Dr. Jan Adams walks off Larry King Live

November 21st, 2007 // 100 Comments


  1. FIST!!!

    first streeeetch

  2. NewOrleansNegroSwimleague


  3. ali

    first but with sad faces so it’s alright. :( :( :(

  4. huh????

    Why would the family ask him to shut it? If they’ve got him dead to rights on malpractice, let him talk all he wants, then show the tape in court to show the jury he’s a liar. Win-win. Or…did he find something…unusual…when he operated on Kanye’s mom? Splotches of dried semen, maybe? With a 50% genetic similarity to her?

  5. This is the fine doctor that removed my left breast. i have been problem free since the surgury.

  6. ali

    damn it, third.

  7. steve

    so the good doctor doesn’t want to go on, is asked not to go on, then goes on, then walks off cuz he didn’t want to go on? Ass.

  8. Babu

    Kanye’s mom was on drugs. Died because of anesthesia complications, family doesn’t want doc to talk about anything. Gotta be. After all, she was black, so it’d only be a shock if she wasn’t.

  9. .

    im with u babu

  10. wow. i came back for this? that guy doesn’t even have tits!

  11. veggi

    Watch his face closely. About 30 seconds in, I think Larry must have ripped a geritol fart, one of those living-dead stenchers that only grandpa can conjure when you’re trapped with him during a once-a-year visit. Poor doctor probably said whatever he could think of to get up and get some air.

  12. Shallow Val

    Wait, is this the lady that had tummy tuck surgery AFTER she was told by her other doctors not to do it? Is this the case I was hearing about on the radio where this douchebag doctor went ahead and did it, knowing the other meds todl her not to? If this is the same case, then read on…..if not, then I apologize to Kanye.

    I feel bad for K losing his mom, but, fucking women, when are they going to leran.

    GET OFF YOUR FAT ASSES AND LOSE THE WEIGHT the way your “God” intended you to lose it; naturally. God-Dammit, this pisses me off.

  13. gotmilk?

    so what’s the deal, did he have a license to practice or not? and who gets surgery done by someone who doesn’t have a license? better yet, who gets cosmetic surgery after being told by many other plastic surgeons not to? not to be a cold hearted bitch but if you knew you were such a high risk, is a tummy tuck all that important? i think there is negligence on both sides.

  14. Dickhead Richards (D.)

    See. That’s what happens when you trust a negroid surgeon. Keepin’ it in the family. Hey, brotha’, you my homeboy. Why don’t you operate on my momma? I trust you. I don’t even wanna see yo’ “creds”. I trust you. We of the same mother (Africa). You know the white man’s responsible for Bitches death somehow. White man put out a mind-controll device that inhibited brother-man doctor’s brain, causing him to totally destroy Kanye-Momma. It’ll all come out in Jet magazine.

  15. veggi

    Don’t worry Sam. Apparently Jimbo’s troll has tits, which evens it out…so to speak……..

  16. veggi

    @11. Here’s some advice. Take a hammer and hit yourself over the head over and over and over until dead…

  17. Shallow Val

    Glad I’m not the only one who sees the STUPIDITY on K’s mother part. Lazy ass bitch. And she was probably old so who cares about your fucking FUPA. I don’t care how mean it sounds, an idiot is dead and a douchebag doctor is going to jail. All is well in my world, and I’m off to the Gym. (skips away while whistling)

  18. scary

    Actually you only have to be a licensed M.D. (or D.O.) to perform plastic surgery. Patients should seek out board-certified specialists, but it’s not illegal for an ordinary doc to slide into plastic surgery without any rigorous training. Dr. Rey, for example (Dr. 90210) is NOT certified by any U.S. specialty board.

  19. Shallow Val

    Continuing with my bullshit rant…..I got this off the net….

    “According to several reports, she had sought out cosmetic surgery opinions and had been cautioned about pre-existing medical conditions that could put her life at risk. Dr. West persisted until she found a cosmetic surgeon that would perform the procedure.

    Dr. West, a highly intelligent woman, risked her life because she wanted to change her look. She was willing to die to be beautiful according to society standards. And she did. This is not a predicament exclusive to Dr. West. Her (and her son’s) notoriety only highlights what thousands of women are willing to risk to be forever young or beautiful in today’s vain society.”

    I feel bad for the pain and suffering she may have gone througth and the regret she felt as her life slipped away, but, that is all I feel. She knew better.

    BTW what was she a doctor of……?

  20. Jesse J.

    I’m pretty sure she got her doctorate in Raising Whiny-Assed BitchBoys, with a minor in Crack.

  21. Shallow Val

    20…Fucked up, but NIIIICE!!!!

  22. GatorGirl

    He shouldn’t talk about any of his cases, whether the outcome is good or bad. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) prevents him from sharing any information about anyone’s medical history without their consent. Guilty or not, if the West family doesn’t want him to talk about it, then legally, he CAN’T.

  23. veggi

    20- haha. Inappropriate, but funny nevertheless..

  24. prof

    She got a Ph.D. in something. Doesn’t matter what it was – she got into the degree program and got jobs later strictly because of affirmative action. Obviously she couldn’t think clearly, but hiring a fat black lady always makes your employment numbers look better.

  25. D. Richards (Hands.)

    I say, hell, the world’s a better place since Kanye’s mother died. That’s just one less high profile black-racist “PHD” in a position to perform educational disjustice on the part-of whites. Getting back at the “man”!

  26. veggi

    Why do people name their boys Jan? WTMFF!! (that’s what the mother fuckin fuck!)

  27. doomhammer

    Dogg says “I didnt know n**gers could be doctors”!

  28. gotmilk?

    well, i, for one, am happy to find out i’m not the only person who thinks this way. all this time my husband has been calling me a cold hearted bitch, but turns out i’m not the only one. no offense to others.

  29. Kanye doesn't care about white people

    PHD, PorchMonkey Ho Druggie. Sorry Kanye, someone had to tell ya.

    In corporate America, the late Ms. West would be called a “double bubble” (and no I’m not talking about her enormous ass-cheeks.)

    On an affirmative action questionaire, she would be included in not just one but *2* groups, black and female. Easy to hire, Impossible to fire.

    I’m not happy about her death, but I’m not sure what her purpose was, other than to suck down an honorary PhD and continue to tell Kanye what a special child he is. “Yes little K, you are the most specialist boy in the world.”


  30. veggi

    at least the bus ride to hell won’t be lonely… dibs on an isle seat..

  31. TS

    Ali, that’s what you get.

    And it’s crazy that just because someone dies on the surgery table, there is the assumption of malpractice. There is always a risk of death during surgery. And this one was totally elective. It’s entirely possible that this lady had a bad heart, had a reaction to the anesthesia, or whatever. He shouldn’t be ridiculed until after the autopsy results come back at the earliest. Chances are just as good he didn’t do anything wrong as thay are that he did. Lay off the guy.

    And it’s startling the number of racists who visit this site.

    Malpractice suits in this letigious country we live in are a big part of why healthcare costs are so high. That and corporate greed that is…

  32. Shallow Val

    Hey, milky, we just calls ‘em as we sees ‘em, mais non?

  33. Rabbi Schiller

    Should have employed a White doctor. Or a Jew.

  34. Thanks for telling me about the new post. See? Why does everybody hate me??? I’m leaving!!!!!..

  35. Shallow Val

    FRIST, nOOOOOOOOOOO! Don’t leave……Here I have some candy for you….

  36. Shallow Val

    Nose candy, and some salvia divinora

  37. Hotter Carl

    Are you guys serious? Some of the comments are funny, but the racist ones and making it a black thing is not cool at all…what part of middle America do you live in? Are you responsible for My Name is Earl and King of the Hill still being on the air you redneck fuck! Someone needs to sit you Mother and Father (who I am sure are brother and sister) down and teach them to not to raise such biggot douches…

  38. speaking on behalf of all black men with one breast I ask
    why cant we all just get along?

  39. LuluHelle

    #37, go to the Britney post, read # 37 there and follow the instructions….

  40. Snow White

    I’m shocked that a black man bailed on his obligation.

  41. Ok, Val, I’ll stay, but you guys have to tell me when there is a new post, and yes I will take that nose candy please..

  42. wow #37 I am SO happy to know what you think is cool. I have been waiting around my ENTIRE LIFE to hear what I could do to make someone named “Carl” feel lilke everything in the world was OK. Turns out it is quite simple, I could just get on a website and totally ignore it’s name and make a bunch of tolerant, peaceful comments about how wonderful ponies are and then maybe get myself a little vinegar and water to wash out my cooch!

  43. umm…. val? I was gonna leave too! Val?? Val???

  44. LuluHelle

    There’s a new post about Heidi Klum, tits, but I don’t know if it’s interesting. Take yer chances gurl….

  45. LuluHelle

    Sam don’t leave, ok, I love your name. “November coming fiiiiire!!!”

  46. Shallo Val

    Oh, shoot, I”m still posting as LULU, (slaps head and takes a bump)

  47. Kathleen

    So…he went to not say anything? Why didnt he just…not go?

    #37, I agree that the racist posts are unnecessary…but stereotyping the authors to middle america is just as prejudice. I’m from Missouri and certainly dont consider myself to be a “redneck” or racist.

  48. Donna

    anyone who watches discovery health knows dr. adams. he’s very well respected. what happened in surgery has everything to do with kanye’s mother ignoring the doctors who told her she wasn’t fit for surgery.

  49. Sam, you crack me up.

    I just said “crack”…

  50. TS

    FRIST!!! I knew I loved you! Not love-love, we barely know eachother, but just love. It’s not like I love you like I love tequila or scotch or my wife, or anything like that, but more like I love your myspace page type of love. You know what I mean. You rock.

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