Dr. Phil sued for ‘brainwashing’

Dr. Phil is being sued for allegedly brainwashing a woman then touching her left boob, according to People:

Shirley Rae Dieu, 56, of Irvine, Calif., claims she was seeking therapy from Dr. Phil in his Hollywood office in 2007 when she allegedly was held captive and “forced to be in the same room with a completely live naked man while he exposed his entire naked body, genitals and all,” according to her filing.
Dieu further alleges she was deprived of sleep and food, “brainwashed” and “subjected to edited tapings depicting her as a different personality other than her own.” On Oct. 9, 2007, she claims Dr. Phil touched her left breast during a therapy session.

It should be noted that Shirley has a history of suing hospitals and car dealerships plus she’s acting as her own attorney. That being said, would anyone really be surprised to find out Dr. Phil was conducting kinky psychological experiments that involved breast grabbing? That’s kind of the whole point of getting a degree in psychology in the first place. Human experiments – with boob grabbing.

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