Doutzen Kroes in a bikini

September 22nd, 2008 // 321 Comments

These are pics of Dutch model and newest Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes in Miami. Now, I can already tell what some of you readers are going to say about her boyfriend. C’mon, I read the comments. So, it’s pretty obvious there’s going to be a few of you who will undoubtedly say, “That’s just unacceptable – because she should be in an entirely non-committal sex-based relationship with The Superficial Writer who once made love to a space woman. True story.” To those folks, my deepest thanks and your autographed Martian baby is in the mail.

See shots of Doutzen’s Victoria’s Secret debut here which now look even more ridiculously airbrushed.


  1. She’s beautiful and, as for her boyfriend… Damn! He’s gorgeous. Those arms, that face, the smile. I can’t quit scrolling up to look at him. I wonder if he’s a model, too. Should be!

  2. bootlips

    How are white people jealous? I would hate to be black. It’s not because of all the crying you people do to other races. It’s because I wouldn’t want to look half ape and act like a degenerate. I would be embarrassed to be part of a race that has to talk about dick size to feel good about themselves. I love that the white race has made unbelievable strides in education, healthcare, inventions, and civilization. We don’t have to boast about ridiculous things because we are proud to be white. Negroes are always claiming to be proud but fight to get away from other negroes because their neighborhoods are ghettos. A negro feels it’s unfair to make them live with other negroes. That’s why they fight to live amongst us. The problem is, they never bring up a neighborhood. They turn it into a piece of crap and force humans to spend a lot of money to get out of the jungle. Then they call us racists for not wanting to live like an violent animal.

  3. tropolis

    bootlip, your trying to hard. your posting your rhetoric on a celebrity forum out of all the possible places. you make yourself come off worse then you already look. i want you to think about how stupid you sound, posting this message on this site out of all places.

    advancement, success, strides, yet you spend your time in front of a computer on a celebrity site.

    cant make this up.

  4. hi

    The boys tits are as big as her little boobies; he should cover that junk up with a bra!

  5. Kirsty

    Race mixers turn into n*****s through their branch of the family tree. It’s natural justice. Mother nature come on.

  6. not a nig

    Some day the pretty fairy boy with her will have a sex change.

  7. bullbutter

    I’m a whiteboy and I’m going to sue to get into the section 8 ghettos because it’s not diverse enough.

  8. i like em big

    What happened to her tits? She had nice biguns in the VS photos

  9. Mistik

    She has a really cute face.. Fair enough

  10. venomhed


    That is probably the most honest and truthful statement about black people. Might I add that black people always blame others for their predicaments. Funny how Chinese, who also were forced into slave labor, Japanese faced internment camps, jews came over here after WW2, Italians owned Vegas and New York at one time and still do to some degree, Vietnamese, who we decimated yet lost to in a war, have all done GREAT!

    All the above have moved forward and took responsbility.

    N!ggers still think “the man” aka Whites keep them down. I really don’t get it. Like whites are responsible for them not going to school, thinking that basketball is the only way out of the ghetto, shooting people for shoe’s is miraculously the white guys fault.

    Bring this up in public you are a racist, bring this up in the streets and you get murdered. Can’t win with blacks, they should have remained slaves because they excel at being told what to do.

  11. IWillPetitionforthisSitetobeshutdown, here is some deadly anti-”racist” poison to shove down those b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-d b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-d “racists’ ” throats. That’ll show ‘em!

    You’re a good little sheeple! You’ve done your duty! You can huff your jenkem, drink your bong-water, and go back to your talmud-vision now. Don’t forget to drink your Woolite.

  12. bootlips

    The negro will always blame others for their behavior. This is why they will never evolve.

  13. Anti-PC

    First off, the most ignorant comment in the world is saying that race is strictly skin color. Skin color has actually little to do with race. Have you seen black albino people? They don’t look like white people, they look like black people with bleached skin and hair.

    I don’t see why so many people get so offended when some people don’t support racemixing. What these diversity preaching brainwashed-by-MTV idiots fail to realize is that racemixing and “diversity” are actually anti-diversity in the long run. When you start forcing all the races and cultures together, eventually they all lose what makes them unique and they turn into a boring, homogeneous blob.

    White people make up only roughly 10% or less of the population of the world. I think we have every right if we want to want to preserve our race. When you race mix, you are throwing away thousands of years of your unique heritage. If this woman has children with this black man, they will look nothing like her. Her beautiful, unique genes will be drowned out.

  14. frosty

    WHY would Victoria’s Secret hire her as a model???? Her body isn’t THAT nice…..I can think of many other models who has nicer bodies – and bigger boobs!!!

  15. jesus

    i don’t blame the kid for hitting on a white ho. you guys have seen black women haven’t you?

  16. Randy

    Whining and crying “jealousy” is absurd. First of all they are in a picture, it’s not as though she rejected someone posting here in favor of sissy boy. Secondly, she’s not exactly “drop dead gorgeous”, in fact his breasts are the same size as hers. He should wear a sirt or sports bra or bikini top until he gets his sex change surgery. Moreover I doubt seriously that many, if any, whites would prefer to be black.

    So, again…

    She’s a niggerloving mudshark
    No self respecting white guy would have her now unless he’s desperate
    The fairy boy she’s with has girl boobs
    I know waitresses, cashiers, car-hops, bank tellers and strippers that are better looking than her.

    The pre-op tranny with her is a turn-off; alone she would probably be nice to look at.

  17. SueMe would make a nice bed wench in the barn

    Yeah it’s funny how the world has lost control over it’s money and now it is the right to be a sovereign people. We are now told to fuck negroes and interbreed with them. Well that will prove our ultimate undoing in the end.
    And blacks by and large are quite backward. I saw a 300 lb. black woman the other day just singin to herself and dancing by thrusting her fat repulsive hips in a mock sexual overtone for all the world to see. Rather than garden or reading a book.

    Send all these animals back to where they belong.

  18. asian_man

    Whats wrong with you white people ???? You called yourself white but inside your heart is tottaly dark and Black……..You think you have found a new continent and some capten with wierd name colombus claimed it and called it America… you aware that there is a native people that already live there thousands of years ????? spanish, portugis,…they all came to asia and africa becoz there is nothing in their lands……many inventors came from white people hmmm one of them called SLAVERY……you all still dare to call yourself WHITE ???? No honor, its useless u go to church every sunday ..people.

  19. heidi

    It’s too bad that so many people out there still spew idiotic stereotypes of black men. But, I actually don’t get depressed because there are so many cool people responding back with a voice of reason.
    It’s obvious how ignorant the people who try to spread hate are. Their comments are disgusting and foul, because their minds are that way.
    Never let them make you sad, they are the minority – they just make a lot of noise because they’re like babies wailing.

  20. tc

    I got the last word on the subject.

    Fuck all you black and white people.

    Us blue people are the master race.

  21. holly

    I think there’s a difference between being funny and kinda snarky and being just really spiteful, most of these comments here are really malicous, I thought most people here were going to crack jokes about ‘size’ and what not, not preaching the damnation of a human race. Oh and btw she is goegeous! most dutch girls are…and it’s unfair, if a girl is NOT slim she’s chubby or fat, if a girl is slim with her natural breasts she is a ‘man’, most skinny/slim girls have a naturally very flat chest ,

  22. Power of White

    We tamed you animals because we are smarter maybe? What were you secondary creatures doing when we ravaged your little huts and took your sexy daughters and made them our sex toys? Worshipping river and mountain gods and sacrificing virgins? You certainly were killing each other like naked cannibals now weren’t you?

    We made your lands our lands and they still are. You are in debt to us not the other way around. Don’t delude yourselves. We own you and you work in our factories. You are our slaves.

    And nothing more.

  23. Would love to see the day where similar rhetoric is used when white men date Asian women – doesn’t at all seem to cause the same kind of emotional outburst…

    Anyway, another picture of Doutzen and her black lover here:

    Sure is hot on that beach…

  24. Mixed Man

    ?? What’s going on??

    I am dutch and mixed, my father is black an my mother is white and I am proud to be in this world.

    I am scared of the ignorant, filial and aggressive responses. You must be very sad, not educated and very angry to make such racial statements.

    It’s pitiful that some have never known real love and also will never experience that. Don’t blame the other one, blame yourself and your parents!

  25. Minx

    “Power of White”, “Bootlips” and all of the other racists on this page should be publicly hanged. That’s all.

  26. Minx

    All of the racists on this page should be publicly hanged. That’s all.

  27. They rock! Im from the Netherlands and shes huge here, the guy is from NY for so far ive heard. Never thought you people still aren’t used to interracial relationships are you still living in the 50s?

  28. Minx stinks

    @ #226 & 227: Thanks, but I am already well hung, just not public about it. I tend to wear my pants around my waist, not my ankles . . . like a yardape would . . .

  29. HI Joey thanks for accepting my apology. I feel the same way you do now that I’ve posted on this site several times. The only thing Im surprised about now is the fact that the word nigger can actually be posted on this site without any penalties, but not about the ignorance displayed here. Oh well I guess some things never change. Time for me to go to my daily site that’s actually cool.

  30. lloyd johnson


  31. Morgan

    I think the comments from the truth, minx stinks, power of white etc. just illustrate who the true inferior ones are and it isn’t based on the wether or not they are caucasoid. As far as racism stemming from experience, I doubt either one of these “men” have any actual experience with someone who is black in america. If your only information comes from people with similar views, your going to discover you’re right. However, if you want to equate status or criminality with ethnicity, then removing a native peoples from their place of origin and subjecting them to forced slavery and stripping them of identity and sense of self and legalized racism denying them equal economic opportunity, then you gentlemen and your ilk are the biggest criminals out there. It’s easy to be brought up in a country that gives you advantages simply by being born white. But when those same privileged people deny others of the same advantages and still blame them for their situation, who truly is the weaker ones? And even with these obstacles, blacks have gone on to be CEO’s, members of Congress and heads of state. Anybody who knows anything about American jurisprudence knows that many, not all, but many men of color serve jail sentences longer for the same crimes committed by whites. Also, many men of color serve jail sentences for crimes never committed, so spewing a bunch of statistics is pretty useless. And what about the crimes committed by whites in predominately or all white communities? Are you suggesting that whites don’t commit crimes? Myself, and my core group of friends have never been arrested, aren’t drug users, don’t have STD’s, are happily married and gainfully employed. What does it mean? Nothing really. We all have one thing in common, blacks and whites; We all share this planet. We all breath the same air and we all pray for our childrens futures. (JFK) By the way, up until the late 1960′s most blacks couldn’t get welfare and by 1987 most recipients of welfare were white women.

  32. bootlips

    sueme is another spook trying to take away the freedoms that her Masters fought for. Typical yard ape.

  33. lloyd johnson

    I’m staying out of this but I found it funny that #74 bakinmycake wrote;

    “Note to self:

    Never buy anything from from VS again.
    Sell VS stock.”

    when Victoria’s Secret isn’t even public. You would have to sell your imaginary shares of Limited Brands (NYSE:LTD) their parent company. lol dummies.

  34. Bootlips this shit is really getting old, and you’re played out. Why would someone listen to a person who refers to themself as bootlips anyway? This race shit gets old though, and I don’t care anymore. Just say what you want to or about me, call me what you want, but I’ll never ever ever ever allow you to call me collect. HAHA! Lighten up lil brewsky.

  35. Morgan has a bad memory

    @ #232, Morgan: You forgot to add “we all bleed red” to the list of cliches at the end of your little exercise in moral vanity.

  36. Full Adult Diaper

    I wish I could see the backside of that pic to determine the size of her personal toilet. You think she might be into Ex-Lax??????
    She will fill diapers in forty years.

  37. Starr

    LOL@people who buy into the equality myth calling others ignorant. Ignorant in these days simply is another way of saying not politically correct. Turn off the pop culture garbage and look at crime stats. Look at the conditions in black nations or black neighborhoods in white nations. Look at AIDS and poverty rates and who it is who is always bottom of the barrel in school test scores. Look at the differing IQ levels of different races.

  38. Juggs

    HEY IDIOTS!, quit buying into the racist comments. These tools just do it to get a rise out of you.

    actually, don’t stop. The responses are hilarious.

  39. IwatchNuts

    White chicks love real kack. Sorry.

  40. Nathan

    I see that politically correct police is in the house
    I guess I can’t make fun of that ape lover and her monkey

  41. Lawn Jockey

    If you are a white woman and you for some reason you lay down with a nigger…you will have sullied your pristine aryan uterus…and thusly should commit suicide and rid the world of your genetic offal.

  42. Stefen

    By the by…the Dutch are a bunch of twisted perverts anyway…it comes as no surprise that she is fucking a jig…she does come from a country where the national movie is Turks Fruit…a bizarre movie hatched from the cerebrum of Verheoven…fucking weirdos!

  43. Love #37!

    #37 made me LOL!!! Great stuff!!!

  44. TaargusTaargus

    The Dutch created the slave trade.

    Here is a really interesting article on Whites and Blacks.

  45. He has bigger boobs.

  46. mimi

    196, Soooooo True!

    Now let’s pray!

  47. #238 someone called it like they saw it that’s all. When you realize that pointing out statistics of crimes, and diseases doesn’t affect us as much as the fact that these things exist at all then you will see why people see someone as yourself as ignorant. The truth is we don’t need even a single person having or spreading aids, neither do we need even a single person commiting crimes. Crimes, and diseases can hurt us all no matter where or who they originate from. As far as IQ level goes…even a person diagnosed as retarted can earn an education. So really tell me what the big deal is if a nursing student in my graduating class happens to have a higher IQ than I do. We’ve still earned a nursing degree. Am I right though? Keep it real. Don’t hate my words, but try to see the truth in them then answer the question.

  48. @ 225 same here, youre right!.. Amsterdam de gekste!!! :D

  49. @ 225 same here, youre right!.. Amsterdam de gekste!!! :D

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