5th Doctor Peter Davidson Thinks Dr. Who Is Just For Boys, I Guess

Let’s start by saying that I’m all for Jodie Whittaker taking over for Peter Capaldi. I don’t know where all this so called “backlash” is coming from, especially considering that the constant rehashing of the same “sexual tension” trope that every new Doctor has had with their partner is decades-tired. Then out comes Peter Davidson at Comic-Con acting like it’s this big let down for boys who need role models or something.

“If I feel any doubts, it’s the loss of a role model for boys, who I think Doctor Who is vitally important for. So I feel a bit sad about that, but I understand the argument that you need to open it up.” (The Guardian)

I feel like Davidson only said to this as an obligatory “back in my day…” statement, which normally aren’t intended to actually change anything or raise rabble. Kind of like your drunk uncle Frank, who might talk about running for president, but we all know that’d never happen.

Besides, it’s not like Dr. Who was ever cruising the space-time spectrum as some he-man pussy destroyer anyway, so why even bother? This was a big mistake on Davidson’s part for not realizing that even if you follow a possibly controversial sentiment with, “but that’s just me” or “but they’re right and I’m wrong”, you still get a big asshole trophy to hang on your mantle.