Dr. Phil investigated by psychology board

January 16th, 2008 // 98 Comments

Dr. Phil is the target of a complaint filed with the California Board of Psychology. When Dr. Phil attempted to counsel Britney he was technically practicing without a license which is a felony, according to TMZ:

We’ve learned the person who filed the complaint is a psychologist. Dr. Phil has never been licensed to practice in California, and he retired his Texas license in 2006.
The psychologist who filed the complaint also alleges Dr. Phil violated HIPAA laws by “discussing or divulging a patient’s medical condition … with the media,” in reference to a press release issued by Dr. Phil.

The psychologist is also passing around a petition to others in the field to have Dr. Phil removed from the air. So some good actually came of this whole debacle. At this point, I pretty much expected Satan to rise up from the earth and play guitar in front of Britney’s house. Dammit. Now I have to wait until she gets pregnant.


  1. Janine77

    I hate this guy, he deserves it. He is unprofessional and I don’t think he truly helps people that come on his show. He always seemed to me to be a blowhard who wants money. Hate him, hope he goes down.

  2. Mick

    Where can I sign this petition?

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  5. woodhorse

    @47 9/11 was an inside job

  6. woodhorse

    @47 9/11 was an inside job

  7. zuzuspetals

    No, anyone who thinks that a person who questions the validity of a complaint involving violation of HIPAA laws in a situation that doesn’t involve a medical professional is the same thing as defending Dr. Phil “because he is a tv personality” has the intelligence of a gnat.
    It’s possible to think Dr. Phil is an ass and also disagree with the contention that he was practicing without a license or violating HIPAA laws.
    It’s called nuance, people.

  8. Clem

    Look at that squinty eyed butt nugget.

  9. Hey, maybe Oprah could have a smackdown show like with the “Million Little Pieces” guy.

    Oprah: So…you’re not actually a medical doctor, correct?

    Phil: Correct.

    Oprah: …And…I KNEW this…but…maybe I just didn’t UNDERSTAND it CLEARLY enough…which put’s you at fault, correct?

    Phil: Correct

    Oprah: Prepare to die fat-boy.

  10. D. Richards

    Righteous! There is a god. Even if this investigation doesn’t come to fruition in the form of Dr. Phil being charged with a crime, it will serve to show the viewing public what an utter asshole everybody else knows Phil Mcgraw to be.

    It’s a shame, though, because the people that watch Dr. Phil (Oprah’s audience) don’t care that he’s a fucking quack. What Mcgraw says goes. And they continue to pay his wages.

  11. beauty

    He made me sick for a long time. He should stop that stupid action. He is a palyboy. Just saw his profile on millionaire dating site WealthyRomance.com last week. I am wondering what kind of relatinship he is looking for on that site.

  12. storm

    it has been said that brits mom lynn asked this fricken guy to go and talk to her,.. way to go!! only a moron would invite a t.v host posing as a psychiatrist to go and “help”her daughter,.. and then she has the nerve to be upset that this fake ass dummy opened his trap and said some dumb shit about her kid!! o.k so if he was posing as a health care professional and not all people knew that this so called liceance has been suspended for quite some time evidently from problems with his patients in the past then by all means he should go downnot only for violating HIPPA laws but for fraud and all the other things this entitles,. he should be sued (because lord knows lynns gonna need that money to add another room onto her double wide in the trailer park now that jamie-lynns giving birth to the spawn of satan)he should have to pay for all of it. and what the hell was opera doing by letting this nut job on her show in the first place with out knowing he had no liceance? goes to show though people love her to death she sometimes doesn’t know all the facts and doesn’t always have peoples best intrest in mind (but i forgive her) she just needs to check the fine print on all her people from her on out.operas word means a lot to her people and i can help but wonder if this is going to do anything to her credibility? any ways he needs to come off the air period i never understood what people seen in him,… i pegged him as a quack the first time i saw him on her show,…..i don’t like brit but what has happened here was wrong and i hope he frys for it,….quack,..quack,..quackkk!!!!

  13. Anexio

    Now you listen to me…..

    Dr. Phil, you are a douchebag of the highest quality, and for that I commend you.

    However, you are still a douchebag and if you had any honor you would kill yourself right now on live TV.

    Think of the ratings!


  14. giier

    Hey #63, maybe you should lay off the crack,..crack,.. craackkk!

  15. Samantha

    It’s true that Dr. Phil would be in deep shit if he were licensed, but he’s not. It’s hard to see what the punishment would be here, since there’s no license to revoke, so the CA board can’t really do anything to an ordinary citizen (which is what he’s let himself become, by not renewing his license). On the other hand, it’d be possible to force him off the air, by hooking this up to much earlier charges of misconduct with a female patient and saying that he shows a general pattern of bullying women in distress for his own personal gain. It’d really help if he called somebody a fag or a n i g g g e r. Then he’d be off the air tomorrow.

  16. Puritan Assmilk

    Dr. Phil is an ASSHAT. please let his “license” be taken away

  17. vicky

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  18. mofoghetto

    #68 spam much?!

    Dr. Phil’s “teeth” scare me. Looks like he had his dentures molded after Mr.Ed.

  19. kily200

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  20. DaddyzGirl

    Self Serving QUACK!!!!!!! Where can I sign???

  21. white jesus

    YES! My rant about HIPAA on every friggen news board worked. See ya, Dr. Phil.

  22. he’s so trashy,
    i’d still do em

  23. Dr. Assclown

    Unfortunately HIPAA laws do not apply to Dr. Assclown since he retired his license in 2006.

  24. I think he should run for president… I mean, we haven’t had a good assassination attempt in some time… what..?

    Why are you all looking at me that way?

  25. RA

    These people suffer from “credentialitis”. Psycology is nothing more than listening and giving advice. Its not a science. Yet these psycologists want to corner the market in advice giving. The law should tell them to take a flying leap!

  26. jrz

    HIPAA laws? For Britney they should be……………wait for it……….HIPPO Laws!

  27. ????

    8- Why? Why is Karma a bitch? Do you even know what you’re talking about or is it that you just couldn’t wait to post such a trite comment? What is his karma? What is it that he has to pay for in his next life? How is that comment even relevant?

    (in Napoleon Dynamite’s voice) GOSH!

  28. ????

    22 – FRIST, I knew I liked you for a reason. Bauhauuuuuuuus!!!

    “The spike, the hose, the blackened spoon…”

  29. Anonymous

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  30. #80 – Thanks for the public service announcements. It was really helpful like the first 400 times or so, but now you too are on the edge of annoying spammerdom. You know they always warn cops not to become the monsters they lock away…

  31. If you can not respect a doctor’s decision to help someone, then your parents were not good role models for you. You need to grow up and be a man and a woman. Stop hiding behing your friends’ shadow of ignorance.

  32. I’d love to PUKE and SHIT on his bald head!!

  33. cap'n pickles

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  35. sosa

    punka is a donkey fucker

  36. john Q

    short clip of the douche that started this petition

  37. violet rogers

    My friend (lawyer) worked on a case 4 or 5 years ago where the “doctor” was a jury consultant and called alot of Medical Boards and Associations Dr. Phil is supposed to be a member of. They told my friend that he was not a member of many of them and that they wished he’d stop putting them on his resume because it was a lie. I’m suprised it never came out before what a kook this guy is!

  38. Sapphire Eyes

    “…Then she gets agitated, bolts from the room, and leaves the ER, refusing treatment. Can Dr. Jones tell the public that so-and-so is suicidal? …”

    Yes. Dr. Jones has an obligation to report anyone who is a danger to herself or others. Dr. Jones would not have any idea of said patient was truly suicidal or homicidal. What if Brit bolted from the looney bin after her little pep talk with Dr. McPhullofhimslef and killed K-Fed (and thus be deserving of a medal of honor) or her two little boys?

    Those little boys didn’t ask to be born — those cheeto chomping, no talent losers set out to create them. It’s a sad situation that mothers can kill their own children.

    If you are an MD, nurse, teacher, day-care provider or any one who comes into regular contact with children, you are a ‘mandated reported’. Mandated reporter means that your ass can be tossed into jail for NOT reporting .

    Additionally, (then I’ll shut the hell up) with Dr. McPhallic using the “Dr.” title before his name when he’s not practicing or licensed, he’s misleading the public. At the very least, he ought to be fined for being a huge dick and a gigantic liar. And a giant pain in the ass.

    I hope he gets public lice from whomever his slut du jour might be. I can’t imagine why Robin stays with him. If I knew my husband was cheating on me on some cheesy website, I’d strip him naked of every penny (and McPhallic would have some serious money bags) and make sure that I got as far away from that cheating asshole as possible.

    OK, rant ended.

  39. mabbo

    #89 Sapphire: Yes, but Dr. Jones would not be obligated to tell the PUBLIC, which is what the other poster meant. Dr. Phil went straight to the media WITHOUT consent or knowledge from Lynne and Jamie. He did NOT alert other medical professionals or authorities. He simply went to the media and said that he thought she needed more professional help after his “diagnosis”, (which was him talking to her for 15 minutes). It will be up to the HIPAA to decide how they feel about this formal complaint; however, PunkA, I don’t understand your reasoning that the MD who brought this complaint is out for fame and fortune when we have no idea who the person is. I have not heard this person’s name mentioned, I have no idea of this person’s gender….nadda. Kinda hard to seek fame when nobody knows who you are. And further more, Dr. Phil was asked by the Spears family to talk to Britney under the pretense that he is a *ahem* “Psychologist” or “Therapist”. So yes, I think he is misrepresenting himself and not fully divulging that he is not supposed to practice professionally. But again, we’ll see what the Psych Board does.

  40. d.

    HEY NOW!!!

    -he looks just like Hank Kingsley from the larry sanders show… Hank was a drug taking, hooker screwing hedonist, and incredile fuck up. -life imitates art?

  41. rayster

    Surprised to see all the general negative comments about Phil. He probably is still a doctor because he probably has a Ph.D. Personally I wouldn’t hold his feet to the fire (hold him so responsible) because she is a celebrity and is in the news all the time, anyway. Britney’s problems all seem to be things she does in secret, behind closed doors. I actually think it would help her more to see a public, “celebrity” psychologist where her stuff would be brought out in the open.

  42. FCS

    # 78 Karma is a bitch cause Phil is a self promoting, grandstanding asshole who uses other peoples pain and problems for his personal gain. Now he is going to get fucked for it. Pretty simple really.

    #91 Hank Kingsley was twice the man this piece of shit will ever be. HEY NOW!

  43. cat

    I pray and hope he goes off air… had enough of this impersonator getting rich for no merits other than being friends with Oprah (another mystery – why she got so rich and famous) and being extremely annoying

  44. Sapphire Eyes

    True, Dr. McPhallus didn’t run into the street blabbing about Britney’s stupid problems, but he did violate an ethical obligation. He should have declined the pressure from the Spears clan; that would have been the professional, ethical thing to do.

    Just because your priest, reverend or rabbi hears your shortcomings and does not get paid for it does not provide the right for them to tell it to the world.

    Additionally, Dr McPhallus pisses me off because he’s really not a doctor, practicing or otherwise. Just because you have a Ph.D. does not automatically make you a “doctor”. It makes you over-educated to do your stupid TV show with insipid fools for spoil. In the medical community, MD’s have such great disdain for Ph.D.’s it is truly laughable. They just get their fur ruffled when you point out that particular nuance in semantics. They like running around saying “I’m a doctor” but would faint at the sight of a paper cut, the pansies.

  45. Outwest

    Heloooooooooooooooo it does not matter if he has no medical license to revoke. the complaint is HE IS PRACTICING MEDICINE ……………WITHOUT A LICENSE….which is a felony

    some of you are very dense

  46. I forgot

    Dr Phil = Gay!

    Oh ya, big time butt pogo jockey there….

  47. Lucy

    I know of a family that Dr. Phil is destroying. They were totally lied to about what the show was going to present and who was going to be included in the show. And there was no reason for them to have wanted publicity. He did and will not do anything to help the people involved. He is simply running out of suckers that will fall for his claim to wanting to “help.” I believe he is a total fraud. I just hope that the public will get the message that they have nothing to gain by having anything to do with this unscrupulous person.

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