Doutzen Kroes in a bikini and other news

December 10th, 2009 // 63 Comments

- Jon Gosselin skipped his court date in the TLC lawsuit today. Did anyone check the ATV aisle at Walmart? Just throwing that out there. [PopEater]

- Taylor Swift has straight hair now. [Lainey Gossip]

- Alessandra Ambrosio in a bikini. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Olivia Munn and Chris Pine are having sex until he doesn’t feel like calling her anymore. [Just Jared]

- Taylor Lautner replacing David Beckham for Armani? [PopSugar]

- Josh Duhamel benefits from the “Hey, at least I’m not Tiger.” maneuver. [Celebslam]

- Carrie Underwood shit-talks Tony Romo and Simon Cowell. [Betty Confidential]

- Britney Spears got a haircut. Or had an unfortunate chewing gum accident. Either one. [Splash News]

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  1. angel


  2. Jason

    Fat butt, thighs are too thick. What a cow.

  3. just a hunch

    Don’t worry, they’ll photo shop that off until she looks perfect.

  4. oh yeah

    btw those aren’t really bikinis

  5. j2k

    She already does look pretty much perfect if you -aren’t- into the whole pederass pre-teen body obsession that seems to run rampant around here.

  6. no idea who she is, but she is looking hot!

  7. Ernie

    You can clearly see the chunk potential in her waist and other parts of her body. it won’t be too much longer before the fat stays and she looks like a giant pear. I’ve seen it happen again and again.

  8. Drundel

    Its not fair to post her on the same day as you post Kylie Bisutti.

    Ok I googled Doutzen Kroes and not sure what happened, but she used to have a lot better legs. Maybe she quit working out?

  9. Marvin

    Good God, does an ass that huge stain the bowl every time she drops a two-pound turd in it? This woman is past her prime. Victoria’s Secret, are you starting to cater to the “big and beautiful” demographic? I thought that was Dove’s niche.

  10. Fred


  11. Krys

    Since when is it a bad thing for a woman to have thighs and ass?
    She looks like a woman who has went through puberty.
    Personally, I’m sick to death of looking at models that are shaped like prepubecent boys other than their fake tits.

    Her stomach is on point and she has curves.
    What’s not to like?

  12. Rough 360

    The thighs, the ass, the defined ABS. who get the tittle the body again? Klum? Macpherson? .they might as well hand over the title to ms Kroes…

  13. Rough 360

    Not too many models will turn you on, but this one will…

  14. Girly girl

    Doutzen is my favourite victorias secret model! She is the only one of the models who has a REAL body! she is FAR from fat she is slender but still has curves and she looks healthy and thats why she is so gorgeous

  15. Jason

    The reason she’s wearing those big swimsuits is to hide her huge, ugly body and try to keep all that fat from showing. Kroes couldn’t pull off wearing a two-piece. When her contract expires Victoria’s Secret should dump her lard-filled ass. Can anyone say MOOOOOOOOOOO? Cows aren’t sexy.

  16. cc

    Fuck that. I could easily pick up a woman 10x hotter than this.

    Ahahahahahahahahaha, good one cc. I kill myself.

    Seriously, she’s awesome.

  17. anumi

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  18. Fuxyslot

    She’s goddamn hot, I love her

  19. Lauren

    Jason, you’re a weirdo. She’s not fat, she’s sexy. Women without some T & A are boring.

  20. ahag

    Jason, you’re either a pedo or have a very dry sense of humor. I hope the latter. The alternate explanation would leave me to believe that you’re most likely a sad muppet with social diffculties, with little or no experience with women. You vent your frustration by strangling your cock like a frenzied monkey while perusing the Internet for porn, leveling cirticism at hot women well out of your league. Sound about right?!

  21. Ahags left brain


    I’m pretty sure Jason was kidding. Why don’t you stop typing? You’re making me and the rest of your brain look dumb.

  22. Duke Nukem

    Not bad. She has one of those bodies that is a little confusing if you split it in half. From the waist up, she’s perfect, but from the waist down, she’s fat. It’s like she stores every ounce of fat in her butt/thighs.

  23. Wow man! She is dam hot .. Really looking so sexy .She has got such an awesome figure. Thanks.

  24. youlosers

    You guys are disgusting jerks for ragging on this woman. No wonder why girls are anorexic. My body type is somewhat similar, and I’m 5’5 and 110 lbs. This is considered somewhat underweight according to the BMI standards.

  25. LikeIt

    Finally a post of a beautiful woman with some meat on her bones that isn’t a fat cow.

  26. kait

    You people seriously are SICK if you think ANY part of that woman is FAT. She has a certain body shape and i dont see any FAT on her body. Fat is jiggly and saggy and dimply , this woman is a firm as a rock with an incredible body. Her thighs are slim but not like chicken twigs and her stomach is so tight …in fact this is the skinniest i have seen her and i hope she doesnt get any thinner than this because this is PERFECTION with her build. All you haters go to a pro ANA site or something.

  27. Jason

    If she has such a great body, then why are the bathing suits she’s wearing strategically designed to conceal and compress? Why do they cover up so much in the buttocks and waist? She’s nothing compared to Candice Swanepoel or Miranda Kerr. Now THOSE are chicks with smoking hot bodies. Doutzen looks like a gorilla next to those two.

  28. Gorilla Jim

    Wow, now THAT’s a supermodel that actually has a gorgeous body and looks like a WOMAN. You homos talking about “big butt and thick thighs” can just go and hit on Jason Lewis.

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  30. Wow, now THAT’s a supermodel that actually has a gorgeous body and looks like a WOMAN..
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  31. Erica

    Those are the best thighs I’ve ever seen. She’s got a little bit of chunk on them, but excellent shape and muscle tone.

  32. She’s gorgeous. I’m really surprised, but happy, that she’s a high profile model and clearly not as skinny. I knew there’d be a ton of assholes saying she’s fat on here. What is up with that, I will never understand.. Are you being serious, or are you just trolling, ’cause this woman is clearly not fat.

  33. Marico

    YAY for twitter feed!

  34. josh

    She’s hot as hell. Since when was having sex with some legs sexy? Gimme some of that sweet ass!

  35. rgheere

    Not a big Taylor Swift fan nor think she is mildly hot but she is better off with the curly hair. Now she looks like run of the mill blonde hair kunts in the music industry

  36. kakaroto

    fat and man body, ultraoverrated

  37. ben-gal

    #27 stop trolling or learn to comprehend. Doutzen is a natrual beauty. Now F off, go on

  38. Buddha

    I think her body is good. Yes, she is a big girl but looks proportioned.
    BTW: she is flat..the white suit has pads and the black push up pads..
    Just saying..but seriously: Leave her alone. Most of you couldn’t even date a gal half as pretty.

  39. Sexy Mocha

    If this is a cow….then I must work on becoming one as well. HOT!!!! I would kill to look like this.

  40. Lauren

    She isn’t fat by any means. I think her thighs are ideal. She has muscular legs. I was looking at these pics and my boyfriend came in the room and said she looked hot, better than the skinny VS models. Who wants to see an ass like that of a twelve year old boy in a thong (Alessandra, I’m talking about you)? Doutzen looks great; she is what a lingerie model should look like. Most men don’t want to feel clavicles, ribs and hipbones when they are having sex with a woman. She has curves but shes toned. Anyone saying otherwise is delusional. Also, the cut of the white bathing suit doesn’t flatter her legs as much, look at her in the black suit, you can’t seriously say her legs are chunky.

  41. Posh

    Wow. She’s gorgeous. Doesn’t Adriana Lima have a similar body size?

  42. temp

    oh thank goodness – a REAL woman with curves and non-fake tits. hallelujah.

    she looks amazing. alessandra ambrosio should eat a burger…or 20.

    @45 – yeah…though i think doutzen is more muscular than adriana. she’s a little bit slimmer.

  43. Sick twisted fucks

    she has a PERFECT figure! OMG!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?!?!? If you want to fuck sticks go buy a broom or take a trip to Thailand and go bang some girlyboys. Seriously, something is fucking wrong with you.

  44. Looking good

    She reminds me of the old school models like Marylin Monroe and Bridgett Bardo. It used to be stylish for women to have an hour glass figure. Weird how our perceptions change. I guess because there are so many overweight people out there, being very willowy and slender is rare and therefore deemed more attractive by some.

  45. without bikini please…

  46. See Alice

    I like the pictures of Talor Swift with short hair .

  47. See Alice

    er …. straight hair

  48. richard

    That’s the hottest thing that has been posted on here in quite some time.


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