Jordan Peele Recreated James Brown Drunk Interview Word-For-Word

In 1988, James Brown appeared on Sonya Live In L.A. after just being arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife and basically acted all kinds of fucked up after just posting bail. So here’s Jordan Peele recreating the interview word-for-word, and for those of you wondering how Bill Cosby got away with being an “alleged” serial rapist for so many years, James Brown went on live television and responded to being asked if he beat his wife with a lead pipe with, “It’s a man’s world.” Yup.

Oh, and also he’s great at making love, so clearly this was a big to-do about nothing. “Get on up! HA! Sex machine!” – Other answers you’re about to hear in response to spousal abuse

And here’s the original:

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Photo: YouTube