Drew Barrymore wears bikini for Justin Long

March 3rd, 2008 // 86 Comments

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long had a romantic getaway to Mexico this weekend. These two look like a sweet couple. You know, the kind that has sex then quickly runs to separate showers for a good wash and cry. You can’t put a price on a love like that. But, unfortunately, you can put a price on a Mac. Seriously, Justin, $1500 and this thing doesn’t mix drinks? I’ll stick to my custom PC with a blender duct-taped to it, thank you very much. Now who wants an ink-toner mojito? *sips* Mmm, poisony.


  1. HankTheDwarf

    You stole “poisony” from Mr. Show. Dickwad.

  2. Holy Moses

    Yikes. That’s gonna produce one helluva ugly offspring.

  3. Realist

    drew looks better than I would’ve expected

  4. Melissa

    I hate Drew Barrymore

  5. ph7

    Dead man’s chest.

  6. gits

    I wonder if her face looks lopsided during blowjobs?

  7. Miss Skyline

    Wow, her ass is flatter than Nebraska.

  8. Cate

    Usually I’d make a rude comment about her flat ass, but I also suffer from White Girl Syndrome, so I have no room to talk.
    Her face is jank, though. Really weird looking.

    Oh yeah, and Macs are the shit. I won’t ever touch a PC again.

  9. Auntie Kryst

    I have nothing mean nor funny to say here. “Yea water! Yea beach!” Nope, that sucked. They look normal and youthful. I need to see some IDs from these two. Glad it’s almost happy hour, this old fucker needs a drink.

  10. morga

    #9, She DOES look good for 33, doesn’t she?

  11. blow me

    His face couldn’t be more pained! And I like how gingerly they hold hands; like the way you did when you and your brother were little and your parents forced you to for a picture. I can’t imagine them in bed. “No, you put it here….ok, wait, (exasperated sigh) I’ll do it…oh, well, nevermind, lets just catch up on our rest, yes, thats for the best.”

  12. Jackie Blue

    Drew has a nice figure but I would wear a top with better support to prevent boob pop outs too. I have no idea who the guy is.

  13. granada

    She lost a ton of weight.

  14. blow me

    Oh, and she’s cute, but how come no one ever comments on her Janis Joplin-y resemblance? I can’t be the only one to see it.

  15. Taylor

    Drew’s behind looks good for her body type. Not everyone has to gain all their weight in their behinds. Drew actually had a breast reduction years ago. The bathing suit top is not flattering on her or anyone.

  16. Ed

    She looks perfectly fine. Big-titted big-assed walking sex dolls are the hallmark of ghetto culture. If you have no money, or money and no class, then I’m sure you think girls with sleek figures are not sexy, just like you think premium beer sucks compared to malt liquor.

  17. dr. phil

    she’s clearly ready to settle. this guy is a total desperate cry to “settle down”. he’ll propose. i mean, look at him.

  18. Beet

    I heard her labia hang down to her knees, but i see no evidence of that in these photos.

  19. Jennifer

    She was said to have a personal account on ‘BillionaireCupid.co m’ club with her hot pictures and blogs there. The site is getting hotter and hotter, cuz quite a few millionaires and celebrities tend to go there.

  20. aklsdliegh

    he is so handsome.I have seen his photo on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named “Searching Millionaire dot com”.Seems they met there.

  21. Drew is looking pretty good.

    Oh, #19 & 20 – you both suck major cock. I found you both on http://www.suckmyhairycock.com

  22. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    Justin, phone home.

  23. erin

    wow, she really lost some weight. she looks good, needs a more supportive bikini top though. who do bandeau tops work for honestly?

  24. Randal

    WOW! Drew Barrymore looks great in that two peice and her smile is radiant like the sun warming her back. I’m not a fan of her tramp stamps but that doesn’t change my view of this great actress. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  25. Awww…Randal is back on his meds..

  26. Harry

    Apple rules! Anyone who uses a PC is halfway to being brain dead. You know it, suckaz!!!

  27. nice

    They are well match each other. He is very hot, she is very beautiful and sexy. It is said that they met on celeb mingle.com Is it true?

  28. mean

    No nice, it’s not true at all.

  29. j_dub

    she looks cute, he is homely tho. i don’t get her attraction to him, but she did marry tom green, so i’m not surprised.

  30. Boob

    He has a nice booty in that 2nd pic. i wanna grab it

  31. [url=http://www.smutfun.com/model4187movie2/movies/03.wmv]The Laughing God[/url]

    I would think she is lucky. I mean she married Tom Green, TOM GREEN!!! I mean, every time you went to kiss her, TOM GREEN, feel a boob, TOM GREEN, lick a nipple, TOM GREEN. Vagina, TOM GREEN!!!

  32. I thought she stopped shaving her pits. Damn, she started again! Grrrr!

  33. DD

    Why do rich people have bad tats? there is no excuse

  34. DD

    Why do rich people have bad tats?

  35. treeka

    aww… they are cute

  36. nini

    he looks like a nerd…
    she looks great…

  37. La Frascatana

    Hey, Drew Barrymore is in “love” again. That is, until this guy gets cancer, or one of his parents dies, or he scrapes his knee.

    Drew likes her relationships hassle-free and with no reminders of grim reality. Otherwise she flits away like a butterfly.

  38. thecolombian

    this looks just as staged as the heidi/spencer photos, cept i’m gonna have to throw my support to heidi in this instance. These pictures just remind me of Fever Pitch, and I really dont want to think about jimmy fallon in a bathing suit.

  39. Anal Fistula

    she used to have nice boobs…what happened?

  40. brookelynn

    When did she get skinny?

  41. Vomit

    Look at Justin’s ass. Woof!

  42. Drew looks amazing! What is up with her dating super geeky guys?! I have a feeling she likes slumming and then gets fed up with being more successful then her boyfriend/husband. Vicious cycle, Drew ;)

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  44. moses

    wow….How sexy they are! Drew is so hot,is she still at celebrity and millionaire

    site—-myrichmatch.com ? I saw her profile last monday,hope her

    not leave.

  45. ellen

    She is so gorgeous. But I am very cucious. Why did she post her profile on a celebrities and wealthy website named
    “wealthydater. com”.. What is she looking for there?

  46. ellen

    what a pity!Drew Barrymore has a b/f. but i saw photo of her posted on site wealthydater dot com. i just don’t know why she did that

  47. shimmy

    justin’s cute. whats-her-face aint. those boobs are utterly horrifying. HORRIFYING. wear a bra to the beach if you have to, baby.

  48. momo

    her boobs are fine and there is nothing wrong with her labia.

    She did Queef on me however….

  49. Mrs. Jones


    She got breast reduction and she lost weight and her bikini top is not flattering for any body type.

  50. Mary Ann T.


    It is hard to find a decent guy. I meet hot guys and they are full of themselves. I have better luck dating guys that are kinda cute.

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