Drew Barrymore isn’t normally this attractive

April 13th, 2009 // 42 Comments

Here’s Drew Barrymore stopping by Regis and Kelly this morning to promote her new HBO film Grey Gardens, and she’s looking surprisingly good for, well, Drew Barrymore. I hear she’s one of the few genuinely nice celebrities which probably explains why she had sex with Justin Long. Somebody had to.

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  1. Who knew zebra print was thinning?


  2. ktb

    I’m so glad she’s eating meat again…she looks great, not like the fat vegitarian she used to be.

  3. Jrz

    So like….does she still drink or anything? I mean, surely she can’t be completely sober for the rest of her life by the age of 12…….

  4. Cash

    The hell is wrong with you dude? Drew is a hotty.

  5. Fish you dumbass. She is one of the hottest actress alive today.

  6. Murf


    is that Billy Dee Williams working as her driver???

  7. Mr. Romantic

    I wouldn’t mind looking at her lopsided smile if I knew she was completely unaware that in one second I was going to shoot a giant spurt of come in her mouth even though I just promised not to.

  8. Randal

    Those red shoes make a big splash in an otherwise black and white world and Drew knows it too.


  9. rosa

    ‘d hiddit!

  10. Gando

    Holy crap! She’s looking quite attractive!

  11. gotmilk?

    when did she get so skinny?

  12. Lidiya

    What the dickens do you mean? I sometimes see her around NYC, and she always looks nice. She has seemingly perfect skin.

  13. Darth

    Great zebra outfit!

  14. Guy, this chick is a perfect example of what a stylist and make up artist can do for a droopy faced bra buster.

  15. Rich- you’d hit that!!

  16. Anonymous

    She is disgusting. Can’t stand this skank.

  17. Sadie

    She seems relatable and nice, always has, even in her dancing for David Letterman topless days, i always felt if you saw her in the street and acted all star struck, she would be warm about it.

  18. I call 'em as I see 'em

    She looks great.
    A little mumsy-vixenish, but great.

  19. #15 – With your car!

  20. kekeke

    A professor at my very small college had a dying daughter, and her favorite actress was Drew Barrymore. Not only did Drew come visit her when she was home from the hospital, but she got Seth McFarlane to put the girl in an episode of Family Guy (her and her family’s favorite show). I hate most of the work Drew Barrymore’s done, but she does seem like a very sincere and compassionate celebrity. Kudos to her!

  21. Monkey Hunter

    Well,whaddya know,a day without a monkey fucking Kardashian,and an actual human looking celebrity.
    Will wonders never cease?

  22. dontlooknow

    I have always thought Drew was adorable, despite the bad parenting she had, etc. Now she’s becoming a woman and is prettier than ever. I nominate her America’s new Sweetheart.

  23. Shes one of the over stimulated starlets, but this one manage to keep her career on track….

  24. shakeitout

    too much make up.

  25. testington

    she has been looking consistently good for a few weeks now! she goes back and fourth, remember how hot she was in Batman Forever/Mad Love/Playboy days in the mid 90′s?

    I think she is really short, so if she gains 5 lbs it looks like 15

  26. Kelley

    She has always been gorgeous, even without make-up.

  27. Wen

    love her lips! I wish there was like a surgery to make them look like that..

  28. AirMail

    She’s always been a pretty girl.

  29. KT

    Did anyone else notice that she’s wearing a safety pin for an earring?!

    Is that a new fad or something?

  30. Danklin24

    Who else thinks Chelsea Handler is hot and hilarious?


    yeah, me neither

  31. Yeah

    @29 KT-
    The safety pin as an earring has been a “fad” since about 1976…

  32. amanda

    she looks EXACTLY the same as she did in ET, only taller.
    she is cute, i would even call her pretty on a good day but never hot. shes too cutsie to be hot

  33. Duke Steele

    I’ve wondered how this SKANK became a Covergirl spokeswhore. I think whoever signed off on that decision should be taken out and maimed. And isn’t it funny how she, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu are all skanks who ended up in the same movie together? Twice!

  34. “Drew Barrymore isn’t normally this attractive”

    That’s not saying a lot. She’s pleasant, but I think she’s just rubbed me the wrong way.

  35. ………………ONLY WHEN SHE GETS PAID TO DO SO, folks!!

  36. I dont comment on tmz dont know why i have a clone over there,,,,i saw the freak during the phil spector conviction…#13

  37. I think Drew is fantastic! She actually looks like a normal, NICE person, even if she did sleep with Justin Long! Come and visit is CAPE TOWN Drew!

  38. e-rock

    Finally Fish, I agree with you. I think Drew is GORGEOUS! I LOVE the hair do! I love the fact that she is a hippie/rocker/environmentalist (like myself), and still a femme fatal. Drew rocks!!! Are you taking notes Kim K? Cuz we all know how much you want to be relavant!

  39. EvilMom

    What is with the safety pin earring????

  40. Elizabeth

    She actually is super nice. I met her when I was in college (she did a documentary about the 2004 election) and unlike all those people who have fake “I’m so normal guys!” personalities – she really is that way, like a real person. And super pretty in real life.

  41. The Dude

    I stumbled across this garbage while following another story. Who writes this crap and why in the hell would anyone read it on purpose. The writer has got to be gay as hell, as per usual when these so called “celebrity news” site’s write about any female actress, singer, wife, whatever. I love Drew Barrymore and she can be hot as hell whenever she want’s. She isn’t this pretty? Well obviously she is asshole. Because she isn’t a skank like Paris Hilton or whatever Kardashian she isn’t pretty. She is a natural, she has her shit together which is real unusual for anyone in Hollywood, and she sometimes dresses and isn’t afraid to be seen in everyday real human clothes she’s not pretty? Why did I bother readig this garbage, why the hell does anyone read this garbage? I’m writing because it’s five in the morning and I was bored, but damn people get a freaking life.

  42. I always thought that Drew was adorable, despite the bad parents, she had, etc. Now she is a woman is more beautiful than ever. I propose a new darling of the United States.

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