Dr. Phil screws the pooch again

April 14th, 2008 // 48 Comments

Dr. Phil tried to score himself some “exclusivity” this weekend after shooting himself in the foot with the Britney Spears fiasco. But life must hate the Phil because this attempt fired yet another bullet into his hoofer. You see, Satan’s doctor wanted an exclusive interview with one of the eight teens that lured a 16-year-old girl into a house where she was beaten on camera (CBS4 report here.) The motive: Make a killer You-Tube video that their friends would OMGZ! over. (One vasectomy, please!) Anyway, here’s how Dr. Phil’s producer botched their “exclusivity,” according to TMZ:

Here’s the way it all went down: The good Doc’s executive staff sent a seasoned producer down to Florida, along with a P.A. to chase the story of 8 teens who allegedly beat a classmate on tape. We’re told the folks back home were horrified when they saw Mr. Large-and-In-Charge putting the smack down on local reporters after springing 17-year-old Mercades Nichols from the pokey. We’re told execs on the show were pissed that the experienced producer allowed the P.A. to be in a position to embarrass the show in front of the cameras.
The bigger question — who hatched the plan to pay the bail for the woman accused of kidnapping and videotaping the brutal beating? The show issued a statement saying certain staff members “went beyond their guidelines,” but the buzz on the Paramount lot is that it would be impossible for the producer to pay the $3,300 for the bail and put up $33,000 in collateral without the full knowledge and approval of higher-ups on the show.

The best part is, after all these shenanigans, there’s a gag order on the case so none of the kids could’ve talked anyway. HA! Now Dr. Phil just looks like an opportunistic butthole. Well, more so than usual. In the meantime, someone told me that children are the future. Super. Does anyone have a shotgun I can borrow? I just want to fire it into my ear canal for a second. You can have it right back.

Photo: Getty Images, Video: TMZ

  1. woot

    aw yeah.

  2. Man, that video of the beatdown is total gnar. Hard. Core.

  3. typist

    Quote: “The motive: Make a killer You-Tube video that there friends would OMGZ! over. ”

    ahem, their*

  4. quelidiot

    Dr. Phil wishes he had Rick and TC to bail him out.

  5. Saucebag

    Dr. Phil is the most useless sack of shiit on the planet…he sucks at life..

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  6. Nikki

    That man’s teeth are just frightening!

  7. Other website marketer

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  8. Dennis

    Are these reporters morons or just losers who can`t get a real job? Why would anyone comment on this unless THEY are morons too?

  9. InternetToughGuy

    How did that fucker make $90 million last year? Totally absurd.

  10. The desire for fame and fortune has turned many a professionals into a sensational hungry savage – always on the lookout for shock stories

    There is a constant need to one up the competition

    Just imagine the news media during the next decade at the rate we are going

  11. justifiable

    Is it too much to hope for that some of this shit might splash on Oprah, who’s responsible for foisting that twangin’ mustached butthole on us in the first place?
    And these little bitches could really do with a stint in juvie hall rather than being bailed out. Hell, I’d pay $33K just to see ‘em on the receiving end of a smackdown. 8 against 1, nice odds, cunts.

  12. Arguman

    So, if I post bail for a (likely) uppity snotty teen bitch who participated in the beating of another teen for thrills just so I can let her “tell her story” and talk to her on TV under the guise of “helping” her, I can get a free pass from the media too? They’ll just place the blame on the production company/tv studio my show is broadcast on and I avoid most of the blame?? Plus I get millions of dollars? Awesome!

  13. Donkey Punch

    Dr Phil once again proves he is a total scum bag.

  14. scumbag

    As a condom, I resent that remark. He’s a USED leaky scumbag.

  15. sweet mama

    who you gonna call ? Oprah Winfrey

  16. IKE

    #10, I bet he won’t repeat that amount next year….or the year after!

  17. Guy

    Superfish, please, please, please ban these dating site spammers.

    If not then you’re going to find less and less people visiting your site.

  18. shimmy

    I can’t stop staring at his teeth.

  19. bibo

    I’m not reading this shit anymore until you guys take off those fucking obnoxious movie trailers that start on their own when you open the page. Nobody wants that.

  20. Bugs

    I enjoyed his work on The Larry Sanders Show.

  21. Dr. Phil

    Now you listen to me !

    I am in the business of helping people not in the business of making money. The money has nothing to do with anything. It’s all about the people.

    Tune in tomorrow when I have a man that smells his mothers panties and an Iowa pig farmer that makes love to his stock.

  22. Quinn

    please stop posting his head on this site.

  23. “In the meantime, someone told me that children are the future. Super. Does anyone have a shotgun I can borrow?”

    Ditto!!!! And by the sounds of it, the parent of one of the girls is a complete Lohan. Soon enough, she’ll have her daughter running the talk circuit – and if it’s a gag order, she’ll do it herself.

    Sad. Pathetic. Trash. Trash. Trash.

    Yo Superficial: I love it when you let your propensity for intelligence slip through your posts. You should start a new blog titled “I Think Clearly About Stuff”…I would read on a regular basis.

    Unlike some other sites, I like that there is intelligence in there…and by intelligence, I mean (fill in the blank, at will).

    Canuck :o)

  24. p.s. I agree with #25, too, please.

  25. Mo

    My favorite was the woman who kept shrieking at him. “You can’t HAVE exclusivity!” Dude. If they’re not talking, they’re not talking. Let it GO.

  26. Bas

    They are not teeth!! they’re dentures

    I come here for ass and you give me Dr Phil … well I spose he’s better than hearing about Roseanne vagina tuck

  27. Auntie Kryst

    What does a girl named Mercedes do when she grows up to work the pole? Is her stripper name going be Sarah?

  28. boo

    @#30 Good one

  29. holla@meh

    wow, that was a long ass walk to get to the car! lol
    and where can you find a video clip of the incident?

  30. yo

    @3 — where did you find the vid? is it really on youtube?

  31. Mary

    Mmmmm, it seems he is very interested in dating wealthy young guys. I saw him on “SeekingRich.com” last week. You can contact him on that site.

  32. Anal Fistula

    i’m so disappointed…i thought that Dr. Phil was actually caught screwing a pooch…meh…

  33. LL

    If only I didn’t have this darned dignity and a love of privacy, I could get on TV, too. Dammit.

  34. Jammy

    Oklahomans are all cheating scumbags.

  35. Ted from LA

    I’d like to catch Dr. Phil getting beaten silly on camera. It’d pay to see it.

  36. mofoghetto

    His dentures are running away from the Poly-Grip! The tip of his nose is aligned with one of his front teeth, much like a middle finger!

  37. Dr.PhilIsaSexPervert

    Ha Ha! What a fucktard. Sends a blabbermouth to post bail on a bimbo who’s been under a gag order for the past week. But then, what can you expect from a guy who lost his practice for sexually harassing a 19 year old and can proudly say he has a cockhole model for a daughter-in-law?

  38. woodhorse

    That picture really begs the question: “Would you buy a used car from this man?”

  39. lambman

    OK so if the Jenna 6 got convicted of attempted murder these little assholes should be sent to the gas chamber, what they did is so much worse

  40. robert

    i really like him very much.

  41. robert

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  42. dr. phil must die

    Dr. Phil is a douche bag. Oprah should be flogged for giving him a stage.

  43. j

    i’m pretty sure it won’t be long before the Dr Phil cross dressing tape surfaces or the one that he gives Steadman a prostate massage while Oprah covers herself in fried chicken screaming ‘look at me I’m Whitney Houston on crack and I will always love you’.

    good times

  44. Barkingrex

    #41, Oklahoma disowned him a long time ago. He is now a Texan.

  45. leelee

    I think that kid (the obese PA) was in my film class. He was a dumb then too.

  46. KT

    She wanted to be on YouTube but now she wants to hide her face. Give me a break, I hope this little b***h rots in h**.

  47. jojojean

    I love the awesome and giant free advertising for ServiceMaster as they pass their truck. They cleaned my apt from a mold problem from a broken pipe once. Servicemaster Rocks!

  48. marymae

    I’ve seen exactly 10 minutes of this guy’s show. I’m astounded that anyone managed to sit through more than that. In fact I feel kind of stupid for having tolerated that ten minutes’ worth. It was like watching a train wreck, and that sad reasoning is the only excuse I have. This man is a symptom of a society in desperate need of quiet time. People need to remember how to think for themselves and maybe that might happen if we quit turning to mealomaniacs like Phil the blowhard and Laura the delusional to do our thinking for us. Life isn’t easy. There are no easy answers. And Oprah and anyone else who tells you that your life wil be better if you just DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU is lying to you. People would be better off in the self-help section of a bookstore actually doing some reading for themselves. At least there you’re left to confront your own thoughts about what the author’s saying rather than swallowing whole the emotional manipulation that happens while watching an audience respond to the drivel and tripe that slides out of these peoples’ lips.

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