The Duggars Are Over

I could get into the list of lies the Duggars are telling even after Jessa and Jill’s interview with Megyn Kelly (For example: The police report was not illegally leaked.), how Sarah Palin disproved the Lena Dunham argument just by inserting her face into it, or that Jim Bob Duggar basically admitted Quiverfull families have a molestation problem. Except none of that would be more damning than throwing them under the bus. Breitbart! The mecca of right wing tunnel vision whose front page is currently championing the McKinney police officer who pulled his gun on unarmed black kids at a pool party says its time to throw the Duggars out with the bathwater because a baby was molested in it:

Jim Bob and Michelle not only failed to protect their daughters from a son they knew was a sexual predator, through a lie of omission, they selfishly chose not to protect the Christian cause, people they call friends, and even the fate of the country from the all-too predictable consequences of that lie being uncovered.
As far as Josh Duggar, setting aside his horrific juvenile crimes, what kind of man worries enough about his serial-molestations being exposed to the point of legal action but still accepts a high-profile executive position at an organization like the Family Research Council?
Not a very good one.

BREITBART SAID THAT. *drops mic, trips over pack of Duggar babies trying to walk away like a motherfucking boss*

Photo: Fox News