Dr. Phil screws the pooch again

Dr. Phil tried to score himself some “exclusivity” this weekend after shooting himself in the foot with the Britney Spears fiasco. But life must hate the Phil because this attempt fired yet another bullet into his hoofer. You see, Satan’s doctor wanted an exclusive interview with one of the eight teens that lured a 16-year-old girl into a house where she was beaten on camera (CBS4 report here.) The motive: Make a killer You-Tube video that their friends would OMGZ! over. (One vasectomy, please!) Anyway, here’s how Dr. Phil’s producer botched their “exclusivity,” according to TMZ:

Here’s the way it all went down: The good Doc’s executive staff sent a seasoned producer down to Florida, along with a P.A. to chase the story of 8 teens who allegedly beat a classmate on tape. We’re told the folks back home were horrified when they saw Mr. Large-and-In-Charge putting the smack down on local reporters after springing 17-year-old Mercades Nichols from the pokey. We’re told execs on the show were pissed that the experienced producer allowed the P.A. to be in a position to embarrass the show in front of the cameras.
The bigger question — who hatched the plan to pay the bail for the woman accused of kidnapping and videotaping the brutal beating? The show issued a statement saying certain staff members “went beyond their guidelines,” but the buzz on the Paramount lot is that it would be impossible for the producer to pay the $3,300 for the bail and put up $33,000 in collateral without the full knowledge and approval of higher-ups on the show.

The best part is, after all these shenanigans, there’s a gag order on the case so none of the kids could’ve talked anyway. HA! Now Dr. Phil just looks like an opportunistic butthole. Well, more so than usual. In the meantime, someone told me that children are the future. Super. Does anyone have a shotgun I can borrow? I just want to fire it into my ear canal for a second. You can have it right back.

Photo: Getty Images, Video: TMZ
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