Drew Barrymore & Ellen Page are kissing

September 10th, 2009 // 115 Comments

Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page lock lips and pretend to have some sort of pseudo-lesbian relationship in the October issue of Marie Claire. Except what’s teased as a “curiously intimate chitchat” with the two only includes talk of backpacking through Romania and absolutely no mention of me wearing a bear costume and holding the camera. Lesbianism? I calculate not.


  1. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    If there was boob cuppage then I would applaud these photos.

  2. ROUGH daddy

    I know who marble mouth is but who’s Helen Page?

  3. Iggy

    Hey Drew, come to Sweaty Betty’s when you’re at the Toronto Film Fest. Good dive bar by my house. See you there. K.

  4. freeside

    Ellen Page is a cutie. Plus, she was in the greatest show ever. Trailer Park Boys.

  5. Some Girl


  6. m

    At first glance Drew’s hair looks really short (and really cute) in the plaid pictures… but then I saw the black ends. What the fuck is that? Big fail. She looks ridiculous.

  7. Fried Vagina

    Drew is notoriously bisexual isn’t she?

    • karlito

      yes, she’s admitted that she likes to sleep with men and woman. many of her relationships fail because the guys can’t deal with it. mind you..she can go out and have sex with her “lady friends” but he has to stay home and play with himself. it’s a one way indulgence.

  8. jkhjk

    “At first glance Drew’s hair looks really short (and really cute) in the plaid pictures… but then I saw the black ends. What the fuck is that? Big fail. She looks ridiculous.”

    LOL, its like a haircut without the cut!!!!!

  9. Has-been kisses never-been.

  10. maddog

    Ellen Page is like 20 something, and Drew is like…40 something!! lol Talk about robbing the cradle Drew!!

  11. Beesnees

    Why would a cutie like Ellen Page want to kiss an ugly girl like Drew Barrymore?

  12. Randall

    These two are making a mockery of actual lesbian couples. This cheap display of titillation is like a slap in the face to all lesbians. Sure, I’m still going to masturbate furiously to them, but it’s still a cheap ploy to get attention.


  13. KIKI

    I HATE, HATE, HATE when women kiss/fondle each other to get attention. It is incredibly desperate attention whoring.

  14. Onyx Blackman

    Seriously, who gives a shit? I remember getting excited when two chicks kissed for attention. . . in 1998.

  15. Onyx Blackman

    Seriously, who gives a shit? I remember getting excited when two chicks kissed for attention. . . in 1998.

  16. Isn’t Drew Barrymore a bit old to be playing around with Ellen Page?

  17. KIKI

    @13 Ok, thanks fake Randall with 2 ll’s, now I have to explain that I am not a lesbian. This is a new trend among the 20 to 30 year old women that think it is so fun to tease the boys by acting like fake lezzies. Ew, it is so played out.

  18. Jammy

    Forehead beast kisses chin beast

  19. bobby_da_Perv

    What a bunch of homos, this is hot. Two hot chicks kissing and holding? Yes please

  20. Onyx Blackman

    Fuck that. I know I didn’t double-post.

  21. ill hit em both. im the assman. i am delicious.

  22. Sorry Sucker

    20. That is right! Who needs men anyways when women are so sexy together!

  23. Randall

    #18 I’m not a fake Randall, except for the titties, those are fake, expensive, and gorgeous. but except for those I’m all kinds of real….Maybe it’s the other guy whose the fake…or maybe it’s like fight club, where we’re two personalities in one body. His personality is that of the public facade , While I’m the extra sexy misogynistic chronic masturbator who has a thing for Spencer Pratt’s skin toned beard that he wants to be…maybe I’m a dick who thinks it’s funny to point out that Randal is secretly a misogynistic chronic masturbator who has a thing for Spencer Pratt’s skin toned beard. The world may never know


  24. KIKI

    @ 24 Randal(l) LOL, thanks for explaining that to me.

  25. A

    A friend of mine lived beside Ellen in Halifax back in her X-Men days, and she is actually a lesbian and has been out of the closet for quite some time (just not in Hollywood).

  26. S

    I could believe they are actual “lesbians”…..so why not just come out if you are? But if you aren’t….then WHY?!? (No offense to being a lesbian, but it’s kinda like making fun if your not? Rite?!?)

  27. waterdog

    They are 22 and 34 years of age. Not a horrible gap. Not that it matters.

  28. mamamiasweetpeaches

    A Closed-Mouth Grandma Kiss. YAWN!

  29. your mom

    Ellen Page needs to pluck her eyebrows.

  30. Solaera

    Okay. I had my hair like Drew’s in the 80s except it was red with black ends. I’ll admit that It looks just as stupid today as it did then. Lol. In my defense however, I was 14.

  31. Mskittyvixen

    I have never seen Drew look SO CUTE! I love the hair, it’s different… and I love her makeup too. She looks happy, confident, and beautiful. I used to think she was ugg, but wow, she looks really great! I just don’t want to see her jump on the lesbo-bandwagon.

    Ellen Page, however, is a cunt.

    • Dan Tobin

      Ellen is a nice gal-met her in 2005 in Manhattan and we spoke for about 15 minutes, and I regret not getting her phone number and e-mail so we could work together and be friends.She is not a cunt at all, and you might have met her at a bad time. Ask for my cdsampler At WHPC 90.3 FM, and boycott and divest from BP, since they were awarded a $900 million contract to prospect for oil off the Terrorist State of Libya, where War Criminal “colonel” Muammar Gaddaffi has been let off the hook so far despite his genocide of The Libyan National Population, ordering hijackings, and the massacre of Pan Am Flight#103, and requested my abduction since I issued a fatwa against Gaddaffi and his entirely criminal Family and regime since my brother Mark L.C. Tobin was among the Pan Am Flight#103 jet in 1988, Lockerbie, Scotland, and Gaddaffi and his Gov. is not forgiven or forgotten at all, and I am even trying to prosecute my own Gov. for Obstructing Justice, Treason, and selective enforcement of the laws.

  32. Matrim

    Her hair rocks…and she makes my boner happy

  33. Nella

    I don’t even know what to say about this. Are they just kissing for attention, or are they dating…? I know Drew Barrymore is bi, and i didn’t think she’d stoop to kissing any girl for a camera, so wtf is going on?

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  36. lola

    Mid-life crisis

  37. Melissa

    Ellen Page is way too dykey for me to even consider her remotely sexy. And Drew hasn’t been attractive in oh, about ten years now.

  38. titsonsnack

    Isn’t Drew like, 400 years older than Ellen?
    I was just watching Ellen in some Trailer Park Boys re-run. She’s like.. ten.
    I didn’t know she was actually lesbianic though. Oh well if she wants Drew to be her old dragon that’s cool – she could do much worse.

  39. Eddy

    If they were a couple, I’d think, ‘aww, that’s sweet, they met on the set of the new roller girl comedy and its true love!’ but this just looks like they needed more attention. That or they know the roller girl comedy sucks horribly and they need to generate buzz.

  40. gj

    timberland shose

  41. Lame & Sad. Nobody falls for this shit anymore outside of the 90′s, right?

  42. Duke Steele

    Hey Beesnees. You read my mind.

  43. I have always thought Drew was pretty (I don’t know who the other girl is), but in the third picture she looks… different. I wouldn’t have known it was Drew. Did she get plastic surgery??? What a waste.

  44. Matrim

    @44> …Nope, that’s pretty much what Drew looks like.

  45. she needs to calm down on the plaid

  46. I dont know what to say

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  48. ha

    Oh, leave it alone. Drew Barrymore always kisses people in photoshoots. I’m pretty sure she was all over Jen Aniston and Ginnifer Goodwin in her last Marie Claire shoot. That’s just her thing.

    Although I do totally believe that Ellen Page is gay. It makes sense.

  49. ellen


    i wanted to do roller derby but this movie has totally killed it for me. my name is ellen. it’ll never work. bastards.

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