, from what I get. I don’t mean this as an ad hominem attack, but your tone is much more “preachy and emotional” compared to hers.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Very well said, Atheist.

        We are unable to be logical if we disagree with Daisy? What a pile of shit.
        I think Daisy’s way of thinking is not logical or scientific, but just her opinion.
        Since a baby is fully-formed and developed when it is ready to be born, and the only difference is it’s still inside rather than outside, then it is already a baby.
        If the baby is born via c-section, what do you call it then? A fetus, until it becomes a toddler?

  44. skunk

    as long as they can support them kids, then who cares. rather have these people having 18 kids than some crackhead black ghetto bitch with 18 different baby daddy. btw the dude looks like Kenneth from 30 Rock

  45. atheist

    So many on this website loathe Christians; it is plain to see. They hate the Duggars for being religious, social conservatives who chose to have a large family. They also possess an inexplicable disdain for the empathy that the Duggars show for their children, including late term miscarriages. I find it hard to criticize anyone in a solid marriage who does not receive money from the government. Who am I to tell someone how to love? How many children to have? The central argument on this page is that the Duggars are bad because they photographed their miscarried kid’s hand and submitted the image to viewers of the show. It is their opinion that a second trimester fetus is a human being and they are entitled to grieve in any way they see fit. I guess people would prefer that the Duggars dispose of the fully formed “blob of tissue” in a trash can and forget it ever happened.

    • eggs

      But that’s the problem- see above posts- grief, genuine grief, is private sorrow and posting this on twitter comes off as attention-seeking. I don’t hate anybody, and if indeed the Duggars have such immense empathy, they’d stop at a number that allows them to bring up their kids with the greatest individual care. To display your private life in front of the cameras is almost always a poor decision; it can and will transform you. Perhaps the Duggars started off differently, but now… Well, refer to the transformation of the Gosselin couple.

      • Blech

        Twatter is the most impersonal site on the web. It is a ‘social networking’ site, not a site intended for grieving in a meaningful way.

        I call B.S. No one said the Duggars couldn’t have a ceremony. But to turn a tragedy that women in the right frame of mind, and with the right intentions, into a ‘tweet’ is tacky, shameful, and it leaves the Duggars open to all the nasty stuff they’re receiving from the public.

        We are well-aware of miscarriages. We are aware that they happen, are nothing unusual or new, and we know how much they can hurt. But in a million years would my mother, who actually suffered a miscarriage, post a photo of her dead child on Twitter, Facebook, or the deceased MySpace.

        Way to garner attention, holy shit… Well, I guess the Duggars got what they wanted.

  46. Blech

    Ah, the Duggars’ way of remaining relevant to an insignificant portion of society. Classy.

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