Drew Barrymore presents her Golden Globes

January 17th, 2006 // 54 Comments

drew-saggy.jpgDid everybody catch Drew Barrymore presenting at The Golden Globes yesterday? I think a more fitting title for the show would have been Drew Barrymore’s Golden Globes. Get it? Because her breasts are enormous and she wasn’t wearing a bra. So then I made a reference to her boobs being globes. Golden globes. And the rest of the joke sort of wrote itself. Well actually I had to hire a guy from New York to help fill in the punchline, but that’s not important.



  1. Jayne

    Her boobs are her only good quality.

  2. SuperSpence

    Was she late for the awards show and just forgot to grab a bra before rushing out of the house? Is she back on the sauce again? Whatever the case, her love pillows are gigantic and, like many of such prodigious size, could use a little support before I tear her clothing off and reach out with my strong hands to… Uh. Hmmm. Never mind. She could use a bra. That’s all I have to say.

  3. Those are sure riding a little low. As she gets older time will do that. If she maintained a Proper Cardio routine she would be fine until the age of 55. At least.

    Drew has always had a tiny frame.

  4. FIVE0

    HOLY SHIT!!! She could feed 15-20 Mexicians for weeks with those things!!

  5. I would have been much nicer to all the skanky 12 year old coked out child ho-bags from grade school if I knew that they would grow up to be wealthy, famous and bra-less.

  6. ZoomBoy

    I want to fuck her in 1993. Hello Doppeldanger.

  7. patEcake

    the nipples will eventually slide completely under her huge national geographic mammory. cliff-hangers if you will.

  8. Krissy

    Eh, she doesn’t have to wear a bra. It works.

  9. PapaHotNuts

    We now know that E.T. actually means “Extra Titties.” What friend told her that she looked fine and no one will notice those giant green water ballons with nipples on national television. I’d still fuck her. That ain’t saying much though, I’d fuck a snake in the mouth if I could keep its head still.

  10. spamnews

    Wonder if she reflashes Dave Letterman with the new enhanced funbags of love. Anyway who cares? Even in her Playboy shoot she was a shapeless little pud.

  11. suzy

    i just think it was a really fugly looking dress that was just weird

    she should have worn a nice gown that you know could have enhanced them or made them look nice

  12. boymoto

    I have to agree with the first comment…


    The question is, will she end up doing porn?

  13. jennjenn70

    Hey…at least they are real!!!

  14. HollyJ

    The question is – Did she steal that dress from Robin Hood or Peter Pan?

  15. amma

    …I could be wrong, but I think that this is just what natural bb’s look like.
    Say what you will about Drew…but anyone familiar with Flower Films knows she is one saavy sistah.
    Love the Superficial!!!
    PS> Could we get a pic of KFed’s boobs? Dying of boredom @ work!

  16. miir

    >>>Those are sure riding a little low.

    They are sitting exactly where NATURAL breats of that size should sit.

    God, some people are so used to seeing fake boobs with nipples in the wrong places and pushed up to the heavens that they have no fucking clue what normal breats are supposed to look like.

  17. miir

    ug, I can’t even spell breasts.

  18. derekd

    HOLY GAZUNKAS BATMAN! Mama. Mama. Hungry. Need some milk! MAMA! AWAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

  19. thebor

    Boobs are cool heehehehehee

  20. Desperation is not attractive and usually a sign of an impending fall. I hope not. I adore Drew. Smart and sexy.

  21. AndyKandy

    Jolly Green Giant

  22. AndyKandy

    ps: hate the dress…..she looks fine.

  23. buttercup

    Nobody’s saying that she should have her chest shoved up under her chin, but she should have put on a bra regardless. Save that look for the house – put on a bra if you’re going to be on TV.

  24. Marina

    She had a reduction a while back too, does anyone remember??? In the early 90′s. They are coming back with a vengence. But I sympathize with the sag factor, as I too was blessed/cursed with giant breasts (but I got a lift last month!) call me if you need a plastic surgeon, Drew!

  25. spamnews

    Nah, they just don’t sit right with me.

  26. HughJorganthethird

    bra smaaa, looks like the only thing with a chance of keeping those bad boys in line is a manzier (bro).

  27. unclmeat

    Word on the street is that Spielberg is having Lucas’s boys do an edit of the golden globes broadcasat with a CGI bra placed on Barrymore, much like the playboy spread of her he had retouched and sent out to her, that way he can sit back and watch in remembrance of the little girl that encahnted all of America in E.T.

  28. LoneWolf

    Her boobs seem to vary in size. She’s proably chunked up a bit – that waist is pretty looking pretty wide.

  29. Georgia

    Guys are usually happy when girls are not wearing bras.

    Men need to come to some kind of agreement as to when bras must be worn.

    250 lb Lunch Lady = Must wear Bra

    Hot actress = Bra optional

  30. Slappy san

    hoep she doesn get another reduction

  31. Tracie

    Drew did have a reduction at the tender young age of 16, so those are NOT what her natural breasts would have looked like. Those nipples have been attractively placed and everything was lifted nicely. Could you imagine the nightmare before us if she hadn’t had the surgery? She’s only 30 years old!
    The dress is terribly bland and unattractive and does nothing for the rest of her body.
    Two questions: 1. Am I the only one who thinks that Drew and Jennifer Aniston attend the same school of acting*? (Aka *”I only play characters like myself”)…
    2. Am I the only one bothered by that terribly irritating speech impediment that she has? Check out ‘Charlie’s Angels’: “Thith ith me kicking your ath!”

  32. Sheva

    Can’t sit through the mindless Charlie’s Angels. But did girlfriend just inflate her breasts? How’d she do that?
    They were just normal looking and normal size for a while and back way back when in Playboy.

    I don’t remember these Gazangas. But hey Drew, you go grrl.

  33. Jeremy1Esq

    The first poster is correct. Damn shame because those are some nice boobs, but she has nothing else to offer.

  34. What a bunch of bullshit. “Chunked up”, “pretty wide”??! You have got to be kidding – the girl is MAYBE a size 10/12 at the most, for Christ’s sake! Yet more proof that men have no idea what a real woman looks like after being spoon-fed a diet of supermodels, porn stars, and skeleton women like Calista Flockhart and Lara Flynn Boyle. I do think a bra was a necessary item with this ill-chosen dress but that does not negate the fact that there is nothing wrong with her figure, or her brain (um..she runs her own company, dumbass, she must have some intelligence), or her boobs, which miir so kindly pointed out look the way REAL breasts do when braless. Hey Tracie, we all know you are a AAA cup. Jealous much? And real classy making fun of someone’s lisp – gonna shove someone out of a wheelchair next?

  35. cat_taylor

    I would just like to say that I am a woman who is sick of other women constantly bashing the men who make comments about Drew being “fat” or her boobs being “saggy” (just for the record, I don’t think either is true). But think about it ladies, the guys who think this are the guys who think that plastic is prettier. So let them think that and just chalk another one up for guys you have nothing in common with.

    And lastly, this is the Superficial, not a site for social commentary on society’s messed up view of the female body. The purpose of this site is to make fun. Drew is beautiful and successful. So pick one thing out of this photo that you COULD make fun of. A. no bra and B. not stick thin. So fly with one of those and quit yer bitchin’.

  36. yourmomisgay


  37. yourmomisgay

    wickedopinion is just being a cunt cause she’s a fat ass. i’d take a thin babe with AAA cups over a fat saggy boobed bitch anyday.

  38. Kelly

    Dragqueen Kirmit the frog inpersonates popular actress. . . .

  39. slinkhard

    ‘i’d take a thin babe with AAA cups over a fat saggy boobed bitch anyday.’

    If you like man-like figures, it’s between you and god, dude.

  40. I actually think that Drew is trying to smuggle out two extra gift bags because she wasn’t satified with the one she’d already gotten.

  41. mrs.t

    what, no one remembers ‘Poison Ivy’?

  42. Tracie

    Well, wickedopinion, so much for your New Year’s Resolution of “simply using good manners” and being polite to others. What are you doing on a website whose sole purpose is to goof on celebrities, and instead of doing so, you make an attempt at goofing on a poster with a factual opinion?
    * Drew had a reduction to try to perk up her formerly gigantic, saggy breasts.
    * Drew is very successful, but in no way known for being a good actress.
    And as far as the speech impediment, Drew’s mother could have easily taken her to speech therapy as a child instead of drinking and partying alongside her in clubs she had no business being in. (Comparing someone in a wheelchair to a working and wealthy actress with a killer lisp is ridiculous.)
    Lastly, thank you for taking such an interest in me. You’ll be happy to know that the actress that I get compared to the most is Lori Loughlin of “Full House”. I even have the same body type. :) Have a great one!
    P. S. In short, I’m calling you out on your very own “day for acting like a big, whiny a$$hole”. ;)

  43. Amylouhelfin

    Wow, Tracie, Lori Loughlin, huh? You even have the same body type,cool! You look just like a washed up actress. Congrats. Have a great one!!

  44. Tracie

    LOL Amy! :) Thanks for the laugh, and taking the superficial for what it is. Thank goodness I’m not an actress who has to rely on my good looks, huh?
    And for Drew, the consensus remains, very poor choice of dress and lack of undergarments.

  45. Dzchordant

    I think she rocks! Great boobs verry natural looking. Hate the dress – totally fugly.

  46. Amylouhelfin

    I totally agree with you on that Tracie, if I had to rely on my looks to work, I’d have been unemployed a long time ago. Especially since the actress I most resemble is Kirstie Alley. And Drew definitely should have looked in the mirror instead of listening to one of the many sycophants that must have told her she looked great!

  47. wickedopinion

    Dear Tracie – The only thing more pathetic than your sad attempt to defend yourself is your over-inflated opinion of yourself. 95% of my post had NOTHING to do with you. Just because I disagreed with you doesn’t make me impolite or a whiny asshole. I find it offensive that it is usually people with smaller “attributes” who make obnoxious, inaccurate comments regarding those of us with larger “attributes” but that is no excuse for making fun of your personal appearance. I apologize – It was rude of me. “Factual opinion” sounds like something the Presidiot would say. Most opinions are based on some kind of fact. (duh) Lori Loughlin not only looks like a strange twist between a B-list porn star and a basset hound but she also has no future. So, good for you for having a mediocre brain and the looks to match . Oops, there I go being rude again. I guess I should try harder on my resolution.

  48. wickedopinion

    Dear Cat Taylor – Just trying to increase those guys IQs a bit. I don’t know what I was thinking. You are right – guys like that are beyond saving. Thanks for the reality check.

  49. wickedopinion

    Yourmomisgay – Your ideal woman has the figure of a twelve year old BOY and enjoys being called a “babe”. I don’t think it’s my mom who’s gay.

  50. QTPie

    Yes, I agree her lisp is annoying. But her cans rock. Her body looks great! I agree with the comments about the dress, though. A cutie/hippy/”natural” girl like her definitely should’ve worn something different. The color wasn’t terrible; the dress was just so bad that the color made it seem worse.

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