Dr. Phil ‘betrayed’ Britney’s parents

Britney Spears’ parents Lynne and Jamie Spears are furious with Dr. Phil. Apparently Dr. Phil first contacted them about doing a show with Britney. When they said “no,” he initiated contact with her anyway then rode the press wave causing the Spears to feel “betrayed.” TMZ reports:

Spears family rep Lou Taylor told Meredith Vieira on the “Today” show that Dr. Phil actually broached the subject of doing a show about Britney, but that they nixed the idea, only to have Phil try to set up the show anyway. Taylor scorched Phil, saying it was even “inappropriate” for Phil to bring up doing a show, and that the family thought it would be detrimental to Britney.

The real reason Britney’s parents are pissed is because they thought Oprah was coming. Instead they got Dr. Phil. That’s incredibly weak. Nobody wants to be on Dr. Phil instead of Oprah – including Dr. Phil. He shows up for work in the morning and goes, “Dammit! I’m on my show again. I bet Oprah’s handing out pirate ships today too. Man…”