Drea de Matteo in a bikini

January 21st, 2010 // 103 Comments

Here’s Desperate Housewives and former Sopranos star Drea de Matteo in Hawaii yesterday and you really have to admire a woman with an AC/DC tattoo above her vagina. Mostly because she’s given you a clear warning to use protection without ever ruining the mood. Simply look down, silently scream inside your head and then wrap your penis in 25 condoms while dousing yourself with hand sanitizer. Nary a break in the romance.

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  1. Que

    Que guinea nice.

  2. Que

    Que jersey es too.

  3. blungle

    Drea goes both ways, get it?

  4. rh

    Or you’re on the highway to hell.

  5. Cristina

    What’s with the weird lump in her bikini bottom groin area?

  6. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  7. sarah

    whoa i had totally forgotten about this chick. she looks good considering she’s pushing 40

  8. Jake

    she needs to smear her muff in my face

  9. Sid

    “What’s with the weird lump in her bikini bottom groin area?”

    every Italian girl’s proud heritage.

  10. Deacon Jones

    Love her.

    This is the kind of chick who’d let you fuck her with coke dick

  11. Alfred

    I want her ass in me mouth. She prolly fucks like a champ.

  12. italian pony?

    Ugh I think the weird bump might be a piecing like some kind of clit ring, fuck if I know I don’t even have my ears pierced, but that would be my guess, that or it’s a super mini penis u know like Leno and Jimmy Kimmel have, in fact I think most Italians in show biz have them. So I guess Drea is short for Andreas.

    Well he is kinda pretty though.

  13. oJAEflo

    I think that “bump” is what they refer to as a — quote, unquote — “SHADOW.”

  14. duh

    Thats not a bump- its the shadow from the bucket, you dumbarses. Stop looking for cocks everywhere.

  15. cc

    Not keen on the tats, but she looks pretty good.

    That being said, who the fuck wears a necklace like that when they go swimming?

  16. Valerie

    Or it could be a bush, remember those? Pull out your ’70s porn

  17. me

    Nice you mean are thinking of fcking and scking with the kid in the photo.

    men are so dirty and filthy. I wish I were gay.

    P.s. That bikini on that little girl is wrong. That print and style is a bit grown up and doesnt look cute on her. Why are parents such jackasses?

    same reason men are pigs

  18. Hank

    LOL@ Fish. Exactly what I was thinking. Who gets a vagina tat anyways?

  19. Dr. Phil

    ” 19. me – January 21, 2010 1:08 PM

    Nice you mean are thinking of fcking and scking with the kid in the photo.”

    No, we thinking of fucking and sucking with the woman in the photo. You should be in prison.

  20. Taz

    Think she wants that ac%dc tat night back. I’d plow her!

  21. G&T

    The fading AC/DC tattoo is disgusting.
    Oh, and I refuse to open or read any pages pertaining to that snookie character you keep following. I remember when Superficial followed nobody’s who were at least hot. If I wanted to puke I’d watch 2girls1cup. Keep it up…

  22. olddog

    grade A piece of ass,Shooter Jennings what a lucky son of a bitch

  23. Ultrasly

    No wonder she dropped in attractiveness like 40%, she had a kid apparently.

  24. MR. T

    I would run over a retarded kid in a wheel chair with a lap full of baby puppies to taste her ass.

  25. Photoshop Police

    ‘She’s got the jack!’ – AC/DC

    would still tap that.

  26. olddog

    Ultrysly, are you braindead dropped in attractiveness,that is fine kids or not,and in those lamazee classes they teach women to use pussy mucles most women don’t even know they have

  27. BiJenni

    I’d bang her with my strapon then lick her clean afterward! I love 40something chicks.

  28. ss

    I think she looks hot….great body.

  29. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Is it really her kid? I’m surprised her breast didn’t seem to grow-sag after the childbirth. She is actually pretty decent looking. Her Adriana character was kind of rough and slutty in the face, with cake of horrible makeup.

  30. Ego

    I always thought she had bigger boobs than that. DAMN YOU! *shakes fist*

  31. She needs to do pilates for her ass. Pilates can help you stop traffic, at any age.

  32. Sashas44

    OMG the bikini on the child is totally inappropriate! And it has nothing to do with the leopard print or that it’s a bikini, it’s the style of the bikini and in particular the bottoms. That child is still in diapers . . . And Drea looks awesome. The tat sort of distracts from what appears to be a caesarean scar? Anyone else see that?

  33. JohnnyBGood

    @19 you sick bastard. I didn’t even notice the kid in the pictures. I’m sure most men didn’t either.

  34. Jymmy

    Maybe all that Heroin in Sons of Anarchy aged her.

  35. Doc Schweinstrudel

    32 – gha haaaa haaa haa ha HA ha hah

  36. cc


  37. mouth.like.a.sailor

    i think that she looks like she has a NATURAL and pretty amazing body for any woman, let alone a 40yr old. AND i think her daughter looks friggin adorable :) only an incredibly small percentage of the population would look at a baby in a bikini at the beach and think weird thoughts. she comes from a cool movie star/rock n roll family who i think is pretty laid back and cool and funky. i think its suits them pretty perfectly. i can’t see her dressing her daughter in a weird little bubble gum pink bathings suit with Minnie Mouse on it. that would be weird. and i think all the bracelets are just the cutest thing ever, my daughter does the same thing…she will 19 different beaded necklaces, all shapes and styles and it looks absolutely adorable. i luv little girls :)

  38. The chick’s supposed to be pretty wild in bed. Sorry that her daughter has to hear one day that “Mommy’s a little freak in bed.”

    Oh well, Santa Claus isn’t real either. I think.

  39. Krys

    I think she looks great.
    The tats are whatever. She’s like 40 and married to Shooter Jennings for fucks sake. Of course she’s got stupid tattoos. Most of the 20 year old broads posted here don’t look that good.

  40. salsa

    Too bad about the shitty tatts everywhere. But she is trully a hottie!

  41. Stupid

    Tattoos are for friggin losers.

  42. blah

    AC/DC. A Child Delivery Chute.

  43. Steve O

    “33. Sickitten – January 21, 2010 3:30 PM

    She needs to do pilates for her ass. Pilates can help you stop traffic, at any age.

    And you need to shut the fuck up until your sorry ass decides to lead the way(literally)… always around to bash whatever random girl Fish decides to post, when you yourself are straight nasty…. not to mention that REAL impressive website of yours, what a fucking work of art that shit is…. anyone who spends five minutes there is probably scarred for life having to muddle through the utter nonsense you post and your 8 followers comment on…

    “Today its ‘NOCTURNE’, yesterday was ‘Eva Gardners not hot’ and tomorrow itll be “THE SICKITTEN VALENTINE PRODUCT WHORE BASKET CONTEST” .. oh wait- guess you beat me to that, eh? Seriously you need to shut the fuck up and just crawl back into your cave..its one thing to create some bullshit knock off of Fishs site, and another to feel youre important enough or hot enough to bash anyone whose pics are posted..make you feel better?

    Fucking cunt.

  44. ssssss


  45. ladyJ

    That “lump” “bump” “shadow” thing in her bottoms is one of those liner things that they sell for girls to prevent camel toe, I forget what they are called, but they’re most commonly used with bikini bottoms.

    My guess.

  46. Clamhammer

    I love eating sandy clams.

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