The Duggars Are Still Losing Advertisers

Because watching bad things happen to child molesters (or the baby farming cults that enable them) is something we all can enjoy, here’s even more advertisers dropping the Duggars like flies after finding out TLC aired their shit during Jill & Jessa Counting On. In Touch reports:

A spokeswoman for Intuit, which represents TurboTax, says that their ad was “part of a bulk media buy” with TLC, meaning they were unaware when exactly it would air.
A spokesman for Dole Packaged Foods explains that airing their Fruitocracy spot during Counting On was “a mistake. The company does not run advertising on shows with content that might be offensive to our consumers.”

And the money shot:

Ratings have declined 30 percent since the March 15 premiere.

Yup, that’s the good stuff right there. Until they burn one of their daughters at the stake for showing 2/25ths of her kneecap because clearly that’s what’s to blame here. Clearly.

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Photo: TLC