Doutzen Kroes in a bikini

September 22nd, 2008 // 321 Comments

These are pics of Dutch model and newest Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes in Miami. Now, I can already tell what some of you readers are going to say about her boyfriend. C’mon, I read the comments. So, it’s pretty obvious there’s going to be a few of you who will undoubtedly say, “That’s just unacceptable – because she should be in an entirely non-committal sex-based relationship with The Superficial Writer who once made love to a space woman. True story.” To those folks, my deepest thanks and your autographed Martian baby is in the mail.

See shots of Doutzen’s Victoria’s Secret debut here which now look even more ridiculously airbrushed.


  1. Joe

    #100 – your case in an exception. British girls can date all the black men they want without drawing attention, because it’s common knowledge that white British guys are all at least 51% homosexual.


  3. Just a Bloke

    Plus @ 100

    The British really set NO standards to be followed by others anyways, so, go ahead on with your bad self.
    We take that as “your not much to look at anyways”

    Just damn.

  4. It Is What It Is

    It’s Greg! He’s so cute… he’s an international DJ (Ruckus) and he’s cousin’s with Lenny Kravitz. Good for him, she’s so pretty too!

  5. Lily Marlene

    I’ve sucked far more massive black dick than puny white peckers and let me tell you, it’s GRRRRRRRRREAT!

  6. no name required

    TO : venomhed

    haha yea, thats why its YOU in those pictures with a model, and not him. oh wait……dumbass


    “Don’t call me nigger, whitey”
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    Why’s all the time in this world, we stumble in the night
    When all we have to do is get along, we don’t need to fight
    And in this great beauty, beautiful beauty, beautiful world we live upon
    Well say its far too small, far too small for us not to get along

    So saying: “why can’t we just all get along”
    So saying: “why can’t we just sing this one song”
    So saying: “why can’t we just all get along”

    Instead of always saying:

    “Don’t call me nigger, whitey”
    “Don’t call me whitey, nigger”
    “Don’t call me nigger, whitey”
    “Don’t call me whitey, nigger”

    Why’s all the time in this world, we stumble in the night
    When all we have to do is get along, we don’t need to fight
    And in this great beauty, beautiful beauty, beautiful world we live upon
    Well say its far too small, far too small for us not to get along

    There’s more than just one colour to this big world rainbow
    And no colour shines off any brighter
    This my son, you should know
    You should know

  8. SevanSins


    Another vote for Obama then?

  9. bootlips

    The reason our economy is crumbling is the democrats made banks loan money to neegers. The neegers never paid (as usual) and now we have to bail them out. There’s a good reason why every country dominated by negroes is a filthy 3rd world shithole.

  10. let me explain

    All models are conceited about their looks but insecure about their intelligence. She’s simply playing the odds – blacks have the lowest IQs of any race.

  11. Lily Marlene

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Insecure white boys!!! Your irrational fear is soooooooo evident!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  12. I knew a retard named Marlene

    #111 – your simple loud language impresses no one.

  13. James

    So how about a comment from an actual black man? Look, some brothers are really into the white meat, like this guy seems to be. But for most of us, the appeal is that there are some white girls who are DYING to hook up with a black guy. To piss of her parents, to be shocking, to see if the “myth” is true (it most definitely is), whatever. The point is, these white girls will do anything to be with a black guy. The irony is that they’re about the closest thing to slaves that you’ll see today. Now, a sister is NOT going to do anything to be with you, in fact she’ll start yapping about “I demand to be treated…” blah blah blah, right from the get-go. Black girls are fun to fuck but almost impossible to live with. Now this girl here, she’s a supermodel and probably a complete uptight bitch with any white boy, but she drops all that because for some reason (again: whatever) it means a lot for her to be humping the big black snake. You can actually see it clearly in the pictures. It’s not about all blacks and all whites. It’s about SOME white girls. That’s it. If some black girls acted like that too (they don’t, black bitches are 100% bitches, no exceptions), white guys would lie back and accept it, too. Too bad it aint that way – you’ll have to be content with hockey instead.

  14. darkman

    #113 Amen! Whats even better is the husbands who cuck themselves and watch me fuck their white wives. More whit bitches than you know what to fuck a BBC. There are 3 clubs in town I frequent and I get an offer most every weekend form a bitch or her hubby/bf to watch or video me banging her. When Obama is presidet, I’ll be up to my eyeballs in willing white pussy.

  15. Dr. John Blackheart

    I hope I run into you KKK loving fucks on the streets, please do me a favor and make a scene on the streets or whenever you go out of your fucken slave trade house, so I can make it rain bullets on you motha duckas like acid rain from a volcano. everywhere. BITCHES

  16. I was going to leave this one alone, but what the H*LL. First of all the black guy is a nice looking chocalate drop, and she’s not bad either. 2nd #113 you’re way off man. To everyone else, not everything is black and white.

  17. Stefen

    Fish isn’t a nickname for superficial…it stands for Fishberg…filthy jewry!

  18. (=???=)

    Dutch chicks are hot. That dude is ripped. I have a big cock. I like turtles.

  19. jesus

    hit dat ho buckwheat!

  20. Courtney

    To Darky:
    Funny isnt it? How these people just seem to know you!
    It’s amazing that these people who probably sit in their basment jacking off to child porn, suddenley know everything about race and color

    Holy shit I had no idea the world would be a better place with out african americans in it!
    Thank you so much for curing me of what I’d like to call an open mind. Thank you so much for letting me be closed minded and cutting myself off to a group of people who are oh hey…I guess NO DIFFERENT FROM ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD.

  21. James

    #116 – are you retarded? I write “It’s about SOME white girls. That’s it.” and you reply “#113 you’re way off man.” because “To everyone else, not everything is black and white.” Yeah, exactly, that’s what I said – some white girls are obsessed with black guys, and the rest aren’t. I swear, the “I hate racism” white folks are worse than the Hollywood stars trying to help Obama by slamming Palin. First, who the fuck asked you? And second, everybody knows the ugly part of the truth, so why whitewash everything and demand that people join you in your fantasy world? Obama’s not experienced. Some white girls will fuck you only because you’re black, you just have to sit back and enjoy it. Praise be to Jesus.

  22. damn

    theyre a really hot couple,

    just sayin…

  23. aw

    theyre a pretty hot couple,

    and interracial relationships make me so happy


  24. bootlips

    She’s not that hot but she’s a million times better than a nappy headed, flaring nostrilled, big lipped, shit skinned simian negro woman.

  25. Barack Obama


    Man, watchoo tronna do, talkin’ all FANCY fo’ WHITEY. Quit tronna show of fo’ da MAN. We gon’ win dis muhfuh anyways.

    You hang tite, an’ we be poppin’ cokes like a muhfuh wif Whitey’s girls on da Fif a Novembuh.

    “We gon’ pawty lok it’s dey birfday!”

  26. James James James oh…James. You just unfortunately misinterpreted my post that’s all. When I said, “To everyone else, not everything is black and white,” I was not referring that sentence to you. I meant to everyone else on this comment page. Damn you must be up tight or something. The only thing that was referred to you was, ” #113 you’re way off.” Take a chill pill man.

  27. Darky Jr.

    Ohhhh my Goddddd, it’s a BLACK man and a WHITE woman!!! Unheard of!!!!

    Shocking, I tell you. She’s pretty skinny, maybe she’s just using him to buy crack.


  28. Amused

    I love how your folks talk trash about how a Victoria’s Secret supermodel is horrible looking. That is truly laughable. You ALL would be creaming in your pants and telling everyone you ever knew that you got her (if she would even give you the time of day).

    I mean, please! Be real!

  29. bosendorfer

    leave these two alone. they actually look healthy and happy and at least the guy takes care of himself. more power to both of them and less to their detractors., you need to post more worthless material like brooke hogan, miley cyrus, kevin federline, more hollywood horseshit, etc. so that we may eviscerate them as usual and as they wish to be.

    many thanks as always.

  30. forrest hump

    She looks like the typical white girl at my college trying to piss off mommy and daddy by dating a bong smoking palm tree

  31. Realist

    Usually, most of the criticisms of goregous people from posters on this site are bogus and come from 300 lb trolls who spend all day masturbating in their basements. But this one is one the mark. Hard to believe this manly thing is a VS model. Those girls are usually gorgeous.

  32. Pyro

    Haha, there’s no way that guy is straight anyway.

  33. mai-tai

    LMAO at all the hate on this board! Someone’s mommy and daddy hated them, huh? Keep it coming because FYI – she isn’t thinking about YOU.

  34. joey

    lol u guys are funi
    the ppl sayin racist stuff are funi they want a reaction
    and b4 u say anythin bout my writing its slang so re-lax

    anyhoo venomhed u are brilliant ure sensless comments have started a mini war with silly goons fuelling the racist fires u thrive on

    please continue, this way you are going to create more hits for the superficial writer who probably sits in his chair drooling over bikinified bodies and enjoys the petty nonsese arguements about celebrities who would’nt give a f*** if u were to be beheaded 2mo

    please continue cos this way you are going to chase all africans back to africa

    please continue because you are going to be able to succeed in entertainment and sports and technology and medicine without the blackman

    please continue becasue you are intelluctually more superior when it was As early as about 400 B.C., a Black Pharaoh named Pi Di Amen built a model glider to conduct experiments in flight. Centuries before, the Black Egyptians had already invented gunpowder for use in their temples and mystery schools.

    please continue because you love to imitate us with you tanning your self and enlargening your lips and butts

    please continue because Black medicinal sciences began in Khemet (ancient Black Egypt) and led to later Greek medicinal sciences. These ancient African sciences were copied by the Greeks and others from the ancient Papyrus texts composed by the ancient Khemites and Nubians.

  35. ufunnynigs

    Yeah, you better quote ancient history myths – in today’s world, blacks are poorer and dumber in all measurable ways.

  36. bootlips

    Yeah, Egyptians were negroes and then somehow went back to sub-saharan Africa and became complete idiots who didn’t know how to make a tool and didn’t know how to feed their niglets. Even today’s negro is a 1000 years behind the Romans. Every country dominated by negroes is a third world shit hole, yet we’re supposed to believe that they built an advanced culture in Egypt.. LOL!

  37. Damn! # 135 didn’t know that FACT! (can someone say sarcasm?). Anyhow if that is true then I guess I must not be black anymore, because those characteristics don’t fit me at all. Im currently making more money, and have more education than I ever have. Everyday is a new learning experience. Don’t spend your life being so negative, and ignorant. It’s a waste of time.

  38. ufunnynigs

    #137 – so if one professional basketball player is 5′ 7″, then the statement “pro basketball players are much taller than average” completely untrue? In all measurable ways, blacks are ON AVERAGE significantly poorer and have lower IQs than people of any other race. Didn’t think I’d have to spell that out, but silly me – it’s a comment thread with lots of monkeys-randomly-hitting-keyboards on it.

  39. plausibility check

    “Im currently making more money, and have more education than I ever have. ”

    Uh, yeah. Sure thing.

  40. #138 IQ can only go so far, and it doesn’t mean much to me at all. Everyone has the capacity to learn something new everyday. So what if many people have a higher IQ than I do? Will that stop me from finishing my wonderfully promising career? No! Will that stop me from self actualization? No! Wisdom is more important than IQ anyday. So rather Im a monkey, human being, pig, etc. my IQ being lower than someone else’s doesn’t determine how my life will go. IQ is man made, and it doesn’t even measure every aspect of our cognitive abilities. There are a couple things that none of us will ever master, and these are some of the worst characteristics of being human. We all want to be, look, and act smart, but yet we still come off as not smart enough to see each other as what we simply are…humans.

  41. joey

    lol yeah of course u are gng to think its a myth anything against your precious race is a myth
    i don’t care what you say about blacks as i’m not an african american
    plus i wasn’t trying to say that if you don’t follow those things u arent black 137| please don’t be so dumb
    and don’t talk about ignorance when america is the most ignorant nation out there
    nice to see you responded to my post im like venomhed now :) feel free to take minutes out of your lives to spew hatred towards someone you will never meet and who is above you

    toodles :)

  42. steve

    hey #135 THEY STILL FUCK YOU BLONDE WOMEN!!!!!! :-)

    Like Heidi Klum and shes German.

    Hitler is pissed. And he thought hell was bad.

  43. #138 what’s your point? I was only making a true statement. Im not going to waste my entire life away, and part of life is becoming educated in order to make a better way for yourself. That’s a sure thing.

  44. joey

    plus i want that monkey that can type english on the keyboard that is big money

  45. GuyDude

    Shes looks ok here. On the web there are other photos where she looks hot. Yeah shes made up but def worth a look.

  46. Joey no thanks. I try my best not to spread hate around, because there’s no use to doing that. No person on this earth will ever be able to determine my destiny for me, and vice versa. Sounds to me like you’re the one being dumb Joey. I was simply being sarcastic, and you typed, “in today’s world blacks are poorer and dumber in all measurable ways.” Not anywhere in tha post did I see “some blacks.” If that’s not what you meant then try clarifying yourself next time. Btw there can only be one entity that is above me, and you don’t even come close. Anyhow I don’t like spending my time whinning about senseless crap so lets try talking about something else ummmmmkay!

  47. joey

    loooooooooooooooooooool ppl chill perlease
    i dnt care about americans black or white believe me
    and i am educated with a good degree from a good uni how many of you can say that
    plus of course education is the key to success
    i was only mentioning a few of black achievements because a few of you guys were saying they were dumb
    plus these racist comments amuse me as it truly stems out of ignorance
    and black ppl please dont feel threatened i wasn’t trying to make you feel inferior

  48. Roger that shit

    Once a niggerlover, always a niggerlover. Damaged goods. No respectable, decent, honest man would have her. End of story.

  49. call him Sambo

    I see women working at grocery stores and restaurants that look as good or better than her. And most certainly have known strippers that look much better.

    Nothing special here. As for darkie, he’s a gold-digging con artist.

  50. Sarah

    Face it, not many nigs care to become educated and successful. They would rather play gangsta and shoot eachother up. They’re not even good at aiming guns.

    In reality the best male porn stars are caucasian. Simple fact. Deal with it.

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