Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant? Why not?

February 13th, 2009 // 44 Comments

Because both of these two would probably have sex with a ham sandwich, Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore are getting friendly, according to Page Six:

According to spies, Barrymore got very excited when the Brit walked into the Waverly Inn. “She squealed and jumped in his arms,” a spy said. The two then “made out,” but Barrymore showed up to the Beatrice Inn by herself later to hang with Clive Owen.

But it was all good because Drew totally asked Hugh to the Sadie Hawkins dance where Uncle Jesse’s band played Beach Boys songs, and they slow danced together. For real.

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  1. kristin

    Drew looks hot!!!!!

  2. Sam

    I sow a film that they maked togheter about song wrighting I think? I liked it ,they seemed a nice couple in it. So then maybe..

  3. Farles Chew

    The Bar Rafaeli spread cured many things, but there’s nothing to be done about the thought of Hugh Grant “making out”

  4. havoc

    I thought he was only into unprotected sex with black hookers?



  5. I’m pretty sure Drew’s who-ha looks like a ham sandwich

  6. Jrz

    Daddy Complex, much?

  7. ET the Terrestrial

    I was in a movie with Drew once. Why won’t she makeout with me?

  8. J.D.

    Hugh Grant, Clive Owen, whatever. I don’t blame her for not being able to tell them apart, all those brits look the same.

  9. jumpin_j

    I don’t care what they do as long as they never shoot another movie in my building again… EVER (“Words & Music By”).

  10. Captain_Insano

    Does anyone else remember when Drew used to have delicious boobs? Its only since she lost them that I realized how truely unattractive she is. Oh where, oh where have Drew’s big boobies gone, oh where oh where could they be?

  11. eeee

    …”because both of these two would probably have sex with a ham sandwich”


    LMFAO!! :lol:

  12. Duke Steele

    Can anyone say Douche Barrymore? I’d bang her mother Jade before I would this skank. And what moron at Covergirl signed off on this pig being a spokeswhore? That person should be taken out and maimed.

  13. grahamcrackers99

    The movie was Music & Lyrics and was really pretty good and they had good chemistry.

  14. Eric

    This story is quite interesting. But mostly for its implications about managed care, universal health care, and socialized medicine. By her dress and posture, Drew is suggesting that all three are the same thing and “somebody should really do something” about people without health insurance, while the intricate lattice of Hugh’s carefully tousled hair indicates that, no, they are three different systems with important distinctions, as anyone would know if they lived under one of them. Please, let us continue our discussion from the previous thread.

    p.s. Rumor has it that Hugh’s cock is curved, so with her crooked mouth Drew giving him a blowjob would closely resemble a highlight from the Bassmaster Classic on ESPN.

  15. Max Planck

    Bangers and mash.

  16. More and more I read this site for the commentary. But don’t get me wrong, I’m still mostly in it for the boobs…

  17. I predict their kids will be in therapy by age four.

  18. damn she is lookin hot!

  19. jennyjenjen

    @15. Funny.

  20. Jennyjenjen

    Drew is the worst actress in Hollywood. I can’t stand her crooked mouth. She looks like a stroke victim.

  21. NY Ted

    Why not?

    She has fucked every other cock in Hollywood!

    And lord knows there is a long list of whores he has paid to fuck!

    A match made in heaven!

  22. timmy the dying boy

    Doesn’t she know he prefers tranny hookers? He’ll even pay for them.

  23. B

    I thought she told Letterman that she had a “partner” now…(you know, following the lead of lindsay and all of the other new hollywood “lesbians”)

  24. Emily

    Drew totally asked Hugh to the Sadie Hawkins dance where Uncle Jesse’s band played Beach Boys songs, and they slow danced together. For real.

    -Your humor is so goood.

  25. annie

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  26. Chris

    He looks uncomfortable to me.

  27. jojojo

    drew looks so nice here

  28. mmd

    shes so pretty
    shes a nice girl too!

    they were in that one movie together too

  29. guyth

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  30. lola

    good couple

  31. ET

    She sure has had a lot of plastic surgery on her body for a young girl that the media and cosmetic firms try to portray as a “natural girl.”

  32. hair of samson

    Look behind Hugh. There is a poster of Music and Lyrics. But then in the third picture, a smiling woman appears in the poster! Is she a ghost? How did she enter a film poster, have the fictional world and real world collided?

    I had to think about this for a while and then I realized that it’s a mirror that is exactly reflecting the shape and size of the poster, which must be on the opposite wall.

    So you have a mirror reflecting a poster of Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant standing right in front of it. Trapped in a labyrinth of reflections and egos… It’s like they’re in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

  33. Walter

    I thought that he couldn’t stand her because she was always perky. I guess that he was too horney to remember.

  34. BS

    @5 Lets not forget that black hooker was a child! This guy is a fucking creep and a pedophile. Yark!

  35. sid

    sshes so pretty,
    im honestly getting sick of looking at jolie’s face all over the place.

  36. lawrenec

    Cute and happy couple. I am so glad you are happy together. But, Drew I advise you remove your personal ad from Richromances.com. You are no long a single already. Are you looking for only pals over there?

  37. They both aren’t quite smart.
    SO WHY NOT, folks?

  38. She is always just with dudes that can help her further her career.

  39. bobby

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  40. Justin

    I think Drew needs to settle down this relapse she is in right now before she starts dating. Sorces are saying that Drew is back on drugs, both dope and coke and heavy drinking. She had been in a lot of bars here lately. She thinks that she can stop the relapse on her own. She doesn’t reaize (or remember) how strong coke addiction is. The brain starts to believe that it needs coke to survive. Only rehab can silence the addiction. Nothing can destroy it. What really happened to Drew’s cocaine addiction in 1989? Rehab silenced it. Gave her to abality to live without it (which she did for almost 20 years). However, depression or stress can “wake up” the addiction, causing the addict to use, even without wanting to to numb the pain. The brain remembers that it worked once and worked well and boom relapse. Once this happens, the addict needs to go through the same steps they did to silence the addiction the first time, including rehab. DREW REHAB NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Yvonne62

    I love the movie Hugh and Drew made together, they were a cute couple. One of my favorite part of the movie was when Hugh was singing meaningless kiss, he look sooo hot and sexy!! singing and dancing. My other part was when Drew was trying to hide from Kate Sloan.

  42. I had to think about this for a while and then I realized that it’s a mirror that is exactly reflecting the shape and size of the poster, which must be on the opposite wall.

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