A Duggar-in-Law Thinks Racism Doesn’t Exist

Usually when I mention something about the Duggars on here it’s because one of three things happened: one of them said something stupid, someone made another baby thing, or Josh Duggar got a new Ashley Madison profile picture. On the skillet today is Derick Dillard, a Duggarfucker who petitions lawmakers to make vaginas illegal if they don’t let Jesus in. He also thinks the gays are just looking for attention to spite God or something. He’s a piece of shit and looks like a night-manager at a Cracker Barrel… hell, he probably is one I don’t actually keep up with their garbage ass narrative— I’m just here to grab my pitchfork when the #outrage bus rolls in.

Shortly after our Lego-man who constantly looks constipated Vice President had the sudden and completely not-staged-as-a-publicity-stunt urge to walk out of an Indianapolis Colts game over players protesting racial injustice, this dingus saw a golden opportunity to remind everyone that they suck for making his family famous…

The 28-year-old also retweeted a message from Vice President Mike Pence about Colts players kneeling during the national anthem and a Fox News tweet reading: “‘Because you’re black in America, you will be oppressed’ – that’s a FALSE narrative.” (from Celebuzz)

Just a remind, this is all coming from THIS guy…

CREDIT: Instagram @derickdillard

If you ever have a spare twenty minutes and want to hate the world, check out this guy’s Twitter. It’s full of plenty of ‘false narratives’ that are dividing this country even more than the ones he retweets from Fox and Mike Pence. For a “Christian,” this guy has a lot of disdain for anyone who doesn’t want to subscribe to living a life of terrible-looking food and missionary sex once every 9-10 months.