Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz share some weed

February 26th, 2007 // 93 Comments


Did I miss something or is weed totally legal now? Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz were spotted in their bikinis getting high in what appears to be a public park. Although I can’t tell if that’s from the impaired judgement or because they’re just stupid as hell. They could be doing this in the produce aisle of a supermarket and they still probably wouldn’t realize where they were.


  1. RichPort

    Wait… you’re saying weed ISN’T legal? Shit… I better let my customers know…

  2. jrzmommy

    50–You took the words right out of my mouth………..but then again it’s just a plant…….whatever.

  3. kingnoony

    am i in the minority in that i find these two wretches uglier than hell…? just wondering. (oh, and they’re smoking joints because that’s what you do when you’re “cool”. i think #8 summed it up best with “whitestafarians”.)

  4. Kimberly

    #24 i’d like to thank you for pointing out that #18′s an idiot, the only people that roll cigarettes are the people who can’t afford not to

  5. reptilicus

    Yeah, no white person has ever smoked pot before. Wow. Shocking.

  6. techclerk

    Who’s da lolo dat took my poco lolo?

  7. wtf

    Looks like they are in Taradise

  8. techclerk

    Wow, wouldn’t it be great if someone started a bill in Congress to mandate mandatory drug testing for every Hollywood actor and union member? Can you imagine how pissed off they would all get? That would be fun to watch play out.

  9. CatSmith

    it’s not hurting anyone, what’s the big deal? i’ve never seen pot ruin anyones life, other drugs yes, alcohol yes… not pot…

  10. schack

    fish is a fucking loser if he thinks you have to be stupid or imprudent to smoke weed in public.

    if you are a white, preppy girl, hanging out with 1 or fewer white preppy males, and/or 4 or fewer white preppy girls, you can smoke a joint outside of the fucking police station and get away with it. just don’t bring your whole stash with you, and remember how easy it will be to feign crying when you’re high. lay back and enjoy.

  11. veggi

    I love both these girls even more now that I know they run around higher than two hippies in a helicopter.
    Higher than groceries.
    Higher than gasoline.
    You get my point.

  12. amanduh

    smoking pot keeps people sane enough to not shave their heads.


  13. Carol

    Did you guys see another pics of Drew?
    She looks so NOT fat! She looks GREAT. I really liked her skin. And I think Drews getting prettier and prettier.
    Today if you’re not anorexic or not have big boobs you’re ugly. Nobody is perfect, even Drew. But she’s just gorgeous just like that way.

    I don’t like Cameron. I don’t like her skin, her beauty, her acting stuff… BUT let them smoke in peace…

  14. lickmybutt

    #19… ewwww who the hell wants to “save up” resin? smoke out of a joint and the resin goes straight to yer lungs. smoking a joint gets you the most THC. these ladies know what they are doing.

    #60… hahahaha totally agree. im a white girl, not so preppy but i dont look like i toke it up, but oh how i do, in parks, in my car, on the beach… anywhere really. i was even on cops once and didnt get in trouble. hahahahaa

  15. brujeriadiosa

    What is with celebrity weed? Is there no resin?
    THIS alleged joint and Mischa’s (i’ll never think of her without Cisco’s dangling package) joint….they should be brown with resin.

    When a joint gets roach-sized it is brown with resin. Maybe I should sell fucking oregano to the stars…you know, quit my day job!

    Drew: Get some cream on those elbows, Ho!
    YIKES! They all red & itchy!

  16. now i understand why Justin broke up with her “>_>

  17. The key is to smoke up before you enter the supermarket. IKEA is also fun, what with the beds and couches and whatnot.

    I’ve bought some pretty great stuff high.

  18. NicotineEyePatch

    I should be smoking that joint to make Cameron Diaz easier to look at.

  19. supafreak

    Sluts smoking pot are cool.

  20. Clete

    Cammy is not easy on the eyes with that enormous mellon atop that shapeless frame.
    That big dopey flat face and cheshire cat grin is disturbing. What a shock those gals smoking a doobie. I thought Drew claimed to be clean and sober after her rehab stint when she was a pre-teen. Whatever they both have been kicked to the curb by their boy toys are and good sulking buddies.

  21. HollyJ

    Drew already did a Playboy spread in January 1995.

  22. RandomRandom

    Don’t get me wrong, as I am not a fan of either of these two hags…however…this whole celebrity weed fest has been blown out of proportion. People act like its a glass d*ck they are smokin’ on! Gimme a break, ITS CALIFORNIA! Usually there’s something wrong with you if you DON’T smoke the reefer!


  23. DeArmond

    they probably have medical marijuana cards.
    most weed enthusiasts in los angeles have them these days.

  24. belle

    Why does Drew keep the same bikini on in both sets, but Cameron changes? Either Cameron’s a total diva and switched in one day, or Drew is a total bum and has to wear the same one repeatedly. Eh, either way I don’t care.

  25. Carol

    what? you’re wrong.
    Fabrizio was dumped by Drew.

  26. za-rodinu

    Fucking ew, Cameron looks exactly like my 45 year old pothead aunt. She should just spackle makeup on 24/7, because she looks like her face is made of tree bark without.

  27. neonink

    looks like they are having fun to me. its important to play, as opposed to beating the crap out of cars with umbrellas.

    now who really wouldn’t want to be there?

  28. Anonymous

    “If you don’t like my fire then don’t come around. Cause I’m gonna burn one down.”

  29. fag4eva

    I feel like I am within an aura of coolness as I post on here, because people in the comments are posting about their affiliation with illegal drugs, you are just so cool you people that smoke them, how can I be as cool? better yet, can I get your autographs? or maybe I’ll just stick to education and not have mental problems later on in life.

  30. lickmybutt

    #80… ummm yea. i smoke marijuana. i go to college. i get good grades. i am a full-time reporter at a well known newspaper and i dont have any mental problems. yes there are some people who cant handle such things all together, but please dont generalize people who smoke weed like that. thanks.

  31. Lettusaurus

    ok lets get serious.. weed is illegal, but its not THAT illegal. Its so easy to smoke it in public in the form of a joint/blunt because: (A)Nobody gives a shit if it is weed
    (B)No cop is going to waste their time checking to see if its weed or tobacco.
    (C)They are celebrities and could probably care less if they got a possession charge that comes with a whopping several hundred dollar fine… and most likely, wouldnt even get charged with anything because they have good lawyers

  32. Lettusaurus

    #60. I fall into that category of preppy guy. I totally agree with you. I couldnt help but to laugh at the humor in that truth.

  33. They both annoy the hell out of me. Here though i find nothing wrong they are just chilling. In reality marijuana is not as detrimental to the stability of our society as other drugs. Its users are aiming to slow down. Whereas other hardlined drugs cause a surge of neurotransmitters this does not. Its users are usually functioning, their are no addictive factors ( their is a way to tell via cat scans). They are in various parts of society look at richard branson owner of virgin mobile,atlantic,records,galactic. The guy who invented pcp is alive in his 80′s and competent. So why their other behaviors bother me this is not one. Furthermore i fail to realize how one put their race in. Im jamaican i dont smoke weed. Are you saying only certain people can smoke. HAve you watched Weeds.

  34. ICraveFurBurgers

    I’d smoke with em.

  35. faBBBBBBBuloussss

    lemme hit that biotches

  36. This seemingly mutual marijuana smoking appears to be solely because of Ms. Diaz’s duress. All THC should be via prescription only, Ms. Diaz.

  37. SuperChic

    I think the Joker woman needs something to put in her mouth now that JT broke up with her and she can’t give him any more blow jobs. Just my 2 cents.

  38. please, why do we let celebs get away with everything…there are people in jail for this…please put them away

  39. lyrical kelbo

    For your information!!!!!! Cameron’s a good friend of mine , and i know for a fact that she does not smoke dope. Sorry to disappoint!

  40. jay

    everybody smooke weed.

    what´s the drama?


  41. Cameron can toke on my middle stump any time !

  42. Cameron can toke on my middle stump any time !

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