Dr. Phil investigated by psychology board

January 16th, 2008 // 98 Comments

Dr. Phil is the target of a complaint filed with the California Board of Psychology. When Dr. Phil attempted to counsel Britney he was technically practicing without a license which is a felony, according to TMZ:

We’ve learned the person who filed the complaint is a psychologist. Dr. Phil has never been licensed to practice in California, and he retired his Texas license in 2006.
The psychologist who filed the complaint also alleges Dr. Phil violated HIPAA laws by “discussing or divulging a patient’s medical condition … with the media,” in reference to a press release issued by Dr. Phil.

The psychologist is also passing around a petition to others in the field to have Dr. Phil removed from the air. So some good actually came of this whole debacle. At this point, I pretty much expected Satan to rise up from the earth and play guitar in front of Britney’s house. Dammit. Now I have to wait until she gets pregnant.


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  3. PunkA

    California is full of a bunch of hyenna’s. The fact some dude took the time to do this complaint smacks of self interest. What a jackass. Please post the report so me can all spam the moron who complained. What a loser.

  4. Conscience Found

    dr phil worked at ibm.

    he is a level above all the sinners here.

  5. pointandlaugh

    Can we get REAL, OH KAY? MMM KAY?

  6. Jade

    Technically, is he bound to not discuss a patient when she isn’t a patient?

    That aside, he’s an ass and I’d like to see him off the air. Too many stupid people think his words and opinions mean something.

  7. jrz

    *wild applause*

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  10. PunkB

    Yo, “A”, here’s the problem – it’s not self-interest, it’s self-regulation. Professionals are supposed to report practice violations to licensing boards. A therapist practicing without a license and discussing a patient’s private health information should be reported. “Therapists” (and for that matter, medical doctors) would have better professional reputations if they policed themselves better, and took action to kick out the quacks and incompetents, like penishead here.

  11. Donkey Punch

    About time something was done. Dr Phil should be charged. Damned parasite.

  12. PunkA

    Thanks PunkB but I understand professional statutes. I practice under one.

    But here is the problem. Brit was never officially his client. He took no money from her, she never engaged him. They had a chat. Not against the law, not violating any statute. Not violating HIPAA because Brit never had any intent for it to be a client/practitioner relationship. So, that argument is BS.

    By the way, he tried to get her on his show. He didn’t try to get her to be his patient. So again, does not come close to a privileged or confidential relationship. Not even close.

    Dr. Phil sucks, but this whole complaint is BS and stupid.

  13. Technically...

    …if he was representing himself as a clinical psychologist while interviewing her, the information is private, whether she thinks she’s a patient or not.

  14. Fuckster

    If you don’t get real about being a fucking moron, you’re gonna be a fucking moron.

  15. Anonymous

    Oprah will never allow this to happen. She’s Oprah. She can do anything.

  16. PunkA

    Dr. Phil only wanted her on the show. We all know it was for that purpose only. He didn’t want one on one sessions with her. The dude did it for TV only. Again, I am no fan, but that complaint is just lame. Totally lame and would only happen in California.

  17. Did someone say “self interest”? I agree. The jackass sounds like a jealous asshole with too much time on his hands. Yeah, I don’t get who the hell Dr. Phil thought he was to even step in, other than the family asked him to, but I don’t think he well, I lost my train of thought so I’m going to shut up now..

  18. There is a god.. Well there is a god if he can get Dr Phil off the air and ship is fat ass back to Texas..

  19. JudgeJuryExecutioner

    If he said “Hi, I’m Dr. Phil, I’m here to help you” whatever came next is private and confidential. It has nothing to do with insurance and billing – you don’t have to charge or get paid to provide clinical services, nor do patients have to sign a consent form.

  20. Give me a break! I can’t believe someone who go that far to file that complaint. Obviously they have something wrong w/them.

  21. PunkA

    Hi, I’m Dr. PunkA, and I am here to help you.

    Um, no, no liability with that. It takes more than that for a relationship to occur. Especially if Brit had no intent–as has been indicated previously.

    Dr. Phil was a bafoon, but to say he had a duty to Britney is just BS.

  22. Britney needs serious help. Only the kind someone like me can give her. A kick in the eye!

    That reminds me of a Bauhaus song..

  23. JudgeJuryExecutioner

    I thought this was implied, but if he said “Hi, I’m Dr. Phil, I’m here to help you” and Britney disclosed private health information to him, for example mentioned what the medical staff at the hospital had told her or what she had told them, he was obligated to keep the information to himself. It does not matter one tiny bit if she refused to become his therapy patient or to talk to him further. If he represented himself as a practicing psychologist and obtained any private information, then later revealed it publicly without her consent, it was a violation of licensing standards. It wasn’t even necessary for him to talk to her. If he, or any other licensed professional at the hospital, glanced at her chart and then revealed that information publicly, it would be a violation of professional ethics, even if there was no doctor-patient relationship whatsoever.

    The information itself is private. That’s the whole point of HIPAA. It doesn’t matter how you obtain it – if you reveal it without consent, it’s a violation.

  24. Hey FRIST, What the hell is a “Bauhaus song”??

  25. PunkA

    Even if there is a HIPAA violation, the claims of professional liability violations are BS. Again, it had been reported he tried to get her on his show. HE called her people, then went to see her. It is widely known he has a TV show, and dos not practice. In fact, it is common knowledge. Based upon that, be impossible to claim he violated any duty to her professionally.

    And if some pap got the info from hospital personnel, then shared it, is that a HIPPA violation? try prosecuting that. Who knows where he found out what he did. Reports said Brit kicked him to the curb and didn’t speak to him. If that is true, he violated nothing other than good common sense.

    Nothing will happen here. Dr. Phalic will walk without a hearing. Tha tBoard knows they will look rdiculous if they do a thing. And the guy who complained needs to be ass violated by a broomstick for complaining like the little bitch he is.

  26. Ted from LA

    Have you ever watched Phil and his cunt wife on air? I’ve known several used car salemen with more pride and decorum. These two assholes would sell their own children if anyone wanted to pay money for ugly kids.

  27. Realist

    YES! That whore, Dr. Phil, has made me sick for a long time.

  28. Sandy

    HIPAA applies to health professionals, not photographers, so it does matter what the pap do. It’s not widely known that Dr. Phil let his license lapse and does not practice. He runs no such disclaimer on his show or in any material associated with his name.

    I can’t believe somebody’s defending him.

  29. Sandy

    oops – make that, “does NOT matter what the pap do” in terms of stealing info.

  30. Dale Potts

    Y’see….this is Oklahomans…. they’re the biggest bunch of phony duplicitous sneak thieves the country has to offer. They are even known as the “sooner state” in reference to their cheating in the land rush west. You shake hands with an Oklahoman, count your fingers afterward. Look at that fuck Leon Russell basically co-opting Joe cocker’s career. They’re all crooked, while tellin’ ya how to live your life, all the while cheatin’ on their spouses, robbing from the till, taking payoffs and denying molestation charges. give it time and this Okie motherfucker will show his true colors, too.

  31. Dale Potts, Junior

    Daddy Meant to add: “Fuck Oklahoma”

  32. Pfff

    HAHAHA… I never could stand this tool bag.

  33. cgfyhcvy

    The Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists imposed disciplinary sanctions on McGraw on January 27, 1989 for an inappropriate “dual relationship” reported in 1988 by a therapy client/employee from 1984. McGraw was ordered by the Board to take an ethics class, pass a jurisprudence exam, complete a physical evaluation, undergo a psychological evaluation and have his practice supervised for one year in order to continue his private practice in Texas. McGraw admits to giving the client a “job” at his office (which is not allowed), but denied carrying on a sexual relationship with the 19 year old, who says their relationship was “sexually inappropriate.”[ As of 2008, McGraw has not completed the conditions imposed by the Board of Examiners of Psychologists, and he is not licensed to practice psychology.

  34. dontgetit

    punkA i know what you’re trying to say, but i don’t understand why you’re attacking the person who’s actually doing something about getting this quack off his high horse. he’s doing us all a big service.

    Also, if you were a psychologist, you wouldn’t want Dr. Phil ruining the professional reputation of your field either.

  35. zuzuspetals

    I’m with punkA on this one- how could he violate HIPAA if she’s not his client?
    This suit doesn’t make sense.
    But I do love the surreal-ity of Dr. Phil showing up to help Britney at the hospital.
    Now if only aliens would land and little green alien photographers would jump out to take pictures of Britney at Taco Bell, this great country would achieve its ultimate destiny before we descend into the depths of economic recession.

  36. PunkA

    Brit should have complained, not some poser ass raper psychologist who knows neither party. If a wrong occurred, it happened to Brit. I understand professions police themselves, but to complain to the Board formally when they knew all the facts because it was public information and could have taken action if they deemed it necessary is stupid.

    So I am not defending Dr. Phil. I could care less what happenes to him. I am attacking the culture where people bitch because they can get publicity for themeslves if they do. the guy is probably jonesing for some TV gig now. So I say screw him.

    As for psycholgists protecting their rep, see Tom Cruise. I think he gave them amnesty from harm for several years to come.

  37. Auntie Kryst

    @22 Wow Bauhaus, that takes me back.

    To the point of this thread; whether Dr. Phucker acted in legally unprofessional manner or not, he was treading really close to professional ethics line. Good for that other doctor to take him to task. Dr. Phil is a quack, stomp him good!

  38. zuzuspetals

    I’m with punkA on this one- how could he violate HIPAA if she’s not his client?
    This suit doesn’t make sense.
    But I do love the surreal-ity of Dr. Phil showing up to help Britney at the hospital.
    Now if only aliens would land and little green alien photographers would jump out to take pictures of Britney at Taco Bell, this great country would achieve its ultimate destiny before we descend into the depths of economic recession.

  39. Jamie's Uterus

    It would be just lovely if he was arrested for a felony, and taken off television. He deserves it. He needs to stay away from my sister, and me.

    Jamie’s Uterus

  40. PsychoBilly

    18. Hell no! We got rid off him fair and square- you an thank Okra for that. Send him somewhere else.

  41. junk

    Dr Ill is dangerous. Im sure he goes home after the show by walking on water, then turns it into wine.

    I heard that if you work on his show and actually look at him in face, he will berate you, then fire you.

  42. please...

    A person goes to the emergency room, gives her name, and gets put in an exam room. A guy walks in, says “I’m Dr. Jones, would you like to talk?” and she says she’s thinking of killing herself. Then she gets agitated, bolts from the room, and leaves the ER, refusing treatment. Can Dr. Jones tell the public that so-and-so is suicidal? Absolutely not. There is no requirement for a “treating relationship” to exist – that’s written into the Act itself. Health professionals who obtain private information by any means, and for any purpose (including research or teaching), are bound by HIPAA rules.

  43. MoronicShitney

    As much as I hate Shitney and this doofus, I think this is ridiculous – like you aren’t even allowed to SPEAK to someone now cos you might be sued. I don’t care if they sue him cos he’s revolting, but I do think it sucks.

  44. dogonabone

    This news makes me so happy!

  45. I always knew this man was a fake

  46. PunkA

    #42, you are exactly right. Except Dr. Phallic is not a health professional. He is a TV personality. No different than if Brit had told TMZ or the Fish.

  47. Splooge

    All you pricks talking about HIPAA and whatever take your goddam discussion to the fucking lawyers blog site or something.
    If you want to post here, say something about Dr. Phil’s big ugly shiny forehead or Shitney’s vagina or something appropriate.

  48. Ript1&0

    That’s gonna be the most epic solo the world has ever heard.

    The distortion will rip through the atmosphere, destroying everything.

  49. Danklin24

    Dr Drew did this. Way to go Dr Drew! You rule.

  50. Joe

    Some of you are fucking morons. This is an ethics complaint to the California Board of Psychology, not a lawsuit. The MD filing is doing his job, which is reporting unethical practices in his state.

    Dr. Phil is a fraud, and the fact is that he showed up and was allowed to enter a private psych facility under the pretense of counseling someone, when he didn’t have a license to do so. He also discussed her situation publicly, which is a breach of confidentiality, whether he is a doctor or not.

    Anyone who would defend Dr. Phil, or worse, try to exonerate him because he’s a tv personality, has the intelligence of a gnat.

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