Drew Barrymore and Justin Long make out

September 5th, 2007 // 56 Comments

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long (the guy from Live Free or Die Hard and the Mac commercials) were spotted making out at Izaka-Ya restaurant in Los Angeles Monday night. Not only that, the NY Daily News reports they were also seen making out at Vegas’ Jet Nightclub, confirming that the two are indeed a couple.

Drew Barrymore lip-locked with “Live Free or Die Hard” actor Justin Long Sunday night at Vegas’ Jet Nightclub at the Mirage, with best buddy Cameron Diaz in tow. The trio sat in VIP, where Drew and Justin “got cozy and made out in a corner table,” says our spy.

Seriously, Mr. Mac Guy? Drew Barrymore? There was a period of time back there when she was cute, but I imagine making out with Drew Barrymore now to be like making out with your mom. Is she even working any more? Oh right, she was in that one movie where she squints a lot when she smiles. That was a real stand-out performance.


  1. Cowgirl riding side-saddle with an English accent


  2. Cowgirl

    That’s nothing! No one will ever be able to top “had sex with a groupie on the restaurant table” Tommy Lee’s escapades (that sounds like an ice show)!

  3. hello....

    Does she ever comb her hair?

  4. So where are the pictures of Tommy Lee? I want to add it to my collection

  5. combustion8

    He’s a douche and she’s ugly.. the perfect couple.

  6. Cowgirl

    #5, I would be afraid of catching something just by watching Tommy Lee!

  7. Cosmo

    Well, at least Justin Long is an improvement over Tom Green.

  8. Kristin

    I think Drew is so pretty. =]

  9. Set the mood cowgirl

    What is with these people?! Nothing says romance like a restaurant or a restaurant table for that matter!

  10. The video of him and Pam on the boat was pretty good. I would not pay of it, but if it’s for free, it’s for me

  11. @10 I like to knock it out at the Hometown Buffet

  12. Cowgirl

    @12–You have a point. There’s all that jello and pudding? You would just have to slap the occasional chubby fingers reaching for the extra peace o’ cake (I’ll beat you to the punch line: those aren’t chubby fingers?)!HA!

  13. Doh!

    Damn lack of spell check—I meant piece as in piece of ass, not peace as in Angelina’s wet dream!

  14. I lick the plate clean there!

  15. PC this is ET. ET, PC.

  16. Cowgirl

    OMG—If I had to pick an actor from “Live Free or Die Hard”, I would mack with Bruce! I’ll take Demi’s not-so-sloppy seconds!

  17. Kitty Carlisle

    She’s “ok”…He is not even average.

    Money + Fame = Power and that makes everyone more attractive.

  18. Hecubus

    Um yyyeah, what’s so weird about this ? The guy’s recently got famous hasn’t he ? She clearly has to do him, either her or Winona Ryder. They’re the official welcome girls to the land of flavor of the month celebrity life and they do a damn good job. I wont have them mocked.

  19. Squinty

    I didn’t even know who you were talking about until you said the Mac guy. He’s greasy and ugly, but everyone worships anyone that is on tv or in movies, no matter what.

  20. Launica

    That is NOT Cameron Diaz… and the Mac guy is hot in that dorky way.

  21. leatherdaddy

    aww. id still do winona ryder. almost makes it worth it- makin it big that is. what is she up to now-a-days (hint hint fish)? drew barrymore seems like a runner up compared to winona. not that justin long is a much of a prize. whats the age gap of these two? what 6 & 10 said.

  22. Riotboy

    She’s been around.


  23. whatever that was borrin.who tha fuck gives a shit bout that anyway

  24. rick

    he’s a dork but at least he has good taste in food… that restaurant is great. i love katsu-ya!

  25. Did somebody say COUGAR!!


    ~ 420 ~

  26. Connie

    aw theyre cute.

  27. dangerlilly

    He is cute and dorky, and Drew goes for the funny and goofy guys. I can totally understand. Much better than the guy who is hot and knows it. When guys are cocky like that, it makes them kind of ugly.

  28. ssdd

    That guy reminds me of a young Keanu Reeves … like he tries so very hard at it ….. I hate the Mac commericals.

  29. 23 we were asking for it

  30. fuckalicecooperuglydumbasspieceofshit

    wtf? i like her ex better…fab moretti is hot although he needs to gain like 5 pounds :/

  31. ah, she used to be hot. Can’t remember when… maybe sometime after ET, but before she did movies with Adam Sandler.

  32. chambermaid

    She has the most pronounced chin I’ve seen, other than Jay Leno’s.

  33. OKay, I like Justin Long. I know who he is. I’ve seen a lot of movies. He was funny—really funny—in “The Breakup”, though the part was small. “Accepted” was OK, though I don’t know if it was because of him. . . He’s a mediocre actor at best.

    That being said, he’s a healthy young man. He should get her tested since she’s been around so much….just in case, couldn’t hurt. I guess he could too, but . . . she REALLY should.

  34. kilalc

    why oh why oh whyyyy im kinda sad theres a nother hot chick i wont be dating anytime soon NOT watta clown if he wanted an older chick my granmars single atm see another young guy sucked in bye the stars even if there faded and no longer good looking

  35. ella

    haha she’s actually only three years older than him

  36. Ms Katie

    ummm Drew is only 3 years older..i wouldn’t say shes a cougar

  37. Frick!

    Drew’s got some serious commitment issues, doesn’t she? She’s definetly one of those serial monogamous types. She’s been thru so many hollywood guys. Wonder if she’ll ever settle down. Guess I can’t blame her, given her crazy upbringing.

  38. ***

    they are cute

  39. melody

    whoa the kid from ed and dodgeball and stuff. we all used to think he was cute, like in an ordinary person way. haha what a weird match.

  40. mdiz

    She’s cute and all…But when you see the playboy pix of her… It’s just not right. i can’t put my finger on it…But that girl ain’t right.

  41. This quote is from Kelly Osbourne…………

    “It baffles me. I can’t even wear a thong. I always have to have my granny knickers on. I don’t understand the whole no knicker-wearing trend.”

    “It’s a bit sickening, but that’s how desperate people are for attention. Instead of going out and doing something good, they’d rather show their vaginas to the world.”

  42. Fucking DUH!

    “Is she even working anymore?” Um, yeah, at her production company.

  43. somewhereinthemiddle

    Even though these people are “famous” I have no interest in hearing about their lives. Bla Bla Bla so boring.

    Drew wears frumpy clothes, no makeup and can’t even run a brush through her hair. Lets face it, she is not the type you would brag about banging. She is the one who pulls a dead horse on you when you are wasted at a party.

    As for the dude whose name I don’t even bother to remember… You would be forced to use the phrase “but he is so nice” whenever describing or defending him to your friends. In your high school days you might have dated him on the sly over the summer, but would never admit to it.

    Let me know when she gets hooked on drugs again, maybe then she will be worth posting about. As for the dude, I see him doing National Lampoon’s movies in no time. Do you remember a time when that wasn’t an insult?

  44. tommy salami

    drew is a pussy eater ……who cares who she dates………….she refused to lick tom greens ball when he was depressed about losing the other one

  45. BlohansProlapse

    So this offcialy makes me the only guy on earth Drew barrymore hasn’t made out with.

    Call me Drew…

  46. igroovin

    she’s supr cute and seems down to earth, but why does she go from guy to guy?

  47. Retardedcommenter

    good choice, I’ve always liked that guy since Jeepers Creepers

  48. lambman

    I would have seen this yesterday, but thesuperficial thinks its a good idea to rearrage the order of their stories for some idiotic reason.

  49. shadty

    she went from hot fab moretti to mac dude ewwww

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