Doutzen Kroes jogging and other news

January 26th, 2010 // 68 Comments

- Sophie Monk thinks her camel-toe is more famous than her. [dlisted]

- Kristen Stewart shoots down Jared Leto. [Lainey Gossip]

- David Letterman starts “booking war” with Jay Leno. [PopEater]

- Michael Jackson getting the reverence he deserves. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Lindsay Lohan ties John Travolta for Most Opportunistic Use of Haiti tragedy. [Celebslam]

- Justin Timberlake is Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Man of the Year. [Just Jared]

- Katie Holmes wastes her annual allowance of laughter and joy at Sundance. It’s still January! [PopSugar]

- Amber Rose in a body condom. Not even joking. [Socialite Life]

- Chelsea Handler is single. [Betty Confidential]

- Denise Richards pities Charlie Sheen. [Splash News]

- Octomom celebrates her eight horrible decisions first birthday. [Amy Grindhouse]

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  1. Yeah


  2. ooaaahhhh

    this is my next wife. who is she?

  3. I don’t know, but she’s gorgeous!

  4. wat

    Hilarious. Oh Gawd.

  5. Morgan

    She’s a mudshark, such a waste. I can’t respect a woman who only dates black guy and vice versa.

  6. That’s okay #5, I’m pretty sure even if she liked other ethnicities besides black guys, she still wouldn’t be interested in anyone like you.

  7. Vinnie the Chin.

    Love the hair.

  8. ellen

    Perfect face, skin, hair, body. Absolutely stunning.

  9. jlylec

    black guys must LOVE her…

  10. Rob


  11. Rob


    If that’s true… nevermind I don’t want to know. Probably why I didn’t know in the first place… lol

  12. seriously

    She has the best body of all the Victoria Secret models. Nice curvy body and you can tell she eats and looks healthy. If she does only date black guys its cause white men probably call her fat for having nice shapely thighs n a nice ass. Who in the hell wants to be ana just to please a few idiots.

  13. will

    This is beyond staged…

  14. Shep

    @Amber Rose Body condom……. proof that Kanye West has officially joined the Taliban.

  15. crazy shit

    german girls like black’s a fact. They like to command in and out of the bderoom, and only black guys, would listen to their shit, because they get to slam their mini ponies, in german vaginers, yes vaginers. German women are also into lots of kinky sex, toys, lubes, small cakes.They like to fuck..

    soon it’ll be quitting time, and I just farted, it smells like boiled eggs…

    ok see you tommorrow stupid rich sexy gay hiding celebrities…

    mommy my anus hurts

  16. OK, so we know not only who she is but also her dating preferences?!? I’m moving to another site . . . .

  17. Mandi

    No, I don’t think it’s staged. Personally, I always look that fresh faced and do a quick wardrobe change while jogging.

  18. lola

    She is a beautiful woman by all beauty rules, but I don’t find her attractive.. something about that face is unappealing. She does have the perfect body.

  19. maudina

    Mandi, it’s a fashion shoot! For victoria’s secret, remember?

  20. Ninza

    She’s Dutch you idiot

  21. lola

    She is a beautiful woman by all beauty rules, but I don’t find her attractive.. something about that face is unappealing. She does have the perfect body.

  22. adam

    what do you mean staged? it s obviously a photoshoot about her working out routines… typical stuff for her she works out a lot. one can tell…

  23. Nameless

    Pretty…but serious who the f*uck is she?

  24. timeless

    she is a MODEL! **gasp**

  25. timeless

    she is a MODEL! **gasp**

  26. SO RIGHT

    I find her average in every way. I don’t get it.

  27. sandra

    average? funny.

    avg looks more like 50 lbs overweight with half body fat percentage. a face like that isnt average either. shes beautiful.

  28. nuno

    f….. so good i want her

  29. nuno

    f….. so gooddddddd i want her goshhhhh mmmmmm

  30. seriously

    @ 16 she’s a victoria secret model, can you read.

  31. seriously

    @15 so are you saying white men don’t like to fuck or they just aren’t good at it? So german women have to find someone who likes sex as much as they do?

  32. big loser

    @14, true, but if all burqas looked like that Westerners wouldn’t have a problem with them.

  33. Donk Donkerson

    The thing with girls jogging is it only works when it’s video.

  34. DutchGuy

    First of all, she’s Dutch, not German. Second of all: DAMN SHE IS HOT. I love my people!

  35. HackSaw

    Spoon please.

  36. Rough's goodwill tour

    Doutzen never disappoint…

  37. sara

    she looks stupid…..if she was going out to exercise for real she would have pulled her hair back.

    she’s a denise richards wannabe and thats sad

  38. Rough's goodwill tour

    I didnt know Alli Applez had an ugly twin…

  39. @15

    yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

    Also, I may have had too many burritos for lunch. That’s why we women get fat, we like to eat. Fuck it, I’ll never look like this, no matter who photoshops me, thank God for black men who like to fuck. White men, have standards that are beyond the realm of reality, even though, most white men themselves, look like the jolly green giant lumber jack shirt an dall, in pint size form, they wan tto date and fuck models.

    Agreed if you look like Brad Pitt then yes, you deserve first place vaginers, but most white guys, are boring, uncultured, scrawny, or beer bellied, and cheap. Black men can appreciate a girl with who look average, because they actually LIKE women. White men have serious issues with themselves, and with women, (how many black cross dressers do you know??)

    Seriously, all these women are gorgeous, I have no complex, because I’m not willing to give up, the pork and beans and waffles in the morning. I love eating, and I don’t mind having a little extra meat on my bones, or vaginer. Also I hate covering up my farts, it hurts my stomache an dthen it blows out at the most inappropriate moment, but black guys don’t care about hot farts in their face,cause they get to put their ding dongs in your squishy pie.

    White men, get angry when they see soiled underwear, or smell broccoli on your butt, sometimes after a big smushy shit, I don’t wipe hard and chunks of crayola stay behind, it’s not my fault, my butt cheeks are too big.

    anyway enough with the romance.girls just fuck black guys, they are stupid, fat cocks, and don’t mind if you treat them like shit, cause everyone else does.

    I love black guys.

  40. dontneedone

    i agree with #19, she is attractive,and she has a great torso, and obvously a nice shapely body, but these pics are not making her look that interesting. she just looks generic pretty. and to all you racist fucktards who assume that all black men want your fatass white women, get a grip. some of our not that appealing will go after your not that appealing, fatass white slobs, but not all black men date like that. black men have standards too, and like everything from a skinny girl to a shapely girl. it just depends. quit assuming they will go after you just becuase you are white with a big booty. the ones who do that are the ones who most women of any race dont want anyway.

  41. WTF is a Dusty Cruise?

  42. She is gorgeous, much prettier than Alessandra and Miranda. She is also a great role model, she is healthy thin as opposed to sickly thin.

  43. bop

    who goes running with their hair down?

  44. Person with brains

    My god. I can’t believe people would make such racist remarks. What century do we fucking live in dude. I think interracial affairs are beautiful.
    @15. You, are probably the most idiotic redneck alive. Get your facts straight moron. Not all people are the same. She is a down to earth Dutch girl and she dated Sven Kramer who is a white famous Dutch athlete.
    You should be damn embarressed.

  45. melanie

    40: wow you are disgusting….enough said.

  46. melanie

    and on topic, this girl is absolutely STUNNING! by far the prettiest and has the most enviable body of all of the victoria’s secret angels.

  47. gen


    Ew, gross. I’m a white girl, and plenty of white boys like me. It’s called jogging. And personal hygiene. Christ…

  48. I have never heard of her.

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