UPDATE: Dr. Drew: Tom Cruise is mentally ill

June 12th, 2008 // 82 Comments

Dr. Drew Pinsky of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab made the following remarks about Tom Cruise and his passion for Scientology in the latest issue of Playboy. Dr. Drew finds it particularly interesting that the religion/cult rejects psychology:

“A lot of people in the public eye who behave strangely have mental illness we can learn from, and much of it is based on childhood trauma, without a doubt. Take a guy like Tom Cruise. Why would somebody be drawn into a cultish kind of environment like Scientology? To me, that’s a function of a very deep emptiness and suggests serious neglect in childhood – maybe some abuse, but mostly neglect.”

Tom Cruise’s lawyer Bert Fields fired back in Page Six today and basically compared Dr. Drew’s methods to those of the Nazi’s. Wait, I thought Nazi’s hated Jews not Scientologists. Damn you, American education system!:

“This unqualified television performer who is obviously just looking for notoriety is so grotesquely unprofessional as to pretend to diagnose Tom and others without ever meeting them. He seems to be spewing the absurdity that all Scientologists are mentally ill. The last time we heard garbage like this was from Joseph Goebbels.”

If I were Tom Cruise’s lawyer, I would’ve tried a different tact:

“Well, duh, Dr. Drew. Jesus, of course, Tom Cruise is crazy. Real keen analysis there. I anxiously await your thesis: ‘The sky is blue.’ Hold on, Tom Cruise is telling me the sky is actually the color of Thetan tears because they’re caged in a stratsopheric mind warp that makes us all sad. Wow, seriously, Tom? Here’s a cookie. Say, I think I saw a Thetan trapped in the fax machine. Go get ‘em!”

Damn, I should just skip the whole bar association thing and start taking clients. Who wants to be first to get law-gified?

UPDATE: Dr. Drew’s rep issued the following bullshit apology: “Although Mr. Fields’s intent is clearly to slander and discredit Dr. Drew, under no circumstances is Dr. Drew making a blanket diagnosis about Scientology nor Mr. Cruise whom he does not know. Dr. Drew was simply using Mr. Cruise as an example of someone who is recognizable to help the public understand. Again, Dr. Drew meant him no harm.”

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  1. Thanks for stating the obvious Dr. Drew. You must’ve used your whole medical degree to come up with that one.

  2. veggi

    Dr. Drew Pinsky of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab made the following remarks about Tom Cruise and his passion for Scientology in the latest issue of Playboy


    and your sky- tears- cookie stuff was good too!!

    TC…. ah, hell, you know..

  3. “maybe some abuse, but mostly neglect.”

    Dr. Drew, dude, come on, try again. TC’s insanity grows out of his ego-dystonic homosexuality. Not only was he abused, but it was really sick dirty sex, like, say, fristian ATM.

  4. deacon jones

    He’s obviously mental if he married Katie Holmes

  5. Anonymous

    This guy will be found dead of a “suicide” within a week.

  6. steve

    Gay and short. Just like Hitler. Coincidence?

  7. jrz

    TCGTC….Tom Cruise Goebbels the Cock.

  8. Vas Deferens


  9. Dave ain't here man

    Hmmmm… who has more credibility here?
    A guy on a ‘reality’ show full of has-beens and never-wases, or the spokesman for a midget who is taking orders from beings from another dimension?

  10. policegirl

    Gee…what gave it away? The infamous couch jumping scene on Oprah? When he impregnated Katie ‘Brainwashed and Love’n It” Holmes? When he said he was going to eat his baby’s placenta? Or is it the fact that every time he open his mouth insane shit comes out? Super job there Dr. Drew….we could have never figured out that one without you.

  11. goob

    I think not.

  12. Stan

    Tom Cruise strips, gasses, and cremates the cock?

  13. veggi

    I gassed the cock once. No biggie – he wanted anal, I wanted a burrito first, we compromised.

  14. benny

    what’s crazier – Scientology or believing all people came from Adam and Eve, and Jesus was the son of God and cam back from the dead, and Noah built an arc and lived to be 300.

    Bullshit is bullshit – all religions are cults, some are just older than others

  15. Walter Hemmingdale

    That emptiness Dr Drew perceives is TC’s complete lack of a soul.

  16. Vas Deferens

    Does anyone wonder if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ever feel uncomfortable when they are in bed, late night, watching some TV, and all of a sudden, Eyes Wide Shut comes on? How about the scenes where he is groping his naked, super-hot ex-wife? Do you think they change the channel? Or, do they sit there and watch it in stunned silence?

    I should ask Xenu.

  17. nipolian

    An attorney talking shit about Joseph Goebbels…..what are the odds he’s a Jew?

  18. FRST!!!


  19. PunkA

    The fact that TC’s publicist even felt the need to address the comment tells me all I need to know. It hit all too close to home for TC, and he was steamed because it was true. Besides, TC has admitted his father was abusive before, so it didn;t take a medial degree to make that analysis. TC can not shake it though. He wears it too close to his heart.

  20. DragonBoy

    Dr. Drew is just mad cause Tom wouldn’t let him be on top.

  21. Uncle Eccoli

    Dr. Drew is a jackass. According to him, if you’ve got any problems in your life whatsoever, you’re either a drug addict or you were sexually abused as a child. If I ever see him on the street, I’ll spit in his face and tell him to lay off the pipe and forgive his uncle. HIS uncle, mind. Not me – I’m not his uncle.

  22. Grunion

    You would think Tom Cruises’ lawyer would want to keep the nazi talk to a minimum


    At least someone had the courage to say on TV what the rest of are all thinking, that no matter how pretty or rich you get, you’re a total DUMB-ASS if you buy into a cult or ideology or pseudo-religion.

    The whole purpose of the now-defunct discipline of PHILOSOPHY was to fight against demagogues and bullies of the intellect (like Cruise) who use their elevated station in life to try and convert the weak and unsuspecting (read Katie) into a life of servitude and intellectual perversion.

    However and let’s admit it, up till now, Cruise and those like him have been winning hands down. He’s super-rich, Scientology is super-rich, so he MUST be right about everything. Celebrity should trump Reason, no?

  24. ph7

    Funny that Tom Cruise criticizes Dr. Drew for doing exactly what Tom Cruise did in “diagnosing” Brooke Shield’s post-partum despression.

  25. deacon jones

    Extremely high.
    What are the odds he’s also obnoxious, ugly, and short and fat?

  26. benny

    Hey Uncle Ned – wearing out the thesaurus eh? moron

  27. Uncle Eccoli

    @17 & 25

    What the fuck, guys? I’m a Jew and I NEVER mention Goebbels. And I’m not an attorney, either.

  28. Dana

    I have always liked Dr. Drew. I think he is cute.

  29. Dear Diary,

    Hi me! Well it’s working… I’ll have his money wrapped up soon enough. Now I don’t feel nearly so bad about telling them they could take their “Dawson’s Creek… Where Are They Now?” script and shove it up Tom’s ass. Suri’s gerbils keep disappearring and quite frankly, I’m sick of buying new ones. Oddly, all of our paper towels are piled on the floor and the fucking rolls are missing too… I love those cool acronyms I keep reading about online and I went and bought a TCLTC t shirt. Tom smiled when he saw it and refused to tell me what it meant, though he kept nodding approvingly. These Botox shots are killing my face. especially my cheeks, but I musn’t ever frown or Tom will pout alot and tell me all of that “can’t handle the truth” crap.” Oops gotta go!



    p.s. I hate short men.

  30. #27 well I’m a goebbel, and I never mention Jews!!

    What the fuck is a goebbel?

  31. Auntie Kryst

    How the hell did Tom Cruise ever find out about the article if it was in Playboy??


    Just making a statement, #26, I guess you like Scientology?

  33. I fucking HATE when people fucking retract their comments. If you say something, mean what you say and stand by it, you obviously said it for a reason. Don’t chicken out and pretend it;s not what you meant. God, DREW, grow a pair!!!!!

    Sorry, I didn’t mean that..

  34. deacon jones


    A perverted turkey?

  35. Randal

    Don’t listen to the guy Tom. There have been countless comments about you since you jumped up and got down but that hasn’t and will never change who you are as a person and an actor.

    Once your latest movie comes out this summer, folks will see the skill you have and how you do not deserve such ridicule.

    Say hi to Katie for me. High fives bud.


  36. Uncle Eccoli


    A war criminal

  37. Hmm…I can see that..

  38. D0M0V01


  39. j

    Herbert Walker Bush, I hate Tom Cruise. I can’t even excuse his idiocy as being a mental case, ’cause he’s so fn annoying and worse still, uses his zillions of dollars to spread the bullshit that is Scientology.

    I love his lawyer’s comments. Dr.Drew’s “unqualified.” Yeah, ’cause the “Dr.” is what, honorary? Try again, shit lick, he’s an internist and addiction specialist. It’s not like he’s a lawyer spouting off what he doesn’t know regarding medical conditions, is he now.

    Meanwhile, Cruise tells rescue people from 9/11 with severe smoke inhalation damage to cure themselves by drinking cooking oil.

    Why won’t he just die already. Free stupid Katie Holmes so she can get into therapy, and give those kids a fighting chance to grow up not totally fd up.

    Tom Cruise, you suck at life. Go away, take Mel Gibson, Spears, Lohan, Hilton and the rest of the white trash with you, and jump down the nearest active volcano. You’re a retard and you don’t deserve what you have.

  40. Benny

    I don’t like Scientology any more than any other organized religion. They are all fairy tales.

    I just don’t understand why it’s OK for everyone to bash Tom Cruise for his beliefs, but no one bashes a Christian for theirs.

    Hypocrisy at it’s best. And most Chrsitians are too brainwashed to see what they are doing.

  41. Mental illness… no sh*t Sherlock!

  42. deacon jones

    You two really are cowboys.

    What’s your problem, Kazanski?

    You’re everyone’s problem. That’s because everytime you go up in the air, you’re unsafe. I don’t like you because you’re dangerous.

    That’s right! Ice… man. I am dangerous.

  43. thatgirl

    #26 aka benny–
    did you really have to find a dictionary for ANY of those words? i guess a GED still eludes you huh?

  44. JimmyBachaFungool

    #29…very good.

  45. Benny

    hey #43 thatgirl – who mentioned a dictionary?

    Still working at McDonalds are you? That’s good. aybe you can move to head fryer soon.

  46. ?

    #40 – Usually fanatics of any religion tend to get hosed in public. Why should TC and scientology be any different?

  47. Benny

    i’ve never heard anyone call GWB crazy because he believes in Jesus……

  48. TakeOn

    Scientology Drive Thru – “I’ll take one glass of Disdain to go. And a side of Pretentiousness”

  49. ?

    I don’t really think GWB qualifies as a fanatic.

    I am not trying to defend christianity, but you must admit TC takes it to a whole other level. If a christian, jew, muslim, etc… did the same things we’d ripe them a new one too. Be an equal opportunity hater, not just a jesus basher.

  50. Lala

    Tom’s lawyer should have said ” The last time we heard garbage like this was from L. Ron Hubbard, one of the greatest science FICTION writers of all time who admitted that all the money was in religion and then went on to create this crazy shit we call Scientology-oh oops I meant Joseph Goebbels”.

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