Drew Barrymore and Justin Long make out

September 5th, 2007 // 56 Comments

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long (the guy from Live Free or Die Hard and the Mac commercials) were spotted making out at Izaka-Ya restaurant in Los Angeles Monday night. Not only that, the NY Daily News reports they were also seen making out at Vegas’ Jet Nightclub, confirming that the two are indeed a couple.

Drew Barrymore lip-locked with “Live Free or Die Hard” actor Justin Long Sunday night at Vegas’ Jet Nightclub at the Mirage, with best buddy Cameron Diaz in tow. The trio sat in VIP, where Drew and Justin “got cozy and made out in a corner table,” says our spy.

Seriously, Mr. Mac Guy? Drew Barrymore? There was a period of time back there when she was cute, but I imagine making out with Drew Barrymore now to be like making out with your mom. Is she even working any more? Oh right, she was in that one movie where she squints a lot when she smiles. That was a real stand-out performance.


  1. Peter

    Drew is a major slut, she must have had about 100 boyfriends and has probably slept with them all!!!

  2. Mafs

    No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I dont like them!

  3. Kelly

    Dear God are the paparazzi ever fucking creeps. This video is sickening. Let people live their god damn lives.

    Oh wait… I’m on this site, therefore voiding my argument completely.

    Oh well. Something just isn’t right about this video.

  4. zoe

    he was in dodgeball.

  5. jowney

    will always love drew barrymore no matter what.

    but i hope she gets a better guy than that. hehe

  6. C

    She’s a natural beauty. No make-up, looking casual and cool and still looking great. She’s young, I dind’t get the mom thing.

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