Doutzen Kroes in a bikini

March 10th, 2009 // 99 Comments

Here’s Victoria’s Secret supermodel Doutzen Kroes in Miami yesterday with her boyfriend DJ Ruckus. I really need to get into this music producing business, and not just so I can score with models. I’m thinking about singers and actresses, too, because I’m a complicated man with complex emotions like in that movie where the chick has amnesia and writes in that notebook. I think it was called “Forgetting Stuff.” Ladies?

Photos: Flynet

  1. feckless

    He is eye candy. Take note, Fish.

  2. francesca

    lol @ wow. i completely agree with everything u have said. 100%

  3. RichPort's Ghost

    What is a babe like this doing with MC MuthaFucka or whatever the fuck this ape calls himself.

    If Costner’s name was “Dances with Wolves”, this fucker’s name is “Swings From Vines”

  4. my comment

    She’s pretty ugly for a ‘super model.’

  5. Sarah

    It’s sad when white women ruin themselves like this. Our society has really lost its way.

  6. Howard Port

    Not even as hot as the average chick in Miami Beach. Maybe she cleans up well?

    Remember, even Anna Nicole Pig was a ‘model’.

  7. Will

    “AND when we do get a job, it’s usually something small and non-demanding like THE PRESIDENT OF THE FU.CKING UNITED STATES!!!”

    Obama loves basketball and wants to steal money from successful white people, who earned it from hard work, and give it to black folks to spend irresponsibly during the brief unproductive periods between their stints in prison. Yes, he’s definitely black.

  8. Howard Port

    I take it back. Looked at her Victoria’s Secret page and she’s a beautiful girl. WTF is she doing with that loser? Does she know about his assault conviction on his previous girlfriend?

  9. xnxixcxkxmxaxnx

    He’s gonna put a ruckus in that booty!

  10. Jin

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  11. poop

    She’s a pretty girl.
    You all need to shut the hell up. Fish should block your IPs.

  12. Phil

    “Does she know about his assault conviction on his previous girlfriend?”

    He’s black, she should know it’s pretty likely that he has a record.

  13. Oprah

    I think she has a trauma history. Rape, or maybe incest, or both. Those are the only types of white girls who are attracted to black men. They feel dirty and they need to soil themselves. In this case: mission accomplished.

  14. everybody

    #47 – take your unsolicited preaching and shove it up your ass.

  15. Laura

    I haven’t read this site in awhile and I am so disgusted with the racist comments I won’t ever be coming here again. There’s a reason Americans are hated by every other country on earth…and you douchebags are exactly why. Fucking losers. Like #47, I feel compelled to say that I am white as well, but I’m not missing any chromosomes like you bigots obviously are.

    Doutzen is one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on, and that is one seriously hot man! Bunch of jealous fat losers sitting in their mother’s basements…it’s oh so apparent.

  16. hooper

    serious budderface. Hideous.

  17. Discuss her body and that of britney spears, folks.
    AMERICA IS LOSING IT………………………………………………………………..AGAIN?

  18. kandyman

    she’s got an awesome body compared to a regular girl.. Pretty yes, “supermodel”, no. Probably cleans up real nice though.
    But, in most of those pictures, he’s outta her league.

  19. Morgan

    What the fuck happened to her. I remember back at 2005-2006, she was aesthetically perfect, both face and body.

    Slim girls? Yes
    Fit girls? Yes

    She looks swollen and out of proportion. Don’t get me started on the whole mudshark thing.

    A white chick who’s ONLY dating black guys, is just a fucked up as chick with ONLY maly friends. You just know something’s wrong.

  20. juniper

    let her have her black baby and fade into obscurity.

  21. Politically Correct

    Someone should throw that dude some suntan lotion.
    His sunburn is looking a little crispy.
    $20 says her dick is bigger than his.

  22. shadow boy

    I want to rub my feces all over her face, squirt diarrhea into her nostrils and cut pieces of her anus to sprinkle over my dickcheese. Breakfast!

  23. everyone

    “I haven’t read this site in awhile and I am so disgusted with the racist comments I won’t ever be coming here again.”


  24. Let go

    Some white guys are such whiny little bitches. Don’t cry little boy. Mama will buy you that Tonka toy at Wal-mart as soon as she sells her supply of methadone. Now be a good boy and turn on her stories and then bolt all the windows on the trailer. I hear there is a twister comin.

    I bet none of you are bitching when you see that Paula Patton or Salma Hayek is banging a white dude.

  25. eddy

    i`m dutch and proud of this arian girl from Holland. It`s a shame she has an interest in the negro race.

  26. Apes in the White House

    It’s shameful when a perfectly good white woman turns to beastiality.

  27. Jane Goodall

    check it out, the Obomma’s just put a jungle jim on the White House lawn, here’s one of the kids playing on it:

  28. Gisele

    @58 – shows how much airbrushing goes into VS when this is what you get in real life.

  29. Let go

    @76 It’s also a shame that you have no interest in spell check either. You can’t even spell your people’s race correctly. Perhaps one of your brothers judo chopped you in the head while they were doing a Nazi salute. So sorry.

  30. Spunkbob Sploogepants

    He’s not a DJ! That’s one half of the Insane Cock Brothas.

  31. LaLaLoo

    It’s a little like Thanksgiving. Some people just prefer dark meat.

  32. Whitey

    Once you go black, we won’t take you back.

  33. Monkey's Bone

    UMMM HMMM …. 3 Bones UP !
    Cute body – good looking too

  34. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Even though its quite apparent they both hit the gym A LOT more than I do…I dont find either of ‘em particularly attractive.

    Am I the only one who thinks Pic 11 looks ridiculous? Whenever a really tall chick trys to act cute it always looks like a Great Dane trying to sit in your lap like a chihuahua.

  35. Rudolph

    Hey, isn’t Doutzen Kroes the name of one of Santa’s Reindeer?
    (I didn’t know that they had last names, but it stands to reason…)

  36. LOL, whatsup with all the remarks about the black guy??
    This post clearly is only about Doutzen’s body, which is really not that special anyway….

  37. Anthony

    This chick ain’t anything special. Is this what passes for a “supermodel” these days?

    @15 black woman

    I’m all for black men sticking with black women and white women sticking with white men. Just easier that way. Although I do like me a little bit of Asian once in a while.

  38. wiseup

    I’ll bet her parents are sooo proud!

  39. sandie

    Staying with the same race is boring and so old, they look good together, she knows what’s good, haha!

  40. No more blondes

    This wonderful lady is merely heralding the future for the lovely Nordic race. Eventually there will be no more blondes only people with black hair as women are such whores they have no pride at all in heritage which is why they belong in a kitchen or basement.
    Disgusting slut couldn’t find a human to have sex with.

  41. White Guy

    I was in the Navy, and being forced to cohabitate with black men, unfortunately you did see each other naked quite a bit. And from first hand experience, I didn’t notice anything large about black men’s dicks. It seems to be more of an urban legend. Some did have big one’s, but they looked more like tumors then dicks, mishapen and quite disgusting. Many were uncircumsized which is a nauseating sight. So aside from being lazy pieces of shit hiding behind the threat of calling you a “racist”, blacks and whites have the same sized cocks. Sorry to take yet another thing away from all you bro’s…..

  42. cougarT

    Another nigger lover. Typical trash.

  43. Hahahaha

    lol @96. Wow that’s a pretty detailed account of other dude’s junk. Do you also have flowcharts and pictures to go with that ya queer? No wonder you joined the Navy.

    Sorry to take away your hetrosexuality bro.

  44. Nobody cares about your wives’ stank bodies, and tell them to go wash first of all. Second of all she’s got good taste haters.

  45. rolling eyes

    haters …lol … black white … whatever … they don’t seem to be too worried about all that stuff while on the beach. STOP hating, get an education and a life

  46. Doodus

    Doutzen Kroes is a dumb nigger loving bitch.

  47. Duke

    Who knew they had trailer parks in the Netherlands….

  48. I understand that this is not the forum for serious but still! Are they really the feelings that you harbour inside as you go about your day, I am damn sure you are not shouting racist colleagues, classmates, or anyone you see in the street.

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