Dr. Drew knows how to handle Lindsay

April 16th, 2010 // 76 Comments

Dr. Drew Pinsky is getting nailed with a shit-ton of criticism after making probably the greatest suggestion anyone could possibly make regarding Lindsay Lohan’s drug addiction. Via The Huffington Post:

“If she were my daughter, I would pack her car full with illegal substances, send her on her way, call the police, and make sure she was arrested,” prescribed Dr. Drew. “I would make sure she was not allowed to get out of jail. I would then go to the judge and make sure she was ordered to a minimum of a three year sobriety program.”

Seriously, who would even think of having a problem with that? In fact, my only criticism would be to take it a step further and load it with fertilizer and maps of the White House. But that’s just me and my passion for battling addiction.


  1. blt

    Thumbs up here, lest she go the ways of Janis Joplin, Jimmi Hendrix…but you know, without the talent.

  2. xylus

    I’d pack her car with nitroglycerine…

  3. mnsuperbee

    Totally legitimate statement Dr. Drew.

    And by the way, Dr. Drew can pack my trunk with whatever he wants…

  4. It's Me Fuckers

    “take it a step further and load it with fertilizer and maps of the White House”

    ROFL!!! I actually LOLed at that one!

    Seriously though, she needs some kind of help.

  5. Proud Parent

    Why not just beat the ever-loving shit out of her?

  6. Beeotch

    Great job Dr. Drew, no “father of the year” Michael Lohan will take you up on that suggestion and act like he saved Lindsey!!

  7. Poptart

    How do you know she’s on drugs?

  8. justifiable

    I really thought the answer would be “with a pair of four foot long tongs” but this works, too. It’s sad to see anyone destroy themselves, and because the system is soft on celebrities it’ll be just another enabler – unless she does something really extreme that forces it to get tough on her.

  9. Pregnant Kickboxer

    Someone should plant a few murder weapons in her car too. Along with some evidence that no alibi can undo. Maybe a couple dead bodies in the trunk.

  10. Georgeo

    Oh come on. Her car (and her nose) are probably already loaded with illegal substances.

  11. Ally

    Someone should hand her over to Dr Drew – he knows what he’s talking about

  12. nunya

    that shit is called tough love and thats what her dumbass needs. my dad called the cops on me when i was a teenager and made me go to an outpatient program and i havent touched drugs in over 8 years! and im normal…sort of…

  13. Deacon Jones

    You guys watch “Sober House” last night?

    I was dying when Dr. Drew scolded that fat dyke for yelling at Mike.

  14. tard

    Jail time was good for Robert Downey Jr. Drastic measures but I think Michael Lohan could pull it off. Mind you she is probably worth more to him outa jail than in unless they can turn it into a reality tv show.

  15. the

    I would rather give Lindsay 2 kilos and watch her over dose. Then take naked pictures of her corpse and sell them.

  16. VD

    These pics are boring… she just looks annoyed.

  17. chupacabra

    Let’s get real: how much credit card debt is she really in at this point? Is she down to using her discover card to pay for blow?

  18. Sardonic

    Someone alert the Indio PD

  19. She looks six shades of awful.

  20. Rupert

    Somebody shut Drew’s mic off.

  21. Mary carol flynn

    Dr. Drew is right. No amount of TLC can help an addict. The best thing that ever happened to my daughter, an addict, was to get arrested. She is currently incarcerated and when she gets out will have to live in a half way house for some time. I hold out some hope for her.

  22. I agree with Dr. Drew

    As much as some people dislike Dr. Drew, he’s right on the money. His point, which was spoken poorly, is that she is supposedly an adult, yet she acts like a petulant little child; unfortunately, since she’s of age, she has to voluntarily go into rehab and won’t; there’s nothing that can be done unless she’s court ordered to do so. She refuses to face her issues, she continues to do whatever she wants, she gets no support from her fame whore parents or friends, she’s just a walking train wreck.

    He said it poorly, but to me his meaning is clear; either she goes away for a long time & faces her issues (ie – court ordered rehab because she won’t do it herself) or she’s going to die & take others with her…

  23. justifiable

    #14 The only thing that whore Michael Lohan can pull off is another public plea that’s designed to get him maximum publicity, rather than actually try to get his daughter to commit to any sort of rehab. And because it has ulterior motives, it comes with its own built-in excuse to dismiss it. Her manager mother denies she even HAS a problem – because she’s boozed and doped with her daughter, if little Linds has a problem, then so does mommy, so QED.

    If Lohan were an abandoned orphan raised by rabid bears she’d have a better support system than those two mercenary fucks provide. Jail time and rehab might save her life, maybe not. Robert Downey Jr. was older and had a kid – Lohan doesn’t have anyone to get sober for but herself, and that might not be enough.

  24. Sway

    Howard Stern once asked Dr. Drew what he would do if he found out his own chicldren did drugs and he said just that. Maybe he considers Lindsay his child.

  25. Dr. Drew for president! (No joking).

    Although this cunt is consuming valuable oxygen that the rest of us could be breathing… maybe better just to write her off & let her join all the other O.D.s at the great Hollywood sign in the clouds…

  26. joho777

    Although I agree with Dr. Drew intent, I don’t think that rehab would help Lindsay unless she wanted to go. Sending her to rehab involuntarily just means she would sit around sulking and not participate (like she didn’t at Circles).

    Rehab for Lindsay is only a gimmick for bypassing court ordered punishment.

    And it would be dumb to load up her car and purse with blow and vodka; they both are already there.

    All anyone really has to do is pull a blood sample for a tox test every time a cop sees her.

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  28. herbiefrog

    you people are to blame for giving your power away…

    the society that you view

    is not reality

    it is just the reality that they want you to believe in#

    too little brain powre ?

  29. CardFan05

    “take it a step further and load it with fertilizer and maps of the White House”

    Thats supposed to be funny? Just a couple of days before the OKC bombing? Whats next? You’d put Lindsay in a plane and point her towards a high rise building? WTF is that? what a horrible joke.

  30. I think she’s doing just fine! She’s a teen girl having fun! You are only teen once.. live life to the fullest Linds!!! Maybe lay off the coke or some you do a little but besides that drink it up go discover stay up late and have fun.

  31. mensa

    @ 29 ugh I am so, so tired of people becoming offended by comments obviously not referring to events that happened FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. Yes. OKC bombing was very sad, 9/11 was unspeakably tragic, but let’s not act like dumbasses and remember that acts of incredible violence happen every moment of every day on this planet. Let’s try to remember that for once.

  32. Let’s add Dr Drew to the List of Publicity Whores. This poor girl is going to be dead before she’s 30. And with her father pulling his stunts, I’m beginning to feel sorry for her.

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  34. Stephanie

    Not that he’s completely wrong, but this is the same pop culture MTV doc that criticized young parents for giving their child up for adoption and a chance at a better life, meanwhile telling the spoiled whiney girls that decided to keep their babies they deserve all the help in the world eventhough they’re not wiling to do a thing for themselves. Lindsay’s parents have failed her miserably, sadly , this is more and more the case.

  35. captain america

    (with ketchup though)

  36. Aunt Anus

    In a perfect world, Lohan would push the boundaries by taking shit on Pinksky’s chest.

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  38. Gando

    What’s up with LiLo? That doesn’t look bad.I mean,that ring she’s wearing must be worth at least $2K.That doesn’t look broke to me.

  39. cellphone

    Does she pay 15K rent a month? Who’s her financial adviser?

  40. bimbamboing

    £15K ($23K) rent a month.

  41. Darth

    How many Herbies can you buy for that rent?

  42. Rhialto

    Who’s doing her management? Clearly she’s used to do whatever she likes.

  43. grim reaper

    Don’t you want to pay rent? Forever?

  44. Galtacticus

    We’d rather have her alive.Because who else to poke fun at?!

  45. turd da third

    maybe jesse james could straighten her out..he is such a good and helpful guy and all that..

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  47. Patrick Bateman

    Drew is as big a celebrity dick sucking fame whore as the hot wasted messes that he “treats” on Celebrity Rehab. He needs to STFU and go back to 69ing Adam Carolla.

    That said, he’s right about Lohan.

  48. Faces Of Meth, Part III

  49. small asian penis

    Dr. Drew said that a month ago.

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