Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz share some weed

February 26th, 2007 // 93 Comments


Did I miss something or is weed totally legal now? Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz were spotted in their bikinis getting high in what appears to be a public park. Although I can’t tell if that’s from the impaired judgement or because they’re just stupid as hell. They could be doing this in the produce aisle of a supermarket and they still probably wouldn’t realize where they were.


  1. irshliquor


  2. TheColombian

    drew must feel most comfortable around cameron due to the inexplicable comparisons to that one person she shared the screen with once…oh yes, E.T.

  3. irshliquor

    Does anyone else wish the headline read “Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz share irshliquor’s penis”?

    Just me?

  4. GooniesNeverSayDie

    What? No Lucy Liu?

  5. JungleRed

    What’s wrong with getting high? It’s probably the only way anyone can stand hanging out with Cameron Diaz for any length of time.

  6. GooniesNeverSayDie

    Did drugs at age 8
    Married Tom Green: Who knows why?
    Next up: Playboy spread

  7. GooniesNeverSayDie

    A Cameron Diaz Haiku:

    Dumped by JTL
    Skin looks like sun dried leather
    Next: Hang with Paris

  8. BarbadoSlim

    Well if it isn’t the two bad-ass whitestafarians. What a fucking joke. Boy how I would love to go all The Shield all up and down their asses.

  9. islandgirl

    what the hell is this weed week

  10. pana1718

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha sad biatches! HA!

  11. karifarrell

    It’s high to get illegal

  12. illkarate

    Seriously… Cameron Diaz looks like a f’ing ghoul

  13. biatcho

    a ghoul! That’s great.

    But seriously who hasn’t rolled a fattie in a park and shared it amongst friends? That hat that she’s wearing, on the other hand, should be illegal, unless you’re 80.

  14. sweetsassymoleassy

    why do cameron and that random third chick have matching bikinis in the second set of photos? they look like junior high “best friends” (in other words, the pretty girl and the fatter girl she keeps around to feel better about herself)

  15. thestraightshooter

    I cannot believe they are actually paid to appear ON screen!

    Cameron Diaz looks like Paul Newman in Slap Shot.

    I am finally convinced Drew Barrymore is a Sea Monkey.

  16. thestraightshooter

    #13 She needs that hat to protect her face from, er, sun damage…too late huh?

  17. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    LOL good choice of words #1!

    Be careful, lest some feral cunt comes along & complains about the “first” thing!:D

  18. Some people actually do roll their own cigarettes ya know. …

  19. Who taking bets on which one shaves their head and goes into rehab first? And why are they not using a pipe? They could be saving up the resin! And what did they do with the roach?

  20. biatcho

    #15 – I will strictly refer to her as Reggie Dunlop moving forward. Fantastic!

  21. princess373

    The irony is all of these actors concerned about global warning are actually causing it with their massive weed consumption.

  22. Carol

    Oh come on, I saw another pics and Drew looks just great! And I think she’s beautiful.
    Cameron’s ugly and I don’t like her skin.



  23. fame is funny

    well THAT would explain Camerons Oscar dress…

  24. fame is funny

    #18, congratulations, you are the one millionth person to say that in a thread about someone smoking pot. People roll their own cigarettes? REALLY? Tell me this, poindexter, do rich people usually roll their own cig, pass it around to everyone, and then smoke it to the roach? No, because thats what homeless people do.

  25. jFp

    There should be Natonal Smoke Weed days to protest those stupid laws.

  26. Tremfan

    Hey, I’m a chick and I roll my own smokes! But I don’t pass them off as if they’re joints..

  27. Defcon

    Everyone smokes weed in the park.
    Hell people smoke it in public everywhere in this town.
    They should legalize pot, for it’s uses…

  28. Ah, must be nice to be a celebrity and be above the law. btw, Drew Barrymore’s tattoos look really tacky.

  29. fame is funny

    If drew barrymore shaves her head on a whim, she’ll look just like that guy from the Cher movie ‘mask’. Just a ‘heads up’ if you will..

  30. But they didn’t inhale…

  31. karifarrell

    @#23 & 24 You took the thoughts right out of my head

  32. juicylips

    They live a good life. I gotta find a weed connect.

  33. licklick

    When will these soft-leather trashettes get a clue about tattoos?


  34. karifarrell

    Well, it was 4:20! What were they SUPPOSED to do? Make a martini?!?

  35. 4DPants

    @23: And not just the dress! Look, I know “In Her Shoes” was a big hit for Cameron, but the girl needs to quit showing up at events looking like she just got banged in the men’s room.

  36. Bambi.xo

    #6 is a retard because Drew Barrymore has already done a spread in Playboy.

    #25 there already are days were people parade around, smoking up and protesting against the law about weed.

    I honestly don’t care that they are smoking up let them have their trippy fun.

  37. Carol

    I love Drews tattoos.

  38. Stink

    Damn. Half nekkid high hotties and I’m not there.


  39. EgoManiac

    I think Cameron has a nice ass.

  40. cameron is starting to look like the 90-year-old overtanned hag from “something about mary”

  41. Scubasteve

    very nice

  42. sharpei dude

    #8 – LOL…”The Shield”. Pull a Vic Mackey on both those bitches!

  43. thedrunkensailor

    why are they swimming in a dirty pond or something in the middle of winter? why would they be swimming in a dirty public pond anyway even in summer, they are multi millionaires?

  44. andrewthezeppo

    I totally love that Drew isn’t one of those “I can’t drink I’m in recovery” former addicts.

    Smoking pot and the beach just go hand in hand…some of my best fuzzy memories of summer are being high at the beach.

  45. dafeedil

    I always come to this site to read all of your witty comments, and thought “hey, I’ll sign up”. Anyway, did anyone else notice that in the doobie pic, Cameron has on a green and white bikini, and the pics of her in the water she has on a red one? What’s up with that?

  46. fame is funny

    looks like different days… or different time of day at least

  47. whatthe

    Where did Drew’s boobs go? Fat n’ flat is not hot (second picture).

  48. Spetsnaz

    #47, I was just thinking the same thing.
    Today’s been all about boobs – Jennifer Butterface Hewitt has big ones, Pink has small manly ones and Drew Barrymore has misplaced ones…what’s going on?

  49. nicole

    haha you guys are funny. no pinks look like they belong to a 10 year old girl, jennifers are perfect (with tape) and now drew barrymore’s look like their non exsistent. i just dont know how she could have a healthy looking body but no chest.. hmm.. oh and by the way shes not fat i think she looks fine. the part that turns me off is why is she so pale!!? ughhh

  50. rrd

    I thought Drew was supposed to be sober? or clean? whatever you want to call it…

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